The first Nikon D4 is already on eBay

The first Nikon D4 is already listed on eBay by an authorized US dealer. The starting price is $6,999.95. Let's see for how much it will sell tomorrow.

There is another listing here.

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  • T.I.M

    Here is the answer from Cameta Camera (Ebay D4 auction):

    Nikon D4 Digital SLR Camera Body with:

    EN-EL18 Li-ion Battery
    MH-26 Quick Charger
    Camera Strap
    USB Cable
    USB Cable Clip
    Body Cap
    Accessory Shoe Cover
    Connector Cover for Stereo Mini Plug Cable
    Connector Cover for USB Cable
    Nikon View NX2 CD-ROM
    Transmitter Utility CD

    So I guess no XQD card + reader for free !

    • broxibear

      If it were me I’d take the XQD card + reader out and sell them seperately…you make more money that way ?
      Not sure it’s good marketing or a sign of desperation giving away a free card and reader, probably a bit of both.

  • Sean

    someone in malaysia is trying to sell it at a 7+k price point. Let the complaints keep rolling 😀 puahahaha… d800 come fast 😛 :

  • Trevor

    And it didn’t sell.

    So, shockingly, the market decided $7k is too high for a $6k camera and didn’t buy it. And Cameta is out the listing costs. If only markets worked without regulation.

  • Ray

    Anyone here on nikonrumors receive their D4 or even has a notice it it shipping yet?

  • Travone

    It makes sense if I was in that position and didnt need the camera I’d do the same. For the next couple of months the D4 and D800 will probably be overpriced outside of official stores, the demand is high and the supply won’t be much so its a market where you can raise the price and not look like you’re mad, which is the exact reason why I preordered.

  • Bryan V

    I have mine. 😉

    • T.I.M

      @Bryan V
      Did it came with the Sony XQD 16GB card+reader ?

      • broxibear

        In the UK if you buy a D4 before the 28th of May it will include the free XQD card and reader.

      • Bryan V

        it did but the box was unsealed and lid wouldn’t fully close my guess is only the first batches will be like that.

  • mark

    Are we absolutely sure that these places HAD preorders? Maybe they didnt take any because they knew they could make more money by doing this when it came out..

  • ffaabb

    when is d400 (or next semi pro dx body) coming?

    • Sean

      I think that d7000 took the place of both the d90 and d300 (or even d300s) for now. might have to wait till end of the year or next before some d400 (which might not be called 400… thinking d9000 O_O)

      • TnT

        I hope that’s not the case as the d7000 is not even close to the speed/precision of the D300, at least not for small bird in flight

  • I asked Nikon what the warranty period was for the D4 and D800.

    They said:
    Hello Mr. Lynch

    Thank you for submitting your question.
    For warranty information please see:
    Answer Title: Nikon Digital Imaging Warranty
    Answer Link:

    Giander G.

    When you follow the above link, you see that the D4 only has a one year warranty… The F5 had five years.

    Then I noticed:
    1. This warranty extends to the original consumer purchaser only and is not assignable or transferable.

    So all the D4 and D800 cameras that pop up on eBay from dealers that are not authorized Nikon resellers will loose the warranty from Nikon.

  • Adam

    Found a D4 at best buy. Picked it up today

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