Nikon D4 shipping to NPS members in the US

NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the Nikon D4 received a shipping confirmation today. I still have no evidence that the D4 is shipping to "regular orders".

Dear ***,

I wanted you let you know that your D4 camera is preparing to ship to the dealer you specified on your priority request.

You will receive 1 camera on this order. If this completes your D4 order, your name will be removed from the list. If you still have additional D4's on order you will be notified as each one ships, until the complete order is shipped.

We are sending a copy of this notice to *** so that they can be on the lookout for the camera. It will arrive with your name on the packing slip.

Please contact your dealer to discuss with them when you plan to pick up the camera.


General Manager NPS

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  • UncleDusty

    Dear ***,
    Can I borrow your D4?


    • Ross Geller

      hell no

  • Drh

    One of my local camera shops received notification of a d4 delivery to them today. Haven’t checked back to see if it did indeed come in or not though.

  • Art

    It has begun!!!

    It won’t be long before this same notice is posted for the D800/E ….

    • Chad

      Wish you D800 people would quit clogging up the D4 news comments section!!

      • mark

        +1 Chad, its this internal bickering that keeps us from being better then our canon counterparts…

      • enesunkie

        I wish this D4 news comments section was the D400 news comments section πŸ™‚

      • fred

        Wish they would replace the F6 already!

        • They could call it the “Shift-F7” because people would keep trying to switch the screen on.

  • shivaswrath

    wondering if that’s why the Amazon orders are staggered for the 20th…..hmmmm..

    • Rob

      I don’t believe Amazon’s predicted ship dates. I’m not NPS, I didn’t order mine until a couple days ago, and I still have March 22nd as my estimated delivery date with 2 day shipping. There are probably over a thousand people who ordered before me, and Nikon hasn’t assembled more than 10,000 D4 bodies by now. Even if Amazon got 5% of the worldwide bodies (which would be a ton for one vendor), I wouldn’t get mine for at least another couple months. Probably 4 or more.

      • Dan

        All hype! Everyone will be getting their cameras on the promised dates. Don’t worry…be happy!

      • Dr Groovy

        Okay Chad, calm down. Everything will be alright. There, there…

        • Chad

          Sorry Dr. Lol, The anticipation is killing me!

      • Rob

        Not to the US – globally. Nikon released their production rate. It’s 1st grade level math, so I can understand how it might be above your head.

    • Unlikely – I don’ t think that Amazon would honor the NPS Priority Purchase program; they aren’t a Nikon Professional Dealer


      Also note: Nikon Professional Dealers will honor the NPS Priority purchases far more often than Nikon Imaging Dealers (see that list for who is what).

      Before ordering my body, I checked with a couple of NIDs who I shop with often – One example: Beach Camera/, who I’ve been very happy with over the years and have spent a good amount of money with them (2 pro bodies, 2 flagship zooms, and a lot of prosumer equip for a company I work with); but because they are a NID and not a NPD, they aren’t honoring the NPS PP program (they were my first call). Which is unfortunate for them, as a much smaller dealer near where I grew up (who is a NPD) was more than happy to honor the NPS PP, so I’m buying from them – and likely will in the future.

      Sorry, got off topic there – but I don’t think that will honor the NPS PPP… πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    D4 is Commmmiiinnnnggggg!!!

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      I AM COMING!

      Remember that?! πŸ˜‰

      • Art

        Yea but what about after the camera arrives????

        • JLK

          “Well it is about time!”

          *rolls over*

          *lights cigarette*

  • Unyil

    My preciousss….

  • D700guy

    I guess a real question would be, how man NPS members are there, and how many have ordered D4’s. Then, the next question would be, how many D4’s might be available after those individuals are all satisfied? I’m also curious whether an NPS member can suddenly decide to order one and bump a regular customer who’s been waiting months and months?
    I’m getting the impression that it could be years before I’ll see mine.

    • Adam Ebihara

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. I will sip some champagne if I
      receive my D4 before summer. Seriously.

      In our favor, perhaps, is the very high price tag. It is beyond the reach of
      probably many pros who can’t justify it. I hear that all the time.

      • D700guy

        You could be right. I’ve endure so much disappointment though, that the D4 I’ve been waiting for is as far away as its ever been. Until I see one, I wont believe it. I do believe though, that many real pros are watching every penny, and those of us who are merely recreational photographers and have an income that can afford us the ability to buy one may have a chance, but then again, I’m a pessimist.

    • linghu

      i was wondering how much those NPS pay for the D4 hahahha. maybe half price

      • Nope…same price as everyone else. $5999

    • Kevin

      I spoke with Roberts distributors and they told me that is the case. Priority goes yo NPS members regardless of the date of order. Nikon ships out cameras with the members name on the box.

      • That’s correct, but it also depends when you put in your NPS PP order.

        If you put it in, say 3weeks ago, its unlikely your NPS order will be in the first shipment. The assign a specific camera to you. So depending on when you placed your claim with NPS, you may still be in line…

  • Ray

    Looks like NPS people are only receiving 1 d4 at a time. Does this mean Nikon will then try to fill orders to non NPS people before shipping additional d4 to same NPS members? I ordered from B&H within 5 minutes of showing online Monday morning, Jan. 9th. I keep checking my account online to see if my order is showing processing. I have noticed something odd, my back order on the XQD card and card reader now shows processing, instead of back ordered. I will watch tomorrow to see if it has shipped and will notify all. I thought the XQD card wouldn’t be available until end of month…

  • Darin

    inb4 D400.

    Also, I contacted B&H today due to an email stating that my card was declined. I just had to reauthorize because I moved and changed addresses. The rep told me he’d love to inform me that my camera is being shipped today, but they don’t have the shipment yet, so I just gotta hang in there another moment.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    I was number 3 at my dealer until an NPS member bumped up to No. 1, making me No. 4. I’ll call them in the AM to see what the story is on their first shipment. I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally hope they’re getting four or more.

    • ShooterMcGavin

      Talked to my dealer this afternoon. He has 6 paid for pre orders. One is NPS, and that one showed up today. He’s got one coming tomorrow for another pre order. That leaves one in front of me, as I’m number 4. He said his Nikon rep is being really tight lipped on allocations and timeframes.

  • NeXT

    D4X 48mp max native iso 800 coming in a year…for fashion photographers….droolll

    • NoFunBen

      i would guess more then 48, if sony sensors being used in the nex7 were being made fx you would get 55MP

      • NeXT

        Cool…..the more mp the merrier πŸ™‚

      • danpe

        If so I hope they’ve fixed the border/corner issue with that sensor. It does do ISO better than 800 though.

        • David

          I don’t think it’s the sensor itself. I think it’s that it’s a high density sensor in a tiny thin camera body. The registration distance from the back of the lens to the sensor is much smaller than in a full size dSLR.

    • JLK

      One pixel, 25.6B ISO.

  • Benjamin

    try again good luck

  • tway

    My order for the D800 shows shipping soon from Amazon. Anyone see this? The status just changed. I ordered this right when Amazon opened up their pre-orders again.

    • d70

      Interested. my d800 estimate just got bumped up 3 days early to 20th. Even my D4 order is now estimating for 21st and I ordered that thing 5 minutes after it opened up on Amazon. Hopefully living near the fulfillment center in Kansas helps… no?

    • pegdrgr

      I placed my order on Feb 6th with in minutes of it being listed and I still show a status of not yet shipped.

  • Got my email. Said the exact same thing. Just a couple days short for the NCAA basketball playoffs in Portland. Oh well, there’s always the next photo shoot.

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    I gotz get get me NPS membership. Thing is you need to own 2 “pro” bodies to be one (as well as other criteria I already conform to). I only have one (D3s).

    Maybe the D800 will put be over and I can become one. THEN I can get the D4s or whatever first. πŸ˜›

    • I

      If you want to be NPS just for getting first new cameras then you are total moron and just pretending being a photographer and I am sure you really do not need D3s and for sure D4 nor D800. D40x is all you need :))))))

      • Rob s.

        D40 wouldn’t cut it then?

  • mark

    Do NPS cameras count towards a stores allotment?

  • Lou

    Wow… us “regular” professionals might have to wait another month seems like. Nikon is dolling out one camera at a time and NPS members get priority… never mind that I’m a professional photographer who would otherwise qualify for NPS. I pre-ordered two D4s, but I obviously my $12,000 doesn’t have the priority of NPS member money. Seems a bit unfair….we’re all pros.

    • Adrifter

      Yeah, no kidding Lou. I’m also a pro who doesn’t belong to NPS. I’d at least like some indication of when I might get my D4. It’s annoying how silent Nikon is on the public release date. I guess the moral of the story is to just join NPS…

      • fred

        Why don’t you geniuses join NPS?

      • Toecutter

        Penny finally drops

      • Rudi

        The official date to send out D4 is today, 15th as Nikon told me. My dealer called me back yesterday that they might have them on Friday and that he will call me then. If I’m lucky, I might have one by Saturday, but you never knows….

    • Sports

      Oh, you missed it!
      You should have added “I’m going to Canon” πŸ™‚

  • Can’t wait, hope #2 ships soon!

  • Ted

    I know that one pro wedding photographer in Brisbane (Australia) has received his D4 today.

  • Tomislav

    Germany and Austria: First Photographer got their D4 yesterday

  • PR

    Simply being NPS isn’t even enough for the D4. The first allocation are being given to named (i.e. celebrity) NPS members, at least that’s what several people in the UK have reported. So once they have been given stock, us regular NPS members get ours. But given the very low UK stock allocation that’s being talked about, that could be a while!

    • Mike

      Everyone is equal. Just some more so than others. πŸ™‚

    • Redotter

      I’d develop a better class of rumour mongers to listen to. My camera arrived at my pro dealer this morning (Thursday) and whilst I am an NPS member, I’m certainly not a celebrity. Just a run of the mill snapper scratching a living.

      And if anyone still has doubts, the box included the XQD bonuses, so UK early birds can sleep peacefully tonight.

  • european

    Hope everyone gets his/her body soon. But remember, customer pays. If NPS and non NPS customers are paying equal price for their body and are treated different ways, Nikon really sucks. And remember, many other professionals than professional photographers need and use cameras. If pro photographers are favored over other professionals, that allso sucks, even more. If any of you can find evidence of such discrimination, please be loud, and remind that you have paid or is going to pay as much as NPS members for the D4. But I trust on my local importer and hope that I am treated without any discrimination… πŸ˜‰

    ps. local Nikon representative here in Europe told that they’ll ship a Sony XQD memorycard and reader with every D4body preordered, due the lack of those in local stores.

    • Bryan V

      that would be crazy for Nikon I have over 60k in Nikon gear… NPS pros should get stuff first… nothing is preventing you from buying enough stuff and going professional and joining NPS.

      • Lou

        Joining NPS is a choice, but money is green, no matter who uses it. I can see certain perks being given to NPS members, but I know a lot of pro photographers who don’t belong to NPS. NPS should give perks, i’m not questioning that. But when camera bodies like the D4 are produced in such low numbers, I think the distribution process should more fair.

        If I pre-order a camera on January 6, and wait for two months, why should an NPS member who ordered on February 6 bump me?? NPS members had the same opportunity to order early like I did. I need the camera just as much as they do. I’ll say this….. I will be joining NPS. Then, Nikon can think I’m an “elite pro”, when in fact, I’m the same ole pro I’ve always been, just with an NPS Member title.

    • Casper

      NPS is a great idea to help the full time working Professionals. Its a free membership, list your pro equipment, tear sheets and have another NPS member that knows you and validate you full time pro status.
      NPS does not spam your email or send you meaningless junk. When you need service members will have priority again. The only thing wrong is complaining you are NOT a NPS member trying make NPS seem like a bad deal.

  • Gabor

    We also got first Nikon D4 in Hungary.

  • Wolf


    I recievied a call from my NPS-Dealer right now … the D4 has arrived ! I’m on the way !

  • Cnolan

    Mine at Amazon still says shipping estimate arrival Match 21st, so I assume that means August or September

  • g

    I’ve been for so so long on a new DSLR.

    looking for a new affordable full frame that isn’t the D700.

    what are the chances of one being released during June-August?

    • BartyL

      Approximately zero. If you have the money, buy a D700.

  • Ozzie33

    My dealer here in Australia said they were expecting a small shipment (of D4’s) in early next week and that my preorder would be filled from that shipment, as I was one of the first to preorder.

    I’m not a NPS member

  • Martin

    Could any of you guys dealing with the NPS dealers, ask if the D800 came with the D4 shipment ? I am curious to know if they are just holding them until the 20th+ march.

  • ActionJunky

    Why is everyone ordering from Amazon? I remember a few weeks ago when many people wanted to support the local camera shop with their dollars. It’s funny how things change. πŸ™‚

  • I just picked up my D4 in Zwolle Holland incl a QXD card and reader. First in Holland :o)

  • Someone at Nikon Gear reported getting his in Europe with an XQD card and reader thrown in.

  • Ian

    I was at the Melbourne F1 today and spotted a photographer using a Nikon D4,lucky guy.

  • Kalibre

    As per a comment further up, the UK is receiving tiny allocations.

    I pre-ordered mine via WarehouseExpress (WEX) and I was confirmed as the first in the queue as Joe Public. However, they’ve just received the first batch and I’ve not been allocated one due presumably to NPS orders. Reading between the lines I think the got less than 5 bodies, which considering they are one of the biggest UK stockists is very poor……… πŸ™

    • Martin

      That is not a whole lot πŸ™ I hope you get one though before April.

      Anyone else who has heard anything from dealers about incomming stock on D800 ?

    • Davie Boy

      I also pre-ordered with WEX right back at the start of Jan and got the same story of only 5 released last week . Thought I would use them as you say large UK stockist but keep getting fobbed off each day I contact them , frustrating to say the least …

  • Mine is due in next week here in Toronto, according to my dealer. I’m not an NPS member but am shooting professionally. Ordered early. I also understand it will include the card and reader.

  • Bryan V

    I am a NPS member… I have 2 D4’s on order… called my dealer yesterday… they are getting 4 D4’s I was told none are for me… so sad. so very very sad.

  • Mike

    Got a call from the shop I ordered from in Boston. He said that my D4 has arrived and he can send it out to me today! Hopefully I will have it in two days!

  • George Payne Jr.

    I have my D4 in hand! Receive notification last night that Nikon was in the process of shipping it, and my local dealer called me first thing this morning stating in was in. I’m as happy as a pig in s@#t!

  • mark

    Non NPS D4’s now being distributed in US

    Got a call from my local dealer saying mine is ready to go!

    • Lou

      What state are you loctaed Mark? and what dealer?

  • Alex

    Anyone out there get an orders filled by Adorama? Someone said they received the D4, but I just called and customer service said they show them as “not in stock”

  • Why do I feel like BH is getting clowned by Amazon on the D4 shipping. I ordered on 1/9 and, to date, BH has still not said a single word regarding my shipment. No queue info, no shipping date info, no quantity info.

    • Seriously B&H…please for the love of Gooooooooooodness -send me my camera-or at least updated info on where it is … =(

  • Casper

    Just got my Email…

    D4ΒΉs are arriving in stores and we want to keep you informed so you know when to expect your new camera.

    NPS allocations are processed based on the web-form date and time received.

    This email will confirm that you are on the list for 1 camera/s which will be shipping on the very next allocation. If this completes your order, your name will be removed from the list. If you still have additional cameras on your order, they will be allocated as they become available.

    We donΒΉt have an exact ship date yet but we will email you when your next order is ready to leave our warehouse.

    Thank you for your interest in our products.

  • abby

    You can pick one up for around $7k on ebay:

    I’m buried about 2 days in on the B&H pre-order list.

    Sigh :/

  • Lou

    Has anyone received their order from ADORAMA? NPS or not..

    • Action

      I have an order in with Adorama and just saw that my credit card has a pending charge on it, so I believe that that they just got them today. My order status hasn’t changed yet, but I’m guessing that Adorama will start shipping the NPS orders today (I’m hoping at least).

    • I am an NPS member and got my priority purchase through Adorama. It’s scheduled to be delivered to me on Monday.

      • I want my D4

        @Marc, did you receive your NPS priority from Adorama? I am still waiting for my order on a NPS priority from Adorama but they won’t tell me anything. I pre-ordered as soon as the Adorama site went live.

  • Mark Green

    I am an NPS member located in Houston, TX USA and I picked up my first D4 today. The best surprise was the inclusion of the 16MB XQD card and reader included. Not much (about 175 worth of goodies), but a nice surprise anyway. Also, the charger included is a double, which is also nice.

    As I understand it, our dealer got four bodies. No batteries or accessories.

    The camera feels great, and looks pretty cool. My assistant called it Batman like. It’s neat shooting 100 shot raw burst in about 10 secs with no buffering.

  • aaron

    picked up my nps pre order d4 this am 10 am at mikes camera in boulder colorado.
    i posted video on my youtube channel.
    hamradiofreq is my youtube name

    • aaron

      oh, my guy at mikes told me they only got 5 in today

  • My NPS Priority purchase D4 is scheduled to arrive Monday. Can’t wait.

  • Casper

    got my Nikon NPS letter…..
    Will I be able to open RAW in my normal way? Bridge> comm R> open> save as jpg or PSD?
    I wanted to let you know that your D4 camera is preparing to ship to the dealer you specified on your priority request.
    We are sending a copy of this notice to Xxxxx so that they can be on the lookout for the camera. It will arrive with your name on the packing slip.
    Please contact your dealer to discuss with them when you plan to pick up the camera.


  • MashingTheGas

    Just got my call today. Picking up my new D4 in OK tomorrow morning. They only got two…… I’m going to have to double down on my Ambien tonight.

  • Rob Esh

    I received my D4 today from B&H …

    • Congratulations!! Lucky Dog-I’m still waiting for my Baby =( Everyday about 23k times a day, I check my email to hear from B&H =/

      • Rob Esh

        You should get it soon. I phone ordered it a few weeks into the announcement. Tomorrow is the day I put her to test for the very first time.

  • I’m glad *you* are getting some response from NPS.

    NPS doesn’t answer phone calls or return phone calls, or reply to emails.

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