The price of the Nikon D5100 kit drops another $50 this month


After the new new UK cashback program, Nikon USA also further reduced the price of the Nikon D5100 by $50 for the month of April - see the current Amazon prices:

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  • roombarobot

    Sure, just about 2 weeks after I bought my D5100. Grrr!

    • Andrew

      Yeah, but you got yourself a great camera! I have always thought of the D5100 as the ideal carry around camera if quality pictures are your number one priority. It gives you the same great shots but without the cost and all the bells and whistles as the D7000. To make you a little bit less sad, I bought a 256 GB SSD hard drive for about $600, and one year later they are selling for $300. I sure could have used a 512 GB drive for $600. But as they say, time heals all wounds. And no, I do not regret my decision. In the long scheme of things, it does not change anything. When I am ready I will just spend more money. But at least our expenditures are helping someone feed their family or buy for a boy or girl a soccer ball.

      • Yup, it’s an awesome camera. We’ve used the D3100 and D3000 for quite some time now, and they work equally well in our experience.

  • The D5100/D3100 make sense since an upcoming replacement is imminent but does this hint towards the V1/J1 being replaced soon?

    I mean they aren’t coolpixes but maybe a yearly refresh or at least with these models now that they’ve had a year of feed back and “surprises” that not only women want this camera.

    • Srini

      As I wrote in some other link on this site, the earlier cash back and now a price drop are a good indication of an upgrade for D5100. With D3200 in the pipeline, D5100 and D7000 upgrades are probably the way forward. If proved correct, it would disappoint the D400 camp….

      • Daniel

        I bought my D5100 about 2 weeks ago and returned it a couple days ago cause I heard of the D3200 having 24mp and maybe the D5100 update. Hope they release something soon!

  • Gabe

    I believe the D5100 replacement is not before Christmas and the D3200 will not have the articulating screen, plus if the sensor size is the same, adding Mpixels doesn’t always mean better pictures. The D5100 produce gorgeous pictures

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