Nikon D700 now in stock for $2,199.95


After the price on Amazon went back up, the Nikon D700 is now in stock at B&H for $2,199.95.

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  • HaHa

    HA! ordered!

    • nikondarkside

      Good. Time to order this one.

      Canon MKiii is so expensive. Anyway, I don’t need no video and super high ISO

  • Ben

    Bought +1

  • T.I.M

    Nikon D800e not in stock for $32995 or D700 in stock at $2199, that is the question……

    • Nikonian


    • mikils

      I’d check your figures, monsieur! at that price you could buy 5 D4s.

      • T.I.M

        LOL !
        Sorry, I included the shipping in the price !

        • mikils

          That’s a really good one! I beg the permission to reuse it should need arise! 🙂

  • I’m going to order a used one…..for MORE$$$$ : ]

    • T.I.M

      @Nicolas c
      Yep, pay more for less….remind me the D800e AA filter.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, the D800e filter consists of a more sophisticated piece of glass than that in the D800. It is paying more for more sophisticated filter.

        • T.I.M

          I read somewhere that the D800(e) include ” Capture NX” but when I look on Nikon website it say “View NX included”.

          Capture NX should be able to remove moiré but I don’t think ViewNX does it.

          Any informations about that ?

          • WoutK89

            the D800E ships with CNX2 included, the D800 does not!

            • WoutK89

              or maybe this is europe only.

          • BartyL

            The current version of ViewNX doesn’t have a moire removal tool.

      • Dan


  • Melissa P

    Yes!!! Thank you, just ordered it….have been waiting all morning for this

  • New D700

    I almost feel bad for not waiting to see what the D400 is all about, I’m just glad I’m not the only one jumping on the old D700. I’m upgrading from a D90, so it feels good to go FX. Probably couldn’t afford the next D700 replacment anyway. It’s ALMOST DX pricing for FX just a bit more.

  • Rob

    B&H has new ones in stock for the $2199.95

    When are they going to drop the used prices?

    • Ben

      When the d800 is shipping the used d700 price will go down. People who have a d700 now will not sell till they get their new d800. When there are more d700s on the market the price will fall.

      The same will happen with the d4 shipping and d3s prices.

      If you dont want to wait you have to pay the higher price to get it sooner.

    • iamlucky13 appears to have dropped their used price for Ex+ rated cameras to $2029.

      $165 isn’t much savings for a used body, but Keh does have a 2 week refund policy, and a 6 month repair or replace warranty.

      The drop on the new price of the D700 should also drop the used prices you see on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

      Of course, I just did a quick look on Craigslist and one of the first ads I saw was asking $2500, with a link to BH, where he says it goes for $2700.

      The link now says $2195. Oops.

      • Rob

        The seller probably knows. I see people try to charge more for camera bodies and flashes than they paid for them new 4 years ago, blatantly lying about the original cost (e.g. SB-800s allegedly cost $800 new, so $400 is a steal for a used one!). Most people on Craigslist I think are just in denial that technology depreciates and ultimately will end up keeping their stuff instead of get less than 90% of what they paid new.

  • Art

    Now we have an entry level FX — and it rocks!

  • JoeCanada
  • Dear Peterson

    I will stick to my D300 and buy a bunch of lenses until D700 prices go down!!

  • MCucuzza

    Adorama has them at 2199.95 as well!!! Can’t wait to pick up a used or refurbished one for a backup for 1500.00!

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Damn! Such a bad timing from Nikon… Couldn’t they wait a couple of months for that discount until D800 starts to ship.

    I will sell my D700 to finance half of D800, but I can’t sell it before or I’ll have nothing to take photos. It will effect 2nd hand prices by $200 at least.

  • burgerman

    Which is why I eBayed my D700 the day the D800 was anounced (and pre ordered… 7th in que at dixons UK)

    As a hobbyist I thought it best to sell the old generation camera ASAP before most people had even heard of a D800. Got 1445 for it – that D700 cost me 300 pounds, in about 4 years.

    New one does everything better and has a warranty so why would I want to hang on to the old D700?

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Smart move, but you must have a spare body to do so. Or you may prefer not shooting for a few months.

    • ken

      may as well have pre-ordered it at argos with all the support they’ll give you …lol! meep meep!!

  • NikoRyan

    Gone! Out of stock now.

  • peter

    I wonder – is the release of the D800 a cunning marketing ploy, or did they misjudge the market? It is funny to see how quickly the D700 is sold out again, after the release of what was initially labled as a ‘successor’.

    • PHB

      Nope, they have more need of a 36mp body than an updated d700

      I would notbe surprised if the hi/ lo mp d7xx d8xx thing continued. A d710 with the d4 chip would be logical.

      Thing is that the 36 mp is actually the logical choice for those of us with DX lenses.

  • nuno santacana

    What about D3s price drop? That one has been clearly replaced!

  • Anonimouse

    I’m somewhat surprised the D3x hasn’t dropped in price yet, it seems as though that camera has been compromised much moreso than the D700. Despite the fact that the body styles are different, internally I’d say the D800 is more of a D3x replacement than a D700 replacement. So; why hasn’t the price of the D3x dropped?

    • nuno santacana

      The most clearly replaced camera is the D3s. I’d buy it for 2,999.95 or less.

    • LeGO

      The D3x has dropped in price. A portent of things to come for the D3x because of the D800/D800E?

      This “new” D3x sold for $3,700 plus $20 for shipping.

      • ken

        i think the term ‘new’ is used very very loosely here? … store display item, probably out of warranty, scratched, mauled, mishandled, the condition is described as ‘good’ …. hmmm not excellent or mint but just ‘good’ so probably all its worth is what it sold for.

    • Michael

      Don’t think that it’s the replacement for D3x. There is currently 2 lines of FX products – high resolution and high FPS, each lines should have two products – prosumer and professional.

  • Roland
  • jake

    I feel bad for the couple of people that just bought USED D700’s from national camera exchange for $2,300+!!!!! There’s one left for $2,395!

    • jake

      Well that same D700 body just dropped to $1,995!

  • There’s only 2 places left out of the Google shopping list retailers (|cond=1|start=0) that show stock still available at the $2199 price, Camcor, a wholesaler in NC and Green Mountain Camera, a brick&mortar store in VT. B&H, Adorama, and J&R are all sold out. A few hours ago there were a few available for the new price on ebay but now they’re gone too. The amazing thing is that the current lowest price at Amazon is $2399 (17th Street Photo), and the actual Amazon price is still $2520!

  • Thanks, Admin.

  • Joe Bodego

    By christmas this camera would be $700 bucks

    • FX DX

      Yeah. By christmas of 2020 when successor of D900 is out.

  • Rockabill

    Is it likely to believe a price drop in the US would be followed by price drops elsewhere? For instance in Norway?

  • John

    My B&H order has already shipped. Will have it tomorrow. Canceled my J&R order through Amazon as they weren’t going to ship until next week at the earliest. B&H rocks.

    • abby


      Ordered mine from B&H this morning…. thanks NR, you saved me $500 🙂

  • chris

    I’d pay $800 for one, new.

    • I know this great Nigerian…

      • BartyL

        Must be the same nice fella that often asks me if I can assist him with the settlement of deceased estates? Quite reasonable of him to ask for an up-front facilitation payment given the sums involved…

  • alignednut

    Is there a way to check if a camera is stolen? Found this guy on ebay selling new D700 bodies for 1800 plus 10 dollar shipping. He has more than 10 for sale according description and he has 99.8% positive feedback. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    I think the account got hacked. It is a car (Acura) dealer’s account. Now why would an Acura dealer sell a bunch of Nikon Cameras?

  • If you had been holding out on buying a D700, now is the time.

  • Ray

    What about Europe, especially Germany? Any news on that?
    Should I wait for the D800 release, maybe then its going to be cheaper here in Germany too?

  • Zim

    waiting for the D400 at $1999

  • Andy

    Admin, do you know if the MSRP for D700 published on Nikon website will also go down by $500 or is the reduction only applies to street price? Thanks!

  • R!

    The preorder price of the D800 on is the same that the one of the real shop ,Nikon is levelling prices!!!!
    I also think that the D800 will arive very very soon guys this is great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vinny

    Ordered one yesterday as soon as I heard the news! Knew those would sell fast. Also have a D7000 will be interesting to compare.

    • UncleDusty

      My first DSLR was a D7000 and I got my D700 yesterday. Crank up that ISO and you’ll only be using your D7000 for video or as a paper-weight!

      • Vinny

        I have been happy with the D7000 overall, but disappointed with the results using for indoor sports even coupled with a 2.8 lens. My D700 arrives tomorrow so I am hoping for an improvement.

  • UncleDusty

    I picked up the last D700 at my local camera shop for $2199 yesterday. When/If my D800 gets here on the 22nd, it might not even come out of the box. I’m in love.

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