Nikon D700 is now $500 cheaper

It is already March 1st on the East Cost and the price of the Nikon D700 is now $2,199.95 on Amazon as previously promised.

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  • Frank


  • Rob

    Thanks for the update!

  • Hmmmm. I wonder where the used prices will go. 🙂


    • Abe

      Hopefully around $1500. If so I am jumping ship from Canon.

      • D400 != FX

        And that’s what Nikon wants! That’s a hell of a strategy to sell some FX glass and get some converts!

      • Chi

        I don’t know how invested you are in Canon, but you realize that shortly after the Canon 5DIII/X is announced (tomorrow in fact) used prices of the mark II will drop to the $1500 level as well.

        Unless you think the D700 is so significantly better than the 5DII that you are willing to take a huge loss selling your lenses and gear; but that seems pretty ridiculous to me.

  • adam ebihara

    check craig’s list?

    a lot of d700’s are showing up on craig’s list in nyc!

  • realized

    oh man i need to start saving up!!! its now or never lol =( hopefully good used ones come down to 1700 =) !

    • Rob

      If you wait for a deal, you’ve been able to get like new ones for $1700 for 18 months now. Now you should be able to get them for $1500 if you’re picky.

  • Eddie

    Thank god. Now I can get a D700 at a reasonable price!

  • Jabilson007

    Now I need some rebates on lenses to go with the price reduction!

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    My friend JUST sold his D700 in time (yesterday).

  • btdown

    Amazon link price above just went back up to USD $2499.00
    Had that fucker in the cart, and while I was adding accessories, amazon removed it saying it was no longer available. When I came back here to click on the link to check it out again, the price magically went to $2499.

    • ABBY

      Me too! Except I was getting out my credit card. ACK!

      • Rob

        I wouldn’t be rushing to buy the day the price starts changing, unless you’re ok with them selling for $1999 new 3 days later, since that very well may happen (Unless you know something about the supply of D700s that I don’t). If 2 days of shooting is worth $200 (i.e. you’re a pro with a shoot lined up), then ya, buy right away.

        • Abby

          That’s me! Have a traveling gig starting next week and one d700 body. Was hoping the D4 would be here by now so I wouldn’t have to buy a second d700 to serve as a backup. Was also hoping the price drop would make this purchase easier to swallow.


          • Rob

            I would buy it from a dealer with a 14 or 30 day price guarantee. Then you can get the difference back once they lower the price in the next two weeks, or when one of their qualifying competitors lower their price. I’m not sure which Nikon dealers employ this pricing scheme but there probably are a few.

    • Rob

      The price didn’t “magically” go up. J&R sold out, and Amazon automatically updated the page to the lowest priced featured merchant. Just because you don’t understand how things work doesn’t make them magic.

      • btdown

        Well..I’m special and they should have reserved one for me…

        • Can you employ some of that magic to bring us all the D4 and D800 early?

      • Abby

        Not exactly. Still listed as in stock

      • DL

        Price: $2,519.93

        In Stock.
        Ships from and sold by

        how do you explain this?

        • Rob

          They are charging above MSRP, which is totally legal. Plus, the MSRP might not technically change until the end of the day.

    • Maroons

      oh WOW, i had mine in cart since 9pm PST and decided to pull the trigger at 9:51. The order went through!

  • Frank

    I just realized I bought my D700 brand new from Amazon back in 2009 for $2,250. lol

  • Nice one, guys. But in Italy we are paying still over 2.000 euro for a Nital D700 (Nikon Italy Warranty) and some 1900 euro for a “Europe warranty” one. Crazy country.

    • €€€

      same in Germany 🙁

  • Rico

    Price is only $2519 at 11PM PST. no price drop here. :/

  • Bob

    Why is it that when I click on the link the price is $2,519.93???

    • Frank

      T switched to another seller on Amazon who hasn’t lowered the price yet. J&R camera sold out already I believe.

      • Frank


        Also remember the D700 is in very limited supply now. Yes Nikon will continue producing D700’s but at a substantially lower number.

  • Melvin

    Good. This means the used market cannot price these at $2100-2300 anymore. Let the sub-$2000 prices begin. 🙂

    • Rob

      The used market hasn’t been at $2300 in over 3 years. I don’t know where you shop, but if you ever bought one used for more than 2k in the past 2 years, you were ripped off.

  • Big Dave

    Prices have shown no sign of dropping in the UK, in fact in several reasonable retailers both on and offline the D700 has increased in price 🙁

  • Ralph

    Oh good, at this rate of reduction by tomorrow afternoon Nikon might pay me to take one….

  • bythom

    d700 RIP, viva d800

  • abo

    Admin, any news if the price will go down in Europe?

  • $2,519.93 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

  • anon

    b&h and adorama are both still at 2699… apparently in stock at both places

  • Nikonsniper

    Off subject, But has anyone see the price increase of the EN-EL15 going up. Befor the D800 they were $45.00 at BH, Amzona. Now BH $59.99, Amazona $69.00

    • RedTheLobster

      I have the D800 on pre-order, but decided to buy a couple of EN-EL15 batteries now so I have extras when the camera is shipped. I saw that the D800 is rated for 900 shots or so with the EN-El15, so if you do a lot of shooting in a day, you’ll need a spare or two. I have a sense these batteries may be tough to come by when the D800(e) ships, so it might be good to grab them now!

  • This is great news! but i’m one of the ones on the fence debating 700 or 800. I do mostly landscape and some band photo shoots. My brother is dying to buy my D90 i’ve been using and that would offset some cost on a new camera. oh decisions like this suck. old vs new, pros vs cons, need vs want. i hate it. haha. but its exciting nonetheless.

    • Sulukan

      I have the same Problem. I do alot Landscape-Lightpaintings and like Actionphotography as well.
      The D800E should be great for Landscape but too slow for Action. So the D700 will be a Backupcamera and Actioncamera first. It would be nice to find a lowpriced D700 Kit with 24-70 2.8
      let’s hope … my Oppinion: D700 AND D800

      • I hear ya. I’ve really been waiting for a D400, but there is absolutely no info that is reliable, so I’m considering going with something that’s available and proven. I really wish they would announce anything on a 400 , that would make this decision a whole lot easier.

  • Price has risen sharply in Japan – see here

    • Rob

      I’m pretty sure they are illegal for Nikon to distribute in Japan because of the new battery laws. This would mean any D700 body for sale there is either used, imported (gray market), or has been sitting on the shelf for sale for quite awhile. They may actually be illegal to sell new altogether (not just for Nikon but also retailers), but I don’t think that is the case. Perhaps someone who is better informed on the new laws can clarify.

  • fiatlux

    Price is stable here in Belgium and D700 is flagged as discontinued or in scarce supply in local online shops…

    Moreover, one local shop is already offering a 200€ discount on the D800 preorders!

    It really looks like the D800 is rapidly going to replace the D700 over here, at least pricewise.

  • John

    The price has not officially been lowered by Nikon.

    Get a grip.

    • John

      A grip to get better FPS? 🙂

    • Rob

      Actually it has. Nikon sent out the new price list last Friday, which goes into affect today.

      Bear in mind stores can always charge above MSRP (remember the 35mm 1.8 going for around $300 after the tsunami?), but if they list the MSRP above $2200 tomorrow, they are incorrect, and probably purposely misinforming you to make a profit.

  • T.I.M

    D800/e AVAILABILITY, email from B&H:

    “This moment we do not know how many cameras we’ll receive from Nikon USA nor do
    we know the exact date we’ll receive each shipment from them. As this situation
    evolves we will update you with whatever information we’re able to share.”

    Guys…be ready for a long wait…..

    • ALS

      I received the same thing. Still hoping that they just trying to cover their … for any potential delay without saying that the wait will be TOO long.

    • ray

      I got the same email too from B&H
      man I hope I get the first batch
      I sold my D7000 2 weeks ago

  • Ray

    I just got the same email from b&h
    I sold my D7k few weeks ago
    I hope I get one from the first shipments

  • Tony Arnerich

    NR breathlesslessly jumped the gun. The body is listed at the old $2700 price at J&R, B&H, and Adorama. Amazon has it for $2520. Looks like people will have to wait a bit for the premature “mission accomplished” pronouncement to actually become real.

    • The camera was listed for $2100 for few hours. Not sure why they bumped the price again.

      • NikonD7KUsr

        Because rule of supply and demand says, if demand is high and supply is low, price will remain high. It doesn’t help if Nikon lowers MSRP, if the supply can’t catch up with demand, price will stay high because they know people will pay higher price for a rarer product…

      • here it is for $2199:

  • T.I.M

    Very detailed video about the D800/e features (made by Nikon UK on Youtube HD 13mn)


  • Copycat

    Our local camera store just dropped the D700 price to $2099.99

    • mainer

      local camera store where?

    • Not mine

      I just called my local store and they said they hadn’t heard of any price drop and that they wouldn’t drop the price unless Nikon forced them to. They said and I quote “We don’t view this as a direct replacement so we feel the pricing is appropriate” They are my only local store so I wanted to do business with them but not if they won’t come off $2700 for a D700. Best Buy has it listed now for 2199 so maybe they will price match. I’ll have to call them to find out.


    SADLY, THE ´LOW´ prices are not offered everywhere, v r some USD 400 – 500 above it … (… still) & no, no CHANGE on the horizon …

  • Yin

    $2100 is still way overpriced…

  • Joaquim Prado

    anyone has ever experienced printing 60x40cm photos with a D700? I have never see a print this big, if I saw I didn’t know that if was from a D700. Price is not bad at all but nikon should update a version with video mode.

  • Does this mean I am $400 poorer? Should I jump ship and get a 5DII when it comes out? What is the meaning of life?

  • Henry T.

    It’s price hasn’t changed at in Canada…maybe it’s price drop in the USA only?

  • Iris Chrome

    Nikon D700 12.1MP FX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)
    by Nikon
    4.9 out of 5 stars See all reviews (176 customer reviews) | Like (191)
    List Price: $2,699.95
    Price: $2,296.95
    In Stock.
    Ships from and sold by Beach Camera.
    Only 2 left in stock–order soon.

  • nuno santacana

    NRadmin, are we going to have a D3s price drop anytime soon? There is a much better reason to do so, as D4 is clearly the D3s replacement…

  • lolobond

    $2,199 @ B&H.

  • ffenthusiast

    haha, just buy second hand. All those d4/d800 upgraders selling their d700s cheap.
    Just bought one second hand in australia for $1350.

  • Andy

    Admin, The MSRP for D700 published on Nikon USA website has not changed. Does that mean the price reduction has not officially taken effect yet? Do you know if they are going to actually change the MSRP on their website? Thanks!

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