First Nikon D4 delivered

The first Nikon D4 is already in the hands of a reader in Prague, Czech Republic. The camera was delivered today by the NPS pro-dealer Fotoskoda.

For more images go to Unboxing video coming in few hours.

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  • MashingTheGas

    Very interesting. Surprised to see it apparently comes with an XQD card and a card reader! Who’d a thunk it? Sure would like to verify this as I’ve included a card and reader with my D4 order.

    • Cristian

      It’s unbelieveble that on a 6000 euros SLR Nikon still doesn’t supply a copy of Capture NX2…

      • Al

        I agree, Nikon should be giving CaptureNX2 with certain purchases.

  • FanBoy

    so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy.

  • Greg

    Selling a D90 and D7000. Taking offers?

  • Jimmy

    I admire his patience; expected a killer dubstep drop at 3:10 though.

  • Jorge

    @scott m: Yes. House paid in full. Like I said. Zero debt. And yes my D800 has an eta from Amazon of 3/23

    • Scott M

      Good for you! What is it like to not have ANY debt? I like to hear these kind of things from people. I think it is fantastic you and your wife have accomplished this. My D800 arrives soon too, from B&H. Hopefully next week. I put it on my old green Amex.

  • VM

    Actually, Taiwan version will come with XQD and the reader……
    I think Nikon should free XQD and reader to D4 owners in order to push more XQD to be more popular………

  • Aniket

    I just confirmed. Nikon is giving XQD card and card reader with D4. Nice little surprise.

    • VM

      Where? US version?
      So far, I only know Taiwan, Cech. Rep,……

    • Ray

      If XQD cards and card readers are included with all D4 boxes then this could have been the reason for the delay. Nikon needed to wait until the they had the XQD cards available. And this could be the reason Sony delayed the XQD cards until end of March. They were concentrating on manufacturing the 16GB cards for inclusion with the D4 for Nikon. Whats your thoughts ADMIN….

  • trialcritic

    I ordered my D800 from B&H online. I talked to them about the cards needed. They suggested not go for cards greater than 32G as the computers have problems reading them. I ordered 32GB CF and SD card. Wonder if others have suggestions about this and if D800 will include cards, they do not say so.

    • Fredoner

      Sandisk 64 go 95 mbs :200$,64go 45mbs:100$!!!!(web price).

    • Fredoner

      Fat 32 is for up to 32go cards and 4go files,Exfat is for higher than 32go and 4go like UHS 1 etc…good for SSD and new card generation!!!!

  • Col Hanzaplast

    Have you noticed D4 manual thickness ?

    • Hikrown

      … D4 manual is available to download from Nikon Support Webpage… English manual (PDF) contains 484 pages…

      • Action

        Do you have a link for the manual? I just looked and can’t find it listed on their support webpage.

        • Hikrown
          • Actuib

            Thanks. It says you have to register the product first. The manual isn’t up on the US Nikon Support page yet (don’t have to register for that). I have one coming and wanted to do some reading before it gets here.

  • Lou

    D4 arrives in Austrailia!! Check out this link from a NPS member in Austrailia….

  • Rob

    Had a tweet from Jessops UK suggesting 22nd March for the D800!

  • Tomislav
  • Alex

    Does the D4 and D3 not come with a screen protector like the D700?

    • No, it does not come with a screen protector. I believe, the D3/D4 screen is created with a more durable material that can stand beating and less prone to scratches.

      • alex

        Excellent, I always seem to get dust between the screen and the protector. Cracked the protector trying to pry it off. It’ll be nice to have a clean screen!

  • B&H is shipping out the D4 now. They just confirmed it to me.

    • Is this on schedule? Or 3/14 is late?

      • Not sure. I have mine on order through Adorama and they told me to expect it to ship tomorrow, so today may actually be a day early.

    • musephoto

      Sorry for being pedantic but did you speak to a real live human at B&H or was this something you got from their web site or by email?

      Just curious!

  • Rasto

    I visit that shop on regular basis 🙂

  • Adorama also just told me that the D4 is now listed as in stock in their system, so they should start shipping very soon. They also mentioned that they haven’t finished counting them yet so they don’t know how many they received.

    • Greg

      Funny…. Just told me that they have no idea when they will receive their first batch of D4s… I ordered mine at 6 am 1/6/2012…. Have a friend that ordered from B&H (5 days after me) and he states he got a verbal ship date of tomorrow….. Don’t know if it is true.

      Is this typical of Adorama vs. B&H?

      I hope I am not waiting just because I chose to order from one vs. the other….

      • I spoke with their photo people, not their customer service, and he looked into my order (said I was #15 in line) and in the process said that it now shows they have gotten some in stock.

        • musephoto

          Ah!!! I guess this answers it!!!

  • Tomislav
    • Hikrown

      Be careful! I don’t think it’s true…!! If you search in their shop for a D800 with the correct price (and not just 150€) it’s not available on stock!

      same for D4 at!

      • Tomislav

        Oh, here in germay many people in forums are now ordering there and waiting for a delivery in 1-2 days 🙂

        • Hikrown

          I talked to my dealer today… They currently have over 150 outstanding D4 orders… As you can imagine they need a dedicated guy just to answer the same question all day long:
          When will my f… D4 shipped?
          I don’t know… We still don’t got any information from Nikon…

          cool – isn’t it? 🙂

  • Hikrown

    I’m still fighting with Nikon Pro Support to get some information or shipping dates for Switzerland… My dealer hasn’t received any information yet…

    Boring: All over the world starts enjoying their D4 – and we still have no information…

    • Tomislav

      Same in Germany …

      first cameras have been delivered in Austria, some will be delivered tomorrow in germany … but no NPS-Dealer has any relyable information, they just get an information from Nikon when the D4 is alreadyon the way …

      That’s not PRO ! That not NPS !

      • Hikrown

        I’m fully with you… If I would work and/or communicate like this I had to look for a new job immediately… 🙂

        • Wolf

          My D4 was delieverd today, exact as my dealer told me … 15.03.2012

          • Hikrown

            Where are you located?

  • seems like D4 will not have an issues with the PCe. Sad that the D800 36 mp design for landscape and architectural photographers wont get the same.

  • I just got notice today from NPS that my D4 is shipping to my dealer. Anybody want it? I decided to go with the D800 after that was announced and have that ordered through NPS also.

    • Matt Cordeiro

      Yes, email me directly: mnc at

  • Colormetric

    Nikonusa in their D4 support forum indicated delivery to be 14 days and their response was posted March 13th. Hopefully we will see a significant number delivered on the march 27th.

  • Colormetric

    B&H closed for 9 days starting April 6th for Passover.

  • Chris Grossmeier

    Is it common for Nikon to Seal the boxes with a metalic / holographic Nikon sticker? The first iamge above shows the sealed box with the Nikon sticker. My box has no such seals on the box. My only conclusion was the delay, addition of XQD Cards, or camera upgrades resulted in new boxes without the officual Nikon seal.

    Any thoughts?

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