Another Nikon SB-600 being discontinued story

CompUSA currently doesn't have the Nikon SB-600 listed on their website. I called them up and the SB-600 is not listed in their inventory system. On the phone they could not confirm whether the SB-600 is discontinued or they just dropped it from their catalog. Here is a live support chat session that I found online, indicating that the SB-600 is discontinued at CompUSA (see similar story from Staples here):

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to J***** J******.
J***** J******: Thank you for contacting us today, how may I assist you?
Me: Hi J*****, I'm looking at the Nikon SB-600 flash right now.
Me: It appears that it is "unavailable"
Me: Do you have any idea on the status of the object?
Me: Is CompUSA just out of stock, or has it been discontinued?
J***** J******: Let me check on that for you. Please give me a minute or two.
Me: Great, thanks.
J***** J******: Thank you for waiting. With regard to your inquiry unfortunately it seems the item has been discontinued. We do not have any information on the future availability of this item on the CompUSA site.
Me: Hmm, okay. Thanks so much for the information, J*****!
J***** J******: Have a great day, and thanks for providing us with the opportunity to assist you today!


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  • Johan

    I hope they make a SB 700 or something like that.

    • Zorro

      What is a SB700 like?

      • Johan

        I would like something like the SB600 size but with the easy of use of the SB900.

  • Banned

    On amazon it says ships in 1 to 2 months.

    • Tabitha Green

      In Amazonese that means they don’t know when the hell they’ll have one for you.

  • merkuree

    I did not know that CompUSA still existed! When I read this, I thought you were getting an early April Fools in.

    BTW, admin……please do not post that the D700x/s has been released as an April Fools story…….You may start a riot!

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      Riots? Me like riots 😀 Riots make good motives…

    • iamlucky13

      During their bankruptcy, the parent company of TigerDirect bought rights to the CompUSA name and some of their assets. TigerDirect actually re-opened the CompUSA locations they had purchased, and rebranded their existing retail stores to match.

      TigerDirect also grabbed the Circuit City name when they shut down, and you can still shop, but I think the product lineup is now the same as TigerDirect.

      I feel like these electronics chains failed in reverse order of their merits. CompUSA was the one I liked the most, but died first. Then Circuit City went under, but Best Buy seems to be thriving despite being only slightly better for electronics (in my opinion) than Target.

      • PHB

        CompUSA was a computer store that did not sell a C compiler – fail.

        And every time I bought something there I was harassed by the shop assistant demanding that I buy an extended warranty scam. So I stopped shopping there and bought from Amazon instead.

        I should have shorted Circuit City when the management sacked the best salespeople (the ones making the most in commissions) as a money saving measure. Then the same management paid themselves a huge retention bonus.

        Best Buy over here has a vastly bigger selection than Target. Though in practice it is no better than CostCo and much more expensive for TVs and only a little better for cameras.

        • iamlucky13

          I never bought software at CompUSA (I probably wouldn’t have gone looking there for a C compiler anyways), but their computer and networking hardware selection was far better than the others. Obviously not as good as Fry’s, but it was 1/4 the distance for me. The first couple of folks I talked to at the Geek Squad desk last time I was there didn’t know what a hard drive jumper was, much less have any to sell me.

          The main product lines where Best Buy clearly beats Target are TV’s and phones. Yawn. They’re far from the only place nearby where I can find a big selection of either, especially since I’m not likely to need one of those same-day, but a replacement stick of RAM or a SATA cable could easily be urgent, so it was nice to have CompUSA close by.

          I wasn’t really a fan of any of them, but CompUSA most consistently met my needs (which don’t include shopping in an environment lit like the set of CSI and being pestered for a receipt after I’ve clearly walked straight from the cashier to the door), while Circuit City was always having great sales on CF and SD cards (Sandisk were usually cheaper there than on NewEgg).

  • iamlucky13

    It definitely looks like something’s up. CompUSA and Staples wouldn’t get my attention, but I just looked, and BH, Adorama, and Amazon all still appear to be out of stock.

    Such a sudden and widespread unavailability of a product that’s been on the market for several years seems unlikely, so the question in my mind is whether a replacement is forthcoming, or if the product position is being eliminated.

    I can’t imagine Nikon forcing potential SB-600 users to choose between the notably more limited SB-400 and the much more expensive SB-900 (too many will choose third party), but the magnitude of this stock shortage seems to suggest a decidedly premature end of SB-600 production, so I have to at least wonder.

    • Cadence SF

      3rd party will be an attractive alternative. I almost got the Metz 58 for $350 after reading their awesome reviews. But found an SB-600 instead, just a month ago.

  • TheIncredibleUlk

    @NR. please, could you place a filter which bans the single word comments as well as the word first in the first comment?
    It’s not a running gag anymore as much as it is infantile. that would be a big ty

    • there is no such a filter in WP (maybe there is a plugin), but I usually delete such posts

  • sridhanush


    Do u think the Nikon inventory recount has something to do with the availability of SB600?

    • everything is possible, the latest posts indicate that the SB-600 is discontinued rather than temp. not available

      • fork()

        There is an easy fix for this. If there are no comments on a blog entry, the commenting feature is disabled. Then, noone can post those pesky “First!” posts.

        Just my €0.02

        • Gustav

          Ha ha! Seriously though, WP could have an option that only lets registered users post first. Then if they post “First!” they get banned.

  • Paul

    All my local photography stores are out of SB-600’s. One store said this is due to a new flash coming out.

    • ArtTwisted

      at my store we still have them. Are inventory systems always note when something is out of stock and no longer can be ordered , i will check tomorrow morning when i work and post back. I work for a huge chain of photo stores so im guessing our inventory as400 system would be up to date with this stuff.

  • The invisible man

    I’ve worked at CompUSA for a while, they don’t even know what’s the difference between a compact and a DSLR.

  • Max

    hehe was that rehearse for april fool ? hahaa anyway thx for ur info….

  • Joe

    Interesting headlines…

    SB 600 out of stock/discontinued X 2

    Rebates extended on camera/lens combos

    Nikon suspends product delivery for 10 days

    Quite the combination… not to mention that everyone is awaiting the next great FX body to appear.

    A little more than a year ago we were reading this:


  • Nathan Shane

    As an owner of two SB-900’s an SB-600 and SB-400, I would love to see the SB-600 replaced with something like an SB-700 that implemented some of the features of the SB-900. I no longer use my SB-900’s because I kept running into the thermal issue on some photo shoots and when it happens to you more than once, that’s all it takes to start looking for an alternative. I bought a Quantum Trio and have never looked back, I love the Trio and no longer have to worry about thermal issues.

    However, I still love the SB-900 because it’s so easy to setup and use, that’s why I still keep them, as a backup and for use from time to time. But if Nikon would come out with a flash that was a combination of the SB-600 and SB-900 and had no thermal issues, then I’d definitely sell all the Nikon flashes I have and replace them with Nikon’s newest flash.

    Quantum flashes offer using the bare-bulb which you cannot get with the Nikon flashes, so there are some different working methods available with a Quantum flash. But other than the bare-bulb usage, I love Nikon flashes.

    • nick

      hey genius. you can disable the thermal shut off warning in the menu. the sb-900 doesn’t get any hotter than any other flash, but its the only flash that actually gives you a heads up.

      of course, you would know all this if you read the manual after you spent $1000 on speedlights. but why be bothered with that when you can drop another $900 on a quantum trio.


      • Nathan Shane

        Hey Nick…your reply certainly seems condescending and arrogant. You presume too much to accuse me of not knowing the product or not having read the owner’s manual. I’m very well versed in Nikon gear and their flashes and I’m well aware of all the features and settings of their flashes. It’s not a simple matter of just disabling the thermal shut off warning, that doesn’t overcome the issue that “in some shooting conditions” the SB-900 can (and will) experience thermal issues…so it’s a matter of knowing what gear to use in which situations. That’s why photographers can (and do) have different gear and different flashes for different projects.

    • LGO

      @ Nathan

      Re SB-900, you can turn-off the thermal protection of the SB-900 in less than 30 seconds and the SB-900 will perform pretty much like most of the Nikon flash like the SB-800.

      Prior to the SB-900, no other Nikon flash have this protection. The thermal protection will prevent your flash from overheating but shutting off the thermal protection will not necessarily mean that your flash will overheat under normal usage.

      Personally, I think that Nikon has been conservative and over-zealous in setting the thermal protection setting level of the SB-900.

      • Nathan Shane

        Hey LGO…I agree with you that Nikon was definitely conservative and over-zealous in the thermal protection setting for the SB-900. I’m certainly not the only one that ran into this issue. However, in the majority of shooting conditions, it’s not ever an issue and works just as well as the SB-800. Like I said previously, I love the SB-900 and still use them often. But I also love the Quantum Trio for completely different reasons and see a use for both flashes.

  • zzddrr

    It does look like we may endup buying paintbrush perhaps with some fat rebate. If Nikon continues this great performance of releasing left and right products even Home Depot will run out of the paintbrushes and what are we going to do after that? I decided, I will switch to fine pencils to control the resolution, for iso I will get a candle light and for DR I will get nice colour pencils. I better start saving because this switch from paintbrush to pencil will bankrupt me. 🙂

  • Dave

    J*** J*** ?

    Never knew Jesse James had to work at CompUSA after breaking up with Sandra Bullock *lol*

  • ArtTwisted

    After coming back from work I can confirm the SB-600 can no longer be ordered from Nikon Canada, what we have left in the chain warehouse is all that weve got.

  • That’s funny… I was the person who had the chat with the rep. Didn’t expect the chatlog I posted at SlickDeals to be on here too! (:

  • Vic

    Oh I just let a SB-600 gone on ebay as I’m waiting for sb-700 (or whatever it called) to be released …
    So the rumor better be true

  • Pierre

    Today, I was at the biggest camera store in montreal and they were quite surprised when I told them about the SB-600 being discontinued. The guy told me they were selling them like burgers and he could not believe that Nikon would pull them out. He told me they just had ordered.

    This guy did not know of any 5dMII focus problem, of D700 shortage nor that the D90 was crap so, either he was a fake pro, or I have been brain-washed by this site…. Nah.. the guy was fake…

    I was holding the D700, SB-600, 24-70/70-200 and found it very hard not to pull my credit card for it. Getting tired of waiting for the D700-whatever, especially that all the pseudo Nikon insiders here refuse to tell us what they know (or don’t know). I have the feeling that this April fool has started a long time ago already…

    • Please elaborate on how the “D90 is crap”. I’m genuinely curious why you consider it so.

      • Pierre

        I was just quoting other members in this site, I guess compared to a D700 or D3s. So many others like it and some shots taken with it are just amayzing.

        Same about the many claims here about the 5DMII being crap, the guy at the store said that evey professionals that he knows and he knows many of them, they all have one and he knows nothing about the 5DMII problems being reported here. He said that if he had to choose between the 5DMII and a D700 he would have trouble choosing, and he may lean toward Nikon just because he like some of their lenses better.

        • A lot of pros have their standard D3s/D3 and a D90 as a backup body.

  • ruslan

    SB-600 is available at Costco for 220$|79|83|87152&N=4040507&Mo=5&No=2&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=87152&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&hierPath=79*83*87152*&topnav=

    • Vic

      Very nice !! ><

  • I ordered two SB600 this morning from Best Buy. The girl stated they had 25 available for internet sales.

    They have not shipped and I have not been charged for them so you never know. Should know more in a few days.


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