Nikon D800 shipping to NPS members in the US

NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the D800, received an email notification today that their cameras are being shipped. The process will be the same as with the D4 - all NPS reservations will be filled first and then the remaining cameras will be shipped to "regular" pre-orders. As far as I know Amazon doesn't ship NPS priority purchases, so everything they will get on Friday will be sent to existing pre-orders.

I was told that if you haven't ordered a D800 by now, you will have to wait until August for delivery.

Just a reminder that Nikon will suspend all shipments from March 24- April 1st for their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon).

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  • Jason

    We got 21 D800’s to the warehouse this morning. (That means only 88 more on back order) We got D4’s and Canon 5dIII’s to the store today and yesterday. I had one customer let me hold a 5D but I was to busy to look at D4, though since the customer opened it up at the counter I did verify that it came with an xqd card.
    We also got stock on the cards and the new D4 battery.

    • Gilbert

      @ Jason – Which store?

  • Jacob

    After ordering 3 camera’s from B&H, Amazon, and Adorama minutes after they were available for pre-order none of them shipped today, which was quite disappointing. At 5:30 today I called a few Best Buys and one of them had one in stock and held it for me. I drove an hour and a half to Sterling, VA and picked it up no problem. I will be canceling my orders my other orders. For once BB was the goto store.

  • Mcucuzza

    Nikon D800 just listed on Craigslist Atlanta…

    Check it out.

  • DMarks

    I live in Houston, TX and I am an NPS member and I received my D800 today. They told me it was the first in Houston. Still have not received my D4 however.

  • yakker

    The Best Buy trick worked for me too. The first one I called this afternoon said there were none in the whole state. I checked another Best Buy after dinner, and they found one at a store about an hour away. Just picked it up.

    • Dan

      Same here! Paid for it yesterday…picked it up today 😀
      Just noticed it doesn’t have a remote mode where I could use my remote from the D7K.
      Oh well 🙁

      • Scott M

        I also got a D800 from Best Buy today (thursday) in Costa Mesa, CA store.
        I just called with an SKU number and they held one until I got down there.
        This was a very nice surprise. My preorder at B&H will be cancelled in the morning when they are open for calls. I bought an early D7000 kit from them on about the second day of release for that item. I feel very lucky today.

  • BeMe1964

    I’m not an NPS member, and I don’t give a rat about that. It’s not good business to cater a small group of so call elite, Leica did that and they almost went bankrupt. If Nikon wasn’t ready then they should have waited until they were ready to release. I pre-order the first day it was announced from Henry’s Ottawa, Canada and the manager told me that I should get mine in the first batch. But instead I was told the same thing “NPS first”!
    This is not good business Nikon. I like your product and I’ll never go back to Canon but this is not good business.

    • Jim

      Which location? Nepean? I really hope we’ll get it next week the latest!

      • BeMe1964

        Bank and Sommerset!

        • Dan

          I asked at that Henry’s location today and they said they already got 5 (but presumably those went all out to NPS members).
          I pre-ordered mine at Hopefully they’ll send out the pre-orders to non-NPS members out soon. Maybe it’s time to fill out that annoying form and apply to be a NPS member now..?!

          • BeMe1964

            The problem I have with Nikon, is that they crank up my expectation and than at the last minute, sorry only for NPS member. Maybe they should of said; pro-order open to NPS members from this date to this date and after that to the general public. I would not be upset with that because my expectation would of been, ok first batch to NPS and then me. Anyway I hope I’m in the next batch.

    • ray

      I agree, if Nikon knows the demand is high, hire more workers, put another shift on and product more. What’s wrong Nikon, are you afraid to make money. The D3s was very seldom in stock which means lost sales. Not good business sense. And I thought the japanese was smart business people.

  • gbm

    My Amazon status just switched to “Shipping soon” from “Not yet shipped”, and from the expected date in late April so that it’s now saying Monday (26th).

    I hope that holds.. fingers crossed.

    • ray

      ditto, my status shows delivered Monday also from amazon….

  • jodjac

    Anyone else get one that doesnt work?
    Ouch! I picked up a D800 at my local camera store, fantastic! But for some reason it will not focus. It won’t friggin focus! Holy crap! I can’t believe it, I was walking on air there for a few hours till I got home, charged the battery and tried to use it. It racks out then back in and stops. I put a manual focus lens on and the range/focus indicators don’t work either. Anybody ever experience something like this? Anybody know what is going on with my new toy?

    • DMc

      Sorry to hear that.
      What are the focus settings?
      What is your focus target?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have d800 … you’re just trying to get some attention … or you’re maybe a canon troll?


    • jodjac

      I tried all the focus settings, even manual focus. The range indicators just blinked. With an auto focus lens, it would rack in, then all the way out and stop.
      Happy ending- I brought back to the camera shop where they verified it was not working- until the woman (now a God to me) put it in live view and viola! From that point on the focus started working. Problem solved. I just hope it stays that way.
      Not a troll! This is a true story.

  • samuel

    Why would you buy at best buy when you can get it at Amazon tax free ? 🙂
    I can wait 2-3 weeks.

  • Artlover1901

    Are there any Flickr accounts with shots from a d800 up ?

  • William Almon

    After failing to receive the D800 that I had ordered from B&H (where I had ordered it on line within an hour of it becoming available for pre-order), I returned to Nikon Rumors and discovered that the camera was available in random stores arround the country. A few phone calls and I discovered a single Nikon D800 available at the Best Buy store in Kennesaw, GA (a suburb of Atlanta). An hour round trip later, and I am home again with my new D800 happily writing this message. I am not happy with Nikon, or B&H, but if it hadn’t been for the individual efforts of Nikon Rumors readers, I would never have thought to go looking for this camera locally. Thanks to everyone in the community. I hope everyone has their cameras soon.

  • HS

    anyone knows a place in the North Cali where they might have the camera? I’ve been calling all the best buys in SF nothing … nobody got anything

  • Don’t lie to me

    Just spoke to b&h customer service. I ordered early in the morning on the first day. I was told they did not receive any shipment from Nikon at all and the camera is on backorder.

    I told him I thought he was lying.

    I think B&H is doing a poor job interacting with their customers

    • Eric

      Yes, telling the person your dealing with they’re a liar is the best way to have them ship you that camera.

  • Stevo

    I just got a confirmation from Amazon that my camera was shipped. Supposed to arrive Tuesday. A minute before that email they said my camera wouldn’t be delivered until April 16th. Surprise.

  • This is what you call a Marketing bait, they made the D3/D4 series to sell the D700/D800 series, come to think about it when PS3 was priced up high the first year sales were less, when they lower it down, the people were flooding to buy because they thought it was a pretty deal when in fact that the lower price is the normal price for them.Japan has always have good Business Minds.For us consumers, it could look stupid, but for them it makes a perfect sense.They practically lost nothing because they are anyway making less D4 compared to D800.The big profit of the D800 will fund their invention of the D5 which will hype the coming D900.

    • Eric

      If only you knew the profit margins on the camera bodies. Nikon doesent care too much what camera you buy as long as you buy a whole lot of lenses and batteries and gps attachements etc.

  • Aerie

    Just found one at an appliance store in Chicagoland. They are recieving 5 on Tuesday and 4 were already spoken for, I got number 5. Hope I enjoy it as a non NPS member and everyone else has luck receiving theirs. Persistence pays off.

  • Gilbert

    Encouraging change… I got an new email from B&H (different from their “we don’t know when it’s coming email”):

    Dear Gilbert

    Thank you for your pre-order of the exciting new Nikon D4 digital SLR camera.

    Nikon USA has started shipping this camera to us, however we are not able to
    fulfill all our customer pre-orders at once due to very limited supply. Rest
    assured, we are working with Nikon USA to fulfill all orders and will keep you
    informed as soon as we get any further information from Nikon.

    Your patience and patronage are both greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio

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