Nikon 1 9-25mm f/2.8-5.0 lens patent

Nikon filed a patent (201253230) in Japan for a 9-25mm f/2.8-5.0 lens (24-68mm equivalent) for Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras:

  • Patent release date: March 15th, 2012
  • Patent filed on: August 31st, 2010
  • Focal length: 25.40001  - 9.05996mm
  • Aperture: 2.89342 - 5.08823
  • Lens length: 68.71681 - 72.43416mm
  • Zoom ratio: 2.8035
  • Lens design: 12 elements in 10 groups
  • 1 ED glass element
  • 3 aspherical elements
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  • Jc

    Patent filed on 8/2010?

    • Jabs

      Patent initially filed then, details released March 15th, 2012 concerning the specifics of the previous filing.

      Patent filed initially to protect the concept = original filing.

      Patent later filed or updated as a real product versus the idea – to protect a coming or even soon released product = difference in dates.

      • Jc

        Thx Jabs

      • “Patent later filed or updated as a real product versus the idea – to protect a coming or even soon released product = difference in dates.”

        So what’s the point of patenting it the second time if they already patented the concept? If they already patented the concept wouldn’t this mean no other company can make this product anyway??

        I don’t really understand, forgive me if the above sounds stupid.

        • Jabs

          OK it does sound ‘stupid’ unless you know how Protecting Intellectual property really works.

          1. You have an idea, which you Patent = now, your Intellectual Property (Nikon’s in this case).

          2. A product developed from this idea or your Patented Intellectual Property is then NOW Patented as a product and not as a Research item any longer (equals Nikon’s protection of an upcoming Product or idea that might never reach the Market and might or might not be there to prevent others from doing the same or similar but who knows for sure).

          Sort of like Apple versus Samsung currently!

          3. Idea first, then Patented idea and then Product from this idea now becomes a Patented concept of a real Product plus even a Patented released Product with a Trademarked name and Model number.

          That is how is mainly works and I did not make the Rules either!

          If you are further confused I can’t help you, so then read up on current Intellectual Property and Patents at somewhere where they actually know what they are talking about to further clarify the weird issues in Legal terms – lol.

          • fred

            No. You can’t patent ideas. You can only patent inventions.

  • Jabs

    So this is a zoom lens to extend the Nikon 1 Series of lenses?
    OK – where are the primes now – maybe later, eh?

    Well, at least some progress and focus on that already released system. How about another body above the V1 – maybe?

    D400 and others might then be higher priority now, then???
    I am still waiting on a D7100 too – lol

    • PHB

      I think they need a wider selection of lenses before bringing out a new body. 10MP provides the same resolution as the old 35 mm film. Moving the resolution up to 20MP would mean ISO 1600, and just who would want to buy a D3x you can stick in your pocket anyway?

      Well I would like one of course, but I would want to have some f/1.4 primes on hand before first.

      • I want f/1.0 primes in fun price & size. 😛

        • Just wondering, is it easier to make a f/1.0 prime on the Nikon 1 system because of a smaller sensor?

          • Yes, I think Nikon 1 mount is large enough to produced f/1.0 lens.

            And I think no one can make a better sensor on this size. Nikon 1 sensor is good but when compare to large sensor it very noisy and you will see a diffraction on f/5.6.

            Larger aperture lens will be good for Nikon 1.

      • Jabs

        @ All of you above.

        Yeah – be careful what you wish for.

        F1.0 or F1.8 primes would probably break the idea of compactness unless something new and revolutionary comes about to manufacture those cheaply and have great performance in a smaller size.

        Sorry, but not a Leica and who would buy a 50mm F1.0 for a Nikon 1 for example, if it costs $1500.00 US dollars?

        To my mind, since the Nikon 1 is so small and so fast, there is little more than bragging rights to a really fast lenses in my humble opinion.

        Remember one of the Nikon 1 cameras shoots at 1/16,000 sec – I believe, so that reminds me of the D1 series.

        What would be the shutter speed and ISO that would allow you to use a Nikon 1 at F1.0 then?

        Maybe a few F2.0 or maybe, maybe and F1.8 prime – but again that defeats the size and speed requirements, so Zooms are what I expect plus maybe a few compact lenses like the old or newer 45mm F2.8 famous Nikkor pancakes of a few years back.

        Light and fast plus small.

  • lolly

    hmm, not fast enough but keep trying, Nikon & Co … at least a step in the right direction.

    • Jabs

      +1 and low price is probably the reason for a slower lens.

      • iamlucky13

        Strange choice for a low cost lens.

        They already have a 10-30 F/3.5-5.6

        A 9-25 F/2.8-5 is just barely wider and faster.

        A 9-25 F/2.8 fixed aperture would be interesting (24-70 equivalent).

        Creating close overlap of 1 of the 4 lenses they have on the market already doesn’t make much sense to me.

        • PHB

          Oh wow as the whole Nikon F-mount range AFS update nears completion, a whole new format to whine about the lack of lenses.

          • iamlucky13

            That’s not exactly relevant. Rather, what do you see as the reason for making a lens that is 10% wider and 1/2 stop faster than lenses that already exist instead of, for example:

            – An ultrawide prime (20mm or wider equivalent)
            – Fast normal (F/1.8 or better)
            – Dedicated macro (although admittedly, F-mount macros should adapt well)
            – A superzoom that actually has relevance to the camera’s size…the 10-100 is barely smaller than the 18-200DX.

            • MJr

              Indeed. But if the price is only 10% more, or maybe it has awesome built, that would be alright. Maybe it’s the kit lens for a future enthusiast Nikon 1.

              It is a bit bigger tho:
              Lens length: 68.71681 – 72.43416mm

              Compared to:
              42mm x 57.5mm / 1.7 in. x 2.3 in. (Retracted)

            • PHB

              Why are you so certain it was developed after the current kit lens?

              Standard practice at Nikon is to develop many more lenses than they ever intend to launch. For a really important lens like a kit lens they will have more than one designer working on independent designs.

              The bottleneck for releases is always getting them into production.

        • Jabs


          Agree on the 9-25 F2.8 with a 2.7 factor for CX to FX, it would be great plus close to that great Nikkor you mentioned.

          9 x 2.7 = 24.3
          25 x 2.7 = 67.5

          Nikon might be making two series of lenses for the Nikon1 cameras with one set Video optimized with motorized electronic silent zooms and the other Series with manual zooms, but I don’t know for sure – what do you think?

  • Jabs

    Post Heading reads this: Nikon 1 9-25mm f/2.8-5.0 lens patent

    Should have been 9-25mm F2.8-5.0 lens patent for Nikon 1 System – maybe too late to fix it as Google and others have snagged it.

    -OR- Even Nikon 1 System 9-25mm f/2.8-5.0 lens patent

    It looks like a 19-25mm F2.8-5.0 lens instead – just to clarify things here.

    • WoutK89

      I can read spaces, I saw already Nikon 1 _ 9-25mm… I dont think there is a change needed. Actually, the first I read was only 9-25mm, and after was disappointed it was for the Nikon 1 system only.

      • Jabs


        Yeah spaces depend on the size of your display and what you are reading them on – lol.

        Just a suggestion!

        Enjoy your day or night.

        Nikon-1 or Nikon1 might have been better!

  • Paul

    That’s just slightly better than the kit 10-30mm lens.
    Next please.

    • Charly

      Maybe ´cause this will be the standard lens kit for the next Nikon1 J2/V2 ^^

      • PHB

        Or it might even BE the current stock lens. They don’t always put the exact design parameters in the patent claims.

        • Precisely! Nothing to see here…

      • MJr

        I think they will keep the Nikon 1 name. They’re called Nikon 1 V1 / J1 now, so it might still be Nikon 1 V2 / J2 for the next ones.

  • Ben Hipple

    Maybe there will be a new nikon one camera to go with this lens. It looks like a kit type lens.
    With the n1 selling well i am sure nikon will make more. Nikon makes so many cool pix camera models, I hope they move some cool pix design team people in to making more of the n1 cameras. They have room for 6 or more n1 models.

    I still plan on buying a d800 😉
    but i would get a n1 too if they make the right one.

  • twoomy

    A high-quality zoom that starts at 24mm. Looks like Nikon gets it! Hope it has better corner-to-corner sharpness than the typical zooms from the other mirrorless systems–the abundance of mediocre zooms it’s what makes most mirrorless systems unappealing to me.

    • Jabs

      Exactly – there are only 4 lenses released so far for the Nikon 1 System when I checked at Nikon USA.

      Nice addition and as someone else said above, maybe a new Nikon 1 body too. Yup – all selling well too.

  • jason

    and when a teleobjetive?

    • Jabs


      You mean a telephoto lens for the Nikon 1 System?

      Is this a good translation from Frenglish or what is posted by someone who speaks French to now be English by me or moi -lol?

      Where’s the Invisible Person now?
      Champagne break, eh – LOL.

      • MJr

        …’ the hell is going on?

  • If you want a sure-fire way for me to totally not care, it’s to have f/5 as a maximum aperture at *any* point in the lens.

    • MJr

      Better than F5.6, or F6.3 … ugh ugh Olympus 12-50.

  • CRB

    I sure hope that the aperture is a mistypo…geh f5?

  • If it was a constant f2,8 then maybe I would be interested. It’s just not enough different than the 10-30mm already in the V1 kit. What is really needed soon is an f2,0 or f1,4 prime lens.

  • complete nikon 1 is failure which only diverts resources from development and production of real cameras and accessories.
    played with it in a shop yesterday and it sucks.

    • MJr

      Sales say otherwise, and so does my amateur brother. I agree, it’s not for advanced users but come on, a product doesn’t suck just because it’s not for you/us.

      • MJr

        In fact the ISO100-400 range is twice as good as Micro Four Thirds when using RAW.

  • Magnus

    Boring speed. Just slightly faster than the 10-30 kit lens. Olympus et al manage to make fast zoom lenses for their compacts, like XZ-1’s f/1,8-2,5. That would be something for Nikon 1 system developers to imitate!

    Oh, and I would like a Nikon 1 camera with a more DSLR-like shape. With the F-mount adapter I’d get an excellent macro camera that way. I don’t need the highest resolution, I just need depth of field.

    Wouldn’t mind some new primes either, like a 35 and 85mm equivalent. You can work around the latter by using the adapter and the AF-S 35/1,8 though, it’d be close enough to 85mm. f/2 would be fine in these.

  • Birdndiz

    Also tried N1 V1 in store and not impressed, but needed lightweight small cam with viewfinder and reasonably good quality in a hurry, and it fit the bill. Have had it for a few days now (with the 10mm, 10-30mm and 30-110mm) and it gets better and better. Has a few limitations but overall it’s a quality product and, used on its own terms, gets great results.

  • an nonymous

    Just look at the Lumix DMC-LX3 with its 5.1-12.8mm (equiv. FOV 24mm on the wide side..) 2.5x zoom lens, that’s a f2.0-f2.8 lens.

    Sure, it’s a smaller sensor in the Lumix, but so is the lens, if Nikon can squeeze in at least f2.8-f3.5 into their lens it would be a disappointment.

  • Pat Mann

    Looking at the diagram, this is pretty much the budget 10-24 DX wide formulated for full frame, with slower speed and less zoom range, with a much simpler rear group with less projection to the focal point required in FX. This is clearly targeted to be a budget superwide for FX, but I think the budget is going to be about $US 750 or so. It shouldn’t be much bigger than the 10-24 with the substantially slower speed. Why anyone would expect this to be larger than the 16-35 is beyond me.

    This makes the 16-35 f/4 look like the real bargain that it is. If they can keep the distortion down with this narrow zoom range, this could be a very popular lens for those who need an ultrawide just occasionally or are shooting landscapes and cityscapes with little need for speed.

    • Pat Mann

      Was supposed to be posted to the 16-30 FX thread.

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