Nikon USA has suspended all product deliveries for 10 days

Nikon USA has suspended all product deliveries to dealers for the next 10 days because of their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon). This will also explain why the new 24mm f/1.4 lens was available in very limited quantities in the US (it was suppose to be released at the end of March). Expect many out of stock products to be available after this inventory count is over.

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  • The invisible man

    Premier ! First ! Primero ! Fufsrekkqh !

  • GlobalGuy

    Of course, even more products should be out-of-stock just after this inventory count, due to sales depletion in the meanwhile. It might take them a month or two to catch up. Logistics will likely be back-logged.

  • GlobalGuy

    By the way, where is the update to the Extended Rebates?

    • Segura

      Yes update please.

      • just posted the list of the updated Nikon instant rebates

  • NK

    10 days,
    wont that affect their sales.

  • Hard to believe this rumor.

    • Fools4Gold

      This is real — not a rumor. It came from the mouth of the regional sales manager here in the Nikon USA.

  • Artur

    Nikkor 50mm 1.2G and 35mm 1.4G

    Any rumors? This year or next?

    • nikkor_2

      Nikkor 50mm 1.2G … Any rumors?


      I’d love to see a Nikkor 50mm f/1.2!

  • JM

    10 days for stock taking?

    When was the last time you saw a grocery store (which sells 5000 different items) close for 10 days? Or Walmart (50,000 items)? Or Amazon (500,000).

    You would think alot of this stuff would be, um, computerized by now.

    • PJS

      Nikon’s inventory is much, much larger than your local grocer. Do you know how many parts a D700 has? And they have to stock every part, for every camera and lens (and usually more than one of each- unless it is the part that I need!!!). Not to mention their other divisions. 10 days seems a rather short timeline to me.

      • Dave B

        Amazon never shuts down to do inventory. In this day and age, there should be an ongoing inventory or something done from 10pm-7am or so to account for items and parts and not something that takes them out of the sales loop for so long. They do seem quite slow and antiquated in many ways. Repairs are a fine example. I have sent in numerous parts over the years. The same day I sent in my MB-D10 battery grip (D700), my friend sent in his Canon 5D for repair. One week later, he received his camera back repaired and I got a letter stating my “item was now logged in for repair.” I got it back after 3 weeks. I love my Nikon gear but they need to get with the program.

        • On one hand, I agree with you. You might actually be surprised at how antiquated Japanese companies are in some ways.

          On the other hand, regarding repair turnaround time, that probably is a matter of where you send it and how busy they happen to be (or if they happen to have the necessary parts on hand). I’ve sent a few things into the main repair center in Tokyo and cannot complain about the turnaround time. Obviously apples to oranges considering our positions, but I’ve also heard great CS stories from the US, so… must be a YMMV type of thing.

      • ZoetMB

        I disagree. First of all, I don’t think Nikon USA stocks that many parts which is why when you bring equipment in for repair, it might sit around for weeks waiting for parts to come in.

        But even if that’s incorrect, the answer is that you inventory the traditional equipment first (lenses, bodies, flashes, major accessories) and resume shipping and then you do the parts. 10 days is absurd….every Nikon model has a bar code and I’m sure their warehouse pallets also have bar codes, they should be able to take inventory in a matter of hours – over a weekend at most.

        This actually doesn’t sound credible to me. I wonder if something else isn’t going on. This also seems far away from the efficiency that most Japanese companies claim to have.

      • JM

        As someone else mentioned, why would their stock taking of parts, if indeed there are as many as you claim, stop them from filling and shipping out orders of new complete items, boxed in Japan etc and ready to be bought?

  • pulu

    any idea when the 10 days started and when they are over?

    • Comment:
      I got the first tip last week and a confirmation today. I think they will have to finish this week in order to report their financial results.

      • pulu

        thanks for the clarification! i have a wedding on the 10th and i’m hoping there is still a chance to get my 24/1.4 before then 😛

  • Wishing the 135 F2.0 comes back in Stock. I was buying one and went out of stock on the day after I said I a going to get one. LOL – take that for a signal.

  • NikonCanon

    I sent my 500VR to Nikon Canada for repairs Mar 5,2010, they can’t get it fix edbecause they are waiting for parts (VR unit). Dang, that means I will have absolutely no hope of getting it back for another 10 bloody days. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrh

  • zzddrr

    I think they are just cooking the books and try to play around the revenue recognition. They may have hit their target but they are not sure so they sent their dogs out to sniff in all warehouses.

    I mean, this is ridiculous. I really think Nikon has an issue with their operation.

  • frage

    can’t believe, only companys who don’t care about anything, have to count 10 days, any big company (and japanese, too) should have an automatic system for this.

  • Cadence SF

    I found the D lens are much faster and intuitive to use than the G lens, because I can grab the aperture ring and set it immediately, and I know exactly what it’s set at even with the power off.
    In fact I hate what Nikon did.. getting rid of something that worked so well to replace it with something awkward and slow. I wonder what the rest thinks….

    • I don’t my Nikon F much, so I’m not exactly missing the aperture rings at all. Much prefer my G lenses over the AF-D lenses. AF is night and day between the two types. I thought the 50mm f1.4G was slow to AF on my D700 when I first got it. Upgrading the firmware changed that. Now I have no complaints whatsoever. In fact, it’s one of my favorite lenses now. If you’re shooting on a DX camera, perhaps you’re experiencing the same slowdown. I haven’t tried the 50G on my D300 yet, so can’t say either way.

      You asked what the rest of us think… there’ll be a million different opinions. Mine is that I don’t miss the aperture ring.

    • ZoetMB

      And how is this relevant to shipping issues and Nikon taking inventory??

      Besides, even if you have a “D” lens, you have to lock the ring on any modern body, so you can’t use it even if it has the ring. And on a modern body, if the power is off, you can’t shoot anyway.

      • Cadence SF

        I had it titled OT: off topic… but I guess the title didn’t show. I’m able to preset the aperture via the ring on D700 though custom mode settings.
        As for thedelay… I don’t see the big deal. I waited 5years to get what I wanted: an affordable full frame. So 10 days isn’t much. I guess it depends on how people plan their purchase.

  • Right, because Nikon is already soooo good at keeping enough stock flowing there aren’t already month+ backlogs to get stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Oh nooo, once the rebate will end we will get final sale half priced cameras in Best Buy as it happened with the D200. Then Nikon will launch the ultimate rebate for refurbished equipment. Once this will be over, we can start buying half finished cameras.

    I think it is time for Nikon and come and say something because this whole rebate sh_t just makes people think that why the f_ _k did I pay premium for Nikon?

    The most hilarious thing is that they have to bloody rebate but many places the products (good lenses) are not available. Nikon should understand by now how damaging this could be.

  • Joe

    Has anyone noticed that the D700 seems to be in short supply (or is it just me)?

    Or… could it be that it’s in short supply on purpose? Maybe that’s Nikon’s way of getting as much $$$ as they can out of their only FF semi pro model ?

    I’d love to be the owner of a D700 but I’m not going to spend $2700.00 on a camera that’s almost 2 years old…

    Especially if Nikon may come out with an updated camera for about the same price OR they start selling the remaining D700’s off the same way they did with the D200’s a year or so ago at Best Buy for 1/2 the original price…

    The only other thoughts that I have is that maybe Nikon knows something about the economy – that it may soon worsen, or that their financials are in bad shape or they are having labor problems or a combination of all the above ?

    • Cadence SF

      Joe, D-700 has actually been going for $2400 for over a year… add it cart and see for yourself

  • TheIncredibleUlk

    If you are so upset with Nikon: please feel free to not buy Nikon…
    Geez every year the same thing and every year the same lame comments.
    So they have their quirks. I luv my Nikon anyway and i can wait 10 days, if i have to.
    Most of us have enough gear to bypass this admittedly fuddy-duddy practise of Nikon. And about that rebates. Every branch does it. Cars, clothes, food, electronics… It’s not that Nikon is like Porsche or Ferrari (they don’t do rebates – i checked :D)

  • Peter

    This happens every year right before the first of april. Nikon Japan doesn’t want any sales in this period because of fiscal reasons. Their is an emergency back up though. For the big shops who ran out of stock those days.

  • alan

    Instant delay on trying to get an sb-600 flash tube XE701. Fer cryin out loud.

    10 days? Inventory is a crappy reason. Saying a few shipments have radioactive mice carrying hanta virus or mini godzillas would be a more logical reason. And even then, FIVE days.

  • Bruce

    No idea where you heard this from but it is very hard to believe that with modern inventory tracking and logistics management systems that this is even remotely true. My local dealer has not been told this.

    • I got it from multiple sources. I would say is 99% true.

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