$500 price reduction for the Nikon D700 in the US next month

In March, the price of the Nikon D700 will drop to $2199.95 in the US. This is $500 reduction from the curent $2,699.95. The price in Europe was already reduced few days after the D800 announcement. The Nikon D700 will be available for sale at least for few more months, maybe even till the end of 2012 (considering that the D90 is still listed on Nikon USA website and available for sale).

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  • Most seem to think that the D700 price adjustment is to clear stock etc. Since the demand for the D700 is still high, lowering the price doesn’t really seem necessary – however, in theory future stock could be very high. They might still have many parts in stock and simply need to catch up assembling them. But even in the latter case you wonder why they wouldn’t keep selling them for the higher price as long as stock is low.
    Perhaps they are (despite the fraction of potential buyers complaining about the high MP) confident that once the D800 is out and reviewed, many more D700 faithful will upgrade anyway (once and if the reviews prove positive with regard to noise etc.). So although D700 demand is high now, it might drop like a rock once the D800 actually hits the market.

    Time will tell whether it’s to clear stock, to make room for a new model or to be more competitive with Canon body pricing or any combination of the three.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Nope. I think they’re making a logical price adjustment in order to have the D700 still make sense in their lineup next to the D800. Makes no sense to have those two cameras so close on price. At that price, I’d buy two. For all those complaining Nikon has no budget FF, they just made you put up or shut up. Unless of course you need video.

      I suspect this is also a positioning move for the future, as their affordable FF is likely not coming for awhile and the likable D700 provides a nice stop gap until that niche is filled.

      • PeterO

        “I suspect this is also a positioning move for the future,”

        I totally agree with your thinking Mock. There are two things at play that I can see. Nikon is finally able to straighten out the FX, DX, CX lineups and proceed forward because manufacturing is almost back to normal and management’s thinking seems to have changed (did I read here that they hired a French company to take them forward in their strategic direction?). To sort out the numbering, I can see the D700 succesor becoming the D400 (FX)next year and the D300s replaced by a D8000 this year.

        • Oh My

          “did I read here that they hired a French company to take them forward in their strategic direction?”

          Uh Oh.

  • PixPix

    Anway the D700 is not available in most stores….

    • NoFunBen

      d700 is in stock at B&H and amazon

    • David

      D700 is in stock at the local camera stores where I live…

  • Jimmy

    Just to be clear: there has been no price drop on the D700 in the UK: prices are still at £1799 which converts to about $2800 US. So you guys will be getting it soon at an extra $600 cheaper.

    • Yeah, I wondered about this info too. The massively useful camerapricebuster.co.uk declares that the cheapest D700 across a huge number of retailers is £1767 right now so I’m not sure where this idea of a price drop is coming from, unless the retailers are pocketing the difference (always likely). I paid £200 less than this two years ago and got a free grip too. I sold the grip last month but like many will hold onto my D700 for now, maybe even until it dies.

      I’m fortunate enough to have enough spare cash to buy the D800 without having to sell my D700 and I’m thinking that I could maintain it as a spare body now, it will be more useful for handheld portraits where the need to carry a steel platform of absolute stability the size of an oil rig required for the D800 would be a bit cumbersome 🙂

    • Mark D

      Same here in the Netherlands. We haven’t seen a $500 price drop after the D800 was introduced. Looking at the price chart it looks like there was a drop of about 100 to 150 euros but that is not anywhere near $500.

      I’d like the price to drop a couple hundred more. I’d probably buy one as a backup body.

    • Oliver

      Same here in Germany. Couldn’t detect any pricedrop for the D700.
      In the opposite, since availability is rare some dealers sell for a tangible mark up.
      Prices for the D300s, D7000 and D90 went up too. D3x keeps being at 6999 Eur and the D3s isn’t listed anymore, it seems.

  • Doug

    NR ADMIN, please do you have any info on the NIKKOR 50mm 1.2 AF???? im really tempted in buying the AIS………

  • Julian

    Yess ! The D700 price dropped to 2040 USD (1842 CHF) a few weeks ago in Switzerland.

    Price comparison based on B&H, Toppreise, E-Shop Photo :

    D800 : US – > ~$3000 / CH -> ~2530 CHF.- / France -> ~2500€ (3000 CHF.-/$3325)

    D4 : US – > ~$6000 / CH -> ~5600 CHF.- / France -> ~5500 € (6600 CHF.-/$7315)

    • XLRT

      Wow. 1842 CHF (= 1528 EUR) is a great price. Here in Germany the D700 still costs 1888 EUR as reported by idealo.de.

  • Tuomas

    In Finland the D700 is currently 1799€ but out of stock 😀

  • Clintphoto

    Jessops UK have the D800E ready to collect in store already!!!

    • I thin k you’ll find that’s an error. But I checked all of the available specialist stores just in case 🙂 I would even have been prepared to get on a plan to Belfast to get it!!!

      • Clintphoto

        Haha obviously!! Imagine if there was one in stock!! :O

  • USA Mainland only – that’s soooooooooooooooooo disappointing!

  • Torsten

    In Germany we got a lowest price around 1799€ (2420 $ incl. tax / 1525 pounds incl. tax).
    I am still using a D90… dont know for how long it will remain. 😉

  • jorg

    NR is so much fun! i love it!

    introducing the classics: D700 & D3 – the last classic no-video-FF-bodies.
    get them while you can!

    • RR

      Dont forget the “no video” D3x, get it at only 7 grand! Get it while you can (if you can) 🙂

  • MB

    Love the pic of the D700 with 85/1.4G. What an awesome combination!

  • Owners of the D3x are royally screwed. OTOH, if owned by a pro and the camera paid for itself in the first couple of months, it doesn’t matter so much.

  • MJr

    “The price in Europe was already reduced…”

    Well we have yet to see the result of that. Prices are only starting to go back to normal at best, which is not yet really a notable ‘price reduction’.


    • Schnipp

      There is also no price reduction in Geramy.
      Price for D700 Body only for the last year and about the same price in the last 4 month.


      • Schnipp

        I meant “Germany”, not “Geramy.

  • Nick

    Very happy to hear about this. Maybe now the guys on EBay will stop trying to sell there 4 year old, 50,000 shutter count D700’s for $2,200. Really thought the used price on these bodies would go down after the D800 release. Seems it’s just as high as ever. For the difference in price, a new D700 or D800 makes more sense.

    • PhilK

      You took the words right out of my keyboard.

      It’s been really disappointing hoping to find a good deal on a D700 – even before the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan used D700 prices were pretty high – afterwards they were ridiculous.

      I remember when you could easily get the D700 for around $2200 brand new, and it really bugs me too to see people selling D700’s “nearly new” (ha ha) with tens of thousands of actuations selling for more than what they used to sell for new – and with zero warranty of course.

      Now we have to wait for everyone to figure out when the market price drops.

      [taps foot impatiently]

  • MO

    Once Nikon sell lot of D4 cameras ,will bring NIKON D900 in 2013 to replace D700. same sensor as D4 for $2999.95 delivery July 2013 , last time they introduce D700 too close to D3 (6 months apart) and kileed their market on D3 camera. They will play their game much smarter this time. D800 IS baby D3X with built-in D400

  • Russell McMahon

    It’s obviously a move to make room for the pending 16 MP 200,000 ISO D700S.

  • chris

    finally i can get a d700!

  • Denis

    D700 price in Calgary, Canada is $2450 for ages, another $500 off would be great!

  • rttew

    prince reduction??? hell, it hasn’t even been available to purchase online for six months…

  • When I worked for the largest camera store in the USA, Nikon had great deals if you went directly through them.

    During the Fall of 2008, Nikon offered the D700 to sales associates through their manufacturer discount program.

    The price was $2250 over 3 years ago!

  • OMG

    Does this discount applies to Canadian retailers?

  • FX

    Any idea if this hits tomorrow?

  • Rob

    So what!

    In Australia it has been available at that price for some time. That is including tax.


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