Nikon is expected to announce 39% higher operation profit compared to last fiscal year

Just saw this article on Reuters:

"Nikon Corp. will likely post a 39 percent rise in group operating profit to around 75 billion yen ($904.81 million) for the year ending this month, beating the standing projection of 72 billion yen...

The company's sales are seen rising 4 percent to come in line with the firm's forecast of about 925 billion yen...

The company's camera division's fiscal 2011 operating profit will probably touch around 52 billion yen, mostly unchanged from a year earlier, with compact cameras likely to deliver stronger results..."

Nikon's fiscal year ends on March 12, 2012 when we will have the exact financial results.

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  • Nikonnut

    Time to buy shares!

    • dbas

      Buy shares in yen? Stock will need to appreciate more than that to offset the falling exchange rate deficiency.

  • Cha

    Right….then go and ship the D800 faster

    • TheNaive

      D800 faster, AND cheaper !!!
      Ooops… said something wrong ??

  • Jon D

    They won’t reach it if they don’t start shipping the damn cameras!

  • Yea, I spent $25,000 on them in the past year. (although not all in the last fiscal year)
    Their profit SHOULD be up. 😉

  • AnoNemo

    Of course, when their nasty UK arm is raising the prices for “system error” reasons.

    BTW, it seems Amazon UK is not allowed to sell the D800E. Just spoke with them today and they confirmed. It would be great if somebody else could check them as well … we know how informed the Amazon customer service people.

    • I think I read somewhere (might have been here) that Nikon was going to restrict the D800E sales to dealers who had people to explain the probems that could be encountered with using the D800E instead of the D800. Maybe the dealers Amazon UK works with don’t all fall into the category of having people that can do that.

      • KenTi

        I just got e-mail from B&H stating the differences between the 800 and 800E:

        You are receiving this message so we may address a concern of ours. Some customers might be unclear about the differences between the Nikon D800, and the Nikon D800E, and which camera is the best choice for them.

        blah… blah… blah…

        Please click here for further information on the differences between these two cameras.

        • I wish I knew, if birdfeathers or butterfly scales are as prone to moire as textiles. I would love D800E for landscapes, but worry about these two motifs (that I do even more than landscapes). I always shoot RAW, so the tools in the new CNX2 are available to me, but how efficient are they and how often would I need to use them?

          Also some of my butterflies I can do in f/16 or f/22, where diffraction would somehow substitute for the blurring of the AA filter, maybe the sharpness of D800E at f/16 would then be same as f/8 for D800? With better depth of field…

          • Eric

            Just rent both and see for yourself.

            • Well… I already have a pre-order for D800 (no E), and if I cancel that to do what you suggest, I will be hit by the price hike… But I agree, that your suggestion makes a lot of sense 🙂

  • bricah

    Maybe they’ve been holding off shipments to bring profits into new fiscal year.

  • twoomy

    Gotta ship some new cameras to make money, so here’s to them making some money!

  • juicebox81

    39%?! thats funny. they only raised the prices of the D800 and D4 by 10%.

    • Andrew

      Technically, they did not raise the price; they fixed a human error. Now if the product had been shipping for 3 months and they declared that they just found a pricing error, then even I would suspect something funny going on. Now having said that – at an emotional level, the price seems higher. Oh, if only they had announced, “we made an error, the price should have been 10% lower”, that would have been better. Many would have been waiting for their refund in the mail. But, that is life! As long as people are involved, errors will periodically occur. I was working in the spacecraft industry where a simple and easily avoidable human error cost the company $300 million. These things do happen!

  • They are probably making half of that boost in grips and wireless units alone.

  • LP

    I can see that happening, I,m giving them all my salary… We all are…

  • Rex

    Just glad admin changed the top story.
    All the hate and trolling on that last post – yikes!

  • The Man from Mandrem

    What’s interesting for me is that their pricing seems to have spiked upwards yet the revenue is year on year flat. So did sales volumes reduce? How much money was left on the table due to Thailand flooding.

    What I don’t understand is why Nikon has $500 lenses that match the performance and AF speed of $350 lenses from Canon (Like the 85 1.8G vs Canon’s equivalent). Is Canon expected to raise lens prices too or Nikon will try to have a smaller share of the DSLR market with Apple-like profitability?

  • Considering the disruptions of an earthquake, tsunami and flooding, they have done well indeed.

  • +1 on the accessories comment. $450 USD for a MB-D12 battery holder? That is obscene!
    My MB-D10 and MB-D11’s were FAR less!

  • Jake

    That’s a lot of point n’ shoots right there…..

  • foolishcfo

    Holy cow. There is money in that Coolpix Crap!

  • doug

    buy buy buy buy buy buy

  • T.I.M


    “The Nikon D800 and D800E are similar cameras, based on appearance and most specs. However, there is one underlying difference that should be an important factor in deciding which camera is the right one for you.
    The D800E incorporates optical glass between its optical low pass filter substrates, which has the effect of canceling the filter’s moiré and aliasing correction. The benefit is an increase in the sharpness and definition of your photographs. The tradeoff is a greater likelihood that you will incur moiré and/or false colors in some images. The D800E is best used in applications in which the photographer has absolute control over lighting and color balance.”

    They ask me if I want to change my mind and order the D800……I don’t think so !

  • d1000

    Admin! Please can you tell me if there are events before photokina when Nikon could probably announce new dx bodies? Are there rumors about?

    • yes, Nikon D3200 – coming online in few minutes

      • foolishcfo

        Is that what they are introducing with the 18-300mm lens? Bummer.

      • d1000

        So 5200 will come along the d400?

  • SLRist

    Nikon wants to keep the D800E for specialist pro dealers. The trouble with selling it on Amazon is that some numpty will buy it not knowing that there might be ‘issues’ with some types of photography and then take it back later looking for a refund.

    It’s also a good way to keep their pro dealers sweet.

    • AnoNemo

      Look, you can get moire with the regular D800 as well. I think Nikon wants to maximize the price by restricting it to selected dealers. What is striking that the D800E is available on the US Amazon but not available on the UK Amazon. So it seems that Nikon thinks people in the US who shell out 3+ grands for a camera a different than those who shell out 4+ grands in the UK (I converted UK GBP to USD).

  • new_D4

    I bet if we wait 8-10 weeks this estimate will go up by 10%…

  • system error

    39% come from the system error? ehehe

  • fred


    25% of D800E owners will have buyer’s remorse and make a giant stink online.

  • jorg

    there will be D800-owners, who rather take the E-model and ofc vice versa.
    this will get intresting, there could be a micro-market for trading the models…

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