Nikon D3x also discontinued?

The website lists the Nikon D3x as "out of production". They were also the first to mark the D3s as "out of production" back in December, 2011. Few months later the camera was listed as discontinued in Japan and the US. The Nikon D3x never dropped in price like the D700 and is still listed for $7,999.95.

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  • A D3x would be a hard sell against the D800/D800e.

    • I agree. 3 grand compared to 8 grand? No use. Funny – I haven’t seen many D3Xs available used. Probably in the better interest to just hold onto it rather than try to sell it used.

      • A friend of mine has taken that approach. He loves his D3x and, even though he has also ordered the D4 and D800, it pains him to lose as much as he will on the D3x so he is just keeping it.

        • Frankly, that’s illogical. I’m not saying I’d be any different, mind you. 😉

          Personally, I think the intrinsic value of the camera is probably very high to the photographers that can afford to keep it. It’s a workhorse, and an amazing feat, even for today.

          • If you need a weather sealed beast for taking stills, the D3x is still superior. Bigger battery too.

            After my experience with the “weather sealing” on my D700 vs my old D2x, I see the value of the difference in build. The D3x is still overpriced, but if they were the same price, I’d probably still lean towards the D3x.

        • Mim

          A good tool is still a good tool when superceded.

          That’s why 2nd hand market has few high end Nikons and is flooded with Canon 1D 5D series.

    • Walter

      No! the D3x is a little over 2.5 times “better” than the D800

      • Furee

        if they can afford to price D800 36mp at $3000……i can’t see how they arrive at $8000 for D3x.

        • MJr

          Because of the MP ? The D4 has 16 you know, at €6000

          • Furee

            well then price D3x equal as D3s…or a bit more like D800/e………since mp count doesn’t seem relevant anymore…..

    • Dan

      There are those that still prefer the pro body and more than likely just keep their D3x. A new one would be hard to sell when you can get the D800+grip for $3500.

      • Everlast66

        Just noticed there is a D3X advertised as new on UK Ebay with a starting proce of £2k and 11hours to go – Zero bids so far!

        • Dud

          It’s ebay dud
          as new can mean ‘turns on’
          that’s even assuming they send anything, chances are if price ain’t right they don’t send, claim ‘lost in mail’ and give you refund.

      • Ross Geller

        hey hey they should price D4 16mp and D4X 36mp equally at $6000….ppl just need to chose pixel amount ……instead of pricing D800 36mp at $3000….they get more money that way and maintain market-body-mp count-pricing balance

  • T.I.M

    Seriously, with the 36MP D800, nobody will buy a D3x (except maybe if you’re in porn business)

    • Moe Jacknally

      For the “x”? 😀

      • twoomy

        LOL you guys are killing!

    • Good one. :))

    • KT

      and I’m sure the weather-sealing will come handy if you need to give it a rinse after a long day on the set.

      • Rich


      • Starbugs


  • Jc

    More like impossible, only thing it offers is pro sealed body and pro body format. For what? 5k$ more? Riiight. Correct me if I’m wrong on those points.

    • gangleotis

      What is with all these people that think the D700-800 aren’t pro spec? According to Nikon THEY ARE.

      • Specs? Yes. Build? No. I own a D700 and after 10 months of Nikon fixing it, I will avoid getting even a drop of moisture on it. It is not built to the same standards of environmental sealing as the D2x or D3. It’s overpriced, but there IS a difference.

        • Tell that to the storm-chasers and mountain-climbers who swear by their D700s.

          In personal experience, I’ve never babied my D700 and it’s gone three and a half years and 150k clicks without a single hiccup… and there have been plenty of heavy-rain and high-moisture situations.

          • hmm

            My d700’s rubber inlay sections are coming off the body in several areas.

            • Mine started doing that about a year ago. A little super glue and they are good as new.

            • Kevin

              got mine put back on at a local repair shop for $7.50. Got enough change back out of a $10.00 for a cup of coffee

    • MuttonPuncher

      Don’t forget more pro grade shutter with higher actuation counts.

  • Slobodan

    Maby D4X. I’ll not be suprised.

    • T.I.M

      D4xe ?

    • MuttonPuncher

      D4x with 36MP sensor and 6 or 7fps would reach Nikon’s $8000 price point again.

  • RR

    This news makes me a bit sad.. Farewell D3x ! Maybe an expensive camera, but never the less the best camera I have ever had in my 20 years in the photo business

    • Bob Agens


  • alvix

    IR has the D 800 test shots online ..! (maybe this is old news…) dont know…

  • The trouble is, if you own a D3x and are getting a D4 and D800 it makes even less sense to keep it rather than not sell at a loss, because chances are you’ll not use it again so that’s going to be an even bigger loss! I’d rather admit defeat and sell whilst I can…if I had one.

  • broxibear

    Nikon UK took either the D3s or D3x off their SLR range page (I can’t tell from the image whether that’s a D3s or D3x next to the D4)

  • Moe Jacknally

    Some High ISO shots from “Imaging Resource”

    pretty impressive – even though high ISO isn’t a reason to buy this camera.

    • alvix

      looking at those samples is even more impressive the SD1 performance..when upsized…

      • I’ve never been impressed with the way Foveon files scaled up. You can only push a 50% bump in linear resolution before artifacts become obvious. The math to scale Bayer pattern up is much more mature.

        And ACR still doesn’t read the SD1 shots.

      • With that much raw detail, you can really kick up the noise reduction on the high ISO files and they stay soft.

        I’m impressed by that 25,600 sample with NR from a detail standpoint.

    • Banksie

      Those D800 jpegs look a bit soft or maybe it’s the lens (the file says 70mm so I guess it’s a zoom lens.) I can’t open the NEFs since I don’t have the latest ACR installed yet. But they look slightly soft. I’m hoping the D800E files will look more crisp.

      • …the raws look amazing–not soft at all. I agree, the jpegs look bad. The raws redeem the sensor performance completely. Looks very nice next to D700 files.

  • BasM

    Let’s get some facts straight: the D3X was sold at a loss in many countries these last two months, and the loss was split between shops and local Nikon branches. It might have been listed as 7999$ in the United States, but (in an upturn versus the usual price difference) in Europe it was way less than that. Or *it was*, to be more precise; no further stock expected.

    • Darkness

      Rubbish speculation and Not discontinued either

  • D700guy

    It was an absurdly expensive camera

    • I respectfully disagree. It was the best in it’s class by a large margin.

      • Indeed it was. Though, this doesn’t make D3x reasonably priced.

        Neverthless, I’d take one in a heartbeat over D800 overkill, I had an opportunity to play with low ISO raw files and was very impressed. But still, this never gonna happen, it is too expensive for me.

      • *its

        • 50% larger linear resolution. Was only useful for telling your clients they were getting their money’s worth. The end results from well shot 12 mp and 24 mp files were never that drastically different.

          The D800 files are just to the point you’d notice a difference.

          Here’s what all the noise about resolution amounts to:

          That’s 10 through 24 megapixels, all up-res-ed to 24mp. This is compiled from raw files of charts at Imaging Resource (thanks IR, I hope you don’t mind the me using this!) If I remember right, that’s the D60, D300, D7000, 7D, 5d mkii, A900, and D3x.

          Is your mind blown yet? I’d buy the D3x for the build, if I needed it. But I don’t feel like I do.

          • What you are saying and what that image shows me is confusing.

            You’re saying the difference between 10/12 and 24 isn’t that much… but the difference between the furthest left two and the furthest right two is pretty substantial.

          • Bob Agens

            I have both a D3x and a D700 and the difference in resolution is huge. This “not much difference from 12 to 24mp” talk is BS. It’s just people who can’t afford or justify a D3x trying to convince themselves.
            I realy hope Nikon comes up with a D4x, because having to downgrade the body in order to upgrade the sensor (from D3x to D800) wouldn’t make me very happy.

            • Banksie

              I was hoping for a D4x, too. I ordered the D800E and if they do come out with a D4x really soon, I’ll be upset. I didn’t want to risk waiting for something that may never happen. But I’m sure I’ll end up selling the D800E and get a D4x when or if it does appear.

              For those who think the D700 is the same as the D3s and the D800 is an exact replacement for the D3x are misinformed and perhaps have never used the larger cameras. There’s a difference in build quality, the way the camera fits and feels in your hand, and even the way the shutter sounds. If I ever sell my D3s, I’ll replace it only with another one. i.e., the D4 or a future D4s.

              You can’t always just think about cost alone. Your just rationalizing otherwise. Anyway, the D3x is an amazing tool and it will be for years to come. Despite sensor progression and processor technology, nobody will look at a print made by the D3x and say, “oh, that’s so yesterday.”

            • If it’s such bullshit, show me images that contradict what I’m saying? Show me images that unequivocally demonstrate that the resolution difference is “huge”.

              I do concur that it is silly that Nikon haven’t made this D800 a “pro” build.

              If anyone lives in the Portland, OR are and wants to do a side by side with the D700 and D3x, I’m game.

            • Oh, no I agree that there’s a significant difference in build quality between the D700 and D3x. I’m talking image quality. I can say that there is one, but I think it’s a rather slim one.

              And I will certainly concede that the D3s is a step up in quality across the ISO range AND build quality over the D700.

              Again, if anyone wants to put this to the test, I’d love to. But there are plenty of web sites which do so. Check out Thom Hogan’s site for a nice comparison between a D3x and a D3 with no AA filter:

            • Banksie

              At small print size and on the monitor there isn’t much visible real world difference. But for me the difference between the D700 and the D3x is the actual size of the print you can make at a given dpi. And that’s ‘huge’ to me. (Which is why I ordered the D800E; I’m tired of renting MF gear.) I’ll keep my D3s but when it comes to large exhibition prints, that’s where it all comes into play. With monitor image viewing it doesn’t really matter. A lot of people don’t even print at all these days (and especially with a large format Epson 9800 or HP Z3200 or doing Lightjets on big sheets of RA paper), and so I think the file size issue doesn’t mean that much to them anymore. The quality is there with the D3x but it can get overlooked since comparisons these days are pretty much viewed on monitors only. Even 100% crops don’t say a lot because of monitor variations (let alone the color space and gamut.) But side by side large prints off the same printer with the same dithering and screening, and on the same substrate, will reveal quite a bit. And at the same print size and without upscaling, the D700 file will have to print at a lower dpi than the D3x file. The difference is very apparent and especially with small details in the subject (e.g., landscape imagery.)

            • Oh, no, I’ve compared prints. It’s even tougher to tell there. 50% rise in linear resolution is just not a huge difference. see: difference between 6 and 12 mp. I’ve got some shots from my D70 from 2005 that would make you shit a brick if you saw the detail at 20×30″

              If you’re renting MF gear, then you’ve already had experience to show you the shortcomings of a D3x.

              The D800 is definitely in the range where you’ll see a significant difference due to the resolution. The D3x was not. I challenge anyone to show me examples that prove otherwise. In prints or files.

            • Banksie

              fwiw, I was a printer and drum scanner operator for 5 years for Philippe Lamont in NYC and then printed for John Weldon’s shop in Los Angeles and also The Icon in LA. I’d no doubt be very hard pressed to “shit a brick” looking at one of your “20×30” prints off a file from a D70. Sorry.

              And I looked at your website. Yikes. Maybe that kind of stuff goes over okay in a small town in Oregon, but case closed. Enjoy what looks good to you personally and what you can accept, as that’s all that really matters. Cheers.

            • Hahah…I certainly wasn’t bragging about content! However, if you feel so brave to knock the (quite ancient) work on my website, perhaps you’d be so bold as to qualify your opinion with some of your own work? You don’t appear to have linked any yourself…

    • FM2Fan

      Expensive – YES, but also a tool of choice. The image quality is superb and for brilliant for those, who can live in the ISO 100-800 range.

    • Andrew

      Was it absurdly expensive? Yes.
      Was it reasonably priced? Yes.

      Yes, based upon your needs and budget!

  • twoomy

    This reminds me of how my $5000 D2X got replaced (sort of) by the D300. Suddenly, my D2X was worth less than $2000.

    Sure it was a big pro body, had some features that the D300 didn’t have, etc. But in the resale world, it’s all about supply and demand. And if everybody wants the cheaper, newer, smaller, and better model, your big ole brick isn’t worth what it was before.

    I have no regrets since I got several years of great photos out of the D2X, but I vowed to never spend a crazy amount of money on a camera again. $5000 for a D2X seemed crazy but I did it anyway. $8000 for a D3X sounded crazy and out of my league, so I’m glad I waited for it’s smaller (sort of) replacement.

  • kyoshinikon

    Im sure there will be a tiny market left for the D3x in the area of fps 5fps is much better than 4 fps

    • It is 25% more fps… lol.

      • Bozo

        20% faster. But at lower res. people hear value things based on physical size looks like!

        • Larry C

          25% of 4 is 1. 4 + 1 = 5. Ergo: 5 fps is 25% faster than 4fps. Basic math.

  • Agree with most. It was expensive, I wouldn´t buy it today as the D800 is so much less. But its quality is plenty enough for me, for almost anything it can face, for ever, until one of us (the camera or me) dies. I think of it as a tool built to last, my mind is in peace.
    note: I also had the D2x, and it was also built to last, but there is a HUGE difference: the IQ of the 24 mp monster is just what I need to make my photos!!!

  • PeterO

    No surprise here. They probably waited until most of the stock dried up. Most certainly they weren’t making any more of these for while now, knowing that the D800 was ready to debut. But, I still wonder about the D700 and whether it’s still in the lineup or not? I think they’re waiting for that stock to dry up as well as the parts for it. As long as there are some still in the system, they’ll be available (outside of Japan that is). As to the speculation about a lower cost FX camera to replace it (some say the D400) – where would they build it? If the Sendai plant is at capacity producing D4’s and D800’s, where would the “other” FX be produced?

    • broxibear

      Put it this way PeterO, This is the same company who released a press statement after the earthquake saying their Sendai plant was largely unaffected, a few weeks ago they said the Sendai plant damage cost over $100m to repair.
      Forget the pinch of salt, you’d be better off with a sack.
      Jared over at froknows mentioned he was at a Nikon event this week and they still wouldn’t allow anyone to use their own cards in the D4 or D800 bodies to take images. Considering both cameras are out, or will be out, within a few weeks why are they so reluctant to allow actual files out ?. Maybe all the chatter about the image quality of the D800 and D4 being no better than the cameras they’re “replacing” are true ?…Did you see that dude on the grassy knoll, I’m sure he’s holding a D400 lol.

      • PeterO

        Amen to the sack of salt broxibear, but we expect that from them now. We’ve discussed their marketing and messaging before and I’m starting to think that their goal is just to keep us confused.

        • Andrew

          Maybe it is not Nikon’s goal to keep anyone confused, but to create anticipation and mystery like a good suspense Hollywood movie. This is called good marketing when you can create enough suspense such that your customers are still interested in learning more about your upcoming product.

      • Darkness

        ‘Largely, being the 100m dollar question. Didn’t take long for you f@ck£rs to start moaning did it?

      • Andrew

        broxibear, have you considered the possibility that the display cameras are pre-production units? So the pictures would not be representative of the shipping models.

        • broxibear

          You could well be right Andrew, but as you can see from my last sentence I’m not being entirely serious…you did read the whole post and not just jumping on me because of what you thought I posted are you ?

      • Of course they’re “better”. The noise of the D800 is equal to the D700 at every ISO. Since the D800 has a 73% increase in linear resolution, the can give us a significantly more detailed image. I’d say that’s better.

        If the D800 has improved AF, that’s better.

        The D4 appears to pull the same trick of maintaining noise levels of the D3x while bumping up resolution.

        I don’t think a lack of improvement is the issue here at all Broxibear. I think Nikon’s marketing dept is just confused and Nikon’s internal communication is broken.

        • PeterO

          “I think Nikon’s marketing dept is just confused”

          Micah, I think you may be on to something. It seems that we’re getting conflicting messages from different Nikon’s around the world. The beauty of Apple’s messaging is how simple and unified it is. You’re never confused as to what they are selling.

          Andrew, suspense is great, but after a while the suspense turns into frustration, frustration to anger. Do you remember this forum just a few months ago when speculation about the D800 was at a fever pitch and the tone of discourse turned ugly? The only suspense that is generated is by the contributors on forums such as this. Nikon doesn’t say boo about anything. How is that building suspense? How is that marketing?

          • …your comparison is not a new one, but it is one worth thinking about. Apple has a consistent product, released on a consistent schedule, and gives consistently good customer support. They sell a premium niche product. They do try to restrict internal competition and even limit the software that can be run on their devices, but they give excellent service and a user experience to make up for it.

            Nikon does none of this. They confuse their customers with their model’s names and feature sets. Their UI is the most consistent and well thought out of all the camera makers, but their is still room for improvement. (D4 has the new AF control from the D7000, which I find a bit fiddly. Nikon should remember why more buttons are better than unified controls! see:touchscreens on phones)

            I think the problem, with Nikon’s marketing may be their distribution structure, which is a collection of independent companies in many countries. Each of these probably affords some tax benefit, but they appear to have free reign to manage each market in terms of advertising/marketing and customer service (which included the repair process). The marketing and customer service we get in the USA is wretched, and I believe if it were unified globally, it would be much stronger in the ways that apple is.

          • Andrew

            Peter(), let us first look at Apple. Apple’s whole philosophy is about simplicity and broad market appeal. Apple’s product launches are about gaining new (mass market) customers by presenting their products in a simplistic way. But I think you are giving Apple more credit than they deserve. Can you tell me of a single product Apple has announced in advance of their theatrical product launches? The day Apple announces “on stage” the shipping date of their product is the day their secrets (i.e. product specs) are revealed. They are not like Canon or Sony that feeds out press release of their product months in advance of the ship date. Have you also forgotten the wild speculations surrounding the specs of each new Apple product launch?

            The people buying Nikon’s professional series cameras are (1) professionals, (2) prosumers, and (3) the wealthy who simply want the best. All of these folks can read between the line with great interest and it appears that most can tolerate – albeit grudgingly – the utter lack of information from Nikon about their upcoming products. Yes they have been frustrated, but it is not as if Nikon had a lot to do with it. Nikon has gone through a year of great uncertainty with two major natural disasters. The frustration many have felt can be attributed to the anticipation of Nikon releasing a number of DSLR cameras last year only to be delayed by the two natural disasters widely reported in the news. Nikon gave a series of updates concerning the progress being made in their recovery efforts. Trying to release major products – the Nikon1, D4, and D800 all around the same time frame separated by only a few month may have created some logistical issues with their manufacturing or suppliers. But as consumers, we many times do not appreciate these complexities and as a result, we make simplistic judgments about situations we have very little knowledge or understanding about. This response is not so much about a rebuttal as it is trying to shed some more light on the situation surrounding Nikon inability to send out a clear marketing message.

            • PeterO

              Andrew, I don’t disagree with you entirely and indeed the natural disasters created extraordinary problems that Nikon was able to overcome. The Apple comparison may not be the best but I see it this way: let’s take the iPad. Does anyone really need it? Apple created it and supplied cheap apps to go with it. They upgrade it every year. They are selling boatloads. Everyone knows that the upgrade is coming and a year isn’t long to wait for the “new and improved” version. They don’t have to create suspense. Nikon upgrades its major cameras every 3-4 years but irregularly. The major difference is that professionals need these products yet don’t have an inkling as to when they will be coming. No, I don’t understand the complexities, but I do know that the lack of any communication with their clients is frustrating.

            • “Do you remember this forum just a few months ago when speculation about the D800 was at a fever pitch and the tone of discourse turned ugly?”

              I can’t help but be curious: is this an indictment against Nikon, or against a portion of the consumers who count themselves as Nikon customers?

            • PeterO

              Ron, I believe in this case responsibilty falls on both.

  • Apoplexia

    I want the 300mm f4 to be discontinued!!! i want an update with VR

    pleaseee nikon

    • Nikon makes a 300/4. It comes packaged with 400mm and 200mm at no extra charge.

      Or you can by the TC-14E for your 70-200/2.8 and you’ll have a 280/4 with VR.

      If you want a 300/4 with VR from Nikon, you have to pay for it. There’s not going to be a cheap alternative. Ever.

    • PeterO

      What did we ever do without VR? We improvised! Last month I shot a corporate event in a theatre. With the 300/4 I went to the balcony, used the rail as a support, shot wide open and bingo – sharp head and shoulders shots of all the speakers and performers. Outdoors, I up the shutter speed and steady myself as best I can.

  • John

    RIP D3x… You were a tad to expensive for my taste but you were the King.

    • Darkness

      Got 2 need another one, If it’s going to stop give me some warning….

  • I would like the Nikon 80-400mm be discontinued. You know if Nikon is thinking on a new teleobjetive like the canon 100-400mm or like the 50-500mm of Sigma??

  • doug

    Really, never like that camera, the price was just not right, D800 is here and woudnt be any point in keeping that Dinosaur around anymore.

    • Andrew

      That dinosaur was loved by nearly everyone who bought it. And there were a lot more people who would have bought it had it been about $2,000 to $3,000 cheaper.

  • ATM

    Why do Nikon stop production on all the good cameraes

    • Darkness

      They haven’t some stupid site no one heard of ‘said’ so… Jesus!

      • Paul

        I respectfully disagree that… F64 is the no.1 shop to buy photo equipment from in Romania, and is also a Nikon Platinum partner…
        As for Nikon Romania, they have it on list, but the stock is zero…

        • Darkness

          When it falls off Adorama, or B&H then we will see. Oh still there’re….

    • sfteague

      Because it makes sense to do that when they release better ones. D4 + D800 is $1000 dollars more than a D3x was new, and are a much more powerful, specialized combo.

  • Boboc

    D3x on dropped about 1800eur 🙂

  • evi
  • polleni

    RIP D3x. Those who were privileged to have it know it was the best camera ever built by Nikon so far. Its ISO 100 images, when coupled to a stellar lens were simply jaw dropping. Nothing could match them and I really wonder whether this IQ can be achieved by another camera, even today. Not until I see an ISO100, side by side comparison between the King and the D800. On the same note, I am really curious why there aren’t any such comparisons available. After all, D3x is the camera to rate the D800 against and not the D700.. isn’t it ?

  • Craig

    D3x. Out if date, and discontinued. I will give you US$2,800 for one right now!

    It has to be worth less than the D800 because the sensor has less pixel density, right? LOL!

  • Ed

    The crazy $8,ooo price tag just put it out of reach for most serious amateurs and even some pros. The pricing never made much sense nor their rigidity regarding bringing the price downward.
    As great as it was, the $2500 5DMk.2 made certain that it would remain an exotica.
    Opting for a 36MP D800 instead of a D4 AND including the AF mechanism for of the pro model, looks like they’re trying to make amends. Personally, I would rather an 18MP D800 with clean images up to ISO 12,500.

  • Jake

    digital bodies are disposable over time. Doesn’t mean they will suddenly become “bad”, but technology evolves fast enough to put them out of date in a few years time. And that time frame will get smaller and smaller over time.

    • Zeke

      I don’t agree with that last part. There’s only so much signal that can be wrenched out of a given optical system, and as digital cameras mature, the returns are diminishing. As a still camera, the D4 and D3 are interchangeably useful for any purpose.

      The mechanical systems like autofocus motors, shutters, and reflex mirrors, are even more mature. A D4 and an F5 are almost identical in those departments.

      The advances are now in video, control systems and in interfaces, which are real and beneficial, but as an image taker the useful lifespan of digital cameras is going up, not down.

  • jodjaclapse jodjac

    I know it’s off topic, but it’s so beautiful.
    Check out this time lapse video shot from the space station. I believe it was shot with a Nikon D3S, though I’m not positive. Notice how thin the atmosphere is (how little there is separating us from the vacuum of space).

  • Dave Sinclair

    My take on their discontinuing the D3x is that the D4x is just around the corner…As an owner of the D3x, I still love my camera, I have owned in the past the d2, d2x, and d3..I’m tempted by the D800 which does raise the bar but its still not a d3x and once the D4x is released I’m sure it will have even more wow factor than the D800…my predictions for the D4x are of course video at 1080p being added plus a 50mega pixel sensor, in addition to lower light handling capabilities….So I think I will wait a little while before I decide to upgrade, besides my d3x does everything I need right now and then some….

    • Furee

      D4X?…..r we not stunned enuff with D800 36mp ?……or is it another 36mp with pro-body…seems unlikely.

      • Sudi Mampir

        D4X is 48mp iso 800.

  • Darkness

    It’s too cheap now, yen got expensive

  • ken

    Completely off topic but just wondering if there was any plans to move Nikon Rumors site to a similar setup to Canon Rumors with a Forum – registration etc..etc.. nothing wrong with the way it is, just wondering it cold be a place for discussion etc…etc.. i.e. MacRumors site has one thread that has 250k views (not saying they are all organic and probably a lot of revisits) on it – preorder for iPad 3, maybe it would generate traffic if needed..

    • They used to have one…

      • Darkness

        Then Canon took over. They rents their stuff.

  • a) The D4x is just around the corner if your corner is 2 miles, er years long.
    b) If offered a local dealer $2500 for a new D3x. The problem was perspective. My perspective is the cost of the D800. Their perspective is what they paid for the D3x. They said SOMEBODY would want it. They might be right. Once my D800e arrives, a new D3x won’t be worth $2500 to me.

  • Moggie

    Line up in Full Frame D800/E D4 AND D3X AND D700, only the D3s goes out of production.100% correct Information.

  • Onetrack

    I’ve got a D800 on order but I’d rather have a D3X. Just not sure at what price.

    I couldn’t quite pull the trigger on $8000.

    • Bob from Ohio

      With the D800 out, why would you want a D3x at ANY price?

      The build quality is NOT that much better.

      The image quality is NOT as good.

      The D3x does NOT have a self cleaning sensor.

      The D3x does NOT have a pop-up flash.

      The D3x is HEAVIER and BULKIER.

      I guess I would buy one too, if it was $20.00. Then I would use it as a paperweight on my desk.

      Honestly, why else would anyone want one?????? Because it has 1 fps extra speed??

      For the massive amount of insecure pros who needs a “pro body” so they can feel secure mingling in a group of his peers?

      Sorry, but I just don’t see any rational logic in this discussion. If you can explain it to me, I’ll listen.

      • SoftonDemand


        made me burst out laughing at work!

      • Pat Fahey

        “Why would anyone want it”?

        Because, in the right hands, it is capable of producing better IQ than any DSLR ever made.

        That’s why.

  • SoftonDemand

    With the price of a used D3x, i can get a D800 and a D800E. I wonder how many supply of D3xs does Nikon have. Im pretty certain they didn’t sell much since the camera is not that impressive for $7999usd.

    • Darkness

      Last year a Nikon rep told me the D3X outsold 1Ds MKIII by a factor of 10:1, just sayin.

      • Paul

        Yeah… They probably sold 10 pieces of D3x and 1 piece of 1Ds Mk III 😉

  • mike

    What do you all think a fair price for a D3x is now that the D800 is out?

    • SoftonDemand

      $4000usd at most…!

  • Auminer

    Although you notice the D700 is still listed…

  • danei

    To be honest, if D800 was there 3 years ago when I bought D3x, I would pick D800. D3x is a little over price comparing to A900, but the ‘pro’ body and handle as well as sony’s policy of DSLT over DSLR pushed me to D3x, lens is another factor but no that important for I had very limited lens collection then. I didn’t consider D700 because its crippled viewfinder range and low px.
    Someone says that D3x owners should sell their D3x if they buy D800, that will never happen to me. A photographer can never have too many bodies as long as they’re compatible. In fact, to change lens outside is very annoying. I myself had a trip to Tibet and when I was back home, I found a dirt at D3x’s CMOS ruined nearly 1/3 of my pictures, some are fixable some are not. So I prefer every lens should has a body attached on it so avoid changing lens. Weight is not a problem for me since my assistant carries tripod and backup equipment.
    BTW, nikon’s service s**ks, my d3x spent half year at nikon service and they just won’t get the dirt cleaned, and at last I was tired about all those telephone calls and “we’re investigating” shits so I flied to HongKong and brought it to nikon’s hq so finally get the cmos cleaned. Of course if D3x has built-in dust removal it would be less bother. Hand-tools just ain’t capable of doing this.

  • Gordon

    I have a feeling Nikon will not abandon their flagship model, the D3X is due for a refresh this year if sticking to a 4 year life cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release a 50MP D4X for the pros that like the larger pro bodies.

  • Ric

    Votre père était un hamster et votre sœur avait une odeur de baies de sureau

  • Looks like the D3x is back on the Nikon website…

  • Alv2012

    I checked out this website and it appears it’s available… must have been a glitch…

    • Darkness

      Don’t like to say I told you so…Meaningless thread admin.

  • Peter Margetic

    I always considered the D3X the pick of the DSLR’s, fortunate enough to own one and never once has it failed me, the opposite has been the case a number of times. It is heavy, expensive but it delivered with good lenses, still does. Expensive paper weight ? I would use something cheaper for that chore… comes down to budget, personal taste, comfort to hand, reliability, personal choice…like cars, clothes, partners etc. I still don’t see a body around that will out deliver with good lenses, no criticism to lovers of the D800 etc, I also have used Fuji F3 Pro’s, D7000 etc….it depends on what is in front of the lens, your eye, and a myriad of other factors. I like a heavy camera with a battery that will jump start a truck, sure it is not perfect re sensor cleaning…..but what is perfect. If you like it, love it, can use it blindfolded and feel as though you have a friend in your hands….good job, no matter what it is. In 2008 it was top of the heap, 5 years later to be considered a contender is no mean feat, I would never sell it, maybe add to avoid lens changing but in reality it takes a lot of beating as one of the best cameras made, in my humble opinion.

  • John Leonidou

    About Leica S2 37,5MP

    Sensitivity range ISO 80 to 1250 (manual or automatic control)

    Is 30000 usd only the body..

    D3x vs Leica s2

    Smart Rating

    D3x 96 – Leica s2 76

  • John Leonidou

    About Leica S2 37,5MP

    Sensitivity range ISO 80 to 1250 (manual or automatic control)

    Is 30000 usd only the body..

    D3x vs Leica s2

    Smart Rating

    D3x 96 – Leica s2 76

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