Nikon 200mm f/2G AF-S ED VR II now shipping *updated*

It seems that the Nikon 200mm f/2G AF-S ED VR II lens is now shipping because has already one available for rent:

According to Amazon, third party resellers (J&R, Ritz, Cameta) have it in stock.

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  • ob1ne

    nice lens if i can ever afford one.


    • asdasd

      come home to daddy so i can sell out your older brother

  • Nir.E

    NR next give away 🙂

    • Sure, if you say so – next NR giveaway will be coming online tomorrow or on Wednesday 🙂

      • Nir.E

        We have a saying is our country
        “If they give you, take it.
        if they kick you, run” 🙂
        I say if NR will give me a lens like this
        I would grab it and run.. 🙂

        all the best

  • The invisible man

    At that price, do we get the x2 AF-S converter for free ?

    • Global

      Not likely, since they aren’t in stock — but if you buy that, I HIGHLY suggest you ask for a free filter or some kind of freebee from the store.

  • Texasjoe

    Well it’s the shipping that gets you when renting a huge lens. But it’s better than renting from my local camera store because the deposit is like actually buying the lens. Thank you for not charging huge deposits and making it possible for amatures like me to compete with the pros.

  • benS

    The SEXIEST lens in Nikon’s arsenal !!!

  • Paul

    Nice but the previous 200mm f/2 was just fine and this isn’t much of an upgrade.
    Put more resources into cranking out those D7000 bodies please.

  • chuck

    mfw that front element

  • D

    Where is my 35mm f1.4??? I haven’t even heard of the early samples being out and about. Was Nov 19 a serious date?

  • jay

    does this thing have to always be on a mono-pod?

  • Merv

    Will Nikon Rumors be posting a review?

    • I cannot promise for that lens, but I will try to get one – maybe from BorrowLenses.

      • GlobalGuy

        Hey, Admin, I’m curious — does this site pay for lenses yet? I mean, are you getting revenue here? Or is it still in hobby mode? I’ve been following you since the startup, and noticing all the changes, I’m wondering how its going.

        • BorrowLenses is an affiliate partner of NR but this is not why I posted this online – this was the first and only indication I had that the new lens is now shipping (the video came later – just few hours ago). Affiliate partner means that if you rent a lens through my site, I will get a small commission. In the past, BorrowLenses did let me rent one of their lenses for free (it was the 200-400 f/4). I will have to see if I can get the new 200mm f/2 one day.

  • Profoto

    I got mine about a month ago.

  • broxibear

    Nice lens but in the UK it’s £2000 more expensive than the old 200mm f2 G AF-S VR… that’s a massive price hike ?

  • Kingyo

    Ahh yes, the Nikkor that I cannot afford.. yet want so beautiful it is 🙂

  • wait a minute…

    did this guy just say 2.8 is only 1/4 of a stop slower than f/2? :O

  • chuck

    Just got the orginal, it rocks. The VRII versions of the recent lenses really are a way for Nikon to raise prices without much material change but to just hide the huge currency exchange change in a new product.

    Who would buy a lens for 5995 from a guy with hair like that?

  • feng

    really want one.

  • One of the best lenses in the current Nikon lineup. Obviously can’t afford it.

  • What the

    This guy says it’s only 1/4 stop faster, calls plastic “paper” as he unwraps it, and then pronounces “bokeh” all wrong. Looks like he got the job on the fro alone.

  • Peter

    The VR1 is now a steal, could not resist and bought one for myself.

    Got it today, holy shit its huge. Every detail shouts pro from the heavy dutines of the bag to the no hesitation of the auto focus.
    Pity it is getting really dark here in north. Not much to photograph outside before snow arrives.


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