Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility update 3.10 with Nikon D4 support

Today Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility update 3.10 that includes Nikon D4 support. Get it here or just use the "Software Update" option on your Mac.

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  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    What no D800 support?!

    • Zorro

      And just how does that inhibit you right now?

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        It might in 10 days or so.

        • Eye4Ni

          Nope, it won’t.

          • Ironic Hipster

            Cool good to know. U a apple genius?

            • eye4Ni

              Nope. Yes. No. Maybe. No. I’d like to use a lifeline, please.

              No. Final answer.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Just sayin’ if Adobe can do it (with LR4) why can’t Apple? Too busy making iPhones?

        • Eye4Ni

          Really, in had no idea that software team that maintains the Mac OS was busy manufacturing iPhones! Oh wait, they aren’t and you are clueless. Come on, admit it; you’re really a Windows flunky aren’t you? Bill? Is that you? No, wait…Steve Balmer you silly, troll! I bet Windows supports the D800 nef’s natively…wait…it doesn’t? Goddammit! I bet Microsoft is too busy making Windows 8. Wait…they are? Never mind then. Carry on…

          • John

            “Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!”


          • Banksie

            Does Microsoft still exist? Are they still making Zunes?

          • Rudi

            You mean too busy copying even more from OSX for Windows8!!

            Envy makes stupid so they have to copy…

          • Monkey Nigh Mo

            Rage on, you beautiful cupcake.

          • Troll win

            Bro, why u rage? You just look stupid.

            • Eye4Ni

              Steve Jobs asked me to, and I must obey. Yeah, Stevie – I call him stevie – is a ghost that lives in my iPad. He survives on replies to angry posts. He says thanks for the tender morsel!

          • Ray

            You’re right, everyone knows that the people making iPhones aren’t going to be doing OS updates any time soon. After all, 8 year old chinese kids can’t write code.

            • Banksie

              “Foxconn is primarily an original design manufacturer and its clients include American, European and Japanese companies. Notable products which the company manufactures include the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. It is the largest exporter in Greater China and the largest private-sector employer in China.”

    • Eye4Ni

      Because, Apple was looking for a way to piss you off. Seriously, I doubt you actually have a D800 coming, much less a Mac. Besides, the d4 is in the hands of the public now. The D800 isn’t. You can’t even make use of digital camera raw support for the D800 yet, so it’s retarded for you to even bitch about it.

      • Marcus

        I think the point here wasn’t to crack down on apple, but rather that the omission of the D800 in this release could be seen as a sign that the camera is still far away from shipping. The official shipping date is still March 22 here in Sweden. Why the discrepancy?

        • jodjac

          I wish the Postal Service would update my mail box with a D800! I think I’m going to ‘Occupy’ my driveway on the 22nd. Nothing worse than missing the doorbell when an important package is coming.

      • Rudi

        I have LR4 on Mac and if I remember correctly D800 is already supported (I have D4 on order not D800 so I might be wrong). But I guess as soon as D800 is on the way you guys will have RAW support where you need it…

      • Monkey Nigh Mo

        U mad bro?

    • Darkness

      Update 3.1.1 probably numbnuts…

      • Monkey Nigh Mo

        Lol u mad?

        • Eye4Ni


          Really? You mean to tell me there is no D400 yet??? Lies! Lies, i tell you!

          Tell you, what…re-read my post, especially the line

          “…once it is finally released even though there hasn’t been a single rumor to support its existence…”

          Look up the definition of sarcasm, and then get on the short bus before your late for school.

        • Eye4Ni

          Nah. Just stiring up a little excitement. I was drunk and needed a few laughs.

  • Darin

    inb4 D800-



    • Monkey Nigh Mow


  • Eye4Ni

    C’mon Apple! Forget the D800, I need support for the new D400 NOW! I’m totally going to order once it is finally released even though there hasn’t been a single rumor to support it’s existence. Keep this crap up and I’m switching to Linux and the Sigma S1 *giggle giggle*

    • Miles

      D400 isn’t out yet you idiot.

    • jesse

      You’re going a little too far on this one. My estimated delivery date for the D800 is March 21st. Next wednesday. I use Aperture. I just hope it works, or I’ll be sitting on images until it does.

  • I highly doubt Apple is going to release an update for the D800 soon. They are well known to not care about RAW support for brand new cameras too much.
    And yes, i have a Mac and i have a D800 on preorder. Time to switch to LR maybe? It finally has a useful maps support that Aperture has since years.

    • PB PM

      Yet they just released support for a bunch of new cameras… so much for not caring.

      • André

        The newly supported Lumix FZ38 is older than two years, now that’s fast 😉 The previous Camera Raw Updates were released in november, august and may last year.
        I sure hope you’re right and they’ll be shipping an update next week.

      • I’m shocked! There’s an update indeed. AND i have a D800 in my hands now. Life is great 🙂

  • hq

    I noticed after installing the update, I can view THUMBNAILS of NEF files taken with the D800/D800E, but when I attempt to open them (in Preview), I get the usual error:

    “Preview currently does not support this raw file format.”

  • “Raw” is a word, not an acronym like JPG or NEF. It should be written as “RAW” only if you intend to yell.

    • Eric

      By convention, RAW is capitalized when referring to the image file format and not capitalized when used as an adjective. This is to prevent confusion between the two.

      So “RAW” is correct. Look at the Apple screenshot above, and look anywhere on the Nikon site. The file format is always written as “RAW.”

      • El Aura

        By the convention of camera manufacturers and software developers, or rather by their marketing people who actually write all published text. Outside of groups who capitalise it for marketing purposes because it looks catchier, a lot of people do not capitalise it, for example Thom Hogan does not capitalise it.

    • WoutK89

      And JPG should be written as JPEG, because it is “Joint Photographic Experts Group”. I simply love nitpicking.

      • Name

        Only if you’re expert. 😛

      • Iris Chrome

        Although JPEG is used more often, both JPG and JPEG are correct since they’re both valid file extensions for the same format.

        • WoutK89

          An extension however is not the abbreviation!

    • Iris Chrome

      Actually, you don’t just yell one word out of a whole sentence so, no, writing “RAW” in caps as in the title of this post is not considered yelling.

      And second, again, either RAW or raw is correct. The reason it is sometimes capitalized is to keep with the convention of other capitalized file formats like JPEG and TIFF.

      • Iris Chrome

        Also, note that in the screen shot above, it’s written as both “Raw” and “RAW.”

      • MOAR!

        MOAR RAW!!!!11

  • Oh come on people.
    Apple will support the D800 eventually, perhaps with the next update.

    Downloaded some sample D800 RAWs yesterday to test how fast processing works on my computer. Unfortunately LR3 does not support those files and I doubt it ever will, therefore I updated to LR4.

    For me (having a 12 MP D300s) the D800 comes with a bunch of other expenses… bigger memory cards, more HDD space, new battery type, new software, and some people perhaps even need a new computer.

    That’s the price one has to pay if you want the newest of the new.

    • jodjac

      I bought a new computer to work with my D7000, it’s part of the game. You got to have it. I also bought photoshop, Capture NX2, and Media pro, not to mention a bunch of SD cards and storage. Actually I’m still looking for a good backup/ storage solution. Hopefully one that will work with those fancy thunderbolt slots on the back of my iMac. If you are going to do digital photography then you have to be prepared to buy a bunch of crap to go along with your camera, no matter what brand it is. Oh I forgot that thing to calibrate my monitor. Don’t forget to buy one of those too.
      I agree that it something of a pain to have to purchase all this stuff, but I don’t see it as being tied to one camera or another. You need storage no matter what camera you use. Eventually people may have to get used to the idea that that can’t save every crappy shot they take and start to cull the storage load.
      When I first started I ha only one small SD card for my camera. It was always full. So whenever I wanted to shoot something I had to delete something first. Let’s face it most of the pictures we take are not keepers. Maybe one out of fourteen? Shooting digital can make you a better photographer with instant feedback, but it can lead you to be sloppy too, definitely shooting many frames you never would have thought about when using film. 120 film? Over a dollar a frame. That’s incentive to keep the numbers down. Editing is an important skill, probably the most difficult part of photography.

      • @Backup: I use a 4-bay Drobo system. The device is not the cheapest on the market, but it is reliable, easy to use and looks fancy 🙂
        I outlined my personal backup strategy in an article on my blog, maybe it can help you sorting out what would work best for you:

        • jodjac

          @Lumenatic- thank you.

  • Monkey Nigh Mo

    Apple needs more games.

  • neversinks

    great… Now I can have my raw software sunny side up…. What shall I do it with it while I wait for my D4 to arrive…. Guess I’ll go take some pics with my D700 and D3s…. Life is just awful…. I think I’ll move to Syria where they don’t have such problems….

  • simpleguy

    well its good to hear they do something right this rotten apple company

  • I don’t think any intelligence about D800 shipments can be derived from Apple’s omission of the D800 in this release. It just needs more work.

  • Thank goodness! With the D3/D300 release Apple was months late with RAW support. I’m glad to see this won’t be the case this time around.

  • i downloaded last night. i then downloaded a few .nef files from the d4 on a website showing the nikon lab shot samples from the d4. THEY WOULD NOT OPEN.

  • Dormant

    Do Nikon actually change the file format with every new model? You’d think they could come up with a format that stayed valid for at least a couple of years.

    • NEF is pretty similar cam to another but each camera or at least generation makes different defaults and presets option.
      apple was never really as precise as NX2 or Capture one but they do try.

  • Tried software update on my Mac and nothing happened. I Aperture needs to be installed to get this.

  • did the system update. nothing. went to the site to download update, twice. still won’t open the files. i’m beginning to panic. the d4 is beginning to surface and i feel mine will get here any day or week. it would be nice to be able to open the files.

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