The external Wi-Fi module for the Nikon D3200 will be called WU-1a

The additional Wi-Fi module for the upcoming Nikon D3200 DSLR camera will be called WU-1a. My understanding is that this new device will also allow direct image transfer from the D3200 to a smart phone, even when there is no existing Wi-Fi network. This will let you share/upload images from your smart phone (similar to a Eye-Fi card). This new feature will work for Android devices as well. I assume there will be a new app that will work together with the WU-1a and will serve as a remote camera control/image uploader.

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  • Foolishcfo

    Can I be the first to leave an unrelated message and ask where’s the D400?

    • Sure. We’re wondering where it is too. We shoot weddings and are about to purchase a pair of D700s since it’s the cheapest path to Nikon FX right now.

  • Fourbeer

    Hopefully the price is a little better than the previous incarnation.

  • Backstein

    obvious question is obvious: will it work with the D800 ?

    • no because the camera have no direct interface in body as 3200 and probably future cameras

      • Bryan

        What about the USB 3.0 interface? It’s entirely possible the WU-1a could attach to cameras via USB. All the D800 would need is a firmware update

        • Backstein

          This is what i hope will happen. And it would be awesome!

        • Nikon Enthousiaste

          Assuming that the USB ports (micro-USB versus USB) are the same between the WU-1a, the D800, the D3200 and all future DX/FX bodies.

        • Ray

          Entirely possible that Nikon would say “hey lets update the D800 to work with the (presumably much) lower priced WU-1A so our customers can give us less money for the same thing!”

          Entirely possible!

        • not likely because it would be too clumsy. They might have some screw holder for it, but i think they will not miss a chance for some proprietary connector.
          I also think that big part of the functionality will be in the camera, that is why the add on will cost less and why it will not be backward compatible. They will probably also make it only “mainstream good” not “pro good” so it might be D400, D7100 compatible, but not D800, D4,…

  • Charles Martin

    Sounds very promising. My big question is, will the D7k, D300 (s) replacement also use the WU1a or will they use the WT5.

    • WoutK89

      WT-5 is possible for the D300/D700 replacement, but I am not so sure as the D800 still uses the WT-4 with the “wrong” battery. Maybe a WT-6 will be released for these cams?

  • yo

    I don’t understand why they don’t integrate this wifi module in the DSLR body…
    They don’t want anybody to use it or something ??

    • Hi

      Different countries hv diff regulations for wifi. So, nikon would hv to make diff variants of the camera to be sold at diff countries. Manufacturing different small accesories is cheaper than manufacturing different camera bodies.

      • Craig

        Also, as WiFi technology changes there can be an easy upgrade with a new small, inexpensive device. If it would be in the camera body, then everyone could conceivably be stuck with old technology as the camera body ages.

        • Foolishcfo

          I don’t think that applies here. Nikon changes the 3000 series camera bodies faster than wifi changes.

          • Jim


        • preston

          Inexpensive only in material cost. Nikon will charge an arm and a leg for it – see WT5.

        • WLAN technology is one of the longest living technologies in computing. 54g WLAN has been around for ages and is still supported in the newest devices, and probably will be for another decade or two, because of the huge installed base. And I don’t mean just consumer devices, but professional networks on huge campuses like universities or companies.

          The beauty of WLAN (and Ethernet) standards is, that they are cheap, backwards compatible and truly open.

      • Travis

        I hear this rubish all the time here. Then how all the computers and smartphones work just fine everywhere? I used my smart phone and laptop (aswell as IPAD) in every country I have been to and everything worked just fine.

        • Nice!

          I’m so jealous of you people who get the internet read out to you.

        • Fuzz

          Sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Let’s take 802.11G this is probably the most used wifi standard in the world. The standard is the same across the world, however different countries have different regulations. In the US you are allowed to use channels 1-11, in the UK I can use 1-13, other countries also have access to channel 14. If I set my wireless network to operate on channel 13 then a wireless product sold in the US may not work with it.
          This is why here you will see that the WT-4 comes in different models for different regions. It doesn’t mean they aren’t compatible with each other just that each one has a different set of channels.

      • Sahaja

        Nonsense – you think the WU-1a will be different in different markets?

    • retando

      I don’t want wifi installed in my camera, it’s a security risk.

      • d400


      • What are you doing on the internet? GET OFF. QUICK. *ANYTHING* COULD HAPPEN.

        *rolls eyes*

      • Sahaja

        Surely you would be able to turn it off if you are worried about that.

    • Cuius

      Same reason they don’t incorporate GPS – gives them the opportunity to charge another $200 for a $20 unit

      • Sahaja


        (Though I doubt if a GPS unit, like you find in a smart phone, costs the manufacturer anywhere near $20 these days.)

    • Nonsense!

      While different regions have slightly different frequencies to be used for WLAN, all consumer devices can be configured to use the right ones by software.

      All the smartphones (like the iPhone) and other WLAN gadgets (like routers) can be used worldwide, as can notebooks.

      A Nikon D3200 should not need an external WLAN adapter any more than, say an iPhone, Notebook or whatever.

  • ellie

    When is D400 coming?

    • Sparks

      Thank you very much. Someone had to say this.

      • Nikon Enthousiaste

        You are right but my mother taught me to be polite with strangers. So a more “gentle” sentence could had been “Please shut up.”. It is amazing what people can accept when you remain polite. 🙂

        Perhaps to reduce the amount of unrelated posts (and associated frustration), our admin could create a “D400 section” where all the whinings would take place (waiting for it myself, I would perhaps even contribute to it).

        • Jabs

          Nice idea but if you feed the whiners they will never shut up plus drive you crazy too.

          Where’s the D400, then where’s the D500after that is released, then WHERE IS the D500 and on and on.

          Part of the mystique of a Rumors Web site is the upcoming models that people ask about or even complain about – forgot???

          Nikon Rumors, the home of Nikon enthusiasts, lovers, whiners, haters and all types of nice people bent on driving you nuts for FREE too – lol.

          We enjoy it though, as we are hooked on here!

          Great web site!

          • BartyL

            I suspect, but cannot yet prove, that very few people will be wondering where the D500 is after it is released.

    • Foolishcfo

      When Nikon stops focusing on low-end DX cameras. Ignore those telling you to shut up. If you don’t put it out there it won’t come.

      • burgerman

        DX, IS low end…

        • Foolishcfo

          Cropped sensors still have a place albeit it is growing smaller (was that an oxymoron?) in segment. They are still the camera of choice for underwater macro photographers (yeah, I know this segment is even smaller than the members here clamoring for D400’s. But we’re still here)

        • Jim

          If the D300s is low end, what is the D3100 then? A trashcan? A toy?

          • MJr

            Well, not a paperweight because it’s too light ! 🙂

            • Foolishcfo

              That is too funny…..but true!

    • Art

      Who cares about the DX D400…. FX is where it is at.

      Where is the D900 ??? 😉

      Actually, on a serious note, the D800 rocks. I haven’t picked my “E” up yet but I think it is clear that the D800 is a transformational camera. Given that, just imagine how insanely cool the D900 will be. I’m drooling already just trusting that Nikon will hit it out of the park again. (Meanwhile, I’ll be plenty happy shooting with my D800E ….)

  • Onesolo

    Is it hard to put a Wifi and GPS chip inside the body cam?!?!
    Every modern smarthphone has those two things!!!!

    All they want is more money!!!

    • Anonymous

      If they did that, then people who don’t want to use those items will be paying for them. By making add-ons, Nikon is giving the user the option to choose.

      • Jake

        Shut up. This is the worst excuse ever. Entire wifi chipsets cost less than a candy bar, and the same thing goes for GPS chips. If someone is bitching about $5 added on to the cost of a $600 camera, they should NOT be buying the camera. Don’t want Wifi or GPS in your camera? Turn it off, and forget it. And many people probably would end up using it if it was integrated and had a usable interface. Do you really think that the WT5 costs $800 to manufacture, and would raise the price of the D4 that much if it was added in? Because you’re wrong, and it wouldn’t.

        There are two, probably equally important reasons why Nikon doesn’t already include GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth in all of their DSLRs. First, it makes the cameras easier to sell everywhere, because they don’t have to be certified in other countries. Second, people who pay several hundred, or thousand, dollars have already demonstrated that they are willing to spend all this money on equipment, so Nikon knows that they can get away with charging more for incredibly cheap parts. Is there something overtly wrong about this practice? Not really, companies have to make money too. But don’t pretend that it’s anything but what it is, a money grab.

        • Jake

          Oops, my html tags exploded. 🙁

        • Why can’t Nikon put GPS & WiFi in the camera.
          . . . and then have the GPS change the WiFi signal automatically when traveling to a different country?

        • retardando

          If the government wants it on someone it will stay on. I don’t want wifi inside the camera. They do this with cellphones to spy on everyone. You turn it off but it goes on when they want it and you can’t tell.

          • JLK

            If you can tell when it is on then the chemtrails aren’t working. 🙁

          • Sahaja

            You never know in every D800 there may be a secret chip, they are not telling you about, that broadcasts your location.

        • Darkness

          First part right, second part wrong…

      • btdown

        “then people who don’t want to use those items will be paying for them.”

        Great rationale….its sorta like making people pay for 36mp when most people dont need it…d700FOlife!

        • . . . and shutter priority, I don’t use shutter priority. Then there’s bracketing, never use that. Self timer? That feature collects dust! Tripod mount? I use the one on my lens. Why spend the money for USB? We all have card readers. Even have one built into my MacBook Pro!

          Don’t even get me started on video!!!

          • btdown

            “Don’t even get me started on video!!!”


    • Sports

      Yes, a smart phone already has GPS & wi-fi but costs the same as a D3200 more or less, so it doesn’t come for free in a smart phone.
      That being said, some compact cameras have wi-fi or GPS, so if it can be done – easily – and still make commercial sense. A D3300 without wi-fi & GPS is unthinkable, I would say. Not because you need it, but because all other consumer cameras will get it.

      • preston

        Admin, I don’t remember seeing info on the expected pricing of D3200, but people here seem to be assuming it will be about the same as the D3100. Personally, I think they’re getting rid of that $600 price mark for dslr’s altogether and the 1 series will their place. I am fully expecting at least a $100 increase over the D3100 and wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was over $200 more. The specs (especially the sensor) make it seem like they’re saying the bottom of the line interchangable lens cameras are the MX, above that DX, then FX. And for the first time this would be reflected in the price of the bodies!

        • Richard

          Preston, you might be right, but I do not see how Nikon could do that if Canon, Sony and the rest put out products at that price point. It would be like Nikon telling people to go spend their money with the competition.

        • I have no pricing info yet.

        • These are my thoughts exactly.

          They were selling D3000 and D40s to people who would have been better-served by a mirrorless camera. When people ask me to recommend a camera, I always recommend a mirrorless if they enjoy photography but don’t plan on being a pro.

          SLRs have two major benefits and that is speed and build*. Everything else can be served by a small body…. and really, Fuji is proving that build isn’t an issue. *there are other (mostly handling and lens) benefits, of course.

          The real problem is that I have a hard time recommending the Nikon 1 as that mirrorless camera…

    • Jabs

      Simple answer:
      Smartphones are Country and Carrier specific plus Nikon would have to find a place or technique to house an antenna buried in a sealed magnesium alloy body. Small CoolPix cameras are mainly plastic, so little antenna issues from metal shielding.

      Nikon would have to now make country or area specific cameras – a real nightmare. Imagine two neighboring countries having different Wi-Fi standards – ouch!

      • El Aura

        Apple’s smartphones and other WiFi products are not country-specific (apart from LTE). But the (WiFi) iPod touch, the WiFi iPad, all iPhones, all Macs ship exactly the same worldwide. How hard is it to take the third-party WiFi chip in the iPod touch and put it into a camera?

        • Nikon Enthousiaste

          This will likely be more than a simple Wi-Fi chip. Such device will act as a web server where the app installed on your phone will connect and interact.

          This also implies putting some security/encryption in it(you would not want the guy next to you messing with your D3200, would you?). Given that their firmware has been (publicly) decoded, not sure that I would want to put all my new functionalities in the firmware.

          Or, it could also simply be that they do not have the memory space to fit all the functionalities in the firmware…

          • El Aura

            Well, all Apple WiFi products that have an alternative network input (eg, cell towers or Ethernet jack) can create a WiFi network (which admittedly is controlled by a powerful OS and CPU).

            But how much does an Eye-Fi card or a MiFi router cost? Both of which also work worldwide, can create a WiFi network and in the case of the Eye-Fi card is a really tiny piece of electronic.

            • retardando

              Nikon firmware has been hacked. Having wifi installed in your camera is a security risk. The government always puts covert backdoors in wireless devices or infects them with it.

          • ausserirdischegesund

            Commmon WLAN chips all feature encryption, and have for years.
            Why should a Nikon camera behave any different than a $30 WLAN router in that respect?

        • Jabs

          It is called unfortunately Product Classification and then what and who first inspects the product for Approval plus what Import Duties and Country Tests are applied before the product is allowed to be sold in each country.

          Laws and Standards non-existent in smartphones are the culprit and not Technology.

          BTW – Wi-Fi and sealed bodies made of magnesium alloy so far, do not work together.

  • Mile

    I wonder if it will allow a full size image to be transfered to computer. Or if it’s strictly to smartphones (i.e. small JPEG). Wouldn’t an Eye-fi still be better? Storage capacity for RAW AND small JPEG sent to smartphone?

  • Richard

    I wonder if the camera or wi-fi module will have a Facebook/social media setting for the size of image files to be transmitted, especially if it is going to a cell phone to be posted.

  • Jabs

    Off Topic!

    Mac Malware scare:

    Apple patched it earlier this week, but many still have not either addressed or removed problem.

    • Nod

      WHAT ? APPLE is about to buy NIKON ?? We should then expect an i400 soon !

      • Jabs

        Yes, and we will all turn into iIdiots with an attitude – lol

        Welcome to the Nikon i2 – in three millions shades of pink or fuchsia and two body styles plus 2 million Apps to download and drive yourself crazeee!

        Virus NOT included.

        Fashionistas rejoice and us Nikonians weep – LOL!

        Here is the signature Edition of the newest iNikon or iNeekon – ahem er, Ni-Con in lizard skin and exotic Titanium overlay (paint – lol) with your choice of stainless steel or 1/2 carat gold ‘encrustments’ all signed by Paris or Kim – oh right – LOL!

  • NG42

    What about the video capabilities of the 3200? Mic jack, headphone jack, audio controls, full manual control? Or will Nikon limit these things to the higher end models.

  • Jabs

    TWO more weeks until the D3200 is introduced.

    How long before it is available to buy?


    • Nikon Enthousiaste

      Olympics are in July. Expect it to be widely available before that.

      I also would not be surprised if they annouce another model (and make it available) before that time frame too…

      Am I feeding the whiners again? LOL

      • Robyn

        Let me encourage you by feeding you (fanboy troll?) 😉

        I see what Nikon is doing here, make the limited supply of high end camera (D4 & D800) available to NPS only. Then focus manufacturing resources on consumer level DSLR’s like D3200 and another D5xxx series at the COST OF REMAINING D800 PROFESSIONAL orders.

        Good luck getting your D800 from the likes of B&H, Adorama, etc. We are gonna need it, if we want D800 before the Olympics.

        • PeterO

          Sorry Robyn, but from my limited knowledge of Nikon production facilities, the making of Dxxxx models has no influence on the number of D800s produced. They’re made in two different countries in separate factories. Which brings me to the supposition that the D400 will be FX. Which factory would they build that in? Thailand is for DX products, Japan for FX (currently at capacity making D800 and D4) and China for CX. Did they build a new factory we don’t know about?

          • BornOptimist

            D300/D300s was made in Thailand.
            No reason to believe otherwise with the replacement as well.

          • Jabs

            Yes, new Factory in Malaysia – I think.

        • Ray

          I’m not NPS, and I got my D800 last month. Your rant is invalid.

      • Anonymus

        A camera in Olympic DisneyBarnum?
        What to do?

    • The D3200 will be mass produced, I don’t think there will be any shortages.

      • PeterO

        NR, what do you mean by mass produced (I mean in reference to the 30K/month of D800s)? Are we talking about 100Ks per month of D3200s? Which leads me to another question…Does anyone really know how many of each model Nikon actually prodeces/sells. Everyone talks about how the low end models generate the most profits. Is that a sliding scale as we go up the model ladder or does , for instance, the D7000 outsell the D5100? Just curious.

        • there is a website in New Zealand I believe that has this data – will try to find it, not sure how accurate it is

  • Michael Firstlight

    I’ll stick with my wireless USB 2.o solution for my D300 thank you. It it only $50-$75 and is easily 2x to 3x faster then any WiFi solution and combined with Nikon Camera Control 2 does everything. Its simple, reliable, fast (480Mbps vs 802.11N which throttles between 90-300 and usually at $150Mbps). Besides, next year comes widespread 802.11AC gigbit wireless – these expensive Nikon WiFi solutions will be obsolete.


  • D1000

    Did I miss something? Is there a possibility the new 24mpx 3200 sensor is the sony alpha 77 sensor?

  • EnPassant

    Admin! Any information where D3200 will be/is built?
    Did Nikon restart the production in the flooded production plant in Thailand, or in some other place in Thailand, or in some other country?

    • ben

      The did say Thailand would be back up in March. so it should be making cameras. hope the lens shortage gets better soon.

    • Yes, Thailand’s factory is fully functional but they are shifting workers to China.

  • Eric

    As a D800 owner, I have to say Nikon really messed up not including it in current WIFI hardware. And now the cheapie d3200 gets it? Never mind the D300 can’t use the IR remote used by chaper Nikon cameras.

    I guess this is how we get so much of the D4 for half the price.

    • Richard

      Somehow I get the feeling that the D800 is not going to have a long production run. It would make sense for Nikon to have a D810 or something to replace it which would incorporate the things left out in the rush to get the much delayed item to market. It would also give them the opportunity to tune up the sensor and/or image processing.

      There is a JPEG noise/resolution comparison on the net between the 5D MK III and the D800. The D800 suffers greatly above ISO 3,200 in the comparison. I hope to see others repeat the testing (and using RAW) to see if the test results are repeatable. If they are, it is very bad news indeed for Nikon.

  • MJr

    Unless it’s for anything analog, i hate hardware add-ons.

  • Old Amsterdam

    Sleeping under a bridge each night and heavily addicted to marihuana it’s not very likely I will ever buy one, but emm… I just wonder while not trying to annoy someone, well ehh.. , just curious.
    Any news on the DX D400?

    • BartyL

      I used to be in your position, but I can help you.

      What I did was, I chose not to buy some D800s. Each D800 I didn’t buy, didn’t cost me a little over $3000. After I had failed to buy 100 of them, I had amassed a considerable amount of money. Additionally, by not purchasing add-ons such as vertical grips and spare batteries for each D800 I didn’t buy, I saved over $400 000. It’s true that I could have made even more money by not buying D4s but the D4 is a little out of my range. In any case the D4 is really more camera than I don’t need.

      With the money saved by not buying D800s, I purchased my own bridge. Now, $400k doesn’t buy you a lot bridge these days. In fact it’s really more of a footbridge, but it’s mine. And I can sleep under it whenever I want.

      You can further turn your life around by giving up deadly marijuana and consuming harmless alcohol and tobacco instead.

      Good luck with everything.

      • Sports


      • Jabs


        Perhaps you might want to reconsider this statement:
        “You can further turn your life around by giving up deadly marijuana and consuming harmless alcohol and tobacco instead…”

        OK – high as a kite and drunk as a skunk plus smoking hot to boot – LOL.

        What’s wrong with that picture?

        Out of your mind, wasted plus clueless and now smelly and on your way to being an image of HOW not to live your life – on a side or back panel of a pack of cigarettes – NO thanks.

        Naw – I’ll stick with being a photographer without the addictions!

  • NG42

    Is there any chance will Nikon will redo the 35mm 1.8 and make it VR? It would really help with video.

  • Freehawk

    In New York it will be rebranded as the WU-1a Tang Clan Transmitter.

  • HDR

    The way of the future. Nikon should offer a D3200w model with WiFi integrated, and one without. Definitely a deciding buying factor.

    Also need USB3.0

    Gigabit ethernet will be a dream come true

  • Since I don’t need remote control and I just need tethering, I picked up an Eye-Fi X2 Pro for my D800. Used it on the last couple shoots.

    It’s awesome. And it works incredibly well sending JPEGs to my Android ICS Touchpad tablet. Transfers are reliable and fast.

    I’ve got everything I need in Wi-Fi… and it was only $80 from B&H.

  • Marco2k7

    For those who say “why can’t the wifi switch mode in other countries, my laptop does that” it seems you don’t understand the point.

    Wifi is universal. Still, different countries have different regulations about the hardware specs. So, you can bring your iphone with you when you travel, but you must know that is not the same exact model apple sells in that country. Because it must march the country’s rules otherwise they will not let apple sell that.

    Now, apple sells laptop and phones so you can’t base the wifi on a external accessory. But with dslr, where wifi is a surplus, it’s easier and cheaper for nikon to use an adapter.

    I would have preferred integrated radio interface, since i think radio has no regional limitations. But people want stupid wifi to share pictures so…

    Plus nikon can charge a lot more for an external accessory so…they have an excuse to make more money, we can say. Because making 8 different d3200 model would lift the price for nikon and cost to us more than the 3200 + accessory combo.

    That said, if it allows to control my camera from my phone without needing a netwok, i’ll probably buy it used when a get the chance

    • What you are writing is not true.

      There are *many* WLAN devices sold worldwide that have *exactly* the same hardware. If you buy a Linksys router in Europe you get exactly the same hardware as in the USA. And you can switch a USA bought router to use the channels in Europe within minutes.

      And: Nikon cameras come in different packaged versions already. If I buy a camera, I get probably German, Dutch and English manuals (and software?) Somebody in the USA will probably get no German manual (to make grey imports more difficult).

      • Marco2k7

        Random article, just to make an example:

        “The official iPhone heading to China isn’t exactly the same as the ones we see here: Apple removed Wi-Fi hardware from its iPhones for China Unicom to comply with Chinese government standards.”

        Of course nikons come in different packages, duh! but the production line in japan/thai is the same for all countries, they’re next just labeled and packed differently for different countries. But the pruduction is the same. With wifi normatives in different countries, they would have to produce models that are slightly different in come pieces, but that means higher production cost.

      • Jabs

        Your actually answered your own questions.

        They make the WiFi in smartphones compatible with different worldwide standards that allow them to make the experience seamless in USE. Phone’s circuitry takes care of the details and the Manufacturer certifies the unit for several areas and geographical zones of the world, HENCE many phones are US exclusive, get modified for FCC Approval and use in America or are NOT sold here in America = then refer to that fact! Same as in Dual Band, Tri-Band and Quad Band phones.

        Hence it is multi-WiFi and not single WiFi = problem solved for communications.

        Now incorporate that worldwide when there are NO Standards and then see your problem.

        Nikon AW100 has two models to subvert that problem, so perhaps many posters reflect on that reality instead of complaining.

  • burgerman

    D400 DX? Whats the point of going to the trouble and expense of building a pro quality camera and then only fitting half the sensor? They may as will fit the rest (the outside bit) while they are at it and finish it off…

    Oh yes… They did that already. It a D800. Its DX too.

    Get over it. All a DX camera is any good for now we have high pixel density in FX is saving money. Hence plastic DX cheap cameras.

  • Pellevin

    Maybe there will be a CX mode on this camera and an adapter to use CX-mount lenses 🙂

    • BornOptimist

      Even with an adapter it’s not possible to use 1-mount lenses on F-mount. To be able to use 1 lenses on a F-mount they have to be mounted deep into the F-mount, where they would have come in conflict with the mirror.

      • Pellevin

        Yes I was not really serious about the comment, more of a goof off. Using CX lenses on a bigger camera obviously does not make sense even if it was technically possible. However a switch to CX mode to get in camera cropped smaller files at x 2.7 could actually be useful when you have a 24 mp sensor to start from. Much like the DX mode on FX cameras.

  • RobertKrasser

    Well, I got my D800. Fine Camera for sure the most expensive I bought for sure the best I ever had. Bu I am still unhappy. Why? As a Photojournalist I am interested in following criteria:
    Small Body (like D800)
    – IPTC Data like D4
    – GPS (inside) I hate all those GP-1 things with cable etc.
    – WIFI
    – 16megapixel
    – as much ISO as possible

    So I agree all your complains. Put the WIFI in put the GPS in add a button for those who want to swich it off. If you want to make some extra mony Nikon schould do sort of a GPS or WIFI Module wich can be put INSIDE the Body.
    And now 3200 in probably coming with a small WIFI adapter??? Why not D800?

  • PAG

    Marco2k7 said… “I would have preferred integrated radio interface, since i think radio has no regional limitations”

    Actually the radio band spectrum is highly regulated around the world. For example, it is illegal for me to use my little low power Motorola FRS radios in Europe. Since short range bands are used for emergency response, business, personal, cordless phone, and other applications, the chance of standardized radio control (even at the tiny distances involved here) wouldn’t be possible in camera.

    • Jabs



      Educate us.

  • Le Bleu Panda

    This is stupid. Nikon can put Wifi in to a camera. If Eye-Fi can fit an SD card which still has enough space for 8GB of memory, then there is no reason Nikon couldn’t easily fit it in camera along with a GPS. This is what Nikon’s competitors are doing, and the ones who don’t have already on drawing board. Charging exonerate amounts for integrated WiFi as an add-on is what is going to make legacy camera makers fall even further behind in digital age. It is this kind of thinking that is going to allow Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and the other electronics makers gain more market share.

  • When’s the D900 coming out?!

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