Nikon NPS roadshow gear stolen worth £100k, including D4, D800

The van transporting the gear for the Dublin NPS roadshow was stolen on Saturday night near The Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. The van contained Nikon equipment valued at £100,000 ($156,000) including the brand new D4 and D800 demo cameras.

Her is a list of the stolen equipment with serial numbers, please spread the word:

Serial number Product Name
2027872 SB-700
2000776 SB-910
2112783 SB-R200
2112784 SB-R200
2007201 SB-N5
2053595 SU-800
204369 AFS50/1.4G
211305 AF14/2.8D ED
2102538 AFS35/1.8G DX
203912 AFS35/1.4G
205138 AF105/2D DC
300048 AF135/2D DC
200382 AFS300/4D IF
200661 AFS300/2.8G ED VR2
200606 AFS200/2G VR II
205164 AFS 600/4G VR ED
302920 AF16/2.8D FISHEYE
2069545 AFS105/2.8G VR MICRO
201187 24/3.5D PC-E ED
2009455 AFS60/2.8G ED MICRO
201222 45/2.8D PC-E ED Micro
2024655 AFS85/3.5G DX ED VR
2023900 AF-S DX MC40/2.8G
231352 AFS17-35/2.8D
227817 AFS17-55/2.8G DX ED
333216 AFS14-24/2.8G ED
478320 AFS24-70/2.8G ED
212444 AFS24-70/2.8G ED
33403012 AFS DX 18-105/3.5-5.6G VR ED
225558 AFS16-35/4G VR ED
20002656 AFS70-200/2.8G II VR ED
52002585 AFS28-300/3.5-5.6G VR ED
203336 AFS200-400/4G VRII ED
62001211 AFS24-120/4G VR ED
42291832 AFS18-200/3.5-5.6G VRII DX ED
2102647 AFS55-300/4.5-5.6G DX VR
438805 AFS TC-14E II
216917 AFS TC-20E III
1110036401 1 NIKKOR 10 F/2.8 White
1050077906 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30 F/3.5-5.6 Black
1310000816 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100 F/4.5-5.6 PD
1250003010 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110 F/3.8-5.6 Black
6001003 D90
6056018 D7000
6018500 D5100
5000718 D3X
43001267 COOLPIX S8200 WHITE
44001624 COOLPIX S6200 PINK
40111099 COOLPIX AW100 BLACK
62005091 NIKON 1 V1 White
64004157 NIKON 1 J1 Silver
65006660 NIKON 1 J1 Red
4001235 WT-4
1001109 ME-1 stereo microphone
Serial number Product Name Serial number Product Name
2053595 SU-800 2000193 Sample D4
204369 AFS50/1.4G 2000382 Sample D4
211305 AF14/2.8D ED MPT 2038 Sample WT-5
2102538 AFS35/1.8G DX MPT 2043 Sample WT-5
203912 AFS35/1.4G MPT1088 Sample D800


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  • Jeff

    Um… is this a Nikon Rumor?

    • John Richardson

      No, it’s a fact.

  • Angry Oak

    This is outrageous, It makes me so very angry!!!

    Oh, as a side issue, I am switching to Canon & have to sell all my gear. I have a D800 & a D4 which has only been lightly used and a shit load of brand new lenses in perfect condition as well as multiple flashes (I don’t have any boxes, I threw them all out . . ooops).

    The only problem with the gear is that my nephew who was visiting on the weekend, went through and scratched the serial numbers off everything (I was very upset). I am happy to offer a small discount to reflect this omission.

    • T.I.M

      @Angry Oak
      Do you still have the front caps ?

      • Person

        hahaha. its a joke.

        • Nothing gets by you….

        • OMG

          Hi Captain Obvious!

    • Brock Kentwell

      Lol. My nephew does that too

      • Bob

        You have the same nephew i guess.

  • Jhon mcarthy

    I feel soo happy 😀

  • Radu

    Now I see why Olympus brought an armored vehicle to CES. Nikon should have taken notes on that. 🙂

  • outcome

    Nice jokes, everyone!

    But time to get serious! Anyone around who sells a HUGE camera bag? I came in Frankfurt via Dublin this morning, and my trolley just broke down!

  • FM2Fan

    This is BAD by any means, because many of us in Europe will have a chance to see and test the gear later. And of course: it sounds almost stupid: this is a great marketing desaster! Being in the press with negative news … all the D4 D800 announcements were the positive – … really bad

    to all who bid: I offer my FE-2 against the D800 – lighter and runs 5000 shots without battery…

    • Calibrator

      > And of course: it sounds almost stupid: this is a great marketing desaster! Being in the press with negative news … all the D4 D800 announcements were the positive – … really bad

      Negative news are better for marketing than no news and the mainstream media was already done with the D800…

      • MJr

        Indeed. Besides, this is not at all ‘bad’ for Nikon as a brand as they didn’t do anything wrong or disgraceful (olympus ;)).

        • Dan

          They learned from Apple and the forgot-in-the-bar iPhone fiasco. I think Apple patented that trick. Wouldn’t be surprised if they sue Nikon over this 😛

          • Richard


    • Evan Ricardson

      Your spelling is a DISASTER.

      • Duden

        For all Germans it’s a DESASTER…

  • I think nikon have an insurance for this vehicle which transport such material

    • MJr

      An insured £100K is cheap to get your name in the papers and all over the web again. 😉

      • mouonline

        yes! u r right. that’s cheapest advertising….

  • Sad thing is the chimps that did this probably have no idea what they stole….

    • FCHW

      yeah … right
      all they wanted was a van to go to belfast
      now back to your cage

    • Richard

      Presumably, if it was the NPS Roadshow, the Van was in Nikon livery? So asking for it to be stolen. Dublin is infested with not only “DOC” (decent ordinary criminals) but also several different strains of republican terrorists who need regular infusions of funds.

      Whoever left such a waggon parked in the open needs urgent help.

    • ZoetMB

      And I think just the opposite: I think it was an inside job. That doesn’t necessarily mean a Nikon employee, but someone familiar with Nikon’s operation or someone from the hotel/exhibition center where the event was taking place or the transportation company.

      Some years ago, my company had just bought new computers for use in a booth and the airline shipping cases hadn’t arrived yet so we were still using the computer shipping cartons (the show was local to our office). I closed down the show, packed everything up and turned it over to the exhibit company who in turn turned it over to FedEx, but the cartons may have been handled in-between by union workers at the exhibit hall. When the cartons got back to the office, there were no computers in the boxes: they were filled with tossed promotional material from the show.

      In the ten years I was with that company and the hundreds of shows we attended, that was the only time anything was stolen, but it still made me very upset. And of course, no one wanted to take responsibility: each party blamed the other.

  • say_fuji

    faaa out, time to hop on to 2nd hand website like chewy (gum) -tree and looking for “fxxking brand new but dirt cheap” gear. First in first serve too.

  • Chase

    I guess Nelson Muntz would say HA HA!

  • zenizm

    Woah… they could open a well-equipped studio with those gear. LOL

    • jodjac

      On wheels!

  • Camaman

    hahahahahahahahahahah-!!!! This is PRICELESS!!

    Oh, wait… It isn’t!! 🙂 😛

  • KneeCone

    Anyone in the market for a D800 or D4? Just so happens I have one for sale.

  • simpleguy

    shame on people , stealing like this from nikon degrades the perception of the photography profession

    • 12

      Just because niche equipment is stolen does not mean it was pulled off by a photographer. It could be anyone for any reason. So next time a train car gets robbed filled with microwaves it looks bad for people who cook?

      I am just frustrated the d800 is missing cause judging by Nikons release and delivery resume this could be the first run.

  • per

    Isn’t this a marketing stunt from Nikon? To see all those lenses…And all of them to the facile price of 100 000 £. The price of two minutes of commercial air time. And this great lens shelf! Imagine having one of those…Funny, but I suddenly experience this craving to go out and buy some Nikon glass.

  • jorg

    the van has been returned. chuck norris just wanted to take a look, stay tuned for a huge nikon-all-system review coming up this friday at 11 o hundred

  • canon troll

    My associates decided they had enough of crappy AF system… oh wait…

  • Brian Davis

    Guess this is what happens when Nikon makes us wait so long to get our new gear we ordered?

  • Q

    Sure the value is approx $150 000

    But for Nikon I wonder what the real replacement cost is excluding markup.

    $2000 of equipmet stolen? Lol

    This is hardely tragic and is really just more amusing.

    I dont see the d800 release having much value in a private collection if it ends up in some blackmarket sale to shady collecters ( similiar to those who own stolen paintings). Now if Nikons new film camera prototype got stolen I think that could have more value.

  • Where can i buy some stolen quipment at a lower price?:))

  • Mark


    We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# 105-xxxx). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

      “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
       Previous estimated arrival date: January 04, 2013 – January 08, 2013
       New estimated arrival date: March 23, 2012 – March 27, 2012

    If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account:

    We hope to see you again soon!

    Customer Service Department



    NIKON D800 from 1 march 2012…. price: 3 289,00 €


  • D700guy

    Quite a take. They got all the lenses on my wish list.

  • dok

    This is blackmail thing. In a couple of days we’ll hear that the van was “accidentally” found unharmed.

  • DailyDrifter

    I heard this went down 4 months ago. Nikon is just now releasing the information, but it almost went down 6 and 8 months ago. Due to natural disasters and unforeseen issues it was delayed.

  • Troll Boy

    If someone asks you to buy some new Nikon gear from the back of a truck, don’t buy it.

  • derWalter

    haha nice :D!!!!!

  • corecrack

    hay i can purchase all cameras hayyy thef contact me hahahah

  • Joe

    It’s interesting that there wasn’t a D300s in their collection. D90 and D7000. Does that mean that the lower D hundred are done?

  • someones just got a sweet setup

  • I hear Gizmodo has the equipment and they are looking for the original owners, who ever they are.
    In the meantime they are taking it apart and photographing the equipment, to know, to help them find out who the owners are. 😉

  • Expect the all new Yikon D801 from china in the next few weeks, 36mp full frame body, $1400!!!

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