The updated Nikon instant rebates list

Adorama: those are all possible combination for the new Nikon instant rebates. All prices should be updated:

Combination D300s body D300s w/18-200 D700 body D700 w/24-120
70-200 ($400) available N/A available N/A
24-70 ($300) available N/A available N/A
24-120 ($200) available N/A available N/A
18-200 ($250) N/A available N/A N/A
10-24 ($300) available available N/A N/A
16-35 ($300) available available available available
SB-900 ($100) available available available available
24-70/70-200 ($700) available N/A available N/A
24-70/SB900 ($400) available N/A available N/A
70-200/SB900 ($500) available N/A available N/A
24-120/SB900 ($300) available N/A see D700 Kit N/A
24-70/70-200/SB900 ($800) available N/A available N/A
70-300 ($200) available available available available

$200 rebate on the 70-300mm lens is also available with the D5000 & D90 bodies:

And some "special" combos:

Nikon instant rebates at B&H: click on each of the models from the list below and then navigate to the “available kits” link for all the possible options:

The new rebates are suppose to expire on May 29th, 2010. I will be updating this list if I have missed some combos.

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  • aeas

    thanks for the new list

    • Banned

      Thanks… Disappointed to have to buy a camera to get $100 off the SB-900!!!

      • Banned

        EDIT: My other comment is awaiting moderation because of links posted to Adorama. This is the edited post without the links. You can go verify yourself at Adorama.

        Well, in the end, looks like we’re not missing much on these “rebates”:


        Price of individual D700 (after adding to cart): 2399.95
        Price of individual 24-70 (after adding to cart): 1739.95
        Total price for both: 4139.9

        Price of combo D700 + 24-70 (after adding to cart, which takes off the $300 rebate): 4286.95

        Am I the only one thinking there is a problem here? I feel a little cheated, and not only by Adorama. I feel Admin you’re taking us all for a ride. I see you have little tags in your links to Adorama, so you make money for each click, or combo bought from this store. This would be a move of integrity to pull off these “deals” from your website.

        • Banned

          I went to check the same at B&H and they seem to have better deals, for example the D700 + 24-70 combo is 255 less than the individual components. Not 300 as advertised but better than Adorama!

          Let’s just say I will keep buying from Amazon.

          • JorPet

            I bought the D700 and 24-70 a couple weeks ago from B&H for around $3,880. While that is “only” about $260 less than the normal prices, the normal prices are already substantially below retail prices. I have no issues with the price I paid, or I wouldn’t have ordered them.

            I saw it as a bonus, I was going to buy the combination anyway and thanks to this site it saved me $260. No complaints here.

  • The invisible man

    Thanks for reminding me how much money I lost !

  • Joe

    If I bought the body and the lens at different time from 2 different vendors would the rebate still apply?

    • Global Guy


      • Banned

        lol, what if I don’t buy anything can I still get the rebate pliiiiiz.

  • m

    do the math..D300s is currently priced at $1450. 70-300mm vr lens without rebates is currently at $504.30. together they cost $1954.30. Adorama lists the price after $200 rebates as $2,086.95

    • Global Guy

      To find Adorama’s final prices you need ADD TO CART. Adorama usually never shows rebated prices until after adding to cart.

      Also, everyone should be aware that B&H and Adorama are having some conservative jewish religious holidays right now that will last 1 week. Therefore, you might consider that they have not updated the websites fully.

      They will probably finalize everything next week if there are any issues.

      • Zim

        a conservative jewish holiday? You passover!! Isn;t that their biggest one?
        Good thing it goes along with the nikon inventory

      • Banned

        It doesn’t matter, see my post above, after adding to cart it still is MORE than the individual components.

    • Gerry

      Before I bought my gear from Hunts photo, I got in a huge argument with the guys from adorama about how their “package” deals were inflated prices, when compared to adding the two items into the car seperately. We went around in circles for probably 15 minutes, and then the guy finally said that I could have the lower price (discount applied to the seperate cart prices), and not the package price. He seemed pretty upset as well… So maybe they just dont want to give up that much money… OR, they dont want my business… which they didnt get.

      • Banned

        What a surprise. Easy to offer some rebates when you inflate the price first.

  • m

    sorry..i just mean rebates posted by adorama dont look like they are rebates..maybe im mistaken

    • I only calculated the D300s and the 70-200 and the rebate was right. Maybe Adorama has not updated all of their entries – this was also the case with the first set of rebates – it took them few days to update all. I believe Adorama and B&H are currently closed, but those are suppose to be the new rebates (got those from multiple sources).

      • oh yeah – you have to add the items to the cart to get the final price

        • Banned

          Admin, see my post above, D700 + 24-70 deal is more than individual components, even after adding to cart, AND the cart said “300 rebate applied”…

  • Jeff

    Hmmm, seems like they are really working hard to push the D300s and D700 by packing with lenses at a nice discount. Could it be they are staging for replacements to these bodies in May? Lets hope so! 🙂

    Meaning to keep up with Canon they need to get the D300/D300s MP up around 18 and as we all know the D700 is due for its replacement. If they edge up on Canon then these older bodies won’t be in demand, so offer specials so you can move out the majority of stock. Pretty normal marketing strategy.

  • D900_Buyer

    For the speculative D700x/D700s/D900 buyer… What does this mean? Does it mean that Nikon is dumping inventory because a new model release is imminent? (If so… Why the relatively-new D300s?) Or, could it mean that Nikon is trying to pump Q1 sales (I think Nikon is just beginning its fiscal year) — which might be the case if it knows there will be NO new cameras this quarter…?

    • enesunkie

      I believe you hit the nail on the head.

      • Joe

        and probably the D3s is not included because is out of stock anyways. and with inventory close new unit is not getting delivered as well.

        • Anonymous

          Some people say the D3s sale was good only for the first 30 days and after it dropped faster than none of the Nikon cameras ever. What I heard is that 90% of the D3s buyers were prior D3 owners. This indicates that it was just a “replacement” camera.

          Also, many skipped the D3s because it does not give much more than the D3 or the D700 (of course except iso and jello). It was clearly disappointing to many who are not niche photographers. Some people were joking with that Nikon just started to get into the night vision business.

          I skipped it too although my D3 is banged up a bit but still working… just not enough new stuff in it to justify the investment.

    • zzddrr

      The next one is going out of business liquidation! 🙂

    • Discontinued

      “the relatively-new D300s” was relatively old on the day of its release already. Mind you of the rumored specs that went just days (rather hours) ahead of it : 15 to 18 MP and Full HD. Nonetheless after its release everybody screamed in a strange stage of excitement: GREAT, it’s a NIKON and it even has Video ! ! !
      I guess the D300 upgrade was just a necessity to still sell the sensor and to fulfill the contracted sensor-contingent. D300s was never meant to stay for ever.

      By now all of us should have learned, that a D700x/800/900 never will happen the way you imagine it to be. All the MP-Haters here went over it again and again . Means, we are probably going to see a 1px only high fps and high iso without noise FX-solution in the near future. That camera will probably be called D700RS
      (Racing Speed) and offer 1px shots up to iso 1.000.000 + 3EV and up to 30fps. The 1px only solution will finally put an end to the debate of upscaling, cropping, screen or print resolution as well, because these 1px shots are going to offer unlimited upscaling without any loss to sharpness or detail anyway. Here (between the two arrows) is a first sample of such a shot, taken at night with 1/8000s at f11 14mm and cropped to a nice panoramic format > – <

      • Canon Fangirly

        You seriouly have to lighten up and take some pictures. It feels good to press the shutter every once in a while instead of trying to shoot with not existing gear.

      • Anonymous


        That was hilarious. As a sidenote, I am afraid Nikon will consider this solution for one reason, it will be much easier to notice the dead and stuck pixel while cost of sensor re-maping may yield with varying results.

  • Gary

    Let’s also realize that Canon has its own rebates out now.

    So this is most likely trying to juice sales during what is historically a slower time for camera sales. Everyone tries to read so much into this, but it’s more a matter of time and the sales cycle probably mixed in with market conditions.

    • Gerry

      Why are you posting logic and common sense on here?

      • Banned


  • zzddrr

    I guess I will wait for a rebate of the current rebate 🙂

    If Nikon keeps up the great product releases we may endup buying paintbrushes. At least in that case we can won’t be able to complain about the resolution 🙂

  • Jeff T.

    +1 Paintbrush with a rebate…..

  • The invisible man

    What are we gone talk after the D900’s relase ?
    The D1200 , D1500, D2000 ?
    Go thing numbers are infinite, or else this forum would be boring !

  • chEEtah

    Eh… dead time for rumours.

  • great site

    any rebate news for UK France German Italy Japan China Hong Kong Singapore Arab Countries Austialia New Zealand ………… Great site for rebate news …….. not so great for rumors

  • The new D700?

    When are we going to see the new, updated D700 with HD video, full frame coverage, 2 card slots (of the same type please), maybe the nice image processor of the recent D3s, and more? When?!!!

    Your recent postings are really boring! With the new D700, it should bring back a dose of excitement that is currently dearly lacking.

  • The invisible man

    Here is an article about ” futur” D700s/D800.
    Just speculations but it may worth reading it (anyways everyone is borded, right ?)

  • Segura

    Well I decided to get a D700/24-120mm combo off eBay. $2600 – $200 Bing and -$103 eBay Bonus Bucks . . . so $2300. Better deal than these rebates. I’ll off the lens for $300-$400.

  • $1300 off ?

    Can I get a D300S plus 10-24, 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 , combine the instant rebates and get $1300 off in total?

  • Kevin

    When the rebates first came out both B&H and Adorama had the correct rebate pricing which seems to have magically vanished.

    I bought a D700 with the 70-200 VRII for $4200 where as the rebate price is now nearly $4700. It appears as though most companies pulled the huge savings for some reason.

    I would think $4200 for that combo is a smoking good price.

  • Geoff_K

    WHAT ??

    At Adorama, just now

    Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera with 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S – USA Warranty
    $4586.95 Regular Price
    – $300.00Instant Rebate



    Nikon D700 $2,696.95
    Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S $1,739.95



    4136.91 Total cost after rebate

    Why the difference ? 150$ is way too much for them to skim off the rebate money in my mind.

    • Again, some Adorama prices may not be updated – I think they are currently closed for Passover. When the rebate program started a month ago, it took them 3 days to adjust all rebate/prices.

  • Geoff_K

    They are showing the discount on the kit. It seems to me that they have made the changes and only forgot to increase the price of the other cameras so they can keep the 150$ from the rebate

    • Richard

      Sure looks that way. If it is true, that is not very nice at all.

      I would like to hear their explanation.

  • ways

    D800 is coming…
    D3X sensor.

  • Kevin

    It’s a shame you can’t ban morons for saying stuff like that. IF you want a 24mp camera go buy a D3x.

    • Geoff_K

      Some of us do not want the weight of a D3X. Put it into a D700 frame and let me add a battery pack IF I need one.

      On a side note, I would be happy with 18MP. ;- )

  • Zim

    I think I’m buying the D300s and the SB-900 flash.

    • Zim

      I just made the call.

  • Jake

    Amazon has $100 rebate on the SB-900 when you add a D300s or D700 body to the cart.

    I just bought the D700 + 24-70 + 70-200 kit from Adorama right before the SB-900 rebate was announced. I would have added the SB-900 to the cart if the rebate had been available. I doubt Adorama will give me the rebate if I were to buy the flashgun now (I might try calling them when they return from holiday).

  • I can get the Nikon D300s with a 18-200 lens for $2,182.08 minus 10% off that because I have a employee discount… is this looks better than the rebates avalible at Adorama or am I missing something?

  • The rebates cannot be applied if you place the two items into the cart separately, because the nature of the rebate isn’t compatible with our software.
    To get around this, we created the kits.
    I’m really not sure why there is so muich confusion.

    If you have a specific query in relation to the rebates, please contact me directly: helen.oster[AT]

    In any case, suggestions that Adorama is taking rebates from the manufacturer and not passing them on to the customer are without a shred of truth!

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

    • David Segura

      Helen, Thanks for your post. I am looking at the following:
      $1,519.95 Nikon D300s (INKD300S)
      $464.95 Nikon SB-900 (NKSB900AFU)
      $1259.95 Nikon 16-35mm (NK1635U)
      Total comes out to $3244.85. Would I be able to get the $400 in rebates when you make a kit? It should be $2844.85.

      And I think the rebate question would be for the following example.
      Nikon D700 Body 2,399.95 (INKD700)
      Nikon 70-200mm VRII $2299.00 (NK70200AF2U)
      I would expect to pay $4698.95 – $400 Rebates = $4298.95

      But when I purchase your kit (INKD70070) that has the $400 Rebate included, it comes out to $4,696.95, or a whopping $2.00 cheaper than buying individually. Explain that one please.

    • David Segura

      And before you mention that you are applying the rebates to “list prices”, why not take a look at Amazon, looks like the rebates are up.
      Nikon D700 ($2,394.54) + 70-200mm VR ($2,230.54) – $400 Rebate = $4,225.08

      Admin, you may want to add a new topic that Amazon Rebates are LIVE and they are not taking the rebates off MSRP, but the going price.

      Shop today and get $400 off a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II AF-S Nikkor lens when you purchase it along with select Nikon digital SLRs from Add both the qualifying camera and qualifying lens from the list below to your Shopping Cart, enter promotional code 7O2OOAPR at checkout, and Amazon will apply the $400 in savings.

      • Thanks David, I updated my post. Where did you get this code? I tried on and it worked 🙂

        • Geoff_K

          I got the rebate code in an email from Amazon. Probably because I have been looking at the D700 and lens and had put them into my cart to see the totals.

          • Jeremy G

            If you got to the lens product page on for any of the products that have current rebates, it should show you a link to the rebate code. just try search “nikon 10-24mm” and clicking on the product page (for example).

    • Geoff_K

      Then why the difference in the final price ? Buying individually then taking $ off is/was less than the kit. About 150$ less.

  • Richard


    Is there any update on the status of the rebates?

    • Richard, I just posted an updated list of the rebates, including all possible combos.

      • Jeremy G

        Is there a possible combination for the D300s w/ 10-24mm and 70-200mm? That’s what I’ve been hoping for….

  • Jeremy G

    I just got a notice that the D300s is no longer available from LLC. IT’s still available from other selling on Amazon’s site though. I wonder how that affects the rebates that Amazon is offering?

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