Nikon launches my Picturetown 3D in Japan

In early December 2010, Nikon will launch Picturetown 3D in Japan:

TOKYO – Nikon Corporation and Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of my Picturetown 3D, a new 3D imaging service that offers 3D image conversion over the Internet for viewing of 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame.

My Picturetown 3D is a service for registered members that offers a 3D image conversion service available from Nikon's my Picturetown, an online image sharing and storage service, and supports viewing of 3D images without specialized eyewear on the new NF-300i 3D digital photo frame. The primary services offered are as follows.

  • Loan of an NF-300i 3D digital photo frame
  • 3D image conversion of still images stored on my Picturetown
  • Viewing and sharing services for 3D image utilizing my Picturetown functions
  • Distribution of 3D contents (still photos and movies) with my Picturetown

The NF-300i 3D digital photo frame

The NF-300i 3D digital photo frame

These services not only allow users to view their photos in dynamic 3D format, but also enable the sharing of 3D images between NF-300i 3D digital photo frames.

What's more, the Android mobile operating system has been adopted for the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enabling the inclusion of functions other than simple image viewing, including a calendar, a clock and display of weather information. my Picturetown 3D is only available in Japan.


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  • Nir.E

    looks like the Japanese always gets the good stuff first 🙁

  • Jason

    Why are they doing this? Fuji has a 3d camera, but…

    • Ren Kockwell

      Is 3D imaging any good yet? Just seems like a gimmick.

      • I am surprised that Nikon jumped on the 3D wagon, this is their first step I think (they have not mention 3D anywhere before).

        • Grumpy old Ken

          Maybe this all links back to one of the nikon exec’s telling in an interview earlier this year that we could expect a few surprises…..

        • BornOptimist

          Why does this surprise you?
          I’m one of those who do not want Nikon to spend time on video in dslrs, but “everybody” keeps saying video is mandatory in future cameras.
          IMO 3D is a more important feature on future dslrs than video. The future for still pictures is 3D (and in video as well, but I don’t care about that).
          This is like CAD software. A few years ago it was only 2D. Now all CAD programs are 3D, and you extract 2D drawings from the 3D design. I find it very logical that Nikon focus on 3D.

      • The Fuji camera works very well and the response to its images has been very positive. There is an immediate glasses-free stereo image on the monitor, using something akin to lenticular technology. There is also a viewing frame that does the same thing on a larger scale. Toshiba recently announced HDTV sets using similar tech. It does 2D and 3D stills and movies.

        There are lots of alternate viewing methods. For prints or web-viewing, Photoshop has a feature that makes creating anaglyph images all but automatic, with a choice of the traditional red/cyan or the newer green/ magenta glasses. Parallax is easily adjustable for minimum cross talk and maximum depth.

        For highest quality, I use an actual 19th century Holmes Stereoscope. With Photoshop, I have created an Action (macro) which automates card creation. They are printed on fine paper at high resolution with an Epson photo printer. Quality is very high. Stereoscopes are still in production using the design by Oliver Wendell Holmes, plus there is a substantial variety of viewers that use similar technology.

        Image quality exceeds that of film-based stereo cameras, and of course there is the convenience of digital. The camera’s flat clamshell design makes it a convenient drop-in-the-pocket, carry-anywhere camera when I don’t feel like lugging the D700. The first two digital stereo cameras have been from Fuji, but I expect there will be many others. It is nothing more than installing two cameras in a single chassis with lenses at about the width of ones eyes.

  • R R

    is this a Rumor? or advertisement?

    • This is news – it’s Nikon’s first step towards 3D.

  • D700

    Nice but where is the D700 replacement?

    • Rob

      It better have full HD 3D video or I ain’t buying it.

      • Rob

        This is actually awesome. Go Nikon. A 3D projector cam next?

    • Anonymous

      I bet sony will be the first one to come out with a new FX. Nikon is hanging out the ass of sony semiconductor and can’t make a goddamn camera without sony’s help. Very disappointed with Nikon. WTF were they thinking? We invest thousands in their 2D lenses and then all of the sudden we want to convert all of our cat images to 3D? I mean for havens sake, most of us would buy a decent 3D lens and play around with a crappy web based software. I tend to think that Nikon just does not understand its own customers. WTF are they smoking lately?

  • M!!

    i have no clue why Nikon is doing this; they don’t even have a 3D camera.
    I have the Fuji 3D camera (first gen and current W3 gen) and they are alright.

    • Rob

      Part of this new “service” is to convert your current 2D files to 3D. Also to make decent 3D pics you use two DSLRs mounted on a tripod (not dising the Fuji 3D cam). So if this takes off Nikon will be doubling up sales to 3D converts! That’s two cameras and two lenses please.

  • Grumpy old man

    OMG!?! Nikon has lost the plot, why do they put resources in such gimmick??? I guess there are better uses for that within the company….

    Anyway, generate 3D/Stereo images from 1 image and display it on screen with lenticular lenses, you know them back from the 70’ties….fail.

    • ewan

      Odds on it’s a ‘parallax barrier’ screen, and they are nothing like the 70s lenticular lenses. You really need to see one in action.

  • Distanted

    I guess this suggests a new camera announcement very soon…D3d?

    • Mikils

      Good one… a reason to make such a move could be, imho, a precaution not to lose another train, as happened to nikon in recent times with autofocus and digital; we all know and are glad they caught up eventually, but this kind of rollercoaster is not good for brand image.

      • Grumpy old Ken

        IMHO there is no train to catch here…I can’t believe 3D photo will catch on beyond what happened with the ‘view-master’.

        And in best case scenario it’s a chinese product. Old neighboor worked many years for Philips and all he did was visit the far east for products that could be sold under the Philips brand. Stuff he turned down often appeared month later under a different brandname.

        So maybe this is too, didn’t cost Nikon too much resources to have it on the market.

        • Mikils

          There may be, and there may be not. I, for one, can’t tell, and I remember looking at the clumsy first AF lens, (Pentax Me-f ) and concluding I would never buy one… and here we are.

  • Anonymous

    F*** you Nikon! You did not get the memo, eh? Nikon why the F*** wasting time on 3D when you do not have a goddamn 3D camera? This is just utterly stupid. Fix the high res small body FX issue or better said make an FX own your own that is not 12MP to begin with.

    It does look like that this new a-hole Nikon president creates a crappy consumer company that sells most of its crap through big-box retailers. Very sad.

    • Mikils

      shouldn’t we do something to inspire Mr. Anonymous to behave?

      • Anonymous

        No need for it.

  • always enjoy reading your stuff- cheers Nigel

  • rahul

    NIKON now coming with 3d stuff….

    me using the fuzi cam and its just great

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