Nikon D4 manual, XQD cards and other updates

The user's manual for Nikon D4 is now available on Nikon Europe support site (registration required). Update: here is the direct Nikon US link for the D4 manual.

This Nikon D4 in Australia also came with Sony XQD card and reader. The rumor is that the first batch of D4 shipments will all include Sony XQD card and a reader (and not only NPS orders).

The US delivery of D4 (and D800) cameras should all happen by the end of next week because Nikon will suspend all shipments from March 24- April 1st for their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon). The Nikon WT-5A and BL-6 covers for the new battery should be in stock in the next 48 hours.

Amazon offered 5% discount for the Nikon D4 to selected Amazon Prime members.

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  • Rob Bannister

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait tot get mine next week!

    • Che

      Ugh you beat me

    • jason

      They should give free SD card with D800… 90 mb/s 32GB will be just fine.

    • Eastman

      D4, D400 is sort of risky for your business if you are superstitious.. 4=dead

      • Jigo

        that’s why they stop putting number on new ipad….they don’t want to hit Ipad4…..sales will drastically drop in China……they wait for Ipad5

    • Roger

      Yeah, me too here in Montreal. My dealer said they should be in before March 20th and my D800 on the 22nd. Hope my D4 has the XQD too

  • Che

    Am I first? If not at least I AM D4!

  • Zeckson

    Admin, any idea when this is going to hit Asia, especially South East Asia? Have been waiting since the start of rumors! 🙁

  • Well, after registering on the site, it asked me to register my camera to get the D4 manual… mmmm…. not easy until I get one. Of course, I suspect it comes with a manual…

    • INA

      Hi, you can register any of your Nikon product (other Nikon camera, lens, flash etc…) to get in to the section to see / download D4 or any other user’s manual…

      • Dormant

        I only had a lens registered on the Nikon UK site, and it wouldn’t let me get the manual. It did after I added my grey-market D200.

      • Oberhorst

        You need to register a camera or a scanner. Lenses or flashes wouldn’t help.

  • JM

    Well my original ETA for the D800 from Amazon was March 26 – March 30th. I pre-ordered the first morning it went up for pre-order.
    Yesterday, my ETA was changed to March 23rd.
    Today, I checked and my new ETA is March 22nd!!

    Holy crapola!

    • jesse

      I, too, ordered as soon as the pre-order link went live on Amazon. I chose overnight shipping, and my estimated delivery date is March 21st. I’m hoping that doesn’t get delayed. I’m also hoping that they begin shipping early. ;¬)

  • Rob

    Wow! This is all pretty exciting. I pre-ordered with Amazon when they re-open pre-orders. I’m hoping to see the D4 soon.

    Can anyone confirm the 5% discount on Amazon? I’m a prime member and didn’t see the discount. I called customer service and they’re saying it never existed. Strange. A $300 discount is certainly worth a call/post! 🙂

    Best of luck to everyone in their order queues!


    • Rob

      It was a Gold Box item for many people (one of my Quick Picks). They base the Gold Box items on your past orders. I had ordered a D800 and a D800E, so I got the D4 in my Gold box a couple days ago and decided to order it for 5% off. I was already planning on canceling the D800E anyway.

      I don’t currently have Amazon Prime (did in the past), so I know it doesn’t have anything to do with that.

      • Rob


        Luck is a factor in the Gold Box items, so even if you’ve bought lots of Nikon stuff from Amazon in the past you still might not have gotten it in your Quick Picks. It wasn’t a specific promotion, so that’s why customer service didn’t know what you were talking about – they can’t possibly know about every possible Gold Box deal.

        • Sam posten

          Rob can you send me an email at sposten at please? Amazon is refusing to admit that anyone actually got the gold box offer. They claim to me it’s totally bogus.


          • Bert

            does it matter? amazon patented variable pricing, where they charge you more if their algorithm says you’d pay more. they intro’d it got told off and put it back under wraps.
            now it’s back in the form of Gold Box deal. A D800 buyer may buy a D4 for discount, but someone with neither obviously will buy both at the full RRP.

  • Joseph

    Any idea when the D800E might be arriving on US shores?

  • Mike

    RSP for D4 is ridiculously high in Asia markets like Australia(A$7k), HK(HK$52800, approx 6.8k USD), China(USD7.5k), and Malaysia(USD7.3k ). Seems like Asian market is paying the cost for Nikon’s dumping on the US market.

    • Rudi

      Germany/europe Jeans 7722 us Dollar! (5929€). So don’t complain.

      • Rudi

        Jeans = means (fu€&ing iPad)

        • MashingTheGas


          iPads . . . gotta love ’em.

      • XLRT

        The german price for the D4 is about 6,269.28 USD without the 19% VAT. The Amazon prices in the US are listed without taxes AFAIK.

    • Where did you get the Malaysia price from? As of today, Malaysia Nikon website don’t have any pricing yet on their website yet.

  • SoftonDemand


  • Sinwori

    my local dealer just called me – i get my d4 tomorrow at about 11:00 am (germany). they get 3 cameras.

  • Ben

    Got my WT-5 Transmitter today from a german retail store 🙂
    Happily looking forward holding the monster machine — hopefully this week!

  • Dan

    You gotta love these manuals!

    “Rotate the diopter adjustment control (2) until the viewfinder display, focus points and AF area brackets are in sharp focus. When operating the control with your eye to the viewfinder, be careful not to put your fingers or fingernails in your eye.”

    Pretty funny!

    • Art

      And this is why people buy the 3rd party manuals ….

    • JLK

      Yeah I laughed at that in the D7000 manual as well.

      • Jan

        you realise they added that part after someone hurt their eye and sued?

    • Dean

      It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye …

      • jen

        thats funny dean!

    • Rudi

      This is for our friends in the us! (don’t put your cat in the microwave)

  • musephoto

    Folks, *I* am sweatin’ on getting my D4 before the end of March as I have a trip coming up and I can’t wait to get my hands on this beast, I’ve been waiting for a year as I knew they were due to replace the D3s. As for being first to order…. I am betting I beat all of you – Jan 11th!

    • BenCK

      I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. January 11th? I ordered mine shortly after midnight on the morning of January 6th.

      • musephoto

        Not joking! You beat me!

      • Mexecutioner

        Jan 5th, 11:25 PM for me.

    • I called and pre-ordered mine in mid-October and my friend that I work with pre-ordered two last June. I would bet that people will start having their names on lists for the “D5” long before it actually “exists.”

    • Sofus Comer

      I ordered the D4 two years ago, and cancelled in last minute, when I saw the awesomeness of the D800. Does anybody know of the Scandinavian market. Will we be seeing the D800 here soon?

  • Levi H

    I really hope those free XQD cards make it over in the US packaging for the first batch! It’s pretty exciting!

    • BenCK

      That would certainly be a very nice surprise. I’ve already pre-ordered the 16GB card, 32GB card, and the reader. Getting it included with the D4 would save me a nice chunk of money.

  • Ben

    Amazon offered me 5% off the D4, the D800E and the 70-200 f2.8 yesterday. It would have made for a very happy and very expensive shopping cart if I needed any of them, but alas I will stick with the plain D800.

    • BenCK

      Is this an email they sent you or something? I’m a Prime member as well, but never got a discount offer. Something tells me since I placed my order literally within seconds of their sales pages going live that I won’t get offered a discount. Perhaps it’s for Prime members who have ordered Nikon equipment through Amazon before and who also haven’t placed orders for the D4 or D800 yet in order to entice them.

      • Robert

        Check the “Todays Deals” link on your Amazon home page.

        Both the D4 and D800 just showed up today on mine…5% off.

        • BenCK

          Interesting, but I’m guessing that since I ordered the D4 2 months ago and the D800 a month ago that I won’t be offered the deals. Plus, I would likely have to cancel my current orders and place new ones, which would delay my shipment of course. That’s unfortunate.

          I do see have the 5% off offer on the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII, but I already own that lens.

          • Rob

            After getting the 5% for the D4 I thought about canceling my D800 orders too but it’s too big of a risk that I’d end up waiting 3 more months to get mine, and then it wouldn’t be worth the savings.

    • JM

      I have the D800 on order since 2/7. Today on my Amazon account, under Today’s Deals I see the D800eon sale for 5% less. I think the price was 3134.00
      I pass.

  • MikeEE

    I am not NPS but I know the place I ordered my D4 from is getting their D4 NPS shipment on either friday or monday. Is there anyway they will ship cameras in addition to the NPS? Perhaps mine?

  • KFA

    I wanna read that manual NOW. I’m switching system so i’m not so into Nikon yet. And without the serial number, how am I gonna get it..?

  • Bryan

    Here’s a direct link to the manual:

    • Photographer

      Thanks a 1,000 times over for the direct link. This is a document I have been searching everywhere for.

    • GD

      *cancels his crash course in Japanese*


      Meanwhile, at Nikon EU:

      “Hmm, this is curious; we have fewer than 20 D4 registrations so far, but several hundred downloads of the manual…”

      • Oberhorst

        Anyone can download the manual, you just need to register any Nikon camera or a scanner.

        • Bryan

          You do NOT need to register, you can just download directly from the link I gave above.

          • DMc

            Thanks for the link. I’m going back to reading.

      • paf

        call me a weirdo, but generally I will look for online manual first before I buy something that is:

        a) Of larger cost
        b) has multiple options (competition)

        I do that to see what I am truly getting myself into instead of being disappointed with the product later. So far it has helped me quite a bit to make the right choice for many online purchases!

        • malchick743

          You’re not alone. I do the same thing too, studying the manual then decide on a product purchase. Smart move, not weird at all.

    • KFA

      Thank you a million times! 😀

    • Klick
    • anon99

      And here’s the “cracked” version of the English PDF manual (ie. optimized with all locked permissions removed; also printable):

      Cracked manuals in other languages available upon request.

  • Sooo… I ordered my D4 from BandH YESTERDAY… you think there’s any chance mine would be in next week’s shipment or am I likely to be in later shipments?

    • Sofus Comer

      Dear Melissa and all you others who are eagerly waiting for the new camera.
      I truly understand, you cant wait to get your hands on these new cameras. I have it the same way. I know for a fact; its first all the NPS folks who get theirs first. Then its in the ordered date. If you just ordered yesterday, I would not count on getting it in the first run.
      When the D3 came out, there were a few who got first and then almost months later the rest got theres. I know that Nikon has chosen to make a serve all at the same time policy or at least attempt to do so.
      Lets see. Exciting it is indeed!

      • Melissa

        Thanks so much for the response! I’ll continue keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

    • Sorry Melissa. My sources say that the NPS Priority Purchase preorders exceeded the number of units Nikon has built to date. Here in the US it’s looking like only NPS units are shipping, and NOT ALL NPS units will ship this month.

      This is all going to be very much like the D3 was: it’ll take at least three or four months until reasonable general available happens (i.e. the point where you can decide to get one and find someplace to get it from quickly).

      The word on the D800 preorders is just as bad: huge initial demand that exceeds production capacity.

      • Maybe the big retailers will get more stock to ship to “regular” orders. Can you even do a NPS order through Amazon?

        • Rob

          From what I’ve heard retailers do not have to give priority to the NPS orders, and supposedly BH and Adorama do not maintain separate queues for NPS and regular orders. I’d imagine Amazon would be even less likely to have a separate NPS queue, even if they take Priority Purchase orders (which I doubt).

        • SteveJ

          This post is in response to the admin’s question last week about “Can you even do a NPS order through Amazon?” I think that I have found out a link that enables one to do this:

          The link is from an article that was mentioned several times in other comments, in which an anonymous source claimed to have the direct line to preorders through a NPS-affiliated newspaper located in Florida. Today I was just fooling around trying to get the D800 back into my gold box (I waited too long before deciding to order when it was in my gold box earlier), and so I used that link to place an order for a Nikon D4. I had no intention of actually receiving that order–I just wanted to trigger the D800 to go back into my gold box. Well, to make a long story short, about 5 minutes later as I was combing my hair and about to leave for work, I just looked at my shipping status, and it honestly said “Shipping Soon.” Crazy, because I had only $800 in my bank account, and no way to pay for this camera that was directly on my debit card! And the website still said “Out of stock” and all stock is sold “up to initial allocations.” So it must have been that link that actually did the magic trick for me. Anyway, I canceled my order pronto. But I decided to give you all the link. I would suggest to verify this that if you try the link that you respond if your order status is updated to shipping soon, and please let us all know if it ships by the end of today. Apparently has a few bodies (or a few hundred) that are reserved for purchase only through NPS accounts, and are accessible through specific links like this one.

      • Egan

        I don’t know how accurate this is because I spoke with the folks at J&R a couple of days ago. They said they are getting 151 D800s in on the first shipment and they were pretty sure I was going to be in that first group since I pre-ordered on the first day they offered it. I am not NPS, so we’ll have to see.

      • Egan

        Of course, take what I say with a grain of salt since Thom probably has a much better inside track than I do…

  • Curtis Smith

    the site is down or this link will not work

    what did it say to do for the 5% off do tell

    • BillW

      It works for me. If you read the article it’s pretty simple. Just pre-order the D800 or D800E and within 48 hours (so far) Amazon will place the D4 and the other camera out of the D800/E series (whichever one you didn’t pre-order) into your gold box for 5% off. The site recommends ordering the D800E because since the D800 is shipping so soon, you wouldn’t want it to accidentally ship to you before you can order the D4 that you really wanted.

      There are screen shots on the site to show exactly what is going on, and I can also verify that it is now in my gold box.

  • Luis

    Hi, ADMIN please, any idea on hoy many camera vs. how many orders? I am anxious ’cause I’m surely not among the first to order but I did place mine about 3 weeks ago… Am I in or am I out, any predictions…?

    • Luis

      ADMIN, sorry, I’m talking about D800 orders…

    • no idea

  • Revilo

    Does anybody knows when the shipping of the D800 starts in Germany? hasn’t a Shipping Date released yet.

  • anne
  • KFA
  • Levi H

    OMG, I got a little worried abou the AE/AF lock button being gone, but it’s not really gone:
    “Press the center of the sub-selector to lock exposure and focus.” – From the D4 manual.

    I felt like no one really clarified that in any of the interviews I saw. I knew they couldn’t completely get rid of it, I think this was a great move by Nikon to use a space that was taken up by one button to do so much more now!

  • Mike

    Come On!!!! Just got an email from NPS saying that my D4 has shipped to the local store in boston that I ordered with. It does not give a date as to its arrival. But I assume it will be the 20th like everyone else’s. Good luck getting your orders in!!

    • MikeEE

      Hey, I’m from Boston too. Do you mind me asking which shop you ordered from? Cause I wasn’t even told if nps was gonna be filled or not…

  • Posting multiple links under different names to external website is spam and will not be tolerated here. I received several email on this deal with screenshots from readers, this is how I know about it.

    • Really?

      I was someone who mentioned this in a forum yesterday and my post was deleted in like 60 seconds. As far as I know there was no spam in my post. I don’t know about the other ones you are referring to.

      People would have had 24 more hours to try to get this deal if you weren’t so protective of your territory. I can totally believe that you got reports from your readers as well; however, that doesn’t explain why you would want to hide the information for 24 hours until you have time to post it at your home page. I can’t believe that you only got emails from readers without also receiving message board posts from readers trying to help each other out. So apparently you have squelched all this helpful information until it was convenient for your schedule to put it on the home page.

      In regards to calling external links “spam.” External links are the heart and soul of the Internet. It takes time to provide complete details about information, and it is easier to link to an external site, plus it is also more fair. It also prevents putting possibly copyrighted information into these message boards, and will keep your site from being shut down.

  • You gotta love Nikon: Announce a new product then right after it is released shut it down so you can do inventory!!!!!!

    • stan

      Best time to do inventory. All their shelves will be empty. :p
      Guess if you don’t receive your Nikon, you will have a long wait.

  • Nick

    Same thing here on the NPS order email. I ordered 2 and it said I’d only be getting one for now. The second in a later shipment. Hoping that I will just get the 2 I ordered since I’m up on the list. I have REALLY hairy arms and I like tossing things so I guess I have to do an unboxing video….

  • MashingTheGas

    Direct link: Check!
    Download: Check!
    Ability to print the manual: Nope…….

    = : P

    • Magnus

      Tip: As PDF is an open standard there are hundreds of apps (many free) that removes “secure” locks from PDF files simply by removing the part of the file containing the password…
      And yes, “my” D4 manual prints just fine (due to PDFKey Pro).

  • This is too funny! It was exactly 3 years ago that I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pre-order 2010 SS Camaro. I was on the website daily, checking on any info available regarding the new Camaro. I remember the first pre-order people taking delivery and posting photos of their new 5th Gens. I was even able to see the build sheet for my Camaro through that website. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of my D4 (3-21). “Blue”, my 5th Gen. Camaro, will be 3 Yrs old on 5-11, and she just turned 10k miles , will undoubtedly be one of my first test shoots with the D4!

  • Sofus Comer

    The Danish D4 manual
    The Norwegian D4 manual
    The French D4 manual

    I guess you can figure out the simple approach to the PDF manuals for your country.

  • comode

    Hi, I’m Japanese Nikon user and I already got D4 from my friend’s shop.

    I didn’s see many cases that D4 comes with XQD card except 1 specific shop that is
    small but well known camera shop in west Tokyo area.

    I’m now playing with network capability of D4 and I’d say it’s amazingly useful. 🙂

  • shivaswrath

    WHY would Amazon still be listing the expected arrival as 3/22 and ship date of 3/20 if poeple aren’t getting it next week….I’m sure THom’s sources are right, but it’s not adding up…at least for me it isn’t…

    • Melissa

      I called Amazon this morning to inquire about their listed ship date. They told me that if they could not fulfill the estimated ship date listed for the product, the website would not let you place the order. So going on their word, I switched my D4 order from BH to Amazon. Surely enough, my ship date after placing the order through them just hours ago is saying March 21. At least this way I have some date to follow. I couldn’t get the folks at BH to tell me ANYTHING regarding shipment times.

      I don’t order from Amazon often, so I’m not sure how frequently the estimated ship date can change on you at the last minute but my fingers are surely crossed that they will honor this ship date!

      • MMS

        The small print on Amazon US’s website says “Note on Availability: This item is in high demand and we have taken orders up to our initial allocations. We will continue to accept pre-orders and fill them as soon as additional inventory becomes available. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.” I would worry that any references to “estimated ship date” means the first date that they will ship the product to anyone, not necessarily to you, and that the Amazon computers are not programmed to deal with the unusual situation where the overwhelming demand has created a backlog of orders that will completely deplete their initial supply of products. It may have been best to keep your B&H order in place.

        • melissa

          Well I’m pretty late in the game, either way. I only placed my BH order two days ago. I doubt two days will make much of a difference with delivery times in either company once they get to delivering these late orders in a few months anyway 🙁

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