The new Nikon instant rebates (US)

Those are the latest Nikon instant rebates for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The body only D7000 and D5100 cameras (both in stock) also qualify for the instant savings. Those rebates will expire on March 31, 2012. After the D4 and D800 announcements, Nikon stopped the rebate program for the D3s/D700 models and I don't think they are coming back.

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  • Federico Mazzi

    First! D400?

    • CRB

      About the time to hear some more solid rumors…if i hear its FF, im gone…unless the D7100 will be as trusty and relaible and flawless as my old dusty D300….

      • Federico Mazzi

        I don’t think it will be full frame but since d7000 is a great camera I have no doubt d400 would be even better!

  • Nikonnut

    Hmmm maybe i should get a D5100 for the missus

    • Moo

      why rebate instead of price drop?

      • Andrew

        Because a price drop will generate lower overall revenue for Nikon. But a rebate might cause a sales spike and thus generate greater short term revenue. With a price drop, you may postpone your buying decision knowing that the price will still be lower in the future. But with a rebate, if you do not take advantage of it, you will end up paying a higher price later. So the rebate creates a greater incentive for you to act, and act now!

  • ken

    Glad I sold my D7000 for $1300 a month ago!!!

    • CRB

      I see no price change at BH website…same old 1199….

      • PeterO

        It’s $100 cheaper at Vistek (Canada) and our dollar is at par with the greenback.

  • juicebox81

    no rebate offer for D800. =(

  • Joe

    D400 please!!!!

  • T.I.M

    Do you have to buy it from Nikon or does it also work for online retailers like B&H or Adorama ?

    • The link Admin posted points to B&H’s site.

  • Ray

    Where is the rebate “Buy a new D4 and get a D800 free” . I don’t seem to see it on this list…

  • That….sucks.

    I was hoping to get the 70-200 for a more reasonable price alongside the body purchases.

    • Jonathan

      I got my 70-200 II that way, with a D5000 (which I then flipped).

  • Andrew

    Any rebates for lenses right now.?

  • Russell

    A real deal would be news of an announcement of a d300s replacement.

  • T.I.M

    Does anyone remember the original retail price for the AF 300mm f/4 ED (not the af-s), the lens was discontinued in 2000.
    Thanks !

  • CRB

    D7000 has no instant savings…you have to buy an epson R2880 printer…!!!!

    • Douglas Adams

      Additionally, it’s not only for d7000 and d5100 (athough it is not mmention in the text above, per se), but for every camera that is more expensive than 540 USD. Technically, you could say that D4 and D800 also qualify for the rebate, but I d0n’t think that D5 and D900 are around the corner…

  • Vincent

    It seems more logical if Nikon went with this….

    D4X 36mp $6000…….36mp in a full body grips is just more sexy more medium-format-looking….studio photographers will love this….landscapers won’t complain
    D4 16mp $5000
    D800 16mp $2500-$3000

    unless the sole purpose of D800 36mp $3000 is to convert Canonites to Nikonians…they brought it down to such low price level …..sort of irreversible in the future

    • Arsalan

      + 1
      And the bait for the switch is apparently working too

    • mikils

      Another business expert who thinks he understands things better than Nikon Sales Department does…. :/

      • Zoron

        Nikon Sales Department is obviously chasing numbers laa.

    • Johnny Andrean

      if Nikon did not do it, Sony will.

    • XQD

      u just read the future bro or bra.

      • NikonCEO

        dang it!!

    • Michael

      I think it will be
      D800 – 36MP
      D4 – 16MP
      D4X – 36MP
      D710 – 16MP

  • T.I.M

    wait a minute…..

    I’m terrible in maths but if DX format is x1.5 FX crop factor, then the FX surface should be 1.5x time the DX surface ?

    So the D800’s 15mp DX crop mode should give a 24MP FX sensor, not 36MP !
    Or the 36MP FX sensor should give a 24MP DX sensor !

    Anyone ?

    • Maths

      DX 15.6*23.6=368mm^2
      FX 24×36=864mm^2

      ~2.3x the surface area.


      • Better Maths

        Or more like 2.35x…

        so 15 x 2.35 = 35.25

    • D400 = FX

      Area= 1.5*1.5 = 2.25 (times).
      You are welcome.

      • T.I.M

        thank you guys, I was just trying to justify the D800’s price to my wife.

    • You’re confusing field of view with resolution. The field of view is reduced by cropping, depending on how much is cropped… if cropped down to the 16 mp DX mode it will reduce the fov to where you will get the illusion of 1.5x the focal length. There are many articles explaining this further with helpful illustrations, google “crop factor dx how it works”.

    • Michael

      No. It’s squared. Crop factor is just for horizontal/vertical.

  • Opor

    Nikon leap over this body-pricing scheme and move onto the next, straight forward, no dilly dally.

  • PJS

    Bodies are, and will always be, throwaway items. Buy one for what you need today ~ it will be upgraded by the time you get it home. Put your big $$$ in the glass…

    • +1

      PJS is absolutely right — glass trumps body!

      Of course, a little day dreaming is always fun 😛

  • I don’t think we will be seeing any lens/body package rebates on the D800/e/D4 anytime soon, especially on pro quality glass.

  • rjgeek

    Am I missing something or do they think jacking the price of the d5100 up $100 and then telling you you get a rebate for $100 is actually a deal? Pretty sure it was at $750 last week, too, without the rebate…

  • ATM

    Just wonder when we are going to se some rebats on the D4, that cant be to long

  • Valentin

    Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera (Body Only) Temporarily out of stock!!

  • looon

    Oops you already knew all that, sorry!

  • M

    I am still waiting for FF D400

  • comicalalien

    Seems to me that new announcements are due soon.

    Nikon offered rebates last year on the D700 and D3S and lenses prior to announcing the D4 & D800!

    This strategy was to entice people into buying the remainder of stock available so that Nikon could make as much money out of obsolete products as possible.

    The D3100 replacement is overdue and I think the newer D400 will also be announced next month -April.

    I wouldn’t bank on the D7000 replacement until October or even January next year.

    Just my two cents worth – for what it is worth!


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