Nikon D800 issues

Listed below are several Nikon D800 issues reported by readers. If you have experienced any other problems with your new camera, please describe them them in the comments section.

  • You can see the first issue in the above two images (click for larger view) - the Nikon D800 LCD screen has a green cast on some images. Several people emailed me about that. The actual files are fine and the problem seems to be with the LCD screen. I got something similar when I was playing with the camera, but I think mine was related to the WB/shutter selection. This discussion on flickr suggests that the green cast could be fixed by adjusting the LCD monitor hue - see page 52 of the D800 manual (images credit: Benjamin Brolet).
  • Check your CF and SD card compatibility (page 434 of the D800 manual). There could be issues with cheaper/older memory cards - see this post.

  • The next issue involves tethered shooting: "We met up today and he asked if we could check my D800 behavior in manual exposure mode with live view on and/or camera control tethered to the camera. He had found that his D4 had an issue that when in live view in manual exposure mode, the live view or computer window view would stop down as you decreased aperture or increased  shutter speed. At smallest apertures it was impossible to see what you were focusing on, kind of like a "full time depth of field preview". This problem could not be remedied unless you momentarily tapped the shutter to autofocus, but then the view would go dark again. This problem doesn't seem to be present when using live view in any automatic modes, only full manual mode. My buddy contacted an individual at Nikon that verified the behavior on a D4 there at Nikon. Apparently the individual was a bit surprised by the development and told my buddy that he will need to check this out further and get back to him. Back to my D800; the problem is also present on my D800 firmware 1.00. This will make tethered studio shooting difficult unless corrected." (thanks Son of FE)

Update: here is another Nikon D4 issue (thanks Daniel):

I like to have my multi selector during playback set so that vertical move flips through photos and horizontal move cycles info screens.
I have tried both settings her and they all stay the same at opposite -- horizontal move flips through photos and vertical move cycles info screens.
The option when u select it gives you.
Same as multi selector or focus point selection.
If you select Same as multi selector then you get 2 options for which way you want the controls to work.
Either setting results in the same behaviour i don't like.
This worked fine on my D3 and D3S.

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  • peter West

    I got one of the first 6 in nz. The sensor is outstanding. The DR is great – I took pics with people with their back to the sunset – glowing hair and totally usable images. My D700 couldn’t do that without a flash! The viewfinder diopter ‘mid’ position was right at one end – obviously finger trouble in assembly! My AF fine-focus is way-towards minus, 2 of my lenses were -20, all were minus. Even worse – i get corrupted jpeg files without warning! It has gone back to the nz agents. Don’t get me wrong, I love the camera – please just fix it!

  • econn84

    Per the D800 manual: “During live view photography, you can press (OK) to preview the effects of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity on exposure.”

    This doesn’t do anything, except toggle between having the white balance change dialogue appear or disappear. Apparently they intended it to switch but it doesn’t.

  • Nicky

    I have gone from a D90 to A D800 and the biggest frustration I have is a change in shutter speed. I have done several controlled tests, one in particular from last night – D800 with ISO 200, 70mm, f/5.6 = shutter speed of 1.3″.
    EXACTLY the same set up on the D90 has a shutter speed of 4/100.
    That’s a massive difference and it’s causing me all kinds of problems as I do a lot of dawn wildlife photography.
    Has anyone else noticed this…or have I got a set-up wrong somewhere?

  • dennis

    I currently have a D300s. Can’t find any problems with it but it’s not full frame. After seeing many sites, including Amazon, I don’t think I want to lay out any money for another Nikon product and it seems that Canon has their share of problems with the 5D Mark III. I think it’s pathetic that people are laying out big bucks for these cameras and they don’t work worth a damn. Paying that kind of money the camera should work flawlessly.

  • tedtedsen

    It appears that d00 is a hallferdikt product formange problems
    It appears that d800 is a hallfdon product to many problems with it

  • Matt

    With the present version of the firmware, at least, pressing the “OK” button will switch the D800 to exposure simulation in Liveview. So if you have it in manual and stopped down for high DOF, for example using flash with macro, pressing OK will give you a Liveview that is wide open so that you can see, and focus on, your subject before taking the shot.

  • Panagiotis Andriopoulos

    I have a D800 and when the camera is in live mode for photography with manual exposure mode and i change the aperture or the shutter speed, the Lcd screen does not show any change of the light as it does at the video mode so i can’t understand if my picture will be dark or not… So the only way is to see the top screen or take a look from the viewfinder. The same thing happens shutter speed mode but not with aperture priority and that makes me think that is surely a manufacture problem. Do you experience the same the problem?

  • koenshaku

    Images start to get a green hue at higher ISO levels as well as video this is not replicated with the D600, so I hope they release a firmware update for that also somehow I doubt it though.

  • David Lee

    About 30% of my pictures are for action/sports. I would have taken a lower megapixel sensor for a higher FPS on the D800.

  • Gabrielle Ann Marroquin

    My stepdad just got this camera and is wondering about power saving options. The control panel screen still shows # of pics left even when the camera is off. This is an issue because it drains the battery fast.

  • paul

    new problem on my d800 cropped up, any one can help….when I change the quality of the picture from raw to raw+ normal to jpg high or jpg low.. the number of left frames is stuck on 221
    even if I format a card- I formated my 64gb card and I have 221 shots. now it is 217

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