Watch out for illegally sold Nikon software product keys

I came across this announcement today during my regular scan of Nikon websites - make sure you purchase your Nikon software at authorized dealers only:

It has come to our attention that product keys for Nikon software are being illegally sold and distributed from websites. We have confirmed the illegal sale and/or distribution of product keys for, as well as the unauthorised use of, the following products.

- Capture NX
- Capture NX 2
- Camera Control Pro
- Camera Control Pro 2

When unauthorised software use is confirmed in relation to the software license agreement, measures that prevent the use of Nikon software are implemented. Please contact Nikon if you believe that you have purchased an authentic product key, but the software indicates that the product key is unauthorized and the software can no longer be used.

When purchasing Nikon software, Nikon recommends purchasing CD package versions from stores and/or online retailers authorised to handle Nikon products, or from Nikon's own online shop (limited availability). Nikon's own online shop is the only online source for authentic Nikon software product keys. Nikon does not sell product keys for its software applications from any other e-commerce website.

Be aware that Nikon cannot be held responsible for any loss in profit or income resulting from the use of unauthorized product keys, except in cases where legal liability can be proven.

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  • SDiggity

    Can we get some links to these websites? 😉

  • Bart

    Does anybody buy the crappy Nikon products ?!

    • Michael

      yes, i do, i think capture nx 2 is the best tool for .nef files, it’s not perfect but gives you control on everything inside your .nef files:)

      • Casual_Thoughts


        • yrsued


          I do all my NEF File Processing with NX2 and I earn my living with it.

          • What professional capacity do you use it for? Certainly not for CMYK…

            • Ennan

              I use NX2 for all my colour correction and photoshop for any other alterations. Don’t use CMYK since my frontier is RGB.

      • Bart

        Mhh , I prefer Lightroom.

    • dan

      I did (CC2) and it´s probably the worst software I´ve ever had on my computer.

      • Aw, CC is useful…but yeah, considering the price and purpose, it is shoddy. Why offer it at all if it’s going to be crap?

  • ukj

    Dear admin (this is of topic for this thread)
    Have you heard of anyone getting the D7000 from b&h or amazon yet, and have you got your yet.

    • Yes, D7000 kits are shipping to existing pre-orders. I will have one in my hands for review in a month. I will do a comparison with the D300s.

  • NG

    Don’t bother. I complained to Nikon months ago about the fact that I purchased a bad key, and they basically told me to get lost.

    • yrsued

      Where did you buy it at??

      Back of someone’s truck?? Or a Legitimate source??

      If you got it from a Legitimate Source, you can contact your local AG and file Piracy Charges..

  • Brock Kenwell

    “Be aware that Nikon cannot be held responsible for any loss in profit or income resulting from the use of unauthorized product keys, except in cases where legal liability can be proven.”

    LOL. That’s a pretty circular statement. And “legal liability?”

    • they also misspelled “illegaly” – makes me feel better that I am not the only one with spelling mistakes 🙂

    • yrsued

      If you get your software from the guy in 5th Ave selling fake Rolexes, what do you expect?? Nikon to back up your purchase??

  • Jens K Jensen

    Try, you can find links to it from sitez like

    Whenever I updated to a newer Capture Nx I had to get a new product key from, because the product key was invalid/in use by others.

    • JED

      Ditto on ImageMixer.

      I went through a few Capture NX2 upgrades ok but the most recent version reported an invalid product key. I complained to ImageMixer and they played dumb ‘not sure why that happened’ but did send me a new product key. I presume if I upgrade again I will have the same problem!

  • Toni

    Same problem w/ Imagemixer; I pay +100Eur for an NX2 key that they probably resell many times; be aware of those guys; it works when you downloaded but when you’ll upgrade PC will have to buy it again since the original is expired.

  • How about just: Beware Nikon software!!!

  • niko

    Does anyone know the difference between ViewNX that comes with the DSLR and CaptureNX which is not free? Any specific reason why CaptureNX should be used instead of ViewNX since ViewNX can also be used to open NEF files. Pardon my ignorance. Thanks.

    • Jay

      Hi Niko, I hear the Internet is a pretty good place for finding these things out 🙂 A quick google of “Capture NX” should help your cause.

  • Am-Expat

    Product Keys do not need to be one specific or the actual copy you have so that outfit selling fake licenses only needed a Key generator, or a 12 year old neighbor.
    That is part of the Warz subculture.
    One of the reasons other countries are so far ahead of the US in training young people for IT and programming is that every Chinese, Indian and Russian 12 year old has every software title and development environment he would ever want….free of course.
    If they are interested in industrial design, they have had every version of AutoCAD of any use since they were 8. I know a 9 year old who loves math, she is advanced even for this society where even arts students learn Calculus in grade school. She has every math oriented program running that the university does.

    I wish Nikon/Nik would get some usability specialists on staff, there is so much good in NX2 that is hidden behind a kludget, resource hogging and single threaded code that a 8 core hot gaming machine can not get it to sing.
    I keep a copy I bought with my D90/and keep the update versions current only because for a few important images, it just does better than LR. LR3 really does narrow the gap however, but still NX2 just looks better. Distilling the resulting image to TIFF allows PS CS5 to be used where needed on the best possible conversion.

    If someone is using NX2 without Jason O’Dell’s ebook, they are missing out on much its power.

  • na

    just make it free for everybody and problem solve

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