Top 10 NikonRumors posts for February 2012

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for February 2012:

  1. Nikon D800 vs. Nikon D700 high ISO comparison
  2. Nikon D800 official pictures leaked
  3. Nikon NPS roadshow gear stolen worth £100k, including D4, D800
  4. Nikon D800 press release
  5. Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012
  6. More Nikon D800/D800E specs
  7. Poll: Nikon D800 with 36MP or with 16MP sensor?
  8. Nikon D800 vs. D700 specs comparison
  9. Nikon D800 vs. D4 specs comparison
  10. Why remove the anti-aliasing (AA) filter in the Nikon D800E?
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  • Its been an exciting month.

    • Zoron

      It really is!!

    • Torry

      I have a sauce that says MX Nikon M1 is coming in mid 2013.

  • Martin

    I think that instead of a D7000 replacement this year, we should see a D700 replacement. I’m sure Nikon will want to come up with a model to compete with Canon’s 5D Mark III! Also they’ve said themselves that D800 is not necessarily D700 competition.

    • John Richardson

      Look at the just published specs of the M3….I will take the D800.

    • French Flies

      Just like Jobs saying “One more thing” at the end of his presentation…Nikon still has something up their sleeve against Canon 5D3….the true missing descendant of D700 !!……as has been officially announced D800 is a new category in their line up……more like a descendant of D3x…..we should hear about the missing link within a year or so….a historical repeat of D700-like announcement after +/-1 year release of D4…..which I beginning to suspect in the form of FX D400….since the DX D400 has been substituted by D7000…..

  • broxibear

    Here’s the 5D Mark III for those interested, my French is a bit rusty…

    • Stefan

      The slightly higher native ISO spec of the MarkIII (up to ISO 25k) is the only interesting bit – I think all other specs the Nikon D800 seems to be better or at least equal.

      Got to see some in-depth technical & real life reviews to be sure … but so far i am happy with my decision to pre-order the D800 instead of an MarkIII.

      • WoutK89

        native ISO, or ‘native’ ISO. I think this higher number of Canon is just a marketing trick. Nikon always said that the native ISO on their cameras is what Nikon sees as usable, not just to boost marketing figures. So if they say 100-6400 in the D800, you can be pretty confident that the output is at least very usable.

      • broxibear

        Hi Stefan,
        You said “happy with my decision to pre-order the D800 instead of an MarkIII”
        Can I ask you a question, were you already invested in Canon or Nikon, in lenses etc, or are you coming to dslrs fresh ?
        I’m only asking because I’m curious if people are actually switching brands because of the introduction of the D800 and Mark III ?

        • Stefan

          Currently shooting a D90, but the only pro-lens i own is a 70-200mm VRII, wouldn’t have been a problem selling that one without making much of a loss (heck, maybe even making a win on that one) – so i was completely OK to change brands should it turn out that the MarkIII would be the superior package for me. I like Nikon, but whatever brand would turn out to have the better camera would get my money.

          I mostly shoot at night (events) – so moderate high ISO (i want a clean usable 6400) is what i am after and why i want to upgrade to FX. My shortlist was down to either a D800 or a 5Dm3.

          Seeing sample pictures from Arnaud with the D800 mostly alleviated any concerns that the D800 would not perform well in high ISO. I actually was even able to take one of his ISO 25k shots and de-noise/downsample it and still have a good clean and sharp looking computerscreen size picture (similar to what i get out of my D90 at ISO 1600). Almost sad that Nikon didn’t add a Hi3+Hi4 option – not planing on going over 6400 often, but it’s nice to know that it can if the situation requires it … only need to spend a bit more time in post-processing.

          Seeing the canon sample shot on (it’s ISO 6,400) then got rid of any last lingering doubts about which is the better cam for that moderate high ISO shooting that i am after. (the 5D shot looks kind of disappointing to me)

          Probably need to wait till April for DxO to come out with hard numbers, but to me it looks like the D800 will be the better camera … especially when you also consider that it does better metering (important at night in high contrast scenes with lights and darkness) and has an autofocus that works to -2ev (which the new 5D seems to be lacking, only the 1DX has it). 2 features that (on paper) look very handy for night shooting.

          It’s all still just speculation till both cameras get well tested and reviewed … and i might be proven wrong .. but i didn’t wanted to wait any longer. Couldn’t resist to place my order.

  • linghu

    we need to pass a strong message to Nikon, we need D700 upgrade , look at the Canon 5DM3. i very disappoint and feel sad of the D800

    • ActionJunky

      You have many strong messages from Nikon:

      “We offer a super high-speed, low-light camera”
      “We offer a super high-resolution camera with video capabilities”
      “We offer a well-repected 12 MPx camera, weather-sealded, and reduced $500 in price”

      What exactly are you seeking?

  • If somebody cares, Canon announced their Canon EOS 5D Mark III and it’s $500 more expensive than the D800:

    • broxibear

      Hey Peter,
      What’s interesting is that now Canon and Nikon have announced their top of the range, next generation cameras, the D4 is the only camera that uses the XQD card.
      This doesn’t bode well for SanDisk or Lexar making XQD cards anytime soon… making cards for such a niche product like the D4 won’t make financial sense until other camera makers come on board, if they come on board.
      I don’t see Mark II users looking at the D800 and Mark III and deciding to switch brands, if you’re not already invested in a particular brand you’ve got two great cameras to choose from though.

      • Yes, for now only Nikon uses XQD cards. For some reason I think Leica (and Sony of course) will be next camera manufacturer to use XQD cards. Canon obviously is not going to do it any time soon.

        • broxibear

          Yeah, I’s expect Sony to come out with a XQD card camera since they make the xards, but I’ve not heard anything about Leica. Although it would make the Leica’s that much more exclusive by having it use expensive and rare memory cards…I’m surprised they haven’t gone the whole way and made their own type of card altogether.
          Which Leica were you thinking, the new small mirrorless or the M10 ?

          • I was thinking about the M10. Leica likes to have exclusive stuff/technology.

    • Trevor

      From the first glance at dpreview it looks like Nikon wins this round. What always stood out on the Canon was the video, but I would imagine the uncompressed HDMI out is a big deal to video users. The FPS and higher ISO looks good for Canon, but honestly a hi-2 of 100k ISO isn’t really usable and 1-2 fps isn’t the end all. Alternatively, Nikon offers no AA filter, bigger resolution (if you’re into that kind of thing), and a lower price.

      Of course, both of these cameras are so out of my league that it doesn’t really matter what I think, but that’s what makes the internet great. 😉

      On that note, I’ll throw out a wild possibility based on other comments so far – how about the D7100 gets a pro body and slightly bigger buffer etc to effectively replace the D300s and is sold alongside the D7000 not replacing it, and the D400 gets the D7000 non-pro body but an FX 12mp sensor (D3s) as the D700 replacement. So, pro DX lives, D7000 lives, and a D700 replacement lives. Work for everyone?

      • WoutK89

        but who would buy a D7000 if you know by name the D7100 is newer. At least with the D90 the names were different enough. But a D300s like camera has to be in a different number scheme than D7xxx

        • Trevor

          Good point. D9000 😉

  • linghu

    LOL Admin, i think we dont car eof the $500 differents if that compare to D4. but if that extra $500 the D800 can do 6fps , better ISO and at 22mp maybe less 16mp. i am happy to pay that $$$. i think i have to wait for the D700 upgrade 😀

    • WoutK89

      Go buy your Canon if you like having better numbers. Lets first wait and see the quality of pictures both take.

  • R!

    The big isue ,as always,is the iso /noise performance and that’s why the D800 with same iso /noise perf is spectacular .If true,it will be great,but I doubt It,the same goes with the 5DIII that is probably a great camera also,but more expensive.That is why pro body flagships still have under 20 mpx to keep an high iso/noise/speed fps ratio;the real improovement in technology is not complete(to me)people that can’t afford the new models don’t have to be frustrated because a D90 ,a D300s,a D3s or a 60D, a 600d or a 5DII will still do the job the next 3 years (I dont ad D700 cause no film in it ut the same for pictures only).
    So improove your skills and technics,go shoot and take marvelous images !!!!

    • Roger D

      They can keep the D4, I will take a second D3s.

  • OS


    I think there will be a D700 successor = FX-D400 (= D300s successor), this year. Why?

    1) There is no need for a DX camera above the D7000. The D7000 (except missing the pro-body) is perfect – and a “pro body only” enhancement is not enough.
    2) The D800 has excellent specs, but is very demanding in terms of storage and photography skills. The high resolution will show every single error.
    3) Nikon has to offer a attractive alternative in the range of 1.000 – 3.000 Euros.

    The most wanted little D4 would be a perfect match.

    Maybe it will be announced this year after the summer sport events (photokina ?).

    • WoutK89

      the camera you speak of will NEVER be the successor of the D300s, for the simple fact that it will the successor to the D700. If what you say is true the successor for the D300s is the D7100 that will be announced at Photokina.

    • David

      This misconception drives me crazy

      High resolution will show errors only when viewing at 100%

      Those errors in your technique were always there. But your low resolution 12mp camera masked them. If you exported a d800 file at the same size you export your d700 files, it will be identical. But you have the potential for far more detail with the d800 if your technique is up to scratch.

      I just don’t see how “showing errors” is a negative at all…

      • OS

        Hi David,

        I don’t see a difference between your and mine statement. The high resolution brings errors to light, which you don’t see using less MP. Therefore, the camera is more demanding.

        This fact is not negative itself, but this camera might not fit eveybody.

        Even a good skilled photographer might not want to add a downscalling step all the time to achive the same ISO performance as the D700.

  • broxibear

    Nikon Bangkok Allegedly Stole Images from Canon Photographer for D800 Launch…
    “Norwegian landscape photographer Terje Sørgjerd achieved some fame the year before when his beautifully shot video The Mountain went viral. He received a rude surprise yesterday when he saw parts of his video being used, without his knowledge, in a promotional video from a Nikon D800 launch event in Bangkok. To add salt to injury, Canon is one of Sørgjerd’s sponsors and The Mountain was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.”

  • ActionJunky

    At first glance, it appears that Nikon may have trumped Canon in the video realm since they offer uncompressed HDMI output. The Canon is 1FPS faster, but buy the Nikon MB-D12 grip and you get the same frame rate for the same price and nearly identical image size.

    I am interested in the high ISO capability of the 5D Mark III, but only a comparison will tell if Canon and Nikon measure ISO differently. I also wonder if diminishing return in ISO limits the effective range. In others words, if ISO 6400 works in very dark situations, would you ever really use 16800 or 25600? According to Wikipedia, the highest ISO film produced was the Konica 3200 (I am not a film specialist, just using this for comparison).

    Have we now reached a point where ISO speed will not make a noticeable difference in most applications? If I was a laboratory researcher and I needed 105,600 ISO to capture a fleeting particle, I could understand, but how many people do that?

    I’m doubling down on Nikon.

    • davey jones

      Uncompressed HDMI out is of little use if the downscaling to video resolution isn’t up to snuff. It remains to be seen which camera will do the better job in this, but so far the Nikon samples I’ve seen look a bit iffy. Good downscaling + high bit rate ALL-I codec will probably beat mediocre downscaling + external HDMI recorder.

  • abo

    What I am finding amaznig regarding the new Canon is that most of canon shooters wanted a camera like D800, with plenty of MP… pretty much in all foruns cannon shooters are complaing….
    then, tne nikon shooters are complaing it is too much MP…

    amazing!!! just amazing!!!

    • T.I.M

      Same as my wife,
      she buy more and more clothes, but when it’s time to fold them (I do the laundry) and put them away, then she complain that there is too many clothes !

  • T.I.M
  • Dweeb

    Top story for March: D800/E vs 5DIII comparison. $500 bucks extra and no flash.

    • T.I.M

      Really, how much cost the Canon 5D III ?

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