Nikon 3D mirrorless digital camera?

reader sent me this picture of what appears to be a twin lens 3D mirrorless digital camera - it was taken at the 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Malaysia). Reportedly, the camera had a Nikon label on the back. Has anyone seen this camera? Could this be an old film model?

A larger version of the image is available on flickr.

Nikon currently does not offer any 3D cameras, even though they have already released a 3D digital photo frame and Picturetown 3D in Japan. Back in 2008 Nikon co-funded a 3D R&D project in Japan. Could this be a new digital 3D camera from Nikon?

Update: Busted, this is the Cyclopital3D auxiliary lens adapter for Fuji W3 or W1 3D cameras.

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  • yhannoby

    hmmmm. interesting. i never seen that type of camera. is it really nikon?

    • this is what the person who took the picture told me

      • Hans

        strange that the person who took this photo did not do any effort to talk to the person.

        • T.I.M

          According to the solar calendar, it’s still April first on Venus !

          • Hans

            Yes, on april 3 it can not be an april 1st joke, but it looks like fake or the person who reported this is authistic or something like that.
            If you see something like this, the likely thing to do is talk to the man and get a full explanation of what this is.

            • T.I.M

              Maybe at first he did not notice the camera, distracted by the 2 ladies’s behinds on both sides of the picture !

            • Douglas Adams

              Are you insane? Just talk to him?! In an eventuality of this kind, this man should be threatened to disclose everything that he knows – about everything! The camera should be confiscated and all the data should then be forwarded to our Hans character. If that guy shows any resistance he should be faced with the utmost force!

              There is no excuse for this kind of behavior!

              Can you imagine the terror some people will experience because of lack of knowledge of this mysterious apparatus? And this guy knows the answer yet he remains diabolically silent…

            • or you know, just say “hey neat camera I’ve never seen one like that. what is it?”

        • T C Knight

          What? There’s a camera in that picture? I was thinking this was a jeans ad.

      • Ken John

        Take a look at the flash hot shoe, it’s not Nikon’s TTL type. Why would Nikon change that?

    • Fujifilm W3 stereo camera with Cyclopital ALA adapter and two wide angle lenses.

      Sorry guys. Nothing Nikon here.

  • Jimmy

    Wow if true, Nikon is very active and groundbreaking these days. Way to go Nikon.

    • Scotch

      Fujifilm and Panasonic already have one

      • WoutK89

        A two sensor, interchangeable lens camera system?

  • Art

    Where is a D800 when you need one? I bet 36mp of resolution could have answered the question.

    • Sports


      • Joey


    • Melotron

      took the words outta my mouth!

      crazy looking camera anywho!

  • Ken Buttafuko

    Doesn’t look anything like a Nikon design.
    Every time I see the word ‘reportedly’ I feel its just to drive up views 😀

    • And how do you know this Ken – do you think I will lie after I pointed out who sent me this picture?

      • Global

        Don’t worry, Admin — its good when you have skeptics. They represent a portion of every population — so the more you have, the more readers your have enjoying your site. is a happy, care free place to enjoy oneself. No one is bothered by that kind of comment.

        Just enjoy ourselves here and get a chuckle out of strange comments now and then. Cheers. 🙂

        • +1

        • Khoa Nguyen


          • Ben

            I like scandals…. Fuel the fire

            I saw the same thing on Leica rumors sayin it was a Leica…
            Just kidding!

            Where’s my D800?

            • T.I.M

              In my hands.

      • Andrew

        Admin, what I find intriguing about this alleged 3D post is that it tests the IQ of the readers at your site. It amazes me how they can scrutinize a picture and immediately doubt its authenticity based upon their in-debt knowledge and expertise. But of course what is also great is how they run off with the information and generate an extensive thread of discussions and comments. So posting a sighting or even a suspicious camera is well within the purview of a site like this in my opinion. Good job!

        • If I knew this was a Fuji, I would not have posted it – I first asked on twitter and nobody knew what it was, then I decided to post it.

  • Rob

    Pretty cool stuff. I just found out a friend shoots with a 3D film camera from the 50’s. The main obstacle I see in digital 3d becoming more than a gimmick is developing a way for the masses to easily view the 3d images without the need for special viewing equipment.

    • stereorandy

      1. 3D is already more than a gimmick, as witnessed by major manufacturers getting into the game, plus major movie studios

      2. What you say is needed already exists. This camera (Fuji W3) with or without the attachment shown + HDMI Cable + nearly any 3D ready tv.

      I wouldn’t call any of that “special viewing equipment” Not if its on the shelf at Walmart.

      With this model camera I was showing staff members their own images on their display 3D tv’s at a Walmart in less than 3 minutes. Shoot it, plug it, show it. The future is now!

  • Two Panasonic GF-2 or GF-3s bolted together? I have a cousin who has been doing a lot of 3d photography using a handmade rig similar to this (but with film SLRs last I saw) for about 20 years.It looks like this rig allows the cameras to be converged on a focal point (which is how the newer 3d rigs work to reduce eyestrain, etc. — it’s how our eyes work). This is highly unlikely to be a product because if you were engineering such a camera it would converge its lenses automagically and not require you to bend the camera.

    • to me this looks like one camera

    • Ken

      You may be right. I knew a guy named Paul WIng who was an expert at stereo photography ( and got to see and handle on several occasions custom made 3D cameras that looked and operated like they were produced by the equipment manufacturers. I remember specifically being amazed at a stereo Konica Hexar, at the time a $2000 rangefinder, where he had two bodies put together for 3D use (also amazed at how much it must have cost!). Not only could you not tell that they were joined (no visible marks, perfect metal finish, perfect leather body coverings, etc. much like custom stretch limos you see today) but the two lenses were connected perfectly to allow accurate focus. Now that I mention it, this photo is probably a fake since independent auto focusing of the two lenses would not work on a stereo camera.

  • Great

    Yeah, great! But what with D400?? 🙂

    • Phill


      • Juno


  • Too thin for a film camera , maybe a toy camera :)?

  • M!
    • Nice, looks like we’ve found the culprit. Just a P&S in wolf’s clothing.

      • PHB

        And the guy might well be trying out the rig designed to be an adapter for the Fuji on a Nikon point and shoot. If the camera will fit it can probably be used to take photos.

        I think the CX line could well be the killer format for this type of work. The Nikon 1 is about as wide as the distance between the eyes anyway. So stack two side by side and you have a 20MP 3D camera. That is more than enough for most purposes (including film).

        It is possible to do 3D with FX or DX format using the flip one upside down technique of course. But the lenses are really not right for it. They are heavy enough when toting one body let alone two and a clunky rig.

    • NoFunBen

      good spot, i think your right on.
      just an old fuji

    • Aha, I knew it! I’m always suspicious with these “Hot Air” Fiestas..

    • Iris Chrome

      YUP!! Ladies and Gents we got a match!

      • Josh


        ADMIN this is it.

  • Nau

    Maybe this guy is from the future and thats Nikon D6.3D

  • Mark J.

    FIRST!(haha had to do it just to mock the clowns who do it)

    It looks like some hybrid of old meets new.

    1. Notice the silver nipple like thing on the top left middle. It looks like the old snap thingys like is on my 40 year old Konica that lets you put the leather sleeve over the bottom half of the camera. Don’t think ive seen that used in ages.

    2. It’s definitely too thin on the back to be anything but digital.

    3. Flash mount looks way too big to be something prosumer. That’s a full sized SLR type.

    4. Those lenses look like manual focus primes.

    So yeah, overall im pretty baffled. If i had to guess its some home-brew 3D imaging attempt.

  • Oliver

    Good luck with that camera if ever the lenses are interchangeable. You’ll need a pair of them.

  • Greg

    Would it be normal for Nikon to put their name on an unreleased product?

  • burmese_dude

    It is a prototype of Wall-E head. 😀

  • Michael

    doesn’t look like a nikon ttl shoe!

  • bob_buttons

    Not sure about everyone else but the girl in pink looks more interesting…

  • Ekfeldt

    This post is two days old!? 🙂

  • Iansy

    That’s a guy…

  • Brad

    That’s a Cyclopital 3D attachment on a Fuji 3D camera! I have one of those!

    Whoever said it’s a Nikon is full of hoot.

  • Yawn!!!!

    a BIG YAW


  • BSemple

    I have just one question … if someone’s carrying an unusual and interesting looking camera then why not just ASK them about it?!?! The majority of photographers and enthusiasts cannot stop gushing about their latest or favourite gadgets … so just ask next time 🙂

    • BartyL

      Where’s the mystery and intrigue in that approach?

    • Rob

      If it was an actual prototype the user wouldn’t be able to tell him anything, and may try to mislead him.

      • Hans

        or even kill him to keep it secret!

        • Anshuman


        • preston

          They’d have to give the courtesy warning before resorting to that though. You know, the “I could tell you. . . but then I’d have to kill you. .”

          Then you say “thanks for the warning sir and have a nice day” 🙂

  • lukas

    I don’t think a film will fit in it. Could be a testing camera but I doubt they’ll have a Nikon logo showing. They would normally black out logo and model name

  • kevin

    this is amazing we can identify something so fast on the NR . hahahahahha next time i lose a camera id post it here, and i bet somebody will find it somewhere 🙂

  • Mokochan

    I saw this picture at Malaysia local photography forum, and some of us thought that its April Fool.

  • Robb

    Yep. Nailed it. An aux lens mount for a fuji 3d camera.

    I’ll have to look at the fuji. Looks like the stereo base in actually wide enough for great stereo captures — unlike the panasonic.

    Nikon should make a N1 based 3D camera. Would be awesome.

  • John Richardson

    Well, there is always this 3D CAMERA

  • BartyL

    McAfee just tried to block some content on this site! I reckon it was the advertisement for Blurb – ironically I just published my first book through them a couple of weeks ago, maybe take delivery of it tomorrow.

  • michael

    A late entry for April Fools Day? It would be an expensive set up, wouldnt it? Two sets of lenses, and making the lens work in harmony if zooms could be tricky. Does 3D really require two lens? It always used to but with software and modern technology is it still so? Nuggety looking camera though, get a lot of attention one would think

  • Ricardo

    I call it fake!
    I was in the hot air balloon fiesta in Putrajaya a couple of weeks ago too.
    In Malaysia there are a lot of little camera stores with a lot of unknown brands and crazy looking models. I remember seeing this camera on one of these shops and looking at a 2 lens camera (maybe this one), although I cant remember the name of the one I saw.

  • phr3dly

    Double the lenses, double the profits.

  • T.I.M

    3D pictures ? Good news for the porn industry !

  • It looks like one of these. I had one for a while on Fuji that was loaned me to sample last year while in Singapore.

    Sorry if someone else already guess it, did not read full thread.

  • shashinka

    Sorry,html image tag link did not take. guess we can’t embed images in reply.

  • Personally, it looks fake to me. It looks like a thin grey/silver body with a black leather cover over the front, and the lenses are attached to that. Whatever the black leather is comes off to either side of the body as well. Personally, I don’t want or need a 3D camera, so I don’t mind if it fake or real. But, to me, it looks fake. I’d be hard-pressed to be pressured into buying 2x each lens for the system anyhow. 😛


  • Tom V

    As stated above, it’s an auxiliary lens adapter. Not 3D

    • underxposed59
      • wow, never seen that before

        • T.I.M

          Really never seen that before ?
          It’s called a DDD, 3D camera (Dude Double Desing)

      • Richard M

        A wonderful piece of kit by a dedicated and very capable “do-it-yourself person”. Thanks for the link.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Oh my God! Awesome link. Especially love the amazingly dated nudes in the gallery! Ski nipples!

      • Smudger

        Get a couple of D700 bodies from fleabay………

    • that’s it – busted, I updated the post

      • Jason

        scre*w this double eyed monster…. when are they shipping my D800?

  • WHY???

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