Nikon D4 unboxing video

As I already mentioned earlier today, the Nikon D4 is now shipping and this is the first unboxing video. I am not sure why this D4 camera came with a Sony XQD card and a reader - this was probably a local special.

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  • Tomislav

    … so I hope to see not only pictures that show the D4 … I’d like to see pictures made with the D4 …. from ISO100 to ISO25600

    • We will shoot high ISO images tonight and post them asap…stay tuned

      • Andy

        I want to see what happens to fabric and and hair as the ISO creeps past 400.

      • black

        Can you shoot a video at ISO 204.000 in low light? thanks!

  • Kalibre

    Would be great to get the XQD and reader for UK units. I’ll wait and see, I’m hoping to have mine in the next few days. The box was sealed in the video so it’s not a local deal and I’d be surprised if this was also for NPS members only given that Nikon are unlikely to changes batch/boxing runs just for this. Fingers crossed.

    • That would not surprise me if Nikon was including the XQD for NPS members.
      It’s not that Nikon in intentionally snubbing the consumer, they’ve just been working very hard to get the pro’s to come back after the dark days of the D2h, an effort that has been paying off.
      I’ve had several pros come up and talk to me at a game asking about switching over/back to Nikon.
      The D3s, D800, and D4 haven’t hurt in the effort either.

  • 9 minutes??? No time (“,) Going out to take some photos 🙂

  • grumps

    Did a Gorilla do the unboxing? :p

  • archie

    best porn ive seen in ages 🙂

  • Loki

    XQD will be the first delivery, as this is the first camera with their support, and these cards are still everywhere. Such a nice caring about customers.
    Sony, because they produce far only Sony. 🙂

  • The postman ring my door this morning !!!!!!!!!
    I get a packet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it was not the d4 🙂

    anyway i still waiting

  • burgerman

    Not interested in D4 as its nothing new. Just an evolution and minor update to the D3S.

    But my D800 which is interesting 🙂 will be here friday or sat I was told in the UK. I am not going out, dog wont get walked, and I will sit in the sreet watching for the van…

    • Jon

      Where did you buy it from?

      I’ve ordered through warehouse express and I’m told I’m 10th in line.

      • What date did you oder Jon?

        • Jon

          I ordered as soon as they opened on the day it was announced. I used the online chat thingy (technical term) to ask where I was on the list. He told me I’d get my D800 in the first batch.

      • burgerman

        Jessops, and just paid 10 quid extra to get it this saturday in the event it cant ber here friday. They are expecting them in at 9am on thursday. And are expecting enough for all pre orders.

        • Jon

          Great, mine may be here early too then 😀

    • sd

      I feel like whenever I wait for some new camera/lens delivery it doesn’t show up for some reason.

  • derren

    most gay unboxing video ever

  • Tim

    Who watches these videos? Seriously?

    • Marcus

      Who comments on videos they believe are ludicrous to watch?

    • Hom Thogan

      People who fap viewing cameras (which are a lot of people) Eww…

  • Chris Long

    Just spent 14 or so irritating minutes talking to Jessops in the UK. Three people I spoke to; the second told me ‘be happy its shipping on the 23rd of March’ the third told me ‘first two weeks of April’ and none of them could tell me if the UK version had the Sony memory card with it. One went as far as saying ‘do you know its shipping’ and went quiet when I told him the first unboxing vids are on the web.

    Frankly in my opinion Jessops are shit. So then do I cancel the D4 and go for the D800?

    I hate the waiting!

    • JB

      I hate the waiting too but…..

      These two cameras are such vastly different beasts….I don’t understand how you could just dump one for the other when confronted with an extra week of waiting. There’s no signs of D800’s anywhere…not sure why you think you would get that first. As far as the dealer…being in the US I don’t know them….but my local dealer who is VERY GOOD….doesn’t know a darned thing…and that is Nikon’s fault….not theirs.

      • Chris Long

        The comment wasn’t serious – my irritation towards Jessops is.

        To speak to three people who know less than anyone who reads this place is bad enough, that I’m about to pay them nearly £5k makes it worse.

      • oldf*rt

        He could spend the money on some therapy instead.

        • Chris Long

          But then I would be therapised – good, but have no D4 – bad, and therefore be grumpy again – thus negating the whole therapy thing.

          No the only solution is to continue to be irrationally angry at Jessops and wait for my D4 to arrive.

  • Interesting to see all the moire on the box for the 1st half of the video. Perhaps it was filmed with a D800E? 😉

    • RumorMongerer

      The video states the clip was shot with a Nikon D5100.

  • Jesus Martin

    Just a comment regarding XQD Card included with D4.

    I already received the call from my distributor saying this evening my D4 is ready for buying and includes an XQD Card.

    I´ll sent pictures ASAP.

    Regards from Spain

    • Alex

      Congrats to your D4, Jesus 🙂
      Are you a NPS member or have you ordered the D4 the day it was announced?



      • jesus Martin

        Thanks Alex

        I´m in such a NPS in Spain, only for Nikon Pro Users, but the camera comes from a retailer. I ordered the camera a couple of days after announcement.



  • CL
  • Akeel Shabazz

    For $6000, it should include the card, lol. beautiful camera.

  • Congratulations man, what a beautiful toy!!!!

    • Toy?

      I dunno why but when people call a camer a a “toy” it irks me something chronic.

      It’s a TOOL not a toy.

  • I hope the XQD card and reader is not only for NPS member. Hopefully it will come as a package.

    • Chris Long


  • worried sick

    I just saw on the news there was three big quakes followed by a tsunami warning. Any news whether production has bee altered in any way? This brings horrible flashbacks!!!

  • Jim

    Interesting…. This morning I changed my shipping address for my D4 order on amazon (placed on March 8th) and was able to edit shipping address, billing method etc. Now there is a ‘Shipping Soon’ label and it won’t let me edit that stuff. Still says estimated delivery of March 21st but I have a feeling this might be good news if its not letting me edit that stuff!

  • my comment is: what on earth is the point of a video of someone unpacking a camera?
    it really makes me chuckle to think of people sadly fixated on someone elses box opening.

  • Jack

    No more screen protection to put on the screen ????

    That’s so good to have one ! Tell me Nikon don’t stop to put it in the box !!

  • Jack

    No more screen protection to put on the screen ????

    That’s so good to have one ! Tell me Nikon don’t stop to put it in the box !!

    • D3s user

      D3s doesn’t have one either, this is nothing new. Though I do wonder why flagship models have the slots for a cover but no cover.

      I got my D3s LCD cover from hoodman.

      • Jack

        Ok thanks… I never have a D3s in my hand so i all the time think they have a protection… like on my D300s…

        That’s stupid from Nikon to put a free protection in all the camera but not on the most expensive one…

  • I compared raw from d3s and d4 on and surprisingly there is no difference at same ISOs.. D4 image was little bigger that is it. I am sure no one cares 16mp vs 12mp.

  • Robert Falconer

    Videos of people unboxing stuff is the perfect example of why the internet needs to be regulated by the govt. 🙂 Just kidding.

    But really, let’s end unboxing videos >>!

  • MichalK

    Hi all

    I just did some basic testing on the D4 and it is amazing… 12800 ISO is better then 3200 on my D3 or D700 so if you are ISO junkie this is a must (as I am).

    I wanted to say thank you to Jesse from in QLD Australia.

    Jesse has been “my dealer” – lol – for years now and I wouldn’t have the first D4 if it wasn’t for him 🙂

  • bert

    First thing to do with any Nikon or Canon: ditch the neck strap. You look like a fool using it. Don’t know why they include them. Please change them to narrow plain black models.

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