So far ALL Nikon D4 shipments include free Sony XQD card and reader

As of today, all Nikon D4 pre-orders that I know of (in multiple countries, even non-NPS) were delivered with a free 16GB Sony XQD card and a reader (aprox. $185 value).

Maybe this XQD bonus will be included only in the first D4 shipment since XQD cards are not yet available.

Update: the rumor is that Nikon Capture NX will be included with every D800E shipment in order to provide customers proper tools for moire control. At least this will be the case in Europe, not sure about the US.

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  • Patrick — Las Vegas

    I contacted RITZ CAMERA

    Martin Nash: Hi Patrick! Welcome to Live Help at
    Patrick: My order # ****634 — This camera is now available. When will my order be shipped?
    Patrick: my address ***las vegas, NV ****
    Martin Nash: Please give me a moment to check on the information for you.
    Martin Nash: I am sorry I can not assure you of the date right now but your order will ship out soon.
    Patrick: My friend who ordered from RITZ CAMERA on the same date I made my order got an email from RITZ that his camera ( NIKON D4) is already going to be shipped. How come my Nikon D4 is not yet available???
    Martin Nash: Probably by the end of the week or early next week.
    Martin Nash: Please just give us some time as the shipping and billing department is working on that.
    Martin Nash: Your order will ship out as soon as possible.
    Patrick: do you guys give priority to NPS members?
    Martin Nash: Right now I can not assure you on that we are trying to fulfill orders and the camera is already released.
    Patrick: ok thank you…. I really wish that my order gets shipped soon
    Patrick: I need the camera for a photo project soon
    Martin Nash: Okay. Our shipping and billing department are working on that.
    Patrick: ok thanks
    Martin Nash: Your order will ship out as soon as possible.

  • Frank

    Confirming that the ones in Australia also come with XQDs

  • Daveaux41

    Just pre-ordered my D5!! Can’t wait!!

    On a serious note, I am in the distribution and marketing world. You would be very surprised how much MFG do not know what their customers are thinking? They live in a world governed by numbers, not emotion. I have clients take products and ship them months after a stated delivery dates and never blink an eye.

    • Patrick — Las Vegas

      Watch the video well…Didnt you see the XQD package in the box which is the first thing the guy took out of the box? He even stated “XQD card and reader”. Watch and listen well.

    • aaron

      there was xqd card in there with the reader

  • my d4 had the card and reader when i openeing today, it was a very nice surprise, im hoping my next one has it =)

  • Picked up D4 this afternoon. Brisbane, Australia with XQD card and reader.

  • OverExposed

    Can someone confirm if the Sony Card Reader is a 2 in 1 (XQD & CF) or just XQD. Thanks!

  • Adam

    According to some rumors, Chuck Norris recently ordered a Nikon D5 from Canon.
    And got one.

  • Patrick

    They still have not received any D4 in Geneva, Switzerland…. Come on Nikon! Any Swiss guys got their D4?


  • davis555

    in italy NOBODY have the D4 with the flag: Available,

    and a lot are not available in preorder, but from some dealer you can preorder the d800

  • Anyone got their D4 in Finland, if so via NPS or not, what retailer?

  • JWFW

    Only 11 D4’s have been shipped to the NETHERLANDS so far, and I got one of them. with XQD and reader.

  • musephoto


    Firstly, I work in hi-tech manufacturing, international. I know what simulation, scheduling, planning B-to-B, and logistics tools are out there in the market and they are hundreds of times more efficient and effective than they were a decade ago. Nikon has prior experience in camera launches. All these facts should add up to a step-wise improvement in time-to-market, demand prediction and ability to communicate delivery to end customer.

    Nikon also manufactures tools for the production of silicon chips, do you think they call Intel and say “we’ll deliver your new stepper sometime around the end of summer?”. I don’t think so.

    That is why I think it inexcusable that I cant call B&H, or Adorama, or Calumet or Joes Photo Shack and know within a week, when I am likely to receive my camera.

    It is not just Nikon, we let corporates get away with shoddy service all the time. I quoted Apple as their past history on tproduct launches was as bad as Nikon is today, remember the lines for the original iPhone? Contrast that with the latest iPhone release which was, IMHO, staggeringly successful in the two crucial departments. Delivering pre-ordered product to customers on time and communicating the precise status of orders to customers.

    I see no excuses for Nikon in these two areas and I’ve heard from dealers that Canon are no better.

    • Jabs


      Although this is in another area (lol) in the same subject, it is timely indeed.

      Here is a wakeup call to you:

      iPhone and iPad = less than $1,000.00 US dollars and updated almost annually.

      D4 = $6,000.00 US dollars much more complex plus hand built mainly in smaller Factories and sold in more diverse markets than probably anything Apple makes but of course Apple sells more in a few months than what Nikon makes all year.

      Agreed that every Company needs to make more timely ESTIMATES of product availability to its customers and avoid vaporware.

      Stuff happens to the best of human plans = why Apple cannot deliver the newest iPad or even the older iPhone 4s of a few months back on time in the quantities promised.

      Make on time just before delivery has become the NEW model of Production as no one warehouses as much anymore = changing times or ‘just in time delivery’ subject to someone screwing up!

      Apple has gotten better but still not immune to product launch glitches and thus your idealistic scenario is devoid of reality.

      • RobUK

        ipad 3rd gen and D4 arrive on same day for me 😉

        • Jabs


          I envy a person with two of the newest and nicest tools on the Market – great for you and let us know how they work together, please.
          Now for your clients to drive you crazy with orders as to what to shoot, keep or fix when you hand them your new iPad while doing tethered shooting (a really sweet sounding combination too).

          Can we shoot a video or can I use your camera Rob from the iPad = them driving you crazy (lol).
          Log me in Rob = next request to tie up all your time too.

          Go Rob – lol

      • I ordered my iPad 2 on day of release. They told me to expect 3-4 weeks (on the website when I placed the order; actually said 4 weeks when I get email confirming the order) for delivery. I got it twenty-one days later. I’d certainly hoped for sooner, but felt no need to complain about it.

        I ordered my D4 on day of announcement. I have no idea how long it’ll be until it arrives. Not quite sure why you’re trying to draw a comparison between the two.

        • Jabs


          Is that directed at me or ‘musephoto’, as I have no beef or problem with Nikon nor even Apple. Someone said that Nikon should be now like Apple, as it was like the old Apple and I disagreed then moved on.

  • RobUK

    D4 arrived today (UK). XQD card and reader included, USB 3.0 model MRw-E80.
    I will still get the expresscard version (my CF expresscard reader is much faster than my USB 3.0 reader).

  • Eoghain

    Received my D4 today from Foto Konijnenberg in the Netherlands. I am not an NPS member. I did NOT receive the card and reader with my camera. I have contacted them and was told that it would be sent at a later date. I must be the only person who didn’t receive the card and reader…

    • Creative solutions

      It’s on their website that the card is included. Ordered my D4 at foto konijnenberg in belgium. I hope it will arrive soon:-).

  • musephoto

    I see your comments regarding the iPhone 4s, Intels strategy etc. to cut this short let me say that you don’t appear to be in possession of all the facts ( Intels 22nm 193nm immersion lith FinFET Process is on-time as far as I know). Oh, and I pretty much predate the wooden Apple 1.

    I’m not displaying enthusiasm, too old for that. This is bitter cynicism at being let down yet again by an increasingly faceless corporation. I ordered in early Jan when the expected delivery was mid Feb. I held on when the date changed to mid Mar but I have a project that I really wanted to shoot with the D4 end of Mar into April and now I guess I’ll have to re-think.

    • Jabs


      I wish you the best in your Project and get a backup D3S, but that may not do, so here’s to your D4 or D800 arriving soon, as I do understand.

      About the Intel thing – Intel has delayed much lately as AMD has not matched them in performance plus the Sandy Bridge stuff was flawed and delayed plus their latest bunch of processors are now delayed. Happens to the best of us, so enjoy your day and be patient as much as you can.

      Shiny new toys delivered late drives all of us crazy – welcome to the Club friend.

  • BAUD

    XQDs in France 🙂

  • RobUK

    Now I’ve had a chance to fully explore the contents of the gold box, I’ve found there is a “personal” letter from Nikon UK (well, it addresses me by my first name) explaining that I have got one of the first D4’s because I used the NPS pre-order facility.

  • Frank

    Ha ha,

    It’s great that they are including the Sony gear to get users up and running with the new format. Though, after paying $6500 odd for a camera, I’m not sure I’d class this as a “free” extra. LOL.

    Seriously though, if they are going to foist a brand new technology on users in their flagship camera, I would think they have to include a bit of kit for people buying the camera. I don’t think it would be fair otherwise.

    That’s my thought, anyway

  • Hao

    Welcome to Live Chat at the B&H Professional Photography Department. Please wait while we connect you to an agent who will be able to assist you…
    You have been connected to Dan W.

    Hao: ok, then would it come with Sony XQD card?
    Hao: I think Nikon offered it as promotion gift
    Dan W: no, DSLR cameras never come with memory cards.
    Hao: now
    Dan W: Do you have a link to Nikon’s website that claims it will come with the Sony card?
    Hao: That will be a bit strange, because there are already many unboxing pitures
    Hao: I think this is only promotion, not standard offer from Nikon
    Dan W: Do you have a link to this promo?
    Hao: i think Nikon did not officially say so, but a lot of buyers do got free card
    Dan W: Nice URL “Rumors”
    Dan W: Rumor = not true
    Dan W: Can I help you with anything else?
    Hao: thanks
    Dan W: Thank you for chatting with B&H. We appreciate your business. Good-bye.
    Your session has ended.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

    • Frank


      Is this session transcript authentic??

      Is that the level of service offered from B&H?! Our company deals with them sometimes, and their service is generally great, but we’ve never had to actually have an online conversation with them, so the above transcript is eye-opening. The “customer service” rep makes some pretty generalised, sweeping statements (that he can’t back up, mind you), then goes on to poo-poo the customer’s query and then finishes off with “Can I help you with anything else” and “Your business is appreciated”. Ha ha ha!

      Sincere? Not!

      I’m sure most of the staff at B&H are excellent and “Dan W” just needs a holiday. 🙂 What a tool!

      • Hao

        it is 100% real, I just omit the part that I asked about the possible delivery date. I also feel very uncomfortable and would never buy anything from B&H. How ironic, listed B&H as suggested buying website while B&H has such comment on

  • @Hao: We regret and apologize for this uncharacteristic incident. I’ve already shared this with DanW’s supervisor and I am certain they will discuss this together.

    Right now, Nikon USA has made no statement to us about including the card and reader with D4 cameras. I’ve asked our buyer for clarification.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

    • Hao

      @Henry Posner: Thank you very much for taking the efforts to clarify the situation with Nikon. I did not expect that you would follow up this topic. You are indeed a responsible company.

      • Frank

        Yep, that’s pretty cool. Great response from B&H. Thanks @Henry Posner. That is what makes a great company.

        Also thanks for the clarification re the Sony items.

  • Nikon USA has confirmed that the first batch of D4 bodies being shipped _does_ include a
    Sony memory card and card reader. This has been reported on various sites online including Nikon Rumors. It is in fact correct. We opened one NID4 in our warehouse and the card & reader were included. This is NOT limited to NPS.

    Nikon USA refuses to say when this will stop and they refuse to say if it will end based on date or on the number of cameras. This could end tomorrow, or Labor Day, or not at all.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  • John

    Has anyone gotten shipping confirmation on a non-NPS D4 from Adorama yet?

    Just curious, I ordered one on the phone with them minutes after the store opened on Jan 6th (and before the online ordering was available with them).

  • I finally got my D4 yesterday (damn Fedex Home for d*cking me around for a day! Was from the second batch of D4s in the US), and it had the card and reader. I did have a weird problem with leaving the reader plugged in to my iMac last night, though; will see if that repeats.

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