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For more detailed coverage of the latest Nikon related news, you can follow [NR] on Twitter and Facebook. I usually post much more detailed information on social media and publish only the important topics on the blog. You can also follow [NR] via this RSS feed or email subscription. Those are actually the fastest ways to get the latest updates, because with the current caching setup, it may take few minutes until the website is updated with the most recent blog post. I often publish new information on Twitter and Facebook before I even have the chance to write a post. I am not doing much on g+ lately, but this may change in the future.

What else is new?

Check the new eBay Finds section. You can also check the eBay Finds section on LeicaRumors and PhotoRumors. I will soon be redesigning the entire review section. I am also planning to add the Disqus platform which will make the comments section much more user friendly. An average blog post now generates several hundreds comments and a new solution is needed. I am also playing with the idea for a [NR] iPhone app, but this will take a while.


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  • EMaDeLoC

    I already have a Nikon D800 😀

    • ter


  • Derek

    Try to get on G+ more. It seems to be the social network choice of most photographers and photo enthusiasts. I know I only support “pages” on G+ rather than on my littered stream on facebook.

    • wublili

      Yeah, G+ is the way to go with anything photo related.

    • JH

      Oh please don’t. The worlds needs everything but ANOTHER social network… -.-

      • Arn Anderson

        +1 Also facebook is over. Don’t waste your time with it. And please no new iphone app, its just going to be an html copy of the blog.

  • GeofFx

    I agree with JH. Twitbook and Facer are two too many.

    Why not just keep all the information over here? I don’t have either accounts and won’t be joining just so I can follow NR.

    • +1000

      Was going to say the same thing, I don’t have time to try and aggregate information from various social networks (even though I am a member of most)…I’d rather find all of [NR] information in one place. Popular gadget sites make dozens of posts a day, and there is nothing wrong with that IMO. Picking stuff out from Twitter, G+, and FB for specifics is nearly impossible.

    • Merv

      Because if you want to expand the number of readers and site views, Facebook and Twitter would be the natural places to post such news

  • Admin, why to put more content on other’s sites and not on your own?

    weird strategy.

    • the_man_-_the_legend


    • wublili

      Because it’s easier.

      Writing article here is much more complicated than saying couple words on twitter or facebook.

      That’s why I prefer G+ anyways, people don’t say two words over there, they write articles. It’s also easy and you have large audience by default.

      But obviously, if he would go full time G+ then he should replicate them here, when it’s logical and necessary. I think weekly coverages can cover most of those tiny updates that doesn’t deserve own article.

    • because I will flood the blog with multiple posts, more than 2-3 posts a day and readers will loose track and interest

      • I vehemently disagree. Gadget sites like Gizmodo and Engadget have dozens of posts a day, it’s up to the reader to wade through them (it only takes a few seconds to scroll through what you don’t want to see). My Twitter feed is a mess, and trying to find specific topics from the past is nearly impossible. x10 for FB.

        The only drawback I could see w/ flooding [NR] with many posts a day is keeping up with the comments, which I personally find just as interesting as the articles themselves. Another feature I’d like to see on [NR] is the ability to just get email replies to responses from a thread I started in the comments section, or the ability to subscribe to specific comments. Subscribing to the entire thread floods my inbox, and it’s tough to keep track of specific conversations, e.g. I have to remember what page they are on, and then search for them.

        • A great 3rd party solution for comments is Disqus btw. Check it out.

      • there is nothing like too much information. if you will flood it with nonsense, it is bad here or wherever somebody will follow it
        if it makes sense, it is up to user to filter it.
        you do a great job, but you will only kill this blog and divert interest to third party sites if you do it. i mean for posts like “tomorrow some new D400 info on NR, friends keep refreshing” is ok to put only on twitter or FB, but anything with archive or info value, should be kept on one place where people will keep returning.
        we dont want to lookup 20 sites to aggregate information, especially such dedicated, and then forget few weeks later where we read it

  • Alan

    Oh well, I guess I’ll miss the latest. I avoid social media like the plague that it is because I’m old and curmudgeonly. I’ll leave Facebook to those kids who actually think Picture Control deserves a button on the back panel.

    • Michael


  • Astrophotographer

    I also have no interest in social media. So anything posted there will not be seen by me.

    • Henry O Hoolihan

      Well, at least you wont be subjected to endless coolpix rumors! 🙂

  • ok, maybe I like under a rock, but what does G+ mean?

    • It’s Google’s answer to Facebook, their own social networking site. While I’ve seen previous commenters lauding it, I personally hate it. G+ are also buttons on websites that you can hit to “recommend” a story, which basically just feeds in Google’s ad business so they can rank some sites higher in their search index.

      • Derek

        Or it could be their answer to Myspace… who knows? I know you don’t. You bash it but I see it as a great way to bring people to a site. Google Plus is to facebook/twitter what Apple is to the PC. Might not be the first out but they did it cleaner and easier. btw… I think the new facebook is actually pinterest. A way to post stuff no one cares about. And just like I’ve lost interest in wading through my FB stream I’ve lost interest in trying to correct your poor biased complaints about Google. Good day sir.

    • Greg

      Google+ in a nutshell:

  • neversink

    I don’t “like” any external apps or commercial websites or businesses on FB because of all the spying that goes on…. i like my privacy…. Don’t like spyware…

  • figlet

    “and publish only the important topics on the blog.”

    That’s fine. I’ll keep reading via RSS feed without the hurry:

    “it may take few minutes until the website is updated with the most recent blog post.”

    and please, reconsider about Google Plus.
    It really is the place to be for photographers and civilized discussion.
    Too bad they don’t offer read/write API, yet.
    I read also my twitter stuff via RSS feeds but fb.. no way, never. Completely blocking that s**t and all their tracking around the web.

  • Chris

    Admin, so you are telling us to move away from this blog and visit Facebook and Twitter, because there’s more content, earlier publishing? Strange behavior for someone running a blog.

    By the way, you do know that you’re giving away the copyright of all your content you publish on Facebook, and that you almost have no control what Facebook wants to do with your pages?

    What’s wrong with even five or ten post a day on a blog?

  • Chris Long

    My 20 cents is to agree with the thrust of the comments here, if I have too much time on my hands I tend to refresh this page rather than go on any of the networking sites. In fact too much time means I end up reading the comments which in itself is stressfull enough.

    My pich is to say that this is a different audience to your other outlets, and as such its unlikely that we will go over to the other outlets. For example I saw in the illustration of the story that you are saying on facebook that NX might be shipping with the D800E, personally I’d say that would be good for here too.

    But I totally get that you have a limited number of hours in the day it may make your more money to do the others and I have no arguement with that.

  • mikils

    For what’s worth, I will keep visiting this site and this one only. I do not like social network and do not feel the urge to subscribe to none (especially one which will request you to subscribe to have a look!), even when it will have as a consequence to see news few minutes later than I could.

    I would also like to say that it would be a real discomfort to loose such a good source of information, debate and yes, humor, just to feed a bunch of websites not specifically focused on my main interest.

  • Brett

    I’m another one who is very computer savvy but does not (and will not) use FB or Twitter. I have NR bookmarked and check it once every few days. Anything I’m interested in? No? Move on. Yes? A little reading and I’m done. FB and Twitter are huge time wasters – those who use them spend an inordinate amount of time on them, and I don’t have that kind of time. So if you move away from your traditional blog towards social media, you’ll lose me as a reader. Sorry.

  • Joey

    Fair enough. However, I have no intention of signing up for nikonrumor’s facebook page or twitter page. I find the information on nikonrumors interesting and appreciate nikonrumor’s effort posting it on a webpage, but am not going to chase it through social media outlets. Cheers.

    • Most of the “other” information from social media usually gets published here on the weekend in the Nikon links post.

  • ter

    Have no intention of using facebook. If there is no info at NR, then there’s no info at NR.

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