Top 10 NikonRumors posts for March 2012

The past month was all about the Nikon D800. These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for March 2012:

  1. Another Nikon D700 vs. Nikon D800 high ISO comparison
  2. Nikon D800 vs. Canon EOS 5D Mark III specs comparison
  3. Full size Nikon D800 sample images
  4. Nikon D800 tested at DxOMark, gets the #1 spot
  5. Nikon D3200 coming in April with a 24MP sensor and many new features
  6. Guest post: Nikon D800 criticisms refuted
  7. Nikon D4 tested at DxOMark, gets second best overall score
  8. Nikon D800 issues
  9. Nikon support: Nikkor PC-E 24mm f/3.5D ED lens cannot be used with shifting and tilting on the D800 *updated*
  10. Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens leaks in Europe
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  • texasjoe

    Next it’s all about the lenses!!!!!!!!!!

    • photo-Jack

      Yeah, all about the D800 and the D4. And as these are specialized tools, we are now exited (and desperately need further information for our planing D800 plus Dxxx?) if there will be a D300s DX successor and with which specs it will come. (24 MP or 16 MP high ISO / high speed?) I need a pro DX primarily for tele use with which I can work fast (meaning without tripod) and which MP allow for moderate shutter speeds (not like the high MP D800 requiring 3x faster speeds to be on the save side)
      Don’t get me wrong, I love the D800 but need another tool with strengths in other areas (and I want DX!)
      And of course LENSES! a 150-500 / 5.6 for the outdated 80-400 to begin with. Some of the patented stuff sounds promising (as the 135 / 1.8, the 16-35 / 2.8 etc.) but also some other ones could bear some innovation/update like a 24-70 / 2,8 VR with internal Focus and internal zoom! A tele zoom in the quality of the 70-200 with a constant (or increasing) focal length at the long end at closer focal distances would come handy!!! A 17mm PC-E is long awaited! and the other PC-Es could also come with an update, especially with a construction making them better usable with bodies below the pro Dx bodies, like the D700 and D800.

      • Still waiting for a 24/1.8 AF-S FX lens. That would work nicely with the D700s we’re planning on purchasing.

  • Jon D

    All about the D800. Still waiting on mine from Amazon…..

    • Yagion

      I’m in same boat.

      • JR

        I ordered from Amazon on 2/6 at 9:20pm PST and still waiting.

    • Egon

      Ordered from Amazon early AM on 2/7. Latest est shipping was 4/16- 5/1 for 2. Day shipping. Today I switched the shipping method to 1 day, and now they can’t even give me an est data. I think I may have Ben dropped to the end of the line.

      • PA

        Amazon considers updating shipping methods to be changing your order. So trying to get your stuff a couple days faster can cause it to potentially arrive months later. They basically treat it as if you canceled and reordered. Their policy on this is unbelievably obtuse.

        • actually I have upgraded shipping before on a pre-order and it still shipped on time

    • Foolishcfo

      Still waiting on mine as well. Maybe Admin will let me have the box to his D800…

  • Lee

    Peter, want to sell yours? I ordered mine on the day it was announced and I’m still waiting on B&H and Passover is next week… Oy Vey!

    • trialcritic

      I removed myself from the preorder in B&H (I had ordered on 2/7, 8am). I bought mine in BB, could not wait any longer. The customer person in B&H was surprised when I canceled my order and asked me why. I explained my reason and he apologized. He told me that B&H had no idea when they will get the cameras from Nikon. He could not tell why BB had it and they did not.

  • Ellie

    tired of waiting for D400. Just get D7000?

    • derWalter

      ye… iso 6400 instead of 102.000, good choice…

  • MV

    Any news on when Amazon US is getting the next shipment of D800s from Nikon?

  • Ryan

    Cancelled my Amazon order and went with Bedford Camera in Arkansas. They called me up after I ordered and said they would have it to me by mid-April.

  • dmcdougall

    Yea, enough of the “I love my new D800” stuff.
    98% of us that pre-ordered a D800 pretty much anywhere, are still waiting for it to arrive. tick. tick.tick….

  • Backpackerjmk

    Got my D800 today from B&H. I am not NPS.

    • burgerman

      Got mine weeks ago, non NPS too…
      But I did order at 9am on the 6th feb…

      Nothing stopped anyone doing this. I ordered a D800e too. I will get it on the very first delivery on the first batch.

      Although after using the 800 I am not sure it can be any batter really. With good glass, and used with care totally unsharpened images look damned sharp already. I have even JPG sharpness set to zero in camera. And viewed at 100 to 4oo percent on screen its pixel perfect without halos. Its anti aliasing filter is very weak anyway by the look of things. So the difference is going to be extremely small at best. So I may cancel it.

  • Dan

    Screw the D800, carnt wait for the D800E!
    Pros have been shooting digital medium format for over 10 years without moire issues.

  • DavidTrap

    Rang Nikon Australia today and was told earliest shipping on more D800s will be mid-April.

    Maybe Nikon should take lessons from Apple on how to rollout a new product!

  • Has anyone else ordered D800 from if so anyone received it yet? Got in on the £2099 price in time… It’s been saying 3-5 working days for like 2 weeks now.

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