Nikon Capture NX 2.2.6 and View NX 2.0.2 should be released soon

The current versions of Capture NX and View NX do not fully support Nikon P7000 and D7000 RAW files. I already mentioned that the Nikon D7000 comes with View NX ver. 2.0.2 in the box, which is not yet available for download (?).

Jason Odell (who is a tester for Capture NX2) mentioned on this Nikonians thread that version 2.2.6 of Nikon Capture NX will fix those issues:

Few months ago, before the latest round of Nikon announcements, there was this comment on the Image Doctors Facebook wall - they are definitely in the know:

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  • Adobe must upgrade for D7000 raw soon…

  • Dweeb

    When is this company going to get it’s lazy ass in gear and come out with 3.0? Nikon may be able to sell 20 year old lenses but do they really think 10 year old software cuts it?

    It’s just an insult when the only “updates” we get are only so they can hook the newest camera model purchaser into this appalling software. I abandoned this old news when Aperture 3 and Lightroom 3 came out. Bye-bye Nikon!

    • yrsued

      Updates are free!! For those of us that earn a living with Software, Upgrades are Welcome, when I don’t spend money, it’s Profit for me!! And that is why I’m in business!! If it works and it’s free, I use it and keep using it!!

      When 3.0 comes out, I’ll get it, but I’m not pissing and moaning because I’m keeping my money in the bank, where it works better for me!!

      • m35g35


  • Bruce

    It would be more helpful if Nikon staged its product releases so that each element of the work-flow is in place FIRST rather than drive piece-wise releases to the annual/bi-annual trade show schedules. It is becoming a farce now Nikon. As for software… don’t pay Nikon or Adobe… get GIMP instead. It works, and it’s free.

  • SteelerMan

    Will this Lightroom update in beta have D7000 raw support? I’m downloading now, I sure do hope so!

  • FS Gilbert

    How about fixing View NX2 so that it can email photos like NX originally did?!

  • minivini

    Hey, here’s a novel thought for Nikon – get us a friggin 64bit RAW codec for heaven’s sake! Maybe even make your software 64 bit and step into last decade!! Seriously, codec please?? I know there is a great third party version that’s not overly expensive, but c’mon, really? How many computers in the past year do you suppose have been sold to photographers running 32 bit OSs? How many in the next year? 32 is history…
    Sorry, rant off.

  • asdasd

    it gets actually quite funny when you think about it

  • Hmmm… , but You can download already ViewNX 2.0.3 (windows: and mac: BTW, there is new version of Camera Control Pro 🙂

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