Nikon rebates updated and extended till May 1st

Update: The new Nikon rebates are restricted to either the D300s or D700. Same with the SB-900 - in order to get the $100 rebate on the flash you must buy either a D300s or D700. I will have the full details next week (Adorama and B&H are close for a week).

I just got a confirmation that the Nikon rebate program is now extended till May 1st, 2010 (US only). Nikon SB-900 flash will also be included with a $100.00 instant rebate. My source also said that a new $300 rebate will be introduced with the new 16-35mm f/4 lens when purchased with the D700. Some new limitation on the rebate program will be introduced.

I will have the full details later today.

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  • Anonymous

    ha i had a feeling…

  • Banned

    So where can we cash in on that SB-900 rebate? It’s still $460 at B&H. Do you have to buy a camera? I already have one, these rebates are useless to me.

    • NikkorPM

      As soon as I read the headline on this post I thought, “How does this affect Banned?”
      Thanks for letting me know. Now I can go on thinking about other less important things.

      • GlobalGuy


        Actually, this rebate program is a punch in the face to anyone who already bought the camera they want. So Banned’s comments are relevant. There is no problem with bundling products — but when you are bundling brand new lenses with brand new cameras, you know that this isn’t about depleting old inventory.

        Nikon should have at least made rebates for individual items, even if smaller than when bundled. Especially with idiotic combinations like the 18-200 & D3s.

        • Gerry

          yes, this is a huge punch in the face to the D300s, 24-70, 70-200, and 18-200 I just bought a few weeks ago with $1000 in discounts.

        • PHB

          When I bought my D300 I got $300 off an 18-200 zoom that came with it. After selling the zoom (I already had one), I had saved $300 off the camera body.

          These are really discounts off the camera body, not off the lenses. Kits have always sold at a discount, I don’t see anything different here.

          Most Nikon lenses are more expensive when they are new and drop in price over time. A small number actually increase in price due to unexpectedly large demand. Quite often the pattern has been that the lens is introduced at full price, then a rebate program offers discounts when bought with a body and after a little while longer the discounts are unconditional.

          I don’t see a problem there.

          Nikon stuff has always been pricey and probably always will. Nikon stuff has usually been later to market ever since they became the dominant SLR maker in the mid 70s. The payoff is that it has been significantly better.

          • Discontinued

            +/- Zero

            Today you don’t just buy some kind of camera. Trouble is your “film” comes already with it. Tough shit if this film (sensor) doesn’t suit you anymore …

        • Richard


          I have a D300s & 18-200 “in transit” that I ordered last weekend. Now I need to find out if the merchant can work a deal to include the SB-900 or whether I have to return the shipment when it arrives and reorder. Ugh!

      • Banned

        Anytime! You can also pick my brain about the benefits of the health care reform in the USA, the failed promise of the Euro as an economic policy, global warming: myth or reality, is today’s GOP yesterday’s Nazi party, or whether your wife needs a boob job.

        I’ll be happy to help you.

        • Son of FE

          ROFLOL !!! =) +100!

  • Pat

    The 16-35 apparently is apparently not selling.

    • Canon Fangirly


    • Lawliet

      Or they want new homes for their D700’s.

    • dave

      let me see… slower than a 17-35mm f2.8. Not much lighter. Not much cheaper. and they aren’t selling? I can’t imagine why.

      • kyoshinikon


        • PHB

          Does anyone have sales figures for the Canon f/4s?

          I have long suspected that they sell rather poorly despite the constant advocacy for them by the Canon fanboys.

          If you are going to go full frame then you want to go to f/2.8 lenses to make use of it. Otherwise you might as well stick with a crop sensor and a f/2.8 lens, the combination of which gives you almost precisely the same optical configuration as a full frame f/4.

          And if you go for the crop frame plus best lenses approach, you have invested your money in long-lived glass rather than soon-to-be-obsolete bodies.

          Crop frame makes good sense. Full frame with no-compromise glass makes good sense. Compromising on your glass to go full frame makes no sense at all.

          On the other hand, that 17-35 does make a very good DX lens. It is absolutely sharp across the DX frame.

          • Banned

            You started rather well and then it fell apart when you failed to mention that there is no equivalent to the 16-35mm in DX. Oops.

          • Discontinued

            What are you two* talking about ? ? ?

            1.) it always makes good sense to make sense as not to make sense means to make nonsense. What’s the point?

            2.) I think PHB needs to learn what f/X.Y really means and how this is related to the format (or rather not related).

            3.) The DX NIKKOR 10-24 is about as equivalent as it can get. Oops.

            *PHB and Banned

          • Banned

            Sorry my friend but I think your being discontinued has severely affected your brain performance here. Outside of the fact this is a DX and it has the same effective focal length, the 10-24 is not the same. Not the same quality, not the same f, not the same VR. Not the same at all.

  • Zim

    Yesterday I saw B & H Photo had one lens with the instant rebate till May. I’ll look again. I’ll look again. Looks like it is going to be the D300s.

    • Zim

      My old SB-400 could used updated too.

  • The invisible man

    Why the rebates ALWAYS come after I buy the stuff ?

    • Zorro

      Why do you always buy before the rebates start?

      • j0elc

        You’re a philosopher -__-

    • Banned

      Next time you buy stuff let us know and I will wait 1 more week ^^

  • The invisible man

    By the way, I finaly found a great digital charger for Nimh batteries, it’s the La crosse technology BC-700
    I know, we are not suposed to support a product on this forum but It took me a while to find a decent battery charger, so I’m just sharing to save time and money !

    • JorPet

      While I understand why they don’t want everyone posting products on the forum, this is the type that seems germane to the discussion.

      I have stopped using my fifth battery for my SB-800 because of the hassles of charging that one last battery (my current chargers have to charge in pairs). I see this charger will charge singles, so it will get me around that issue. The fact that it will work with my Eneloop batteries makes it perfect. Just ordered it.

      • Canon Fangirly

        I tried the BC-700 and did not like it because the batteries were heating up too much. Now I am using a charger called “IVT Trainer” which I bought in Luxembourg last spring. Works better for me since it uses a lower current. Takes a little longer to charge the batteries though.

        • The invisible man

          I always use 200mha charge, I never used the 700mha charge, that’s maybe why I never noticed my batteries getting hot.
          They don’t even get warm.

          • Gilbert

            I’ve been using the La Crosse Technology BC-9009. It revived one of my “dead” batteries. I use the “discharge” cycle to discharge the batteries before recharging them. I also charge at 200ma.


  • jason

    why nikon never give the UK a break , and i think nikon should consider lowering the prices of there range to help move stock £3.600 for the D3s is silly! knock it down to about £2.800 and make the D3x £3.500 and watch the market share increase
    come on nikon you know it makes sense

    • Zim

      It is probably not Nikon it is your government.

      • Discontinued

        Yes, here comes a rumor:
        The UK-government favors other brands. I knew there must be some kind of conspiracy, if Nikon is not getting it right. The Thai employees need their share of blaming too.

        • Mikael

          Blame the UK politics and their weak currency. Japan is still going strong despite the rest of the world is going down the drain, and as a result it gets more expensive to import from Japan. Combine that with the crappy economy of the UK, voila, you get expensive cameras.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know where’s the best place to get the d700 + 24-70 + 70-200 combo? bh had it for just a tad under 5900; adorama had it for a little over 5700, but jacked the price up to over 6200 this past week.

    • Anonymous

      Add it to the cart at Adorama, the price drops to the $57xx level you mentioned. This is what I bought!

      • Jake

        From the very first day that the D700 + 24-70 + 70-200 rebate combo was listed on Adorama I had it in the online shopping cart. I monitored it every day and the price remained $5738.90 (in the cart) until the day they pushed their beta website on 3/24/10. On that day the price increased to over $6286.95, even after adding it to the shopping cart. I cursed myself for procrastinating. The very next day the price dropped back to the $5738.90 and I immediately purchased it. The next day or two it was back up to $6286.95, where it has remained. B&H was late in posting the rebate kit with two lenses, but when they did it remained in the $5800 range until they took it off completely when the rebate ended. I haven’t checked to see if it’s back up on B&H now that the rebate has been extended.

      • Jake

        Additionally, I found it odd that both Adorama and B&H sharged shipping for these kits, when they were selling the individual components with free shipping prior to the rebates. When the rebates became availalbe, they had free shipping on the D700 by itself and the 24-70 by itself, but not the 70-200.

        • Maybe because the 70-200 is the size of a train?

          • Banned

            Or maybe because B&H and Adorama suck.

    • Gerry

      Try Hunts video and photo. If you call them up, you might be able to bundle the rebates. If you are a PSA member it is free shipping. I talked with gary farber, and he was able to get me prices cheaper than adorama, and he bundled all 3 of the lenses I wanted.

  • Anonymous

    This is sad news for us who expects this lazy company of ours to finally deliver:

    1) Nikon products don’t sell well right now

    2) Nikon does not have anything to intgroduce before May

    3) Even if Nikon introduces something in May, it possible that it will not be available for another 2 months.

    This delay will screw up many people’s plan to purchase the new camera before their holiday.

    I sense the following from many to come “Bye, bye Nikon … hello Canon and Sony”

    We do not need rebates on old stuff! We need new stuff on decent prices!

    • Really? No new camera for a whole 6 months and you are going to jump ship? By all means nobody is stopping you. They have the best cameras for the price on the market, best lenses for the price, and the best flash system. I would like to see a picture of you with your new, low performance, Canon equipment.

      I just got 2 d5000s, 24-70, and 70-200 for 4450. I can sell the d5000s for $1200 total, locally, for a savings of about $750 bucks off the two most versitle lenses atm. You don’t have a Nikon Fanboy here, you have a smart boy.

      • Anonymous

        all 12MP

        Now, try to take a 1 frame more than 12MP with Nikon (except D3x)


        Dude, I go holiday during June and not in september so I can f_ _k my beautiful Nikon piece when it arrives after the holiday.

        See, and I am sick and tired with their 12MP. How long do we have to wait for this lazy company to move his fat ass? Canon and Sony already has more than 12MP for over 2 yrs. Congrat Nikon, you may manage to miss another boat. I tend to think that Nikon execs actually work for Canon. That’s the only explanation why6 ikon hasn’t come out something that competes with the 5DII. And, by the time Nikon comes out something I bet within 30 days canon will have the 5DIII. It is just sad

        • Megapixel

          Do you switch your girlfriend on an instant just because there is another woman with just i little bit longer (blond) hair?

          • Anonymous

            Megapixel, you certainly should!

            You divorce if you cannot work out the details. This is what is happening. I mean if your g-friend does not do anything for you for 2 yrs maybe it makes sense to replace the beast! Try to imagine over time it can even become a terrible mother in law. Oh nooooooooo!


          • Geoff_K

            How much “bigger” are they ? ;->

        • Miksang

          Why don’t you just go out and take pictures instead of whining on this site. Then post a link.

          If you print posters, you need medium format. You may need 24MP if your framing is lousy and require heavy cropping.

          I assume that you are not a pro. If you were, you would enjoy the high ISO provided by the D3s. Try to get the same result in low light with any Canon or Sony camera.

          Give us a favor, get a Canon, your posts are tiring.

          • zzddrr


            I am not sure about this is it possible that not everyone is satisfied with the 12MP Nikon lineup?

            Is possible that there are people out there who would sacrifice some of the great iso performance for some extra MP so they can correct their weakness of framin (as you put it)? I mean, why don’t we have variety?

            I kind of like the concept of providing different tools. I mean Nikon would make more money if they had a little bit more variety in their lineup. Besides, many of the screaming and complaninig would disappear. (At least the whiners would have to come up with better reasons… e.g. missing lenses 🙂

  • eru

    Noone will go Hallo inferior-canon or Hello Super-inferior-Sony but still many will be upset because lately Nikon is incredibly Lazy, delivering just useless DX lenses and no new bodies, but most of all the nex one will be a useless d700s instead of a D900, so for the next 10 months no reason to make a move from a d700, d700 owners are the ones who would have bougt anything with the name D900 before summer vacations…….but I don’t see a single reason to get the 700s

    • The invisible man

      I think Nikon been “lazy” is a good thing, it take time to develop a new good product, the FA, F6 or D700 took time to show up because Nikon like to do the things RIGHT, I will not change brand just because I’m impatient.
      In an other hand that give you more time to save money for the Nikon 3 sensors DSLR, Canon users will cry and you’ll see many Canon DSLR and lenses on Ebay for cheap !

  • Chuck

    Looks like Nikon is really stuck a long ways away from hitting their sales go and got toooooo much inventory.

    Nikon the soluation is you are late with a D90, D300s, D700, and D3s upgrade, you need a “real” upgrade!

    • Anonymous

      12MP does not sell period.

      • Geoff_K

        I agree, make the next camera 18MP and NEAR the 5d mark II price please.

      • That’s funny. A lot of the meets I’ve been to lately have been very Nikon-heavy. Since Nikon didn’t sell those, they must’ve been giving them away. Heck, I seem to recall having bought a couple 12mp Nikons myself, but since you say they’re not selling, maybe I got them for free and didn’t notice.

        If I were to judge by my personal experiences as of late, I’d have to assume that Canon isn’t selling any cameras and that Olympus is coming on like gangbusters.

        Just one more MP whiner… *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    many people are getting fed up.. I’ve been waiting for a d700 replacement, but not an s version with the same megapixels. I know megapixels dont’ play much part in producing good images, at least as much as what people say… BUT they do in being able to compete with other photographers that have the higher megapixels cameras. keep in mind the everyday customer generally hears the more mpx the better the camera, so the more mpx the photographer has, the nice the pictures will print. unfortunately it’s the way of the world. Releasing another 12mpx d700s is just leaving the portrait/wedding/fashion photographers in the dust and even an s version is being released almost too late. Another thing, the lenses that are coming out are either priced too high or are not the no-brainer upgrades they should be. Every single person shooting FX and an old 70(80)-200 should be able to go out and buy the 70-200II with no reservation at all, but no. The focal length is all different and not jsut at close focus. it’s not the same even 20 feet away. While that may or may not be a serious problem, Nikon overlooked that it caused i bet 50% of potential upgraders to hesitate or return the lens. Funny thing is as i’m watching prices, the old 70-200 seems to be going up while the new is going down… ha, go figure. The 24mm 1.4 is just too expense and too much a niche product that i don’t think will get purchased much. the 16-35 may be good, but i don’t think the 500-600 dollar difference is enough to pull people lusting for the extra light intake, the 2mm wider FOV, and the utterly exceptional sharpness of the 14-24 away. I’m sorry but nikon shouldn’t need rebates if they are releasing the right stuff. We may love the rebates, but it means that their stuff isn’t selling the way it should be, which could mean a future of demise.

    Shame on you, nikon. People are voicing the same wants over and over and over and your not fulfilling them. i honestly never heard anyone saying anything about wanting a 16-35 or a 24 1.4.. Maybe a few… but how about updated primes (namely the 85mm. 1.4), updated 80-400, 300mm f4 vr… c’mon.. time and time again you hear requests for these. 70-200 ii. yep it’s done. but not correctly in my mind on in those of too many others. oh well i guess. nothing we can do but bitch and complain.

    • The invisible man


    • Anymouse

      I waited for a better 16-35mm glass… The 17-35/2.8 isn’t that great and this version is hopefully sharper than the old one.
      Besides: as sharp as the 14-24mm is, i find 16-35mm a much more useful range…
      Let’s wait for serious reviews first, shall we.
      I don’t know about you, but 24, 28 and 35 are indispensable ranges for photography.
      The MTF of a 16-35 should be better than from a 28-70.
      Besides: it depends on the focus of your photography: 16-35 is perfect for landscape and architecture. (Besides primes and PC-Es)
      What about the 24mm? Nikon wants and has to keep up their image as an elite manufacturer. Mhhh… if it is as gooood as the discontinued 28 it is worth the price. As you may know.

      I think we will see some of the big guns later this year.
      So lighten up a bit.
      If you can.

    • “70-200 ii. yep it’s done. but not correctly in my mind”

      So what in the world did they get wrong w/ the 70-200 VRII? Have you even tried one? Are you referring to that fuss about crap inside the lens? In which nothing ever came of it? People just like to whine. And you seem like one of them. If you need megapixels NOW, then go buy a high MP camera NOW. And if it happens to be a Canon, then go buy yourself a $25 F-mount adapter and be happy that you can use your old Nikon glass.

  • rkas


    • Anymouse


  • Absurd Burglar

    $100 off a SB-900?
    As long as I don’t have to buy a body with it, SOLD!

    • Anymouse

      u mean: bought?

  • Zim

    Nikon is selling a lot of cameras. I was in Roberts Camera few weeks ago and that is really all people were looking at. The D300s was sold out.

    • Anonymous

      “Sold out” doesn’t necessarily mean they sell a lot …

      I guess twoomy is right and Nikon just follows a strict policy to first sell the entire contingent of pre-ordered more or less old sensors in more or less old cameras (like the D300 and its upgrade) before they are going to announce something actually really new …

      In germany I found more than one shop that doesn’t list Nikons above the D700 anymore. Why would they do that if they could sell a lot of Nikon pro-bodies? And how come, that the very same shops had the full range of Canons on display (not necessarily in stock but listed).

      I doubt that Nikon sells a lot right now. And I think their policy is pretty stupid too. It might help to get rid of 12 MP-sensors but obviously that takes time, decreases sells and not just of bodies. It will affect the sale of lenses too. It might even lead to a serious loss to other brands.

  • twoomy

    Rebates mean Nikon still has too many D700’s in stock. Keep on buying that old stuff folks! We won’t see a new D700x/D800/D900 until you buy up Nikon’s surplus!

    12mp is all you need! And movies are stupid! Buy those D700’s! Buy those D700’s! Eat’em up until their gone, so I can finally get me a D900.

  • Ty

    $100 off the SB900… now it might be worth its price.

  • Shuai

    Is this rebate program still in US only?

    I am in Canada and I may buy the d90 if there is such rebate now.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is getting really embarrasing to Nikon that they only sell 12MP or less DSLRs. The D3x does not count because Sony made the sensor!

    Pretty soon cell phones will have more MP than most Nikon top line cameras. Way to go Nikon way to go!

    • Zograf

      As far as I know Sony made the 12MP sensor as well – DX and FX.
      So, all D90, D300 and D700 shouldn’t count also 😉 😉

      • Anonymous

        all 12MP

    • The only people I’d imagine are embarrassed would be the fanboys that take the customer-product loyalty a bit too serious as well as not understanding that a small itty-bitty sensor with a buttload o’ MP has nothing to do w/ the # of MP in a full frame DSLR.

      I’ll take an upgrade w/ better performance and LESS megapixels, please!

      • Anonymous

        I bet that you’ll be the first a_ _hole who will say how great Nikon is when they come out with more than 20MP+

        • I might be the first a_ _hole in many things 😉
          But I absolutely do *not* want 20+MP. If someone GAVE me a D3x, I’d sell it. Used one the weekend before last and processing the RAW files made my Core i7 w/ 3gb of RAM slow to a crawl. Absolutely unnecessary for *me.* So at least you’re half right.

  • This is a glorious announcement. Thought I missed it!

    • Anonymous

      what, that Nikon had to extend the rebate because they could not sell off the stone aged 10 – 12MP overpriced cameras? I think this is not really a good news.

  • Vladi

    the upgrade to the D90 and D700 is sure as hell coming this summer. in UK we have £60 rebate if you buy new D90 with lens and the rebate ends in May i think.
    i’d bet Nikon will announce new cameras in april/may and they become available during summer holidays.

    • zzddrr

      I think when you have to extend your rebate you have serious problem with your products >>> They do not sell.

      Thom Hogan has an article on his website discussing the same thing.

      This is bad news! I would rather see a price cut but this rebate thing clearly indicates that the folks are not interested in the current Nikon lineup.

      The real question is that when will Nikon listen? How long it will take for Nikon to actually deliver a new product not just the iterations of the same. I think many will be badly disappointed when they learn our favourite company will not release any major item before the summer ends. I’ll just use my old film camera with some great velvia (it will be fun).

  • Zim

    For newspapers, the web, most prints 12mp is good. The local newspaper photographer was ordering 3 more D300s cameras. I’m sure that is happening in a lot of places. For the money it is a great deal and it is going to take great pictures. I didn’t know MP could make people cry so much!!

    • zzddrr

      As you said it, “For newspapers, the web, most prints 12mp is good…” But not everyone is in the newspaper business.

      I made a point above about why is it that Nikon literally does not have much variety to offer. I mean, Nikon would make more money if they would provide after 2 yrs something that competes in terms of resolution with the competitors. Whys is this a big deal?

      Zim, I wonder what you will say 1 from today ,,, because most likely 20MP+ will be standard for this level of cameras.

      • zzddrr

        1 year from today

        • Zim

          I person also has to think about computer space to with digital. If you are making large poster and prints you might want bigger files. But for most people 12 is pretty good. I think my D100 was 6MP? For what I do, website ads, prints no bigger than 8×10, 12MP is fine.
          I don’t think Nikon is in a MP war. They are selling tons of cameras right now and plus with the world wide economy it might make sense not to try and drop to many cameras out there right now.
          If you need a lot of MP why not get the D3x?

          • Anonymous

            You can buy 1TB for about 100 bucks from WD but you would delay the purchase of an over 2,000 bucks camera because you cannot buy the HDD. 🙁

  • Gary

    Many of the comments here are too funny.

    The idea that Nikon is “lazy” for instance. Aside from how a corporation can be “lazy”…there’s the fact that Nikon seems to always release new products on a very deliberate schedule. They like to get things right and that takes time. Also they are not rushed because a few people on internet sites demand a new camera. Nikon is not lazy…they are working very hard at new equipment, no doubt…but they take the time to do it right, like all great craftsmen.

    My bet is that if Nikon released new equipment on the schedule demanded by some on these sites, then the complaints from the same people would be that they just bought a new camera and already Nikon has rendered it obsolete.

    Then there’s this idea that Nikon must be desperate to extend its rebates. Maybe a better explanation is this: this is typically a slower time for camera sales, and with the economy just starting to recover, it’s probably a bit slower than usual, esp. for higher priced dslrs and lenses. As for this extension, I bet Nikon planned on it anyway, but just wanted to create the artificial deadline of Mar 27 to spur some more sales.

    • The invisible man

      100% right AAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++


    stop posting rebate news

    boring boring boring

    • NOT boring!

      Boring, please tell us where do you get your Nikon rebates information, maybe we all are missing something. doesn’t have any details and this is the only site that provides full coverage.

      • Anonymous

        Its called a INSTANT REBATE…. you buy a new camera and you get it INSTANTLY.. BH Photo, Adorama…

  • Rebates s good sign

    I don’t agree that their product line are not selling the rate Nikon had hope for. Rebates are just plain and simple they way Nikon say thanks to fellow photographers who enjoy using Nikon equipment but are short of fund to do the purchase or to upgrade.Rebates makes their dream come true to own a new piece of good photographic equipment. Nikon is being generous! With that more and more photographers are switching back to Nikon. Go Neck On, I mean Nikon..

    • zzddrr

      Nikon is the new Salvation Army 🙂 Oh heighl Nikon !

    • Mar 31 is also their financial year end. They had their best 3rd quarter performance ever, from Sep – Dec 09. Their financial results and guidance are available on their corporate site. They have revised their 4th Qtr forecast upwards.

      • Anonymous

        with all the greedy price increases no wonder they just did fine. Maffia

  • Russell McMahon

    I don’t know if Nikon read these sites, and looking through the comments re 12 Mp versus higher resolution it’s not obvious why they would. But, if they do, they must be very very sad indeed. Nikon produces real cameras, with the hope of selling their top end products to real photographers. It’s amazing to read comment after comment about the desire for a few more Mp with no acknowledgement at all of the downside to this insane rush to more pixels. An increase from 12 to eg 18 Mp will give you less than 23% more linear dpi (or dpmm). More pixels is always nice to have BUT the cost for people who want to take high quality pictures, compared to pictures with lots of dots in them, ala eg A900, is severe. Inspection of noise actual performance achieved with modern sensors, regardless of what theory may lead you to expect, shows that noise performance is roughly related to the square of the megapixel ratio, all other things being equal. That suggests that going to say 18 Mp will lose you about 1.2 stops of noise equivalent – lets say 1 stop to be kind. OK, hands up – which would you prefer, 1+ stop of extra noise performance (or double the ISO for a given noise quality) or 23% more dpi?

    If Nikon listens too closely to the cries for an inferior performing product with more colored dots then my next camera may end up costing less than I expected. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a REAL D700s with 12 MP and even better noise performance, but if Nikon bow the knee to the madding crowd and start turning out suboptimal ISO and noise performing crowd pleasing products, then a D700 will probably be available for a song.

    As for the “video is rubbish calls’ – I wonder what sort of world such people live in. Properly done, with HD video where you can focus competently and shoot full frame shots at unrestricted speed while videoing, the feature adds usefully to the cameras ability. One only example – the classic ‘bride walking up the aisle’ sequence. You only get one chance at it! If you can add HD video, even though it’s at significantly lower resolution, then that sudden flick of the eye to an old friend / brief smile / suddenly catching husband to be’s eye as he turns to look at her – all of which Murphy tries to insert in the gaps between your full frame shots, are suddenly available if required. OK. One more. Sportsperson doing arcane and difficult things. That moment of interest when the ball rebounds off an intercepting player as someone tries to clear it way, the sudden trip up – was it accidental? and much more. HD video also has its place, done well. Even in real 12 Mp full frame camera :-).


    • Anonymous

      Double the pixels only gives more noise at 100 percent on screen. It DOES NOT give more noise at the same output size.

      If you resize a d3x image to the same size as a d3 image it is NOT noisier!

      What it does allow is perspective/lens correction/rotation etc to be performed with far less critical sharpness loss. So that perfect interior, cityscape, landscape etc that is 1 degree off level can be rescued.

      There is no noise penalty at any iso once output size or if you prefer print size is taken into account. Just much more detail to work with, especially using the latest nano lenses and at lower iso.

      Noise is primarily a function of sensor AREA / output size ratio all else remaining equal.

      The only downsides are speed and storage space. But you can choose lower res in the menu if that bothers you.

      I am just baffled at how so many people dont get this.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent explanation! +1

      • Banned

        This has been debated to death. There is much more to it than you say. For instance, you assume noise pattern is going to be the same regardless of efficiency of sensor. This is not true.

  • Discontinued

    GOOD NEWS ! ! !
    Rebate for D300s and D700 only, that means we are finally getting rid of them. At least I hope so.
    Mind you 12 MP-Nikon-Fanboys: Saying that 12 MP FF is the only way to gain IQ means two things:

    1. IQ of D3X must be crap
    2. 12 MP DX must be ridiculously poor in IQ – out there without reason

    Just do the math and scale a DX-sensor up to FX. You ‘ll get 28 MP with no downsides .

    I just don’t get your point guys. Anyway, as soon as Nikon actually does release something with more MP, the thing that – according to you – no one needed all of a sudden will become a celebrated item and you will be leading the celebrating crowd, ’cause that’s what Fanboys do and what you are doing right now with the current line up. Only thing is, right now you are the last on party, completely wasted but still dancing (even without music).
    This is the 12MP-Nikon-trance-dance. Keep it up and sing along the “I am Nikon”-song.

    • Anonymous

      D90 and D700 are next to be replaced after rebates!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Amazing. I just bought a Nikon D70 for use as a trainer-camera for my son and if I am to follow the “more megapixel is always better” adherents here, the 7mp, pictures my son can take with it must be crap!

      Yet viewed on my 52″ HDTV, the photo taken with a D70 at ISO 200 and matched with a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8DX, is practically the same as the photo I can take with my D3x with a 50mm f/1.4G. Rather than litter my house with photos that begins to deteriorate within a few weeks after printing, I would rather view these photos on my HDTVs at home as well as with my computers at the office.

      And I forgot, I also own a 12mp D700 and D3s, and I make my living shooting professionally.

      Bottom line … there is always room and a need for different body types with different capabilities. So stop all this nonsense being perpetuated here that 12mp is enough or 12mp is not enough. It all depends on what tools you need to get the job done right.

  • Anonymous

    I’m over it… buying a canon 5dm2 tomorrow. I just cant keep waiting for the elusive 700s. It might never come.

    • Zim

      hasn’t it had some problems too?

      • Banned

        I guess he will move his complaining to Canon Rumors.

  • Anonymous


  • Del-Uks

    I only wish the 5DmkII was a Nikon product…

    C’mon Nikon… wake up!

  • Aaron

    Its not a rumor.

  • The invisible man

    You think that your Nikon Nikkor lens is toooooooooooo expensive ?
    Look at this one ($36.000)

    • Martin
      • The invisible man

        $120.000 for a f/5.6 prime OMG !
        No VRII, no AF-S, no nano crystals coating ?
        I’m glad I don’t have a Canon camera !

        • The invisible man

          OMG ! (yes, twice).
          It’s a USED one !

          • Banned

            That’s really an old POS that they will not sell to anybody. Get a current 600mm, throw in a current 2x converter and I bet you get same IQ.

      • Gerry

        That was pretty cool, but that has to be one of the driest commentaries I have ever seen!

  • Martin

    Since everyone is complaining, I might as well join the party.

    My only gripe with Nikon is FX lenses. You have to dish out $2000 for those puppies (and then some). There’s nothing for the enthusiast. It’s all pro gear. The used market for Nikon lenses is so so. At least in my area. If a 24-70 comes on the market, for example, it’s still in the $1600 (give or take $100) range…or more.

    I’d be willing to pay $1000 (give or take $100) for lenses. The 16-35 is a good start. Let’s hope they continue with the f/4 trend. With the excellent iso 3200-6400 performance, I can live without f/2.8

    • The invisible man

      50mm AF-D f/1.8
      105mm AF-S f/2.8 Micro
      28mm AF-D f/2.8
      180mm AF-D f/2.8 (sharp but focus sucks)

      • Martin

        Agree with those but they’re all primes.

  • sucks that i bought a Nikon D3s and the new 70-200mm lens from amazon. Could have used the savings

  • Anonymous

    Nikon has been stuck in the mud of late, and surely the recession has helped them either. Maybe these rebates will help clear inventory as they work on and develop new products. It has been reported that Nikon has lost 1000 employees, everyone has been hit by the recession, hopefully this will continue to improve with time.

    Nikon hasn’t had the experienced personnel or the technology for “HD” Video implementation on their DSLRs or you would have seen it by now. They seriously need to work on and improve the implementation of 1080 HD video, different frame rates, compression and other related video items.

    Nikon’s poor implementation or the lack of HD video on their DSLR’s is clearly evident that their competitors are eating their lunch in this one area. Hopefully they are watching the competition (Canon & Panasonic) and will get this right before the D4/D800 in 2011. I believe that Nikon’s still photo performance and ergonomics are superior to anything on the market to date, if they can get the video right they will have more “Super Stars” in their already great product line. ☆☆☆☆☆

    Where are the super fast “FX” AF-S F/1.2 or F/1.4 primes? a new 85mm AF-S would be nice. ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Jeff

    Nikon has been stuck in the mud of late, and surely the recession has helped them either. Maybe these rebates will help clear inventory as they work on and develop new products. It has been reported that Nikon has lost 1000 employees, everyone has been hit by the recession, hopefully this will continue to improve with time.

    Nikon hasn’t had the experienced personnel or the technology for “HD” Video implementation on their DSLRs or you would have seen it by now. They seriously need to work on and improve the implementation of 1080 HD video, different frame rates, compression and other related video items.

    Nikon’s poor implementation or the lack of HD video on their DSLR’s is clearly evident that their competitors are eating their lunch in this one area. Hopefully they are watching the competition (Canon & Panasonic) and will get this right before the D4/D800 in 2011. I believe that Nikon’s still photo performance and ergonomics are superior to anything on the market to date, if they can get the video right they will have more “Super Stars” in their already great product line. ☆☆☆☆☆

    Where are the super fast “FX” AF-S F/1.2 or F/1.4 primes? a new 85mm AF-S would be nice. ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Chris

    So does anyone on this thread enjoy just taking pictures with what they have?

    • inabon

      ha! best comment ever!

      No, they stare down the viewfinder thinking “I wish this was a 18MP camera” hahaha. I still feel my D300 is the best camera I’ve ever used! That equipment, technologically speaking, is only held back by my lack of talent.

      I bet people here cant live w/o photoshop either, spend more time shooting and making it right, and I assure you, cropping/MP/blablabla will be erased from your mind as issues and will be replaced by the only worry a photographer should have……. light.

      • Chris

        I have a 300 as well but am moving, slowly, at my own pace towards FX. I’ve “passively” sold a few photos to some magazines and through Getty but do not see the need for 14/18/20 megapixels. I think someone with a half decent eye can do just fine with a d80 but I digress. I’m assuming that the folks frequenting this site are eager to upgrade for competitive reasons but ultimately isn’t it about the photographer and his/her abilities?

        • Pat

          The D80 matrix metering sucks! The outdoor pictures are never reliably metered. If you get lucky on a day, 60% of them would be okay…

          I think people with a half decent eye would have better luck with a D70 or D100, no kidding.

        • Royster

          Of course the photographers abilities count for a great deal but for some stock sites 12mp is just too low. It means that files have to be upsized with a loss of quality.
          For me 18-21 MP would be fine,not too worried about very high ISO and not at all worried about video.
          Until the new camera/cameras come along I will carry on with my D300 that will become my back up and underwater camera

          • Anonymous

            fully agreed.

    • The invisible man

      Yep, just like my wife, the best woman in the world, but I keep looking at the other girls !

  • So, this means we won’t see an 18mp or 24mp D800 / D900 before May 1st. Though it’s not too far, the question is what arrives after that date. And when? Hope it’s not a 12mp D700s.

    I’m fed up of waiting for an affordable hi-res or at least med-res FX, while I don’t really care the video thing which is also probably the cause of delays. Hi-iso is ok as log as it doesn’t effect Lo-iso quality.

    • The invisible man

      I heard Nikon will have a special in May, in order to satisfy people who are waiting for a 24mp FX DSLR, there will be a deal for them, buy a D700 get one free…

      • Ha ha, so this may be Nikon’s simple answer soon: 2×12=24mp 🙂

        Anyway, I won’t switch to FX until they deliver at least 18mp. 18mp is equivalent to double-truck magazine page @ 300dpi native size. Also it gives 50mb tif files without upsampling. That’s why size matters 😉

        • The invisible man

          FX is miles ahead to DX, better noise, larger sensor (wide angles), better viewfinder.
          FX is to DX what the medium format was to the 24x36mm.
          Try it, you’ll love it.
          If the D700 had 18MP I would have keep it for ever.
          I still have the champagne in the fridge for the D900 anoucement !

  • After an exausting search I finally found a D3s in stock. They have 3 left if interested.
    I have been waiting for my order from Adorama and could not wait any longer.

  • David Segura

    Any details on the rebates? Interested in the 16-35mm and another SB-900.

  • Photogradstudent

    I am getting sick and tired of the Nikon Fanboys burying their heads in the sand when it comes to either DSLR Video Capabilities or more MP. Yea, you may never make a video. Yea, 12mp must be great for you. But for other’s, we require more.

    Although I don’t require the ability to take videos, the clients I have do require poster size prints of their products. The 12mp is ok, but 18mp or more gives me more room to work with. What’s wrong with that? Genuine Fractals can only do so much.

    I am a fan of Nikon. My dad was shooting Nikon when he was a pro, and I followed in his footsteps with Brand Loyalty. But why is it wrong to require more from your favorite camera company? I love my iPhone, but I’d be a dumbass to not realize that the Nexus One has some features that I would like my iPhone to have.

  • hybris

    im also a pro who have stayed with nikon since i strated.
    im also really tired of the patronising “you cant handel 12+mp and so on.
    please people mind your own bizz,, you dont know what others need.
    talk about what you need yourselves plz

  • Jabs

    One of the oft-repeated and BORING comments here by a few posters is the ever lack of megapixels by Nikon and how they want more and more.
    LET US EXAMINE these?
    Several manufacturers have released 35mm DSLR’s in the full frame format including Nikon above 12 megapixels and ALL of them so far have been WORSE than the 12 megapixel D3S, except of course Nikon’s OWN 24 megapixel D3X.

    Leica M9 – horrible and even worse than a D40!
    Canon’s latest trio of one 16 meg and two 18 meg – AWFUL and lousy RED response!
    Sony’s – awful!
    Canon’s 5DMK2 – good results but awful camera.

    So what do you boneheads want?
    WORSE pictures or better results?

    Worse results are already HERE, so go buy them nd QUIT complaining.
    Better results are also here, BUT it costs more and also DELIVERS more!

    Save up or SWITCH or wait.

    I am starting to hate this place due to the same morons making unsubstantiated claims because they are either STUPID or CHEAP or cannot photograph anything as they are too lazy or incompetent to know how to frame or USE the right focal length.

    BUY a ZOOM, a longer focal length or walk towards your subject … Duuuuh!

  • Jabs

    Complaining has become fashionable HERE!

    Years ago, we had lower megapixels and less competent cameras.
    Now, we have cameras that finally eclipse the older film cameras YET, we have not gotten rid of the complainers.

    Some people will complain no matter WHAT the manufacturers give us as ALAS, it is their own incompetence and ‘hard or blockheadedness’ that is on display here – LOL!

    One of the first things that you learn in PHOTOGRAPHY is how to frame well IN CAMERA, but like computers with Word processors, people rely on the computer program to SPELL and do all the grammatic things for them INSTEAD of learning HOW TO DO this themselves.

    If the spell checker misses something or flags a word as correct that is not, then they are lost.

    Many here seem to be looking for the idealized MISTAKE PROOF camera or the IDIOT-PROOF camera that covers your incompetence or inabilities and then when they d NOT find it (HINT: it does NOT exist), they rant and rail here!

    Get off your lazy behind and go LEARN photography, PROPER framing, composition and lens selection as perhaps YOU got lost in the DX world and are too incompetent to deal with the FX or full frame world.

    QUIT whining and go learn from a book like PHOTOGRAPHY for lazy or lost DUMMIES!!!


    Giving YOU a taste of HOW you come across here to me.

    You want a camera to THINK and DO for you and not more megapixels it seems!

  • Jabs

    A SOLUTION to the complainers here:

    Go BUY a compact ZOOM camera and you can stand in one place and ZOOM all you want to get the picture you are after PLUS many of them now have 1080p HD video.
    Small and light, all in one units and even lower price than the A900, A850 and 5DMK2 – LOL!

    They also have several IDIOT-PROOF features that will allow idiots to now blame the camera – LOL!

    Enjoy, plus many are ABOVE 12 megapixels but since there are NO monitors that can show the whole image at its’ full resolution, then WHAT?

    One more thing to complain about eh?

  • Jabs

    I wish for everything I want in the way that I want it.

    I wish for above 12 megapixels with great IQ and beautiful picture quality second to none.

    My wish was granted BUT it costs too much, so I am not pleased.
    Several manufacturers gave me alternates above 12 megapixels but alas, they were worse than my dream camera.

    I want my dream camera to be cheaper and better than the expensive one produced by Nikon.

    I am STUCK on myself and my OWN dreams, so please ignore me for now – LOL!

  • inabon

    I’m already building a RAID solution because my D300’s 12 MP JPEG + RAW + TIFF(PS altered) photo library is HUGE. I cant imagine having a D3x, hahaha, I would need a new workflow!. I’m a Nikon fanboy, by all means, and more MP would work, but ONLY if they keep their IQ, so, Im satisfied thinking that they’re just not able to do it, nothing wrong with that. Porsches dont get to 240 miles per hour, and you know what, Im cool knowing they cant because up to 150, they are the best, and, I dont care to go above 150,

    For all that say, “just buy another external”, well, they suck, I already have 4 connected all the time. No, I dont trust 1TB drives, too many eggs on one basket, just like I never shoot a wedding with a card bigger than 4GB.

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