First Nikon D800 cameras delivered in Japan and Europe

Nikon D800 in Austria (credit: Erich Satran)

Nikon D800 kit in Japan (credit: Eric Feigenbaum)

The first Nikon D800 cameras were delivered in Japan and Europe today. Nikon Australia is expected to have the D800 in stores tomorrow (March 22):

No word when shipping will start in the US. Amazon sent out emails to existing pre-orders that they will receive the first D800 shipment on March 23, 2012:

We wanted to give you an update on your order for the "Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)." Although we expected to start shipping the camera to customers on March 20, Nikon will be sending us our initial shipment of this product on March 23, 2012. This means the camera will not ship by our original estimate.

Due to the high demand for this item, we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at the same time. Since product supplies from Nikon will be very limited, we will ship your product as soon as inventory becomes available.

Few hours later they changed the expected delivery date to April 13 - April 30, 2012. Obviously their system is a mess. Even if D800 shipments do start this week in the US, I wonder how many D800 will be left after all NPS orders are fulfilled. Almost the entire first D4 shipment in the US went to NPS orders.

Here is the first Nikon D800 unboxing videos:

And some unboxing images from



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  • Hi – re. UK Nikon D800 delivery. Just had the following confirmation on Live Chat.

    Status: Connected
    Fergus (Listening)
    Fergus: Hi, my name is Fergus. How may I help you?
    Dave Johnston: Hi. I preorderd a D800 at the start of february with Mifsuds and they took my NPS number, but now they say Nikon didn’t pre-register any D800 orders? Is that right? Nowvthey say it’s luck of the draw…
    Fergus: Hello Dave.
    Fergus: The only option to pre order a D800 was through your dealer. Your dealer then places the order with Nikon.
    Fergus: We will then send the orders to the dealers as we get the stock into the country.
    Dave Johnston: but i thought NPS membership ensured first priority. it did with the D4 didn’t it?
    Fergus: The D4 had priority for NPS, the D800 did not.
    Dave Johnston: why is that? i’ve deferred a job to the start of april because the D800 would be great for it…
    Fergus: That was the decision that was made.
    Fergus: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Dave Johnston: No – feeling let down here though… Thanks anyway.

  • This sounds like a random comment, but does anyone know what lens that is in the first image? Cheers.

    • Tony

      Looks like AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G or 1.8G.

      • Thanks Tony… it just looked large on the body and I was having an discussion about it with a mate.

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