Nikon D4 tested at DxOMark, gets second best overall score

DxOMark published their test results for the Nikon D4 camera. The D4 automatically took the #2 spot, based on overall test score and just 2 points after the PhaseOne IQ180 digital back. Another interesting aspect is that the Nikon D3s got a better low-light ISO score than the new D4.

DxOMark doesn't have any test data for the new Canon EOS 1Dx camera yet. I will post another comparison later between those two cameras, since the 1Dx is the only real D4 competitor.

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  • burgerman

    When will this low pixel count/high iso myth ever die?

    The D800 will and does match the D4/D3s much as I expected it to do, at the SAME OUTPUT SIZE!

    Try it. Download a high 25,600 ISO full sized D3s, D4, D800 image from here:

    Then print them ALL THE SAME SIZE. Or simply downsample them to the same size. Thats what happens when you print. Now, I challenge anyone to see which is which… You simply cant. Dont want to “downsample”? Then just shoot the D800 at a lower res like 20 or 9MP because it has the exact same effect…

    The D3S or D4 cannot do high detail at low ISO… But the D800 can do HIGH iso in exactly comparable output to the supposed “high ISO/low pixel” cameras . The only thing they do better is FPS and smaller (lower quality) RAW files.

    Obviously the D800 36MP will LOOK noisy at high ISO at 100 percent on screen, its the same size as your front door! Your PC becomes a microscope!

    • huh

      Respect friend.
      Good point with it, i think i will try to print some samples d4,d3s, d700 with ISO64oo and compare it

  • Joaquim Prado

    did amazon already shipped any D800?

    • no

      • Ray

        Have most the NPS people received their D4 already, meaning the next shipment will be for the non-NPS people? When should we expect another shipment of D4 to hit the US retailers? Will they not ship any shipments to US until after inventory as to not add to the count?

  • John The Digby

    Nikon Rumors seems to have now changed to Nikon Fact.

    How about some news re the D300s replacement. You know, the one that is likely to be crossed with the old D700 = D500 with an FX sensor 8FPS, 100% view finder, 16MP?

  • That’s why these bodies are so expensive, Nikon has to pay DxO to rate it highly!!
    Seriously though, well done Nikon, great body for pros!!

  • Jurppa

    Download my Nikon D4 and Nikon D800 high ISO RAW samples here:
    Taken at the Nikon Osaka Show Room a few days ago.

  • Worminator

    As DxO themselves point out, the scores do no translate if the sensor size changes.

    So what the 645D or the Phase one gets in terms of points is not relevant. You can’t lump them together with the D3 and D4. Likewise the 645D scores overall low because high ISO is noisy. That’s not something that is going to bother 645D owners, the image quality still outstrips any FX camera by a wide margin.

    What we can say that D4 does almost as well in the DxO high ISO tests as the D3s, and just as well in color depth as the D3x. In dynamic range, it splits the difference.

    “We’re number 2, we’re number 2!” umm, save it for the next hockey game.

  • Chris Weller

    D4 ISO is actually better than D3s…..

    Remember these ratings are based on 12mp and 16mp respectively. So, if you compare apples to apples and downsample the d4 to d3s resolution the iso performance will actually exceed the d3s.

    I’m very happy that the d4 at 16 mp is within .15 stops of the d3s at 12mp…better overall iso performance.

    • Rob

      I’m just happy that my D3 which has almost 800,000 shutter action is still in the top ten best on DxO mark!

    • bert

      Then you don’t read well. DXO shows 2 scores: 1 on similar sized print, the other at 1:1 pixel level. Both are taken care off and taken into account with the total score.

    • Fredbare

      Amazing thing with downsampling is that at 1 pixel all cameras are exactly the same.

      • RonBenson

        That’s some kind of extreme binning!!! You’re right!!!

  • Ruslan

    FYI, I’ve just received following email


    We wanted to give you an update on your order for the “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only).” Although we expected to start shipping the camera to customers on March 20, Nikon will be sending us our initial shipment of this product on March 23, 2012. This means the camera will not ship by our original estimate.

    Due to the high demand for this item, we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at the same time. Since product supplies from Nikon will be very limited, we will ship your product as soon as inventory becomes available.

    We hope to see you again soon.


    Customer Service Department

    • FrankieB

      I just received the same email from Amazon.

    • Ray

      I just received the same email from amazon. Now it’s the 23rd. Bummer

    • I was assured last week by an Amazon rep that the D4 was “100% absolutely going to ship on March 20th”, only to be told today that it definitely wasn’t happening.

      This feels very much like a (mild) case of bait and switch from Amazon. Or is it a fishing expedition? Honeypot? Either way, my hand is sticky, I have a nasty hook in me, and I have no fish to speak of.

      Thanks Amazon for promising the moon and giving me nothing in the end.

      • Adrifter

        When did you order? I got my D4 in from Amazon earlier today.

        • Sure. Rub it in. 😉

          I certainly wasn’t one of the first ones to pre-order through Amazon. However, they promised they would have it to me by…today, and yet that looks like it’s not happening. Seems like a trend with them based on what I’m reading from other folks here. I can’t see how that will breed much goodwill.

          Oh well, I’m just pouting now. 🙂

          • broxibear

            Hi Ron,
            I wouldn’t be too critical of Amazon or other retailers, from what I’m hearing it’s Nikon who are at fault.
            I was told Nikon are keeping very quiet regarding stock. Retailers are getting no more than 24 hours notice that cameras are about to be shipped, and only then do they find out how many cameras they get.
            Retailers were given an initial date, they advertised that date and then not only did Nikon not deliver but they won’t tell retailers when they will be able to deliver…they don’t know if the second shipment is next week or next month.
            The whole thing’s a mess…same thing happened when the D7000 was released.
            You’ve got a better chance of getting hold of a camera from one of the smaller retailers.

            • Rob

              That would actually make it Amazon’s fault. They specifically promised every person who called CS that they would ship their camera on the release date. You can’t promise 20,000 people a camera when Nikon won’t tell you how many you are going to get.

            • Bingo, Rob. They made me a firm promise. Amazon made a number of guarantees to large number of people, starting with re-opening the pre-order just prior to release date so they could (it would seem) siphon off a bunch of buyers from other outlets who were keeping mum because they didn’t have detailed info from Nikon. They promised on the pre-order page, they promised on the shipping estimate, and then they went further and gave me a verbal “100% guarantee” that it would be arriving today when I called CS to inquire further. I can only feel that they lied in order to get me in the door. Amazon knew (like the rest of us) that Nikon was producing 5k of these bodies a month. I’ll bet they got at least that many pre-orders in the first few days of their pre-orders. There’s no way they reasonably believed that they were getting every single body produced in the first month (or even a third of a hypothetical three month ramp-up) when they then re-opened the pre-orders just prior to launch.

              Shame, really, because that doesn’t seem Amazon’s style.


            • broxibear

              Hi Rob,
              I guess it just keeps on going down the line?…Nikon promise they’ll get Amazon the cameras on one date, Amazon then promise their customers of a date, and the whole thing goes haywire when Nikon’s promise goes out the window and then can’t even say when cameras will be shipped.
              They’re both to blame…maybe they would have been bettr off just saying that only NPS memebers would get cameras for the first 2 months ?

      • BenCK

        I got my D4 earlier today too. Amazon said it would arrive on the 21st and it arrived on the 20th. Can’t ask for more than that.

        • B!

          When did you order?

      • PhotoLaw

        Ron, Yeah… I agree. I ordered a D4 right after it went live on Amazon’s site. In fact, my order reads “order placed on January 5th”. I just inquired where my tracking number was via Amazon Customer Service email, because my “delivery date” was February 17th, and then March 21st, and now this is the response…


        I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not received the tracking details of your order yet.

        I checked your account and see that you’ve recently placed the order for “Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR with Full 1080p HD Video (Body Only)”.

        Unfortunately, we don’t have any more stock of Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR right now, and we’re not sure when we’ll be able to get more.

        I checked our website, and it looks like “Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR” is listed as a special order item. We’ll contact the manufacturer directly to obtain this item as soon as possible.

        Once we get the stock, we’ll send the item, making you as first preference.

        … soooooo, my guess is if anyone else out there ordered a D4 from Amazon and you don’t have it yet… don’t hold your breath. Seeing as how the D4 isn’t considered as being as “in demand” as the D800… my instincts are that Amazon is probably going to make more of it’s customers “D800 Waiters” than “D800 Owners”.

        • ActionJunky

          How is this the fault of Amazon. They are passing through information that is delivered to them by Nikon. It seems that they are keeping you informed about the progress of your order in a regular manner. Please vent in the right direction.


          • PhotoLaw

            Well actually, they’re (Amazon) are not keeping me informed. It’s only after my D4 delivery date had passed, and only after I contacted them, did I receive any information at all about the actual status of my order. They never sent one piece of information to me other than the initial “Your Amazon Order” auto-email after I placed the order on February 5th.

            I’m not really blaming anyone for anything… I’m just saying, I think the Amazon order-bot gives people the same “arrival date”, not based on projected stock levels or actual stock levels, but up to some arbitrary limit that far exceeds the number of units that they’re going to get in any shipment. I’m sure they’ve done the same thing with the D800’s

            Now there is no “estimated arrival date” which is the most accurate piece of information I have received from them. Kind of a “we’ll take $6k from you whenever we get some D4’s in, but we’re not really sure when that’s going to be”. Which, had I known from the start, I would not have placed the order with Amazon.

            Regardless of it being Nikon not informing Amazon, or Amazon not properly cueing their orders and being able to inform me in a timely manner, (or at all), about where I am in the cue (I did order the D4 on February 5th, within the first 30 minutes), it’s not the kind of service I’d expect from them. Amazon should at least be able to tell me “you’re order is number 537 and we’ve been getting 6 D4’s at a time”. Then I’d know it’s going to be more like a year, and not a couple of months before I get one from Amazon. A little information from them, would go a long way.

      • Unapologetic Mocker

        I mean really? Cry about it some more lol.

      • I agree that Amazon is lying to many people, last week the assured me 100% certain that my D4 order will be delivered in March 22, just to receive four days later a new message telling me that the product was back ordered and I will have to wait till the end of April. When they confirmed the delivery date I canceled a second order i had with Adorama, because I did not want to receive two cameras.
        Its a shame to manipulate data with this product as Amazon is doing.

  • Pierre

    Something is definitely wrong with the DPReview viewer, when I compare the raw of the D800 against the D700 at ISO 12800, the D800 looks so much noisier.

    Downloaded both files and when I open them in FileExplorer, the D700 looks much noisier.

    Perhaps the codec I have installed does a better job at rendering the D800 raw?

    Perhaps the D800 ISO 12800 would not satisfy some pros out there but it would definitely satisfy my needs as I rarely shoot that high and for the odd time I need it, I can still use the shot with proper denoise. On the otehr hand, I would not be happy with a D700 shot at ISO 12800.

    Based on what I see on my screen, I would say the D800 is much better at high ISO than the D700.

    • bert

      It is better. I processed 2 raws from another site. The 12800 from the d800 has more grain, but delivers a total acceptable image with fine details. You can process with more grain reduction, but I think it is not necessary. D700 on the other hand produces unacceptable results at 12800. 6400 is the limit on which I use it.

    • Fredbare

      The D800 has smaller photosites than the D700.
      The efficiency of light conversion has not dramatically increased (if in fact at all) in the years since the D700 came out.
      So, the D800 being worse than the D700 is totally expected – unless you believe in miracles that is.
      As seen on DPReview, the D800 ISO noise is worse than the D700 without any doubt unless downsampled to the same 12 MP size whence the D800 is marginally better.

  • AXV

    Oh hell no!


    We wanted to give you an update on your order for the “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only).” Although we expected to start shipping the camera to customers on March 20, Nikon will be sending us our initial shipment of this product on March 23, 2012. This means the camera will not ship by our original estimate.

    Due to the high demand for this item, we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at the same time. Since product supplies from Nikon will be very limited, we will ship your product as soon as inventory becomes available.

    We hope to see you again soon.


    Customer Service Department

  • doug
  • Seeing that the D3s is very close or better than the D4 in high ISO settings, I’m happy I bought the D3s when I did and will stay with it.

  • timon

    do not need to notice the so-called Overall Score, it is merely a remark of man-made, and not a impersonal Measurement data.
    If you care for a camera, please directly read the impersonally Measurement data, and try to understand the data is what it was, especially the data related to your intention, what items would be more important with you.

    many of people get confused for a thoroughly advertising campaign, —- ISO 25600. Are you newsman to be wholly time to shoot in night?
    In the ISO 6400, d700 merely gets 6.5bits, 5d2 merely gets 6.3bits, could you get good imaging quality? (The Measured actual ISO: d700 is ISO 5197, in 5d2 is ISO 3990, lower than nominal ISO 6400)

    Phase One IQ180 Digital Back, the Low-Light Score is only in ISO 996, no ISO 12800, no ISO 25600, Ok, did you estimate that is a bad camera? Phase One IQ180 is with the Pixel pitch 5.17μm, very close to d800 in 4.88μm.

    Please read this page
    Portrait photography: Color Depth
    Landscape photography: maximum Dynamic Range
    Sports & action photography: Low-Light ISO

    I have to say,
    Landscape and Portrait photography: Tonal Range (bits) @ ISO 100/400, higher than 9bits/8bits.
    Landscape and Portrait photography: SNR 18% (dB) @ ISO 100/400, higher than 40dB/35dB.

    Sensor Overall Score is less value actually, which is much artificial intervention,

    PS. the dxomark’s Dynamic Range data has a remarkable shortcoming, it is unable to distinguish in DR both top and bottom about the EV units. In fact, we wanted to know about both +EV units and -EV units.

  • Al

    That was the least erotic unboxing vid ever

  • PhilK

    Will be very interesting to see what Canon comes up with the sensor tech in the EOS 1Dx. Remember that Canon builds their own unique sensors, that they (to my knowledge) do not share with anyone else.

    And while I am a die-hard Nikon user for many years now, Canon does have some things that Nikon does not. Some very fast (ie <1.4) lenses, some outstanding long lenses and moderate-aperture zooms (ie 80-200mm f/4 which is one of the best in the world at a reasonable price), etc.

    It's a pity for Canon that I couldn't care less about video and despise their ergonomics. Not to mention all those great old F-mount lens bargains I've got. 🙂

    • Michael

      Nikon used to have lenses <1.4 but decided the extra light isn't worth the loss of resolution. Having a smaller f stop don't always mean a smaller t stop. Wider lenses lose more light.

    • cameramm

      i could do a quick test between canon 1dx and my d4 yesterday at low light (iso2500), have to say, the canon was a little bit better, a little bit cleaner, a little bit more detail … just a bit, but visible … and of course faster, more mp, couldn’t test the autofokus, but the colleagues were saying amazing … even it was not a complete test, i can say the advantage of using nikon over the last 4 years is over …

  • MichalK

    Hi All

    I got my D4 last week (NPS member) and shot 2 weddings over the weekend.

    D4 is better in ISO – in real life – then the D3 or D3s. The noise value in D4 at 12800 is same as D3 at 6400 BUT! The contrast, dynamic range and sharpness it retains at that ISO is incredible.

    I read a lot how people care above specs and what not, but thats not all that.

    There are another “issues” that noone talks about and i give you some insights.

    Matrix metering of D4 tends to overexpose in dark situation by about half a stop, hence brighter image, hence less visible noise, but still an amazing contract DR and sharpness. A little bit of cheating i think…

    The new focusing mechanism… What a beauty – this only would make me (and made me) buy one.

    No-one I see mentioned anything about color rendition. The new D4 is more vibrant, however tent to have slightly yellowish/greenish tint… Quite off-putting as in some situation as the skin tones gets “pale”.

    My D4 even had an issue with LCD brightness not displaying correctly! So some of my images ended up underexposed by a stop or so…

    But Nikon reinstalled the firmware and this issue is now corrected, but lots of my photogs friends, that got the d4 experience the tint issue and I suspect it is something you will hear about more and more in a near future…

    If you believe that D4 is only a minor upgrade to D3(s), In my opinion you are wrong. It is a better camera in many ways.

    Now i gotta go, my D800 should arrive any minute and i will be happy to comment about it after the weekend, once i experience it in real situation, rather than speculate based on specs and some reviews…


    Take Care

    • catinhat

      About yellowish/greenish tint, seems like it might be a white balance/color balance issue in low artificial light. I’ve seen something similar with various Nikon bodies. Even with the white balance set manually the camera often can’t decide whether to go with the yellowish/greenish or with pinkish/red tint. Sometimes, ridiculously, for the same shooting sequence, some shots tend toward yellow/green, some toward pink/red. Could be corrected in post but is a pain. Thinking of shooting basketball in a gym.

    • Rudi

      Thanks MichalK, very much appreciated and I think the first one who gave a short report about D4 here? Everyone else who got one wasn’t seen any longer here 😉

  • Chase

    I know everyone is comparing the d4 to the d3s but how about comparing the d4 to the d3. Once the d4s comes out in a couple years then compare it to the d3s. After all the d4 and d3 are their respective d series initial flagship bodies, during initial release.

    • Rudi

      Because D3s ist the beast to which D4 should be compared. If you say it has to be compared to D3 you could even compare the D4 then to D700 as it has the same sensor or even more to any other older body…

      I want to know which ist the best and not which one is the second best camera as everybody might already know that D3s is better then D3.

  • Eric Calabros

    D4 dynamic range: 13.1 Evs
    my D5100 dynamic range: 13.6 Evs


    • MiniMe

      Dynamic range as measured by some arbitrary test method. Not the DR you will get in real like. Grab your one-degree spot meter that measures in EV, measure a scene that has 14 stops of light and check it for yourself. You need to subtract 3 or so stops from advertised to get real results.

  • why to compare a full frame camera to medium format?

    • Landscape Photo

      Left Image: Nikon D800 @ Iso 100
      Right Image: Pentax 645D @ Iso 100

      They are quite close in IQ even though the Pentax one has a lens magnification advantage over Nikon. Moire is evident with Pentax. I wonder how the same scene would look were it photographed with a D800E.

      • timon

        645d is no AA-filter, the Moire removed to need in software.

        I tried in IR with d800 compared to eos5d3. In ISO 50 – 400, d800 is undoubtedly better IQ, and the definition is obviously higher than eos5d3, which is pleasing.

        I am not a newsman, do not need which ISO 6400, 12800…..

  • That Chris Weller guy is funny. I can still accept people downsample 36mp D800 to 12mp to match the D700 iso-just for the sake of comparison. But Downsample D4 to D3s just to satisfy your poor souls need? Ridiculous!!!

    A D3s is d D3s. And D4 is a D4. ther’s a difference. Just buy what u want but please dont make a silly comparison to justify your purchase.

  • jodjac


    Oh no! This is new and awful news: from Amazon


    We’re writing about the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# 104-xxxxxx). Unfortunately, we are unable to ship the item(s) as soon as we expected and need to provide you with a new estimate of when the item(s) may be delivered:
      “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
       New Delivery Estimate: April 13, 2012 – May 01, 2012

    If you still want us to ship the delayed items when they do become available, (though they may arrive later than expected) please visit Your Orders on address to approve the delay:

    Please approve the delay by April 20, 2012 to avoid cancelation. If the item becomes available before that date, we will automatically ship it to you. By approving the new delivery estimate, you are letting us know that you still want the item(s).

    We will make every effort to get the delayed item(s) to you as soon as possible. If there are other items in your order, they’ll be shipped according to the delivery estimates listed in the order details in Your Account ( at no additional cost.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

    If you have more questions about this order, you can e-mail, phone, or chat with Customer Service using the following link:

    Customer Service Department
    Check your order and more:

    Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

    • Ray

      I received the same email from amazon on my order of the D800 and my order on the D4. I had to approve I still want these items.

  • nikoniko7

    NIKON D4+AF-S500mm f4 vr+TC-17E Ⅱ

  • simpleguy

    great to hear that , nikon deserve the praise

  • Che

    My D4 order at Amazon went from Delivery on the 21st then to 22nd…..and now this morning it says “Item delay we more time to provide you with a better estimate delivery date” …….siggggggghhhhhh. Well I expected this so I’m not too disappointed. I will continue to shoot my D7000….but I was really excited about trying an FX camera with my trinity lenses. Never shot with an FX.

  • broxibear

    Interesting heads up from Adam Lerner about the issues he’s having regarding the D4 being an early adopter and how it affects the way he works

    • I think Adam’s problem is that he cannot distinguish between an software issue and a camera issue. The whole discussion is around D4 but in fact the problem he is facing is in software (Lightroom or whatever he is using). He should blame Adobe not Nikon and change the name of the video.

      • broxibear

        Hi George,
        I think Adam realised, as many other will, that video aside the D4 isn’t that different from the D3s, that’s one of the reasons he’s questioning his purchase. If video isn’t important to you, are the other tweaks really worth the upgrade from a D3s ?…everyone has to decide themselves.
        I wonder if Adobe will do their usual trick of only making the D4/D800 RAW compatible with Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 so you’ll be forced to upgrade if you use those cameras ?

        • @broxibear

          It would seem (at least after a cursory look) that Adam didn’t consult the networking guide that came with his camera. I can understand that he was frustrated that it didn’t “just work”, but we’re not talking about a USB thumbdrive here. This is Ethernet tethering from a sophisticated professional DSLR. The first half of his complaint seems to stem from Adobe’s misleading information about CR D4 support, and the second half seems to stem from not RTFM.

          For anyone interested to see the actual process of tethering (from the networking guide included in the box):

          “I wonder if Adobe will do their usual trick of only making the D4/D800 RAW compatible with Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 so you’ll be forced to upgrade if you use those cameras ?”

          Of course they will. They’re Adobe, and they gladly lead the race to the bottom. Many times people have shown that a simple one-line addition to their Adobe apps allows the older app to read the newer RAW files. And yet Adobe chooses to require you to have the current $3k suite of software in order use those files. It’s highway robbery.

          “If video isn’t important to you, are the other tweaks really worth the upgrade from a D3s ?”

          Yes! There is a lot more than just video features, and to me it’s worth the upgrade. This isn’t a prosumer-class camera. The demand is clear — many pro’s are happy to upgrade.

          • broxibear

            Hi Ron,
            You took what I posted out of context and didn’t quote the whole sentence. (I’ll let you off,lol)
            What I said was “If video isn’t important to you, are the other tweaks really worth the upgrade from a D3s ?…everyone has to decide themselves.”
            The “everyone has to decide themselves.” part is important.
            For me it’s not enough for me to upgrade, for others it will be… as long as my D3 doesn’t break, or I decide there is a D4 feature I need, I’ll see what the “s” brings in a couple of years.

            • Lol. Oops, sorry Broxi. I misread your comment. Thanks for the pass. 😉

              I am definitely curious to see what Nikon introduces with the D4s.

            • broxibear

              Lol, no problem Ron…you know I’m not going argue with anyone, I’ll leave that to those who like their comments being deleted.
              Did you order a D800 as well as a D4 ?…No new dslrs for me this year, although I am thinking of changing my GF1 for a X100.

            • Yes, I ordered both. Time to replace the D3s and D700. These cameras are everything I could hope for (and much, much more).

        • Hi Broxi, I really expect that Adobe will do a patch of some kind so no full upgrade will be required. What i wanted to say is that in the video all the frustration seem to be targeted towards Nikon which in my opinion just introduced a new format of some sort that is not making the click with the current software. So end line is that the ball is not with Nikon now.

          • broxibear

            Hi George,
            Yeah there’s an interesting shift going on across blogs,forums etc regarding the D4. (I’m not talking about video here, it’s a fact that the D4’s video capability is amongst the best in dslrs). Before this week it was all Nikon marketing, no one had taken images using their own cards and the only available files were those sanctioned by Nikon. Now that more independent tests are appearing I feel a definite shift, that shift being that yes the D4 is a very good camera, but it’s not that much better than the D3s as far as image quality is concerned.
            Before the D3/D700 were released every camera was seen as a real upgrade, but the D3 to D3s to D4 have been small steps in terms of stills. For the first time photographers are asking themselves do I really need to upgrade for such a small difference ? People with D700s are questioning whether they want to change to the D800, I know photographers with Mark IIs who aren’t sure it’s worth it to upgrade to the Mark III.
            I’m glad people are thinking more about it, and I think that’s what has happened with Adam.
            The DxOMark graphs are great to look at, but until someone can look at images in a magazine or gallery wall and can tell which camera they were shot on I couldn’t care less.
            It’s a case of finding a camera that’s right for you, I think the D3s is more right for Adam than the D4.

  • Greg Reese

    Wow, I never knew that site existed. Really helps me understand how much of an improvement other bodies are over my d80 (see: everything). Now if only that d400 would get announced!

  • ashwins

    It’s no surprise that D4 got a lower low-light ISO score than D3s. Based on the sample images across the web it can be seen pretty easily.

  • nik

    what a disapointment. high iso is worse than d3s. canon,sony, pentax is way ahead in sensor tech.

    • Rudi

      Ahh, Sony! And of course Canon ;-))

  • SiliconVoid

    Pleased to see (and therefore validate Nikon’s decision) that the lower mp D4 has legitimately improved on and surpassed the D3s in overall performance, and easily dominates the D3x.
    I am surprised though at the astonishment I have read regarding its performance over the D3x… The D3x only scored higher than the D3s at one ISO setting, being trumped by the D3s at every other setting the cameras were designed to operate in. As I shoot at much greater ISO setting than 100, I have never been sure why people considered the D3x as the best Nikon made.
    The anticipation, and expectation, was that the D4 would improve over Nikon’s current “pro” bodies which it looks to have done – and done well.

    • Frank

      The D3s was introduced after the D3x…so the D3s was newer software.But the 24.5mp images are by far higher res then the D3s and is still one of the best cameras you can buy on the market today, even after being on the market so long. And both cameras are meant for different purposes..The D3s is more of a sports action camera, while the D3x was aimed more toward Landscapes, portraits and huge bill board type style photos and to compete with Medium format camera at the time of release.

  • Bob Loveless

    Here is a good series of test images from the D4 …

    Images even look acceptable at ISO 102400.

    The site also provides timing and performance tests.


    • Jason

      Thanks for that. Great stuff.

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