More on the new Wi-Fi capabilities of the upcoming Nikon D3200 DSLR camera

The Nikon D3200 will not have Wi-Fi capabilities built in the camera. This functionality will be provided with an optional wireless adapter (sold separately of course, similar to the WT-5). Upon attaching the Wi-Fi adapter to the camera, you will be able to upload images to social networks or email them. The  new Wi-Fi functionality will also allow you to control your D3200 camera remotely from your smart phone (just like the D4).

Nikon is expected to introduce similar technology in their Coolpix line refresh in August, 2012.

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  • Me

    Let the circus of non-related comments begin.

    • CRB

      yep..where is the D400? lol……

      • S|R

        Seriously…… I feel like as far as time frames go, the d300s is way more over due for an update versus the d3100. The only problem is that nikon probably makes a lot more money from its lower level cameras versus its mid range camera, so thus they get priority in updates.

        • ffaabb

          Nice, I really like this remote smartphone wifi business. This is sure now it will be emplimented as well on “our” D400

        • Andrew

          How can you say the D3200 gets more priority over the D300s just because it is announced earlier? What about the D4 and the D800, would you then argue that they get higher priority over the D3200 because they were announced and released earlier? I understand your reasoning that the D3200 will reach a larger class of customers, but that reality does not force upon us the conclusion you have just reached, though many have reached the same conclusion in error.

          Here is an alternative way of looking at the release schedule. The more expensive cameras are like luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz. Mercedes releases a major new model every 8 years. Once a new model is released, it is generally on the market for about 4 years and then its technology is enhance with as many as 2,000 component changes for its second 4 year term. The more a consumer spends on an item the longer they expect the product to last. It takes more research and development effort to release the D4 and D800 than it would take to release the D3200 camera. And because less of the D4 or D800 cameras are sold than the D3200, it makes sense to keep the release cycle longer on the D4 or D800 cameras than the D3200. The same should hold true for the D300 replacement (i.e. the D400).

          One final point; it also makes good business sense to keep the D400 on the shelf to give a lot of professionals the opportunity to appreciate the capabilities of the D800 before introducing another choice. Some may disagree with this point, but the fact that the D800 is the #1 seller on Amazon and has helped to increase the sales of the D5100 (#2) and D3100 (#4) on Amazon is an indication that Nikon is meeting the needs of a lot of photographers even before the release of the D400. My thinking it that a lot of photographers are switching from the D700 and D300 to the D800. I know that there is a definite need and place in Nikon’s lineup for the D400, but I do not think it is not being released because of its lack of importance, but because of Nikon’s cramped release schedule. So just have patience if you are waiting anxiously like many (including me) to see what new specs the D400 will come with. But for now, let us appreciate the knowing more about the D3200 and how its ISO 6400 performance will compare with the D7000, D700, and D800.

          • bratvlad

            I like your thinking

          • preston


            The comment from SR makes perfect sense. Your first paragraph trying to disprove that makes no sense to me – literally I don’t even get what you’re trying to say.

            D3000 released in July 2009. D3100 released with a brand new sensor with higher resolution only 13 months later (Aug 2010).

            D200 released Nov 2005. D300 released Aug 2007 with a new higher res sensor. D300s released July 2009 with same sensor – all minor updates have no effect on image quality!

            So it’s been just over 1.5 years since a new sensor for bottom of the line DX and 4.5 years since new sensor for top of the line DX. Hmmm, yea I think we know which one is the priority if the 1.5 year old one gets replaced first.

          • Jabs


            I like your final point – well said and thought out too.

            Nikon definitely is on a roll but also coming to grips with an overdue and cramped release Schedule due to the disasters of 2011. Great to see them rushing out new Products and then compare that to Sony or Canon and one has to pause and think.

            D3200 probably is like the D7000 that introduced new Technology to the Market and then some trickled up (D4, D800) and others trickled down (D5100). Can’t wait to see the release of the D7100 and then the Pro DX – D400.

            Yeah, give the D4 and the D800 time to get a foothold in the Market and then probably release the D400 after the Olympics and not dilute your offerings. D3200 probably is a camera designed to make consumers empathize with and relate to the Pros shooting Nikon’s in the upcoming Olympics and thus might be heavily advertised then during the Games.

            Good analysis.

        • Richard

          I have a suspicion that the equipment for the D3100 was destroyed in the flooding and so Nikon used the time to step up the release date for the D3200 and bought equipment ready to go for it.

          I also think that Nikon felt pressure to get something new out in the consumer level market segment to show that they were not stagnating in the face of new introductions by Canon and others in this market segment.

          What you say is true, however. The D300s is waaaay overdue. Whatever it may be it had better be good.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Ah, who cares. This whole wi-fi thing is just a fad anyway. Just like the internets.

        • PoBoy

          why oh why didn’t they put wifi into the D800? It would be nice to shoot out a jpeg to Facebook or Flikr from time to time.

          • Richard

            Wi-Fi on that level of camera is not for posting images directly to Facebook and etc. Why in the world would you need such a sensor for that?

            What Wi-Fi is good for is shooting to a capture device, be it an iPad or computer which can allow a better examination of the image because of the larger screen.

            I have seen a D4 shooting full RAW with the Wi-Fi adapter connected to an iPad (3). In four seconds from the shutter release there was an image displayed on the iPad. There was just so much more you could tell about the image looking at it on a larger screen…which also showed just how fabulous the D4’s performance at ISO 12,800 was.

            Wi-Fi on a lower level consumer camera is Nikon’s response to the reality that Thom Hogan has observed. The major competition for Nikon, Canon, et al is the cell phone camera that so many people use to capture an image and immediately upload to Facebook & etc.

    • CRB

      or one that can be related…where are the small primes that makes much more sense to go along with a small capable body like this one?….

    • Zograf

      24 mega-pix upload to a social network – that would be a fun.

      • Roberto


    • T.I.M

      Like your comment ?

  • Mikycoud

    Right, let me get this straight: no wi-fi remote control of D800, but d4 and d3200 get it. Is it just me or something doesn’t add up here?

    • braedough

      Any chance the new adapter would be compatible with the D800 or would that not be technically possible (perhaps with a firmware upgrade).

    • ShaoLynx


    • Ray

      Obviously low end budget users have more need to remotely control their cameras than the professional users of a camera costing 5x as much that Nikon themselves are selling as an alternative to medium format… right.

      It will probably have 1080p/60, too.

      • +1

      • Rob

        This is a much newer design than the D800. The D800 was delayed almost a year because of the tsunami and floods. The D3200 is probably only suffering a small delay (or possibly no delay if it will be made in China). All cameras designed after the D4 will have this. The D800 was designed before the D4.

        • Rob

          I guess 18 people already pointed that out though.

    • Zeke

      The rumors are that the D800 was ready last year but was delayed due to the natural disasters. It may be half a development cycle behind the D3200, and thus lacking some of the bells and whistles that will become standard from now on.

    • Ren Kockwell

      That’s a lot of WiFi file transfer, so maybe file size has something to do with it. But yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw it. How can the D800 not have this feature? That WT5 is just ridiculously high in price. It costs more than the 3200 body.

    • The D800 is rumored to be an older camera delayed because of the disasters. That is why (rumored) it has an SD slot instead of an XQD slot . . . or WiFi.

      • Art

        I saw an interview somewhere with someone from Nikon. They said the reason for the SD card was there was no space for another Compact Flash card. Makes sense. I just wish companies would be more clear about things like this so we aren’t left guessing…

        • I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you. 😉

          • Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be rude.
            My point was the Nikon rep could not come out and say “the reason the D800 has an SD card slot is because the camera is an old design.” But he has to say something, so that sounded as good as anything.

          • Andrew

            The minute a new product is released it is an old design. Products are not designed one day and then released the next day. It may take as much as 1 year or more from the time a product is designed to its release date. This is because once the product is designed, it needs to be developed and tested. Delays can also occur if the development of the product has to be synchronized with newer components being developed by partners. And any delay by the manufacturer or supplier may further impact the release schedule. And of course if there is a natural disaster, then the release date my be further postponed. The great thing about the D800 is that it has so many advanced features, among which is a high MP count and stunningly high ISO for such a high MP camera, that regardless of the delays, it is still a highly modern camera with leading-edge capabilities. But alas, technology continues to march forward!

            • Jabs


              Testing a new model is what takes over one year, especially the Pro bodies. Product development often takes three to four years from concept to delivered camera.

              D5 is thus already under development and started before the D4 was released. That’s how it works on DSLR’s.

            • No argument there. But my point is the reason the D800 has SD instead of an XQD slot is because it was designed before the D4 and expected to come out before the announcement of the XQD. Earthquakes and floods changed that schedule.
              It’s still a modern camera. But it lacks an XQD slot because of when it was designed, not because Nikon didn’t want to put one in there.

    • KnightPhoto

      D800 is WT-4 compatible. Does that offer wireless remote control?

    • Remedy

      …and because You are pro You have to pay 230000$ for the WiFi WT5 transmitter unlike those poor bastards buying D3200 with it on board. lel?

      • Jabs

        Here are the facts:
        The D4 has a built-in Web Server in its body, hence with the WT-5 connected, you can now remotely control up to ten (I think) D4 cameras. You can also assign laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, other tablets and anything with a Web Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) as viewers or things connected in your workflow. One person controls the whole thing and then assigns people who can log in and view. You log into the D4 and assign a Password, so others cannot log in without a Password and intercept of steal your images.

        With the D3200, you probably can only upload via Wi-Fi but not sure.

        D4 is for Pro control and D3200 is for convenience and quick uploads.

        Big differences and hence the reason for this NEW functionality being so expensive = different thrusts and capabilities for different Markets.

        With the D4, you can do this either wirelessly or wired and thus the ONLY camera on the Market that I know of, which can do this. Nothing from Canon or Sony does this, hence Nikon is way ahead of the curve and about to bury them further with the new D3200. Let us see what this D3200 can really do.

        D4 = Controls, send/receives signals plus allows remote control of camera functions and connections via Browsers for viewing or control and can be Password protected as in PRIVATE Network.

        D3200 and others usually only send signals plus maybe remote VIEWING.

    • Lilien

      There you can see the D800 is already (one year) old technology.

    • Dud

      Because ability to wifi upload to fb is what’s keeping me from buying a D800.

  • cndlpwr

    Remember when Bluetooth was an option on almost every car stereo sold? Now it’s included in all but the cheapest units. Same situation here. Before too long, wifi will be considered a necessity to compete and it will be included.

  • David

    Will it have a direct ethernet connection or will it be expensive WiFi adapter only? Remote via network (wired or wireless) has so many applications…

  • Gard

    If the WiFi thing has a good interface and can control exposure and focus, then the D3200 could be very interesting as a remote camera for attaching in impossible-to-reach places (everything from the lighting rigs to shoot a concert or on the outside of a helicopter). I’ve been looking for something cheap but convenient that can be used for just that, I hope this’ll fit the bill!

  • Harter Ryan

    The D800 got USB 3.0, keeping all the interoperability inconsistencies between the bodies, er, consistent.

  • Backstein

    Why does Nikon hates the d800 so much? And why costs the old WLAN Adapter still more than some Good lenses? This is ridicoulus.

    • huh

      they just hate you 🙂

      • thosh

        hehe, thumbs up

  • Nemo

    the WT-5 probably costs as much as a D3200 itself 😀

    • Ray

      The WT-5 costs so much that if 1 in 10 D800 users bought one, it would increase Japan’s GDP by just short of 1%

      • Dormant

        It would also show that those 1 in 10 D800 users were extremely thick. The WT-5 only works with the D4. You need a WT-4 for the D800.

  • I’m interested in how they pitch this. I’m thinking something more like a £40 EyeFi than a £650 WT-5. Needless to say the WT-5 pricing is a non starter for a camera that will be around £400 with a lens…

    I really can’t see it being capable of remote triggering via a web interface, only being able to push images to Facebook/twitter (which in it’s self could be quite a nice feature) using some new button/menu option in the playback mode. I suspect configuration will be done via a USB lead at home like the Eyefi.

  • price

    they need to keep the price under control. those nikon wireless freaking adapters are an insult because of their ridiculous price. it’s a WIFI device nikon. you can’t price it the same as a laptop.

  • T.I.M


    From B&H:

    “We can change your order from the Nikon D800E to the D800 and you would maintain your same place in line for the camera.

    Additionally, we do not have an estimated ship date at this time for either camera as they are both very heavily back ordered by Nikon.”

    Right, and all the D800 that are selling on Ebay for $4000, they came from out of space ?


    • Joaquim Prado

      this situation is freaking me out. I saw a guy that had at least 3 cameras on sale on ebay. At this point how someone get three cameras? The worst part is that price on ebay. Nikon should do something about it and have the serial numbers of those units to check if is it from any of their NPS.

      what about that goal of 30k cameras a month we heard? Nobody give a word on when their shipment from Nikon is arriving, every 4 days they put a week ahead of my order estimate delivery. It’s been almos 2 months the camera were announced and they don’t have enough to fill their orders? Come on!

      Also what is the deal with a camera like D800 not have Wifi? Isn’t suppost to be a landspace and studio camera? I know I can use orther kinds of remotes shutters but come on, no wifi at all?

      • Calibrator

        > this situation is freaking me out. I saw a guy that had at least 3 cameras on sale on ebay. At this point how someone get three cameras?

        What do you think?
        Perhaps a few dealers love to sell them for $1000 bucks more on the net instead of merely giving them to their regular customers for the regular price? (those people can wait a bit longer in line, can’t they?)
        Perhaps a few NPS members that simply make use of their priority positon – of course with “all the best intentions”?

        > The worst part is that price on ebay. Nikon should do something about it and have the serial numbers of those units to check if is it from any of their NPS.

        Why should Nikon do that?
        If I understand correctly NPS members are only bound to not sell the stuff below retail price as to not become competition to regular dealers.

        > Also what is the deal with a camera like D800 not have Wifi? Isn’t suppost to be a landspace and studio camera? I know I can use orther kinds of remotes shutters but come on, no wifi at all?

        Interesting how quickly Wifi has become a standard feature…

        • Joaquim Prado


          “Perhaps a few dealers love to sell them for $1000 bucks more on the net instead of merely giving them to their regular customers for the regular price? (those people can wait a bit longer in line, can’t they?)” If this happen Nikon should manage better how dealers handle their products. And no, I can’t wait that long to have the camera. I am not a NPS member and really don’t care for the benifits since I am in brazil and have ordered a while ago from a US dealer, which I often go to the US and always buy gear there, most likely almost all independet pros in brazil. And NPS should not be able to make money over their new exclusive gear, whats the point in been a pro to get gear first and sell?

          “Interesting how quickly Wifi has become a standard feature…” For 3k I would expect a feature like that. It is not a standard yet but it would be a NEW feature that could become very Useful in real use specially in landscape and still photography. Just like how great this feature is for the D4 in sports and news. isn’t a lot people planning in use the D800 in studio and landscape?

          Probably you already have your gear and don’t feel the need of a new camera. I am in the need of it and I am in the rush for it.
          This is bad management in my opnion.

          • Really?

            Please, don’t feed the trolls.

          • Calibrator

            Joaquim, you must have mistaken me with somebody who is against you getting a D800 or liking the way some people are profiting from selling these bodies at ridiculous prices.
            a) I’m not against you getting the camera of your dreams.
            b) It was just mere speculation on my parts – I wasn’t endorsing them so don’t blame me but the “capitalist swines” that profit from idiots buying these cameras at inflated prices just because “they need them”.
            There are always two parties to make a deal…

            The ONLY thing I really find funny is people claiming that they can’t live without a D800 now. How could they survive before it? Perhaps you can explain it to me?

            And what did you expect to get with your rant here? Did you only want to vent a bit where nobody from Nikon hears you?
            Write them a letter! Give them some feedback!

            • T.I.M


              “How could they survive before it? Perhaps you can explain it to me? (D800)”

              Well, NASA had many rockets before the saturn V, but only that one was able to take men on the moon.

              The D800/E is THE camera, that explain why it’s out of stock everywhere, most of us were waiting the D800 for years.

            • Joaquim Prado

              I don’t have a digital camera and still surviving with my medium format since part of my work don’t really need digital, it’s more anthropological work.
              I don’t really care about having the digital camera of my dreams but I do care in get serious in professional field and how can I do that without a digital camera? For me this camera suits my needs been a MF shooter. Maybe this explain my consumist rush and having a D800 in the market why would I care about a D700?

              But you could save your fingers and relief myself of your acids comments. I am not saying you took their party but in between lines you agree with me and I with you but you seem to don’t miss the change to bug someone insatisfied because you want to show how enlightened your comments are.

            • Calibrator

              Joaquim, I’m truly sorry to have hurt your feelings.

              But I’m not really clear how I did I do this?
              I’m really quite puzzled about this. What exactly are you accusing me of? And what are you attributing my so-called acid comments to?

              Because I dared to offer two explanations (not directed at your person, obviously)
              Were you only asking a rhetorical question you didn’t want an answer to?
              Did you really consider this a personal assault on you?

              Or is it because I don’t feel the same need to have a D800?

              While I don’t think that my comments are more enlightened than yours I do think that they don’t reach anyone at Nikon (to change a thing). Perhaps I’m a bit more realistic than you?

              Oh and don’t worry about saving *my* fingers. They are up and well!

            • Joaquim Prado

              well I am sorry too. I just got stressed and didn’t mean to offend you even if I did. Please don’t get me wrong just pretty pissed off with Nikon not you.

            • Calibrator

              No problem & no hard feelings!
              It probably just was miscommunication between us.
              Fellow photographers shouldn’t be at war with each other!

      • Tom

        You are wrong to assume that they are NPS. buyers. I preordered 3 D800’s from a local NPD shop. They received 10 D800’s 4 went to NPS buyers and the remaining 7 went to those on the preorder list. I received the 3 that I ordered. I am not a NPS member. One was for me. The other two went to my brother in laws that live in other States. I would bet that the ones on ebay are being sold by non NPS members that ordered more than one camera. I have a close relationship with the shop that I bought from and they knew I would not sell them on ebay. I think a lot of people have overlooked the smaller NPD shops when they preordered. The local shop I ordered from has received 3 shipments and everyone that preordered has received theirs. Adorama and Amazon may get larger shipments but have a larger waiting list. The local shop also gave one of my brother in laws a good discount on a 24-70 lens. I’m happy with my local shop even if I have to pay state tax.

    • KnightPhoto

      C’mon T.I.M. – why are you giving up on the D800E?

      • T.I.M

        I don’t give up on the D800e but I’m to a point where I’ll take the first one (D800/D800e) that will be shipped to me.

        I still believe that I shoud get my D800e this month, but looking at what’s going on in the stores, online and on Ebay I’m afraid that the wait will be long…..

        (guys, remember when I was jocking about receiving the camera on time for my birthday, may 25th ?)

  • My sentiment is the same, why 3200 and D4 get the special wifi transmitter and D800 doesn’t?

    • T.I.M

      Because the D800 is a REAL camera. (also, the D800 does not make coffee, now, that’s a shame !)

      • Toecutter

        So the D4 isn’t a real camera?

      • preston

        Wait, now I’m confused. Ken Rockwell tells me that the only REAL cameras are film cameras. . 😉

    • Calibrator

      Because the D4 and D3200 are more recent developments than the D800?

    • Hugo First

      Because some really smart person will recognize an opportunity where Nikon has not, and build a wi-fi connector that is both better and cheaper than Nikon can provide. It’s just the nature of the way things work. If there’s really as much demand as seems apparent here, they will build it…

      • Calibrator

        > If there’s really as much demand as seems apparent here, they will build it…

        That’s probably the main reason why they include GPS into some of their cheap Coolpix models but not into their DSLR range (yet).

  • Pegdrgr

    One of the interviews I recall a Nikon representative stating that they didn’t give WT-5 compatibility to the D800 partially based on file size. I wonder if it is just impractical to expect file transfers to occur via Wifi.

    • Mike

      The WT-4 is compatible with the D800. But not as a remote viewer.
      If the D3200 is 24 mp, it’s files won’t be dramatically smaller than. The D800. Yet it’s getting Wi-fi ability? And remote view ability? Makes no sense.

      • Chris

        I highly doubt the “social networking” or email feature would email a full 24mp image, probably something in the 1000px on the long edge. I do suspect there will be some god awful fun filter effects you can apply first though.

        • Calibrator

          Those filters are of course only software routines and much cheaper to include (they only need part of the firmware that is built-in anyway) than wifi capability where you need electronic components and either space on the mainboard (the mainboard of the camera gets bigger and therefore more expensive to make) or a completely separate wifi module. Plus perhaps an antenna or two.

    • That argument may hold for cell tower transmissions but not WiFi. Besides, even if they were worried about that, all they had to do is put in an option to reduce the file size with transfers.
      Like my iPhone does.

      • Calibrator

        They could also allow only small JPGs over wifi for preview while the big RAWs go directly onto the card. Similar to a wifi-card in one of the D7000-SD-clots (the D7000 can save JPGs to one slot and RAWs to the other).

  • Merv

    Probably the D3200 wi-fi controller will be different from the D4 (and hopefully a lot cheaper for the entry-level crowd) as the WT-5 wifi controller for the D4 can handle something like 10 D4 cameras at the same time.

  • MJr

    If this one is indeed 24MP, that means the D7100 will most likely be so as well.

    I don’t know if i like that, but they don’t really have a choice if they want to stay in the game.

  • Andredo

    Good, because I don’t want WiFi permanently installed in my camera.

    • Jake

      Why not? The additional parts costs like $5. They could easily include it without raising the price by much, and you could just turn it off if you don’t want to use it.

      • Rob

        They’d also have to make different versions for different countries due to differences in the wireless spectrum. This is much easier to do with an accessory than the camera itself.

        • Calibrator

          Are you really sure that you can’t put them all into one device – similar to TV sets that now have multituners or mobile phones that support all bands?
          This is only a cost factor in my book and it may be cheaper to include an extra chip to get an “international body” compared to separate bodies for different markets.

          Regardless of how they do – I’m pretty sure that we all will see wifi in every camera in a few years down the road – especially in pro models.

      • vertigo

        That’s what they say about cellphones, you can turn them off, but the truth is you can’t turn it off if someone doesn’t want you to because the software can make it a spy device.

  • Joe

    Will it allow live view on the iPhone or iPad? I’d really love to have that to properly control focus on a large screen with my PC-E lenses while tilting. This is always a bit fiddly to do in the viewfinder or in camera live view while scrolling back and forth between near and far away focus point. Should I wait for the D810 to incorporate this feature? 😉

    • Calibrator

      That’s the $3000 dollar question! 😉

      More seriously, if one considers sales life expectancy of the D800 (I’m guessing two to three years) there may very well be an addon for it in the future. Perhaps in the form of an SD card as many users will use CF cards for speed?

  • Marco2k7


    wifi to upload pictures? who fucking cares, most of images need cropping and stuff before they can be uploaded.

    wifi to control the camera from remote ios/android device? good if you don’t need to connect them to the same internet line, just connect them each other via wifi.

    ad the adapter must be cheap.

  • BigEater

    Since it can be operated and monitored remotely, I wonder if the wi-fi in this camera is aimed at the industrial/law enforcement/process control market. But I have no idea how many cameras Nikon sells to those markets. Does anyone here know the percentage breakdown?

    There seem to be a lot of features on cameras that make regular consumers puzzled and angry but that would be very helpful to specialized segments.

  • Am I missing it, or is there some way to control the D800 via iOS/android? If Nikon doesn’t make something of the sort to be available for the D800, but gives it to the D3200, something’s wrong. I understand D800 was supposed to be out last year, but I can’t see it requiring much more than a firmware upgrade and/or compatible device. I would kill to be able to pull focus and fine-tune aperture via poweraperture from my iPad. This would make the D800 the ultimate HDSLR.


  • Roeder

    Dear Nikon,

    Please make this rumored D3200 wireless adapter backwards compatible with the D7000.



  • Remo

    What Canon will prepare for 19th April??? I am waiting for Canon, no for rubbish from Nikon 😉

    I hope NIKON will improve video functionality, coz Canon is ten years before Nikon in this matter.

    • ano102

      poor boy …
      the life is hard when the brain is empty

      • thosh


    • RWJ

      The remedial forum is at Canon Rumours.

    • enesunkie

      So, the 5DMII came out in 2002 huh?

  • James

    I’m new to photography and the D3200 (or D5200) is probably going to be the camera I’ll start with.

    What are the primary usage scenarios for wi-fi on a DSLR in practice? I’m sure it’s a useful feature, but I’m struggling to see how.

    Transferring pics over wi-fi will be much slower compared to using a USB cable or using an SD card reader.


    • Boing Wronkwell

      There are no good situations for use of WiFi to transfer an image form camera to computer, unless its a 6MP or smaller image.

      That’s right – I said it.

      WiFi could be a good way to update settings or trigger remote cameras or flashes from the master camera, but you are 100% right about using USB or a card reader will be faster – and it will be positively painful with a 24MP or larger image unless you use compression and get the file size down to stupidly small…

      • Merv

        In a country like Canada, I don’t have much of a data plan (1 GB) but I do have unlimited picture texting on my cell phone…so this could be useful in some cases. The smartphone will probably shrink the image before it got texted.

      • David

        There are many good reasons to have full res wireless transfer.
        1. Cordless tethered shooting
        Instead of constantly removing and replacing the data card, the fiels transfer automatically. Less wear and tear, direct transfer whilst still shooting.
        2. Remote access
        It is occasionally useful to be able to place a camera in a particularly inaccessible spot (e.g. at an event where the nature of the event precludes you getting at the camera whilst it is in situ, or in a suitable location for wildlife photos.
        3. Back seat driving
        The art director can moan about the pictures/edit and upload whilst you are still shooting.
        4. housed cameras
        You may have the camera in an underwater housing or in a blimp to deaden sound. Access to the memory card is limited.

        Just because you lack the imagination, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t find a way to use it effectively for means other than direct camera control.

  • Dan

    This Wi-Fi adapter for the D3200 is going to prove just how ridiculously priced the WT-5 is. Obviously, Nikon is not going to charge the same $800 price for an adapter to a consumer level camera. But, they will essentially do the same thing, but for a much different price…

    • burgerman

      I have a 32gb CF card in the D800. And a Eye-Fi wireless 8gb Pro SD card. Its not slow at all on jpeg files. Its considerably slower on huge raw files. But still not slow enough to make me want to bother to use a USB card reader. So wireless is fast enough. Plus it has already connected and started putting the files on my PC as I arrive down my street to park up… By the time I unload, get in, most of the files are already transferred. Same to my phone. They go to my android sensation phones 32gb card fast! I can use its screen to check whet I am doing while I am out. And this can transfer them to my PC as I drive… So again the card in the camera is always empty and the files are on my PC at home before I get there…

  • Nikon Enthousiaste

    I am not privy to any information and only speculating..

    At the moment, the only way you can share pictures taken on a Nikon DSLR like the D3200 would be to download them on your desktop/laptop first at home or carry your laptop with you. With this widget (and associated app on your intelligent phone), it would allow the user to “instantly” upload pictures on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc…). This is probably the main objective of the wifi capability of the D3200 (instantly pictures sharing).

    The initial remote functionality will probably be very limited (zoom and click). Likely a crop feature to limit the upload time as well. Surely not a full remote control capability like most people on this forum would like.

    Again, only speculating at this point…

  • K

    I like the idea of WiFi, good to see Nikon has been listening to Thom amongst others, especially for the FaceBook masses. Now if I could buy my WT-5 for $400 and use it across my entire line up of future Nikon cameras that would be great. Then when the WT-6 comes out, I could just replace that one-time, again for use on all my cameras, and the WT-5 could revert to backup role. As another poster indicated, good job on the consistent inconsistancy 😉

    And since we like to digress here, maybe this PROVES that the D400 will share the same WiFi unit and that the DX D400 will also come available with an updated 80-400 and new 200-500 lens options. DX D400 needs to remain in the lineup to fill the less costly sports and wildlife role.

  • Dormant

    I don’t think you all fully understand how Nikon does this wireless stuff.

    The D4 is the first Nikon camera with a web-server in the camera and can be remote controlled over ethernet. The Wt-5 is then just an expensive wireless adapter for the D4 (I may be wrong here). Previous Nikon wireless adapters which contained a processor of sorts, which then remote-controlled over the USB.

    I don’t see any details about how the D3200 will implement wi-fi – the D4 method or the old method. I suspect the latter.

    My major criticism of Nikon is that they offer no backwards compatibility in this area. I use an MB-D200 with my D200, but I cannot set it up using either Nikon’s latest software or Apple’s latest OS. I have to use the old software and fire up Windows just for this task.

  • Does this world really need 24 MP low end DSLR’s?

    • EnPassant

      Hi Ron! A good question.
      On the other hand do we need cars (and motorbikes!) that can go twice as fast than the highest speed limit?
      What if D3200 will not be the low end entry level model in Nikons new camera program? See my comment below!

  • Gotter

    Sigh. Yet another day without even a CR1 for a D400. C’mon Nikon. The D300s is older than some of my kids!

  • DonaldT

    Burgerman , what happens if/when a file corrupts in transmission , where’s your back up (not being a troll , genuine question) I assume as you say card is empty you are moving not copying ?

    • burgerman

      It uses a crc check to be sure it isnt corrupt or missing, so no worries. But if you do, the camera itself can use slot 2 as backup copy (32gb cf card) or the Eye-fi card can be set to not delete anything, or as “rolling” data. So you choost between say 10 percent and 90 percent full as backup, before it deletes earlier images. Etc…

      It can do lots of stuff also that there isnt room for here. Like automatically put images in different folders, types, dates, etc. Or store online, or use access points, your PC, your phone, etc. But it cant lose images or corrupt them. Each data packet is checked, and has a handshake etc before anything gets deleted.

  • ken

    What’s the price?
    I will buy one when it’s available at Amazon.
    I saw Nikon is selling D5100 with a huge discount now.
    But I will wait for the D3200.
    I own a D3100 last year. It’s a very nice entry level DSLR.

  • EnPassant

    I see a trend here. D3100 was a big step-up from D3000 which except more focus points and help menu was almost the same as D60 that had 10 MP and sensor cleaning as improvements over the D40. Likewise D7000 improved such a lot on D90 that many thought it was not the direct replacement but in a category above, much closer to D300s.

    D3200 seem to continue this trend. Except for the body with no top LCD, screwdrive for older lenses etcetara its specification in most other areas will be better than D90! Even frames per second is almost as good, 4 versus 4.5.

    I am sure the expected replacement for D7000 (D7100) will continue the trend and make very few ask for a D300s replacement.

    But if D3200 has become such advanced that it favourably compare to the middle option in Nikons DX camera line-up only three years ago is it then any longer a low end entry level camera?

    We all know Nikon is rumored to present five new DSLRs this year. We already saw D4 and D800 and in a couple of weeks will know all about the D3200. The replacement for D7000 is expected at Photokina in September. That makes it four cameras.

    So which will be the fifth camera? Some think it will be the D300s replacement D400 DX semi-pro camera. others, like me, think it makes more sense and dream about a cheaper and smaller than D800 body entry level FX camera.

    But what if it is neither? Maybe Nikon instead is making place for a new entry level DX camera below D3200? Not such exciting news in this forum, I know. But it makes sense as Canon have more models and Nikon need to take up the fight with cheap mirrorless cameras as well. A lower entry level would also help getting more customers into the Nikon system.

  • D400

    Will the wifi module for the d3200 cost more than the d3200 itself? lol

  • Keith

    Oooo…wifi control with an external component! So we can spend $700 on the camera, and $850 on the wifi wt-5?

  • Tony

    Why does Nikon have to pack so many pixels into that low end body. It’s going to only kill a lot of photographers when you have a lot of stupid average joes not wanting to hire professionals because they think they have 12 more pixels than my d700.

    If they are going to give it that many pixels then please make the ISO as comparable or less than the d7000. You can’t have idiots walking around and think they are pros because their camera numbers are higher than pro bodies, and that will be annoying.

    • Stupid Average Joe

      Oh great – the elitistic approach to camera marketing!

      How about some new slogans:
      – Lesser photographers deserve fewer pixels!
      – High ISO only for highly capable professionals!

    • vertigo

      I think you’re annoying. Let’s stop making cameras for you.

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