Nikon ViewNX version 2.3.1 is out

Today Nikon released View NX version 2.3.1. The only addition is support for the waterproof and shockproof Coolpix S30 camera that should start shipping at the end of this month.

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  • T.I.M

    64 bits, so no for windows XP

    • pyrula

      read the link 🙂 and you’ll see that win xp is supported (32bit only)

      • T.I.M

        yes the 64 bits version will not work for XP, I really need to update my PC.

        • Jc

          I’m running xp pro 64bit and downloaded it last nite. Was the only way I could convert my files. Works fine , 4 gigs ram quad processor.

  • they should quit releasing 2.x updates and just bring an entire new Capture NX 3 already!


    • Jonathan

      This article is about ViewNX, not capture. Other than that, yes, you’re right.

      • Dweeb

        Yeah what’s with Nikon’s (and Canon’s) screwy naming? If Capture was a car it would be called the Beater. New cameras, ancient software. Happy with my Lightroom.

        • but remember only Capture NX is able to read 100% of the NEF file so we are pretty much stuck

          still have my hopes up for them to either release a new CNX or open the source code for other software to read the NEF files properly

    • Don Pope

      I get the feeling that Capture NX is dead.
      This software is nearly five years old.
      If a new version didn’t come out with the D4 and the D800 it never will.

      • dgs

        But then they just released a 64 bit version…

  • Joe

    View NX 2.3.1 64 bit is buggy. It can’t display TIF files properly; it hangs!. This problem started from ViewNX 2.3.0. The earlier versions 2.2.5 and older could display TIF files.

    • I’ve found it can stop displaying jpg’s forcing me to do a re-install.

  • hq

    Does anybody actually use View NX?!!

    • Land

      Only for organizing, thats it. That’s all it’s good for anyway.

    • Yep, I use and LOVE View NX for culling high volumes of Nikon NEF (or ANY JPG) file. It’s like Photomechanic, only a much better interface, far more intuitive and useful.

      The question is, if you shoot high volumes of images, …how do YOU cull? Wait ~4 hrs for Lightroom to generate 1:1 previews for every single one of 3-4K images? No thank you. With View NX, I can be culling with instant 1:1 previews just seconds after I finish download & backup. No importing, no preview rendering, and no huge cache consumption. I *LOVE* View NX…

      It often hangs just once for a few seconds right when I turn the program on, but now with the 64 bit version if purrs like a kitten the rest of the time.

      Again, if you shoot high volumes, like as a wedding or other professional event / portrait photographer, I can’t speak highly enough of View NX.


      • Mark J.

        4 hours for lightroom to generate previews for 3-4k images? You must be using one slow computer. A task like that only takes about 10minutes on my rig running Lighroom 3.

        • I highly doubt we’re talking about the same thing. 1:1 previews, not standard, for 10-20 megapixel RAW files. I’ve done benchmark testing on multiple machines in both LR3 and LR4; the machines are all running SSD’s or Velociraptors, 8-16 GB RAM, i7 cores, etc. If your computer can generate 1:1 previews in less than 3 seconds per image, let me know.


      • You shoot 3,000 to 4,000 images at once? Perhaps you should switch to video. I don’t know how anyone can manage that volume effectively.

        • Ron- you have not shot a wedding with 2-3 photographers, then. ~3K images is considered “light” by most standards today, the JPG wedding shooters blast to 5-8K, and so do some RAW shooters even which I think is downright insane but whatever floats their boat.

          So anyways. Our studio shoots 3-4 K RAW images per wedding, culls to about 1K, and does 100+ weddings per year. We also shoot video, but of course you were joking when you suggested that.

          The workflow is quite manageable actually…



      • I do understand you. On a weekend shooting a product catalogue (sportswear company for example) you can easily shoot 3 to 4K images. I use ViewNX a lot to get a first & fast overview over work progress. Later I import into Aperture or Lightroom, and – true for OSX – LR is very slow on importing a huge amount of NEF files. takes a while on a 17″ 2,3 GHZ i7 MBP and also on a fast current i7 iMac. But that’s because LR is badly ported to OSX.

    • jodjac

      I’ve tried and tried, I want to use it, but it’s too unstable on my system (OS X) and its soooooo slow. It hangs and hangs an hangs when reading from a card, then a often as not it just crashes.
      I’m embarrassed for Nikon. I don’t know how they can let that go like that. What a useless POS.
      Good Lord, I love my D800!
      Is this really the same company that makes these two products? Hard to believe.

      • Jack

        jodjac, give windows a chance and VNX will never hsng and hang and hang 🙂

        • jodjac

          Why does it take so long to generate thumbnails when I point View NX to a card? That is my main issue. So, if I want to ‘cull’ from a card and point images to different folders, I have to wait too long for the previews to show. Tiny little thumbnails.
          That and stability. The last time I used it, it just kept crashing. It crashes at least one time very time I open it.

          • FCHW

            it’s not your Mac mate

            get Aperture 3 via App Store and manage your files (pics & vids)
            like Chase Jarvis does

          • jodjac, do yourself a favor and download your memory cards manually. I’ve never, EVER met a program that was better at downloading that plain ‘ol Explorer / Finder.

            I only ever use View NX for culling and light correcting / exporting, and I love it.

            I’ve been downloading my images “manually” in Explorer / Finder since the D70 came out, (yes, I own both a PC and a Mac) …and I’ve never had a problem. (Whereas Bridge, View NX, Aperture and Lightroom have ALL generated issues here and there in the past…)

            Good luck!

            • FCHW

              “thanks for the spam”

              you totally misunderstood it!!!
              jodjac had some issues with mac + NX
              i wanted to help
              some are talking about how they love lightroom, you how you love your NX and i was talking about aperture.
              no spam at all !
              btw – i think the chase vid is very informative

            • Informative, but still posted multiple times in the same thread, with identical text.


    • D400


  • Adrian

    Sorry but my experience with this piece of *rap is horrible and I’m not trying it again. Crashes, slow, displaying other folders, almost junk. I use imac, i7, ssd, 16Gb RAM. It has some good parts but they do not cover the bad ones.

    No wonder they are doing so many updates…

    By the way.. I love Nikon, lens, cameras but not the software! 🙂

  • Brian

    Do you think you could list the US download links for software as well, since I’m knot really interested in the EU’s links.

  • It still needs rudimentary spot removal to be on a par with Canon’s free raw converter.

  • Disiderio

    BEWARE! my viewnx screwed the permissions on a photo I was working on, locking me from accessing the file until I restarted my computer. If you are using this program, back everything up beforehand.

  • broxibear

    A 12-24mm f/4 super wide angle zoom

  • T.I.M

    The D800 go crasy on Ebay $4000,00 +
    I wonder why I wakeup at 1AM to order mine on feb 7th when assholes pre-ordered tons of it to later make profit on Ebay.

    I think we should be allowed to pre-order only one at the time for the first 3 months (same name, same adress).

  • ter

    Would like to see PhotoShop Camera Raw updated to handle D4 NEF files.

  • Smoke27

    I am new to digital photography. Today I was adjusting the exposure of some images I took and after I saved the images I noticed that ViewNX-i v 2.3.0 had cropped the images. There were black and white diagonal bars where the lower quarter of the image used to be. I did not notice this until after I saved the changes. I shot the images on a D500 in 14 bit RAW
    My questions are:
    1. Why does NX-i crop the image when I was only adjusting the exposure?
    2. Is there a way to recover the original image?

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