Nikon Sweden insists that D4 will start shipping on March 15th, D4 digitutor is now online

Nikon Sweden sent out an email today confirming that he first shipment of Nikon D4 cameras will start on March 15th. Here is the translation of the text:

On January 6 Nikon launched the D4, the ultimate tool for professional photographers who daily push the frontiers and meet new challenges. The new system camera in Nikon FX-format delivers image quality, speed and accuracy in a completely separate class of its own, regarding both still and motion images.

Today, Nikon can confirm that the D4 will be available for sale on March 15, 2012.

If you feel that the D4 is a camera for you, we recommend you to contact one of our selected PRO distributors for ordering and delivery schedule.

Before launching the D4, the photographer Corey Rich was asked to make a film with the camera, to bring it to the test and show what it can do. The film "Why" is a documentary on some of the best extreme sports athletes. They explain whatโ€™s keeping them going, why they are pushing themselves and expose themselves to the risks. Share their passion here.


Nikon also published the D4 digitutor:

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  • sade

    Have you checked CR for 5DIII specs?

    • Joe

      Yes, 41 crosstype point on the AF, 6fps, up to ISO 25600 and 22Mb. I think this is what a “balanced” camera probably should be.

      • canon

        strangely. this is what a canon users would say when the d700 was released.

        it really seems they have switched roles. I guess Nikon and Canon worked out a deal.

        • You guys are comparing apples to acorns. The D800 is NOT the D700 replacement, nor is it even a mere rumor as is the 5D.

          Canon will do everything it can to make something look superior on paper. Real performance in the real-world is the real measuring stick for real photographers. Unfortunately, there seems to be less and less of those these days.

          P.S. Did you see that horrid battery grip photo? I can’t believe Canon users are still forced to carry that bulky thing in their bags. Ouch.

          • sade

            Ok, D800 is not D700 successor then what!? Nikon will put D3s sensor in D700 body and sell it as real successor od D700 in a few months or in the best case scenario, they put D4 sensor in D700 body next year. Either way, the specs of 5DIII is better than D4 and D3s (except a few more fps and perhaps video features). The resolution is more than D4 and the native ISO range of it is also one stop better than D4 (100-25600 vs 100-12800). That means, even if you are perfectly correct, still Nikon won’t have anything to compete against 5DIII.
            I should say that it is very hard for me to believe that these specs are true. May be the true ISO range of 5dIII is only expandable to 25600.

            • R!

              Trolllolol!!!!!!!!!!D4 is the flagship of all HDSLR.(look like you dont understand metering)

            • elph

              D4 is the current leading flagship DSLR. Period. Even the 1DX does not match up.

              There was a recent article from a Nikon rep saying that the D800 apparently isn’t the successor to the D700. We also have yet to see 3 more Nikon DSLRs this year.

            • Rudi

              Specs don’t shoot images, and specs don’t create great images!! Did you hold specs in hand yet?

          • R!

            Yes real life test will tell how good the D4 is with less noise better AF and metter as Usual!!!

          • D700guy
            • Rudi

              “Intelligent Viewfinder” to find the right motive ;-))

    • mikils

      Pretty underwhelming, I’d say, once you look at D800

    • 5D? I say meh, we nikonists have great toys, no need to see the others have. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • R!

      When you first you got say first!!!!!!Native Iso is a marketing lie ,we’ll check the noise isue later!!!!!!

      • sade

        Agreed! but do you think that only canon makes these lies?!
        The real native ISO of D800 is also not 6400 but more like 1600ish ISO. (Based on a measurement some guys published in dpreview)
        I think D800 still has edge in metering, autofocus and resolution but if 5DIII has 2 stops lower noise, it will be much better camera for my needs.

        • R!

          OK so go pay 3500$ for almost the same sensor that the 3yrs old camera ,I take the 36 mpx!!!!!!!!

          • Marcus

            The more exclamation marks you use, the less chance of you making a point. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Erich

      5DIII inceible? U are retard!

  • Chedd

    For a brief second I thought Morgan Freeman was narrating the video on the digitutor O_o

    • WoutK89

      Say sorry, Morgan sounds nothing like that computer simulated voice.

  • Robert

    canon’s 5d is pretty cool. I’m pretty sure Nikon will come out with their own version in a year.

    • LeGO

      I have the same expectation. The D700-replacement will likely have a D800 body but with a lower resolution sensor, either the D4 sensor or the new Sony 24mp FF sensor.

      Still, I can’t help but wish it will be released earlier and will be among the 3 new dSLR models that Nikon will release, i.e., D300s-replacement, D700-replacement and D3100-replacement.

  • Go ahead and buy a Canon then. I ordered a D800 from a real camera maker!

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear.

    As to the 5D Mk III, I’m quite excited about that one also. My girlfriend shoots Canon and I’ve used her Mk IIs extensively and like many things about it. The III is putting up some impressive specs in my opinion, though we will of course have to wait and see the actual performance.

  • Available for sale, and being able to take delivery of one if you are not NPS are two very different things.

  • JB

    Ahhhhh….the roller coaster….where she stops nobody knows!!! This is great news….for today!!!!

    It is funny how a thread about D4 availability turned into a Canon 5d discussion. Not quite sure where that comes from but I guess it is entertaining….

    • jen

      Amen! I had to go back and make sure i was in the right forum, Hence the title “D4 will start shipping”. Its all D800 to Canon talk..geez people.. read the title. Go to Dpreview if you want to share your verbal vomit!

  • another Steve

    EOS 5D-Mk3 in a D4-Thread? Who cares?
    BTW: Did you read the specs on CanonRumors of the EOS 1D-X (this fits better in the D4-Thread ;-)) ?
    This brick will weigh 1.530g (!) – no typo. Ouch.

  • Signal to noise ratio from [NR] admin about ship dates is getting a little high. They’ll ship when they ship, I’m assuming we all have a body we can use until then. Let’s go for quality posts, not quantity. I realize this is a site based on rumors, but there is a difference between rumors, and gossip. Carry on.

    • Kevin Johnson

      To the contrary, I find these rumors regarding possibly shifting ship dates to be EXTREMELY helpful. These stories are, of course, rumors. Nonetheless, as I have a pre-order place through Amazon, it does help me, even if only slightly, to plan (a) when to have money available in my credit card balance (as opposed to in other accounts) so the purchase goes through, and (b) when/if to start planning a shoot with the new D4 and start retiring my D3s.

  • Don

    Lenses, when willthey announce the new lenses?
    Like a 14-400 1.4 with no distortion either end.

    • Another Steve

      They’re waiting for you to win the jackpot…

    • Don, at least get it right… That’s 14-400 1.4 VRII ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ken

    o/t – got a generic email from B&H this morning saying how excited they are and want to get it to me asap ๐Ÿ™‚ lol
    they dont yet know how many cameras they getting and dont know the dates they will receive shipments from nikon and i’ll be updated as the situation evolves…odd with 3weeks to normal shipment dates they don’t know when they are getting them…pfft..

    • ken

      sorry – D800 order..

  • R!

    I wont trust swedish sources since , the Nikons products arrives in Netherland!!!!!!

  • Sorry guys, are we talking about the announcement of the D4 in about 14 days (instead of another delay like we heard yesterday) or are we discussing if Canon 5DIII specs may will be cooler than D800 ?

    • R!

      You right, but this is because the D800 is a revolutionary camera,that’s why Nikon fanbwoy can’t stand the heat!!!!!!!!lol!!!really can’t wait…

    • Rudi

      It has been announcent at January 6th? I’m waiting for delivering!

  • Here you can find the d800 tutor.

  • Henri De Vreese

    Up to 41 CT points UP TO??? this again wil be the Canon marketing strategy, same as the ISO , I’m sure they won’t give it a better native ISO performance as the X, it won’t be a 22500 native!

    • WoutK89

      up to, depending on af-mode used and the lens attached. Not so much marketing as is to cover themselves that you dont have them always ready to be used in every scenario.

  • nuno santacana

    NRadmin, are we going to have a D3s price drop anytime soon? There is a much better reason to do so, as D4 is clearly the D3s replacement…

    • LeGO

      D3s price reduction likely to happen when the D4 has actually started shipped.

      • . . . and available on the shelves for non NPS members.

  • broxibear

    It’s becoming obvious that Nikon, and the retailers who are responsible for selling the cameras, have conflicting ideas about when the cameras will be in stock and available to buy… it doesn’t surprise me as communication isn’t exactly one of Nikon’s strong points.
    Basically if you’ve ordered a D4 or D800/E you’ll get it when you get it ok, lol.
    If only Nikon had got Jackie Chan instead of Joe McNally to promote their cameras all this wouldn’t be happening lol.
    As Jackie said “I like to let people talk who like to talk. It lets me find out how full of shit they are.”.

    • Sandy

      Say, when was the 5D3 gonna ship, or the new Canon 1D? Oh, right…

  • I was at NPS Switzerland on Monday, playing with a pre-production D4 and in all the talking and chatting there was no indication that first shipments should arrive in the second half of March. But it’s a different story when larger numbers will be in stock and ordering a camera will be possible without having it preordered. I guess that depends largely on the country and the distribution channels. In Switzerland it will definitely last a while until discounters could get access to cameras. But that’s more a general thing and not specific to the launch of the D4.

    • R!

      I’ve been told that It depends of the resaller acount with Nikon.
      I explain: when the shop did pay all or most of the money they owe,then they will get the order or a part of what they ordered,Pro shop in Paris sources!!!!

  • bikersbeard

    Ive just switched from canon to nikon, to be honest its not the specs that did it for me, the feel of the nikon, the easy way to change settings, not going through menus and thumbling with loads of buttons in the right order etc etc..
    After playing with a mates D700 i was sold ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jason

    retailers in Hong Kong where saying middle of march as well. I think this was the original projected date but we have since heard on this site that there would be a delay due to a chip comment right?

  • Luis Brito

    Hello Peter [NR] Admin
    Can you show us the link mentioned on the Sweden email for the video “Why” ? ? ?

  • David

    About the 5d3, I’m quite curious what “intelligent viewfinder” is

    Anyone think they’ve done something new by adding electronic overlays or customisable information etc?

    Or is it just marketing like “unsurpassed image quality”?

  • mimi

    I thought this was about the D4…geez enough already about the D800!

  • Rob

    Ritz Camera is expecting to have the Nikon D4 in stock today, March 1st. I just got that info today from a Ritz rep. Sounds like there is so much info flying around that we will just have to wait and see. I am a preorder at Ritz, so if this is true, which I seriously doubt, I could be getting notified of shipment any time now. I’ll definitely post again if I get an update!

    • jen

      This is a joke , right? Ritz..hahaha.

  • Bjo

    I found a very good article
    D4 vs D3s vs D700 ISO12800

    • broxibear

      Thanks for the link Bjo,
      As I’ve been saying for a while, as far as stills go the differences are small…and up to 3200 the D700/D3, D3s and D4 are almost identical.
      “You take the blue pill โ€“ the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill โ€“ you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” lol.

  • Digitutor D4
    Ethernet Connections

    At the 1:38 time frame, the video instructs the user to “Start the Wireless Transmitter Utility on the computer”

    Will the Wireless Transmitter Utility ship free with the D4?

    Is Nikon going to force users to purchase a wireless transmitter to use the wired Ethernet connection?

  • KG
    • CKbren

      Thanks for posting the link, looks fantastic.

  • wolf

    Any news about delivery date ? Only three days left until 15. March

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