Nikon D800 updates

I was lucky to get a D800 from BestBuy today. Check your local store - they may have some in stock. My Amazon order is still in a "not yet shipped" state (pre-ordered at 1:07 am the night of the announcement). Some readers already received shipping dates from Amazon. Many small dealers in the US got D800 shipments today, but the majority of the orders were sent to NPS members. I have not heard anyone (non-NPS) getting a camera from one of the major US online retailers.

Today Apple released Digital Raw Compatibility update 3.11 that includes support for the Nikon D800:

Keep in mind that Nikon will suspend all shipments next week for their yearly inventory count.

I will probably not be able to answer all the emails I received in the past few days. Thank you all for the detailed updates from all over the world. I will be playing with the D800 in the next few days and will probably be offline.

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  • doug

    i got my kata bag delayed thou with, was suppose to be here on the 21st.
    call them up then he said that if it is not until next week they will send me a new one. I ordered cheap delivery and now im paying for it, even if the bag arrives next week, ill just say that it did’t so they will send me another one plus some vouchers for the delay and stress caused to me ;p

    • Ben Krackswell

      Speaking of which, I got a Kata Tri-317 from Amazon UK for £14.99 after they listed the price incorrectly for a few hours.

    • Anne

      So you’re saying you’re gonna to steal? Somehow you’ve been wronged and that justifies you lying and stealing? There is something wrong with many of the people on this board.

  • Like so many others, I pre-ordered my D800 early. I contacted B&H this morning and was given word that they do not expect to fill pre-orders until May.
    What is another Month since I’ve been waiting for nearly 2 years?

  • jorg

    pre-order is overrated

    • trialcritic

      Well said. I used to be a loyal B&H customer due to their connections with Nikon and reliability, I wonder if it is true any longer. Why have a preorder which might take 3 months to satisfy.

      • Jetfire

        It may have to do with Nikon’s agreement with their dealers and the number of stores they own. B&H is one store while Best Buy has many. I messed up and should have ordered from my local store and not B&H. Called today to see if they had any. Nope, but they had two pre-orders and they were filled. Nikon may have to give so many to each store in the first go around. If Nikon gave them all to some one like B&H it would hurt the local stores. Depending on how many D800s Nikon had for launch say a month’s worth of production (30,000) doesn’t go far with 1,000s of deals around the world.

        My local Ritz says they already sent out their allotment and are still have 74 more pre-orders to fill.

        My guess each dealer my only be eligible for some many cameras at a time. If Nikon can fill those around the world the extra will go to the ones who need more than their allotment. Order time may also play a factor.

  • Just called B&H still no d800’s have shipped, and they do not have a date from nikon…
    I ordered my d800e from them..(less than 10 minutes after their site went up) with their vacation and the fact they are behind the curv with respects to getting inventory from nikon I am starting to get concerned..

    Its very frustrating that some one can walk into BB and get a d800 while people have had them on order for 6 weeks.. This was how I got my d7000 walked in to BB the day it was released.. never thought in a million years they would have one.

    • souvik

      @WildHare, Adorama has schedule delivery date of March 22 for D800 and April 16th for E. So , I am guessing B&H will have a very similar schedule delivery date.

    • Shane

      It’s making more sense to me now. Think of the buying power of the Best Buy corporation vs a camera store in New York. If I were Nikon, I’d keep my largerst distributers happy.

    • Mark J.

      The guy you talked to didnt know what he was saying then. Because According to the guy i talked to at B&H @9am EST the ENTIRE first shipment of D800’s has already been sent out to NPS first, and then first in line for normal pre-orders. He told me that while he couldnt verify my exact spot in the line that i was VERY high up on the list for the second shipment. Which of course, he had no idea when it would be coming. I nudged for a rough estimate and he said end of April the earliest likely.

      2 hours later, i found a local camera chain that is getting some non pre-ordered bodies in on Monday and placed my order.. B&H just lost my business for good with how horrible their handling of the D800 has been.

  • PicturePerfect

    I just got off the Chat with Amazon and after the usual regurgitation of the company line I got the felow to check the situation. He said:

    Amazon has already exhausted their initial shipment and will not be shipping more cameras until they get another shipment from their “suppliers” in April. NO MORE AMAZON SHIPMENTS UNTIL APRIL according to him.

    • Jeff

      They must have received a very low initial allocation, if they have already exhausted their supply. I have only seen several posts on this and other websites from people who say their Amazon orders are shipping.

      • Brian K

        Received my D800 from Amazon via UPS about 20 minutes ago. I ordered 2/6 at 11:27pm CST.

  • Harry

    Just picked up one from the Bestbuy in Auburn Hills, MI. They told me that as of now that Bestbuy is the only one that has D800 in stock in whole USA.

  • John Ryan

    I didn’t even thinn about going to Best Buy…I pre-orderd on Day 1 from B&H…still shows it as a back order. I just returned from the Best Buy in Frisco, TX, and they had 2 in stock as of noon, 23 March…so, that leaves one still in stock there if anyone is close by. They will only sell to walk-ins, period.
    3333 Preston Rd #200
    Frisco, TX 75034
    Phone: 972-712-3939
    GEO: 33.108253, -96.807182

  • Laserpc

    I received notification of shipping from Amazon this morning at 7am EST for delivery on Tuesday March 27.

    I just received notification at 1:03pm EST that my camera has shipped for delivery on Monday, March 26th.

    I ordered February 6 as soon as the link went live. Shipping to metro DC area.

  • ArtLover1901

    This is not true I PRE ordered mines from Ritz camera and it shipped yesterday ?? Scheduled for dilvery Tuesday.

  • Emil

    Just picked up a D800 from bestbuy in los angeles.

    They had 3 of them.


    • IH8BH

      Which one?

      • newbee

        I also went into a store in LA area and just ordered in PERSON and they said it will get to my address in 4 days!!!! You have to go to any of them IN PERSON… The guy checked the physical stock and said there no stores in LA/OC area that has them BUT they can order from warehouse… !
        BTW Which memory card brand/type is worthy of this beast? for best speeds…

  • Mark J.

    For those in the same boat i was with a pre-order that didnt make first shipment(screw you B&H) And who weren’t able to get in on the Bestbuy mess. I just found my local camera chain has a shipment coming Monday/Tuesday that is not, i repeat not pre-ordered. They already sent out all of their pre-ordered bodies. I just walked into the store and paid for it and am getting it Mon/Tue. They called their distributor who is sending it while i was in store and confirmed even, so this is legit

    Store is “Talls Camera” (4 locations in Puget sound/Seattle) Sounded like they had up to a couple dozen still available for order as of 30m ago.

    • Jastro A.

      This is true. With prepays, Talls will get one for you in sequence of payment. Live and learn.

      • John K.

        Many thanks for the information, Mark J. After B&H failed to deliver the D800 I ordered on February 7, I read your post on Monday, March 26 and immediately called Tall’s. They wouldn’t take a phone order, but I live in Seattle and I was able to run up to their Northgate store, where an experienced and friendly salesman named Grant took my order and promised me a D800 the next day. Sure enough, they just called me to let me know the camera had arrived, and I will be picking it up shortly. I am simply amazed.

        I should have purchased locally in the first place, and I will the next time. Thanks again, Mark J., and thank you Tall’s Camera!

  • IH8BH

    B&H sucks. I preordered within two or three minutes of the link becoming available and still haven’t heard anything from them. What’s the point in preordering if we’re not going to get the product when it is released? Last time I ever do business with them.

    • It’s not B&H fault – all orders were sent to NPS members directly from Nikon. B&H simply did not get any D4/D800.

      • ken

        I’m not sure how the whole NPS ordering system works but that doesn’t make sense to me…if they are shipped from Nikon why are they being taken out of B&H pre-order stock…why do Nikon not just allocate a batch from their own warehouse and kept it strictly Nikon?

        Sure an NPS member may have to order through a supplier like B&H/Adorama etc.. but it should not come out of the stores allocated pre-orders for the rest of us plebs 🙂

      • David

        Well, isn’t that B&H’s fault to some degree? After being in the business this long shouldn’t they have developed a relationship with Nikon that would insure they get a few? Surely part of someone’s job at B&H is to manage relationships with vendors and distributors.

  • Will

    After reading this post and called my local Best Buy in Dallas. They said they didn’t have it in yet. 5 minutes later they called me back and said two D800’s just came in and where still in the back. There is now only one D800 left at the Dallas – 75/Park Best Buy. I was on the B&H as well as the Wolf/Ritz camera pre-order list. I canceled both. When I was canceling my Wolf/Ritz order they said they had just received a shipment of cameras. So look for those orders to ship today or Monday. Thank you for the post!

  • Billy

    Don’t blame the retailers, blame Nikon for grossly underestimating the demand for this camera. I work for a small retailer, we got a couple in for NPS members and a few extras that we agreed to sell to local customers, and I have been getting calls ALL DAY from people all over the country desperately looking for these.

    They are currently being flipped on Ebay for $4000+ …and not by dealers

  • J Evans

    I just picked one up from Best Buy in Altanta (Alpharetta). I bought it at a store close to the house and picked it up at the Alpharetta store. The counter guy said I was lucky. He had got the 16th call about the 3 remaining D800s while I was there.

  • Mark V

    Canton, Ohio BestBuy is going to have one free here in a few minutes… Cancelling my order because I can’t justify the price tag at this point. Hope this helps someone here grab it. And yes I know I could have bought it and ebayed it but that would a jerk move.

  • trialcritic

    People who did their checkups with the D800 saw that we made too big a deal about problems with the resolution (that we will have to use tripods etc). Please see this

    The problems with the user will probably come up when we size up the image substantially. The images look fine otherwise.

  • Tim has dispatched mine!!! That’s despite receiving the worrying e-mail a few hours ago

    • Jonas

      Great news! My dates are still listed as 26th/27th and I’m hoping it sticks.

  • Rich

    Just got the last D800 for sale in Dallas at Best Buy. Yippeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Nikon_Boy

    That camera looks so sexy….I am saving now for mine, YAY!

  • Abhijeet

    Pre-ordered with Amazon at 10:17 pm PST. Till yesterday night, shipping estimate was April 13 – April 30.

    Spoke with Best Buy on Blossom Hill road, San Jose. They had one camera in stock. But they said they would not be able to sell till Mar 25th. I said, please take my credit card and hold it for me – they said no can do.

    Called other Best Buys – no stock.

    Called Best Buy in Santa Rosa (North NorCal) – they said they have 2 – but cannot sell till Mar 25th. Spoke with a GREAT customer service guy there. He said, if I came in on Mar 25th, he will ensure that I get a camera….All excited!!!!

    Planned a road trip to santa Rosa on Sunday morning.

    He called back and said, he had convinced his manager to let me pre-buy so that he could hold it. I said that was great – he started entering details but was not able to.

    Called back a few mins later with his manager – they said not only will they let me pre-buy, but also will let me pick it up at Blossom hill road – which was WAY closer to my home. Thanked them profusely. Ordered camera, got Best buy order confirmation. Got Best buy confirmation that the product is ready for pick up.

    Got a call from Best Buy Blossom Hill confirming that the camera was put aside for me BUT I could pick up only on March 25th.

    Saw all the posts on NR that best buy was deliverying. Took a chance and went to Blossom Hill today morning at 10:15 am. Showed them all posts, spoke with Manager, manager spoke with his manager and finally GOT my D800!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!

    All becos of excellent service by a guy in Santa Rosa Best Buy. They still have 2 in stock with them.

    And after I came back to my office around 11:00 am PDT 3/23/12 (today) saw that Amazon had changed my status to shipping soon with delivery estimate of Tuesday March 27th. A close friend wanted a camera and he had not pre-ordered. Guess he is getting one if it really gets delivered on Tuesday.

    So bottom line –

    IMPRESSED with BB service in Santa Rosa – sent the guy and his manager two $25 starbucks cards just to say thank you.

    Amazon got stock yesterday night / today morning or realized they had some more left and so decided to ship one to me.

    Best buy might be the best bet if you want to get one today.

    Thank you all with all the positive as well as negative posts – you all are awesome and it kept me hanging in there through this ordeal.

    Now going out with my new BFF D800 – Happy clicking my friends!

    • David

      I also called some of the Bay Area Best Buys yesterday. The one in Marin City thought they would have a few on 3/25.

      However, I finally just got a tracking# from Amazon so I’m calling off the search. For whatever reason I think that Amazon orders going to the West Coast were a bit more delayed than those going to the East Coast.

      I ordered on the night of Feb. 6th

      • JStrait

        What time did your confirmation email state? (PST I assume.) Mine was 10:32pm PST on 2/6 and I still have a 4/13-30 estimate.

        • David

          If I can find the exact time I’ll let you know. Where should I look for that? I have a feeling it was only about a half hour or hour prior to that.

          • JStrait

            You should have gotten a confirmation email right after placing the order. The email should have a time somewhere on it. 🙂

            • David

              I’m sorry but for the life of me, I can not find that fricking email in my Gmail archives.

    • Larry

      Hey Abhijeet,
      Who did you talk to at Santa Rosa Best Buy?



      • HS

        I just got it from Best buy picking up next Friday …. I called Santa Rosa as well … but im gonna pick it up in Colma which is a lot closer from where i live …

  • Gary

    Genuine question. Am I doing something dumb, or is the shutter release really loud (compared with my D200)? Thanks.

  • Abhijeet

    I meant pre-ordered with Amazon on 10:17 PST on Feb 6th, 2012.

    Non-NPS – but use the camera to earn part of my livelihood.


  • GregS

    I never would have bothered to look at Best Buy, but after reading this post, I check out the local Best Buy (Reno) and walked out the door with their last one. The battery is charging right now. Thanks, Admin!

    • Mark J.

      Screw that Reno BB. I called them up after being told by my local store that they had 3 in stock as of 10am PST today. Call, they say yes, they got some left, tell them i want it, but need it shipped to my store, or home. They say sure. I get put on hold, they come back on and then tell me they can’t because and i quote “Ship to store is only allowed when your in the store your buying it from”……… My response was a frank “Wtf is the point of ship to another store IF YOUR ALREADY IN THE STORE THAT HAS IT?”…. they had no good response.. Thankfully i found one that i get my hands on first thing next week that a local camera shop is getting. But man, SCREW Reno BB. an hour on hold/dealing with them, only to be turned down AFTER being told they could do it at first….

  • JStrait

    Amazon Pre-Ordered on: 2/6 @ 10:32pm (well that’s the time on the email)

    Delivery Estimate as of now: Friday April 13, 2012 – Monday April 30, 2012

    Just discovered the Best Buy method one day too late…


    • JStrait

      Meant to add that was 10:32 PST

  • TheShot

    This blows, people who didnt even pre-order are walking into best buys and just picking up free orders. how are these not spoken for already? I called about 15 Best Buys in the greater Las Angelas area today. Two fo them had recieved two D800’s each but were gone already. There is something like 40 Best Buys in the greater Las Angelas area that I can get to inside of an hour but I’ve given up calling them.

    • JStrait

      I went to the one in Atwater Village just a couple hours ago and they checked stock. Zero in stock anywhere, they all seem to have gotten two or four each and all sold yesterday it seems.

    • tumlatra

      Go to the local store and tell them to have it ship, eta is 3/28 for me as off 1hrs ago.

      • JStrait

        They didn’t have that as an option unfortunately.

  • Has anyone in Florida found one yet at a Best Buy store?

    • Barter

      Negative. It’s a little disappointing after reading of other’s success with Best Buy.

  • tumlatra

    I just got mine off Local Best Buy in Bay area, CA, and order the second body from them to my door by next week 3/28. Amazon really screw up this order big time, at least it was, to me. Probably they weren’t on Nikon good side or secondary tier vendor.

    • HS

      Hey Tumlatra…

      Where in the bay did you get yours? i have been looking everywhere …. thanks

  • Robin

    Screw B&H!! they lost another loyal customer today. Just pathetic the way they handled this.

    Imagine pre-ordering 2 months prior to release date and having to wait till end of summer to get your D800 that’s 5 months, as opposed to do noting but walk in to a BEST BUY just a day after the release and walk out with your D800!!!

    I mean WTF.

    I don’t care if the likes of B&H are 20 bucks cheaper on any other item, from now on my local camera store gets ALL my business, while B&H sucks up to their NPS clients.

  • Abhijeet

    @JStait – My confirmation email time was 10:17 pm PST 2/6.

    I just received an email from Amazon saying that the D800 has shipped and I will get it on Monday 3/26.

    So my guess is that you will not be too far behind. They are just being cautious in their estimates and are shipping them out in batches, I would think.

    When Chandra mentioned yesterday that he had gotten shipping notification I saw that he had ordered only 25 minutes before me and he was getting his on Monday and I was going to get it on April 13th? Give me a break…. But now looks like I am also getting mine by Monday.

    So you will have yours soon too.

    Hope everyone gets theirs soon! 🙂

  • Albert

    Ordered from amazon on February 6th @ 1046PM PST according to my email confirmation for the D800 and just got tracking info just now.

    • JStrait

      Wow! That was after I placed mine too.

      Did you get an email that asked you to “approve the delay?” I got one of those when they changed the estimated ship date to what it is now (4/13-30) and I went on and ‘approved’ it so it wouldn’t be cancelled. Makes me think that was a bad decision.

      • Albert

        I got the “approve the delay” and approved it several hours after i received the email. So i did approve and just got tracking number this afternoon 3:16PM PST.

        *side note: even though i paid for the prime $3.99 overnight. Since it was shipped friday, it would get here monday. So i spoke with customer service to see if they can up it to saturday delivery (which is usually $5.99 or $6.99 if its available) and they couldn’t at that time. So they refunded me $3.99.

  • Andromeda

    People, stop asking yourself if you get it now!
    Don’t you see. clearly if you ordered around midnight, you got it today or will get it next week. After 2-3 am 2/7 you wait like me..What’s so hard?

  • CB

    BestBuy’s website API allows you to check stock. In the last hour I’ve watched as all three of the cameras in VA I was considering driving to get were sold. Only a dozen or so still with cameras in the country.

    As of 10pm est, the only stores with stock are in:


    • Slierow

      Which stores in AL?

      • slierow

        Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks for this amazing tip!

      • CB


        • slierow

          Is there a way to display quantity with the api? This is really cool!

          • CB

            not that I can see. In playing around with it, I’ve also noticed it’s pretty inconsistent with results. Not sure how valuable this is outside of a regional search.

            • Slierow

              From what I was reading it seams that it bases it’s results on the likelihood of which stores should have them based on previous days sales among other things. It may be a good a enough tool to try calling one of the stores tomorrow and seeing if the’ll put one on hold for me. If so it would be a fun 6 hour road trip one way, taking photos on the way home. 🙂

            • CB

              I just called one that was showing results, and they said they sold both the ones they had yesterday. So this may just be a way to check which stores HAVE had stock.

    • D800 seeker

      I’ve been looking into BestBuy’s API, however, it seems I’m unable to leverage it without an API key (which I presume is given to developers). How are you leveraging the API? Do you have a key?

      • Slierow

        Yeah. It’s free to get. Just sign up on their API page. I’m not a developer, and I got my key in seconds via email.

        I found that the trick is seeing which new stores pop up on the list over night and then to call them every second after opening to be the first when they turn on their phone system to be first in line. I called 60 times yesterday before I could talk with a live person. I was the first caller that morning and got one put on hold. They had 23 calls by the time I got to Bermingham 4 hours later.

  • I don’t know anything about API’s, how do you use them? I live in Florida and would really love to find a camera this morning to go purchase. 🙂

    • slierow

      There may be one at the Clearwater store. I’d give them a call.

      • Thanks for the lead, unfortunately they didn’t have any yesterday. This has been very frustrating so far. I called a store yesterday and they said they would have some today (Sunday) since it was in the flyer, got up this morning, checked the Best Buy flyer and it’s not in the flyer LOL I’ll place a few calls this morning and see what happens.

        How are you guys getting access to the API (sorry for the newbie question, I’m not familar with APIs).

        • Slierow

          You have to sign up to be a developer on Best Buy’s developer sight (free) to get a developer key, and then do a bit of research/reading on their site to figure out the code. I’d be more then happy to paste the code I used, but I don’t want to step on CB’s feet until he gets his camera or says it’s okay to do so. It’s only fair. It took me about an hour to figure it out, and I’m not a developer or have any experience with coding. Good luck!

          • I almost think I’m going to need Devine Intervention at this point, luck hasn’t been on my side. LOL You would think that out of Tampa, Ocala/Gainesville, Orlando and Ft. Myers/Naples, I would have stumbled across one by now.

            • Pablo

              I just followed all your instructions, I checked the API near me 11779,50(miles) only shows up in one store, NJ, does that mean they have one? I dont see where it shows qtys.
              Also, Did any Best Buy in New York / Long Island got them?
              Called all of them and they dont think they are going to carry them. Thanks.

            • Sleirow

              That’s what it may mean, but this time of day I bet it would be gone already. The nearest store to have one for me popped up on the list when I checked around 8AM, after their delivery the previous night, but before the store opened. It wasn’t on the list the night before. I got lucky and called as soon as they opened and they had gotten 2 in.
              The API seams to be an ok tool for having an Idea where they may be, but it’s far from perfect. I’m currently showing 6 stores with in 1,000 miles from Atlanta, but I’m guessing they’d all be sold out by now. I haven’t seen any in NY.

            • CB

              The algorithm returns stores with a high probability of availability. While the literature doesn’t explain exactly how they figure this, it does take into account recent sales and an analysis of their distribution system.

              Thing is, a store that has had recent sales of a limited quantity item is likely not to have any left. And since nikon is using overnight delivery for the first batch of cameras, I’m thinking that may not show up in the analysis the algorithm uses.

              So it’s possible the only way this helps is if a store got multiple cameras, has sold at least one, but hasn’t sold them all yet. If they got stock and sold them all, you get a false positive for a day or so after the last one sold.

              And since now everyone knows that Best Buy got a relatively high quantity of cameras…chances are the shelves are picked clean before the algorithm even knows they had any.

          • So I have a key to use the APIs on the site. Are you running it in the API test console?

  • Slierow

    Worked like a charm. On my way to pick mine up. They put
    It on hold for me! Thanks again!

    • CB

      well, I’m glad it worked for you.

      But at the same time, it does just inflame my childish feeling of why-does-everyone-find-one-except-me.

      I’ll keep checking, in case a new one pops up. But I suspect I’ll still be waiting weeks or months for Adorama.

  • Jim

    I ordered from B&H as well – as I have done for several years, this time its been a goat rodeo. They have no information at all about position in line, how much inventory they are getting, delivery dates, shipping dates etc… comparison Best Buy and my local store have been straight up – and very easy to deal with in that they let me know exactly how many were shipped to stores and Best Buy said if you want one quickly dont order from us. I have ordered one now locally – the store know what is in distribution, who they are for and I got one, all clearly recorded on his order processing system

    Also B&H said we would not charge at time of order placing – more smoke and mirrors, they charged my paypal account immediately ….that was on 2/8.

    Nikon need to be ashamed of themselves for being laggards and taking so long to get to market with catch up technology against Canon, and B&H need to have a come to Jesus conversation about supply chain management with Nikon. I wish I did not have lens investment in Nikon otherwise I would switch brand to a company that is not being managed by monkeys.

    • Jeff

      That’s funny! B&H with a “come to Jesus” moment. And don’t flame me, I am Jewish.

  • Axle

    Another order here at B&H. Jim I agree with your comments. In an economy like the one we are in Nikon’s leadership team need to be fired.

    I sold my last lens on craigslist this morning. The D800 will be cancelled on Monday all to be replaced with Canon gear ( not from B&H). Canon is innovative and management know what they are doing. I hope Nikon employees have mortgage protection, my last few dealings with Nikon have been the worst experiences ever.

    RIP Nikon – its coming to you.

    • Anne

      Fired? With the way this camera is selling and the reviews and ratings it’s getting, they will probably be getting very fat bonuses!!!

      Good luck with Canon.

  • AC

    Like several others, I was told by Best Buy that they would get some on 3/25. I went in this morning and they laughed at me and said they never get anything on Sundays. Figures. I will keep calling them during the week. Stupid Adorama won’t give me any info about my preorder.

  • I went to a small camera store and asked them to give me a call should one of their ‘buyers’ fail to buy. I got the call on Friday! I am now the owner of a new Nikon d800 and it is GREAT! YAHOO!

  • Got mine on friday NPS in Denmark.
    Its a great piece of equipment. No errors, bugs or anything bad to mention.

    The detail of 36,3 MP is really impressive. Printed a few shots on Epson Stylus Pro A2 in 360 DPI. Really astounding detail. Video works as expected. And to my surprise the D800 / D4 files are really working well in Final Cut Pro X. Faster than any other codecs I have worked with.

    Hope you all enjoy yours and for those of you waiting- Its worth the wait.

    • Slierow

      Are you able to import the footage directly off the camera into FCPX? I’m having to go through Aperture. FCPX won’t recognize the camera.

  • Pablo

    Are all the big guys waiting to see if they have to increase the price like they did in europe?
    Maybe thats why B&H is not releasing them, I find it very hard to believe that they dont have them.

  • Pablo

    Maybe they are all waiting to see if they have to increase the price like they did in europe.

  • Pablo

    Sorry, double post.
    I wish I get a chance to get it before the 27th!
    I have a 10% off coupon and a quadruple your points birthday coupon! (which expires on the 31st)
    I could save some money!

    • I am not sure the 10% coupon is valid on Nikon products. At least it wasn’t few months ago when Nikon started enforcing their prices.

      • Pablo

        Hi, thanks for the info, the only reason I was thinking they will let me use it, is because I used it with the D7000.
        I was lucky to even get it a few days before it was released too, I was hoping to have the same luck.
        But it seems that new york/long island area didn’t get any.

  • Pankaj

    any tips of getting camera in Chicago area

    • Pablo

      Whats your zip code? I’ll check best buy API.
      Is this the norm for Nikon? Always not making enought?
      Know what’s funny?
      I work next door to Nikon head quarters in Melville, NY!!

      • Holden

        Can you check anything near 60614?

        • Dan

          I live in Chicago and went to the Best Buy they on Elston near Ashland and they didn’t have any. They also said none of the stores in the city have any and they are trying to get a list so they can get some on order.

  • Pankaj


    • Pablo

      Im no genius at this, I just learned it for my self.
      I types in your zip code and 50 miles radius and nothing, I had to go to 150 miles an the best buy in Springfield IL came up as the only result. 217-698-8551 just give them a call an see what’s up.

  • Netdog

    Here is the straight scoop…

    Nikon is very supportive of their brick and mortar stores. They realize that online only stores are simply box movers don’t influence or have the ability to support customers that live 1000’s of miles away.

    I believe Nikon has made a concise effort to provide local dealers that stick to Nikon agreements on advertising, support and pricing with D800’s first. I know one local dealer who received a couple of dozen cameras and has been delivering cameras to their local customers who are on their waiting list.

    Consider this… a local stocking dealer is where many photographers go to see, touch and test out new products. This is how many of my decisions are made, especially on a $3000 purchase. If Nikon only provides the box pushers with the greatest allocation then how are their local dealers going to survive?

    If you are a working pro you know how hard it is to make a living these days. Well if you think we have it tough consider the dealer who has to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of product.

    The point is start calling your local Nikon dealer, you might just find that building a relationship with them is the best bet to get a D800. It is worth pointing out that my friend is one of those guys who will order online to save $20 instead of supporting the local business. And maybe this is why I have a D800 and he is still waiting for his.

    Its worth noting that if you are like my friend who goes in to the store, ask all the questions and demos all the gear only to leave and buy online, then I doubt the local Nikon dealer is going to have a D800 for you. Many of us have our best and favorite clients, and so it is reasonable to expect the local dealer to have the same relationship with his customers.

    • Alex

      Listen to this guy, I already bought 2 D4’s and a D800. Shot an event this weekend with the gear. No I’m not NPS and I was not on a pre-order list with any of the local shops. Call your local shops, you may get lucky. I cancelled all my Adorama pre-orders, they were a waste if time.

  • pankaj

    hello pablo,
    i called the bb in springfield and they have no stock
    if you have any updates then please let me know

  • Photo Mark

    I have been notified that my D800 will be delayed because Nikon requires that suppliers look after Law Enforcement Agency orders first.

    • Pablo

      Hi, do you mean police want to used them or as a courtesy ?
      I maybe be getting lucky, my dealer said they are getting one with my name on it
      We’ll see.

  • Saben Kane

    B&H is shipping my order tonight! Ready for pick up. Ordered 02/07/2012 12:20am

  • Serdar

    I am coming to USA in the first week of April. Is it possible to find D800 in BestBuy or somewhere else? or is it difficult to buy it like in the online store? I don’t want to wait for a month to get it in my hand 🙂

    • Ben

      I don’t think that you’ll have to wait one month, I think it’ll be more like two or three months.

      Good luck!

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