Weekly Nikon related news/links #81

Some more Nikon D7000 links after the break:

  • Nikon D7000 and D3100 presentations at the Henry's Photographic, Video and Digital Imaging Fall 2010 Show:

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  • That’s just what I need, add to my collection of cameras that I can’t use anymore.

  • venancio

    impressive… D3100 beating canon 50D on DXO…
    i still want news or second hand but fresh rumors on D400… thanks NR…

    • WoutK89

      Beating also 550 and 60D, except for Dynamic Range by a few points after the comma.

  • I always like David works. Can’t wait to see the stuff he produces using those new D3S.

  • Perhaps NASA should have invested in some longer lenses or maybe even a T-mount.

    • iamlucky13

      It wasn’t a NASA camera. NASA has plenty of cameras with long lenses, including gigantic stabilized cameras on motorized mounts that look like antiaircraft cannons that can track the shuttle 100 miles away (atmospheric haze saps all the detail, however).

      This was a reporter’s camera set in place for a series of shots of the first shuttle launch in 1981. The low angle view can not be duplicated by a longer lens. This camera is on display at the Astronaut Hall of Fame museum, so the picture shared isn’t exactly a rare one.

      NASA still takes photos from such positions for both engineering and PR purposes. The cameras go in plexiglass-faced enclosures for protection. One of the photographers, Ben Cooper, has some great shots. Do a search for his name if you want to see some amazing photos. His best stuff is actually done on film.

      Right next to that camera at the museum is a 2000mm F/10 lens custom built for Time Magazine in the early 60’s so they could get the best shots of our first manned space launches during the Project Mercury. It’s cool piece of kit, but not Nikon relevant, so I won’t bother with a link.

  • onodera

    Bummer, I expected that lens lock to prevent the detachment of the mounted lens. No one will get into my lens bag unnoticed, but a trained thief can liberate the mounted lens in 2 seconds.

  • Luke

    $100K for the NASA Nikon F4’s whhhhaaaaaaaaa, that is crazy money.

    • The invisible man

      If you believe someone will buy thoses 4 NASA cameras for $100,000 then I belive my wife will buy me the AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 for Xmas !

      • 😀
        +1 from my wife

    • PHB

      Seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a bunch of gear that probably hasn’t been in space.

  • Jimmy Lamont

    That Sb-600 idea is absolutely stupid. Rather than void his warranty, he should have simply made a power pack from dowels or the like and CONNECTED it to an AC adapter. I’ve seen more than my fair share of photographers with a 6v gel cell hooked up to their flash instead of AAs for faster recycling and more pops. All it takes is some modified dowels with terminals (like a thumb tack or something) and an AC adapter, AND you keep your warranty! Everyone wins.

    • Fabrizio Pilato

      @Jimmy Lamont: I just used what I had available. The warranty was already up a year ago so I wanted a quick and easy way to get faster recycles without using batteries. I’ve tried the dowel method on other devices but it takes much more time in order to get a proper fit. Thanks for reading.

      • Jimmy Lamont

        I know the dowel method does take time and energy to do- I have done it myself as well, although I used high density plastic rods. Cutting and shaping with a dremel wasn’t as time consuming as a hacksaw or the like would be, but I successfully rigged it up. Rather than rig it to a battery, you could take the lead and ground and connect them to a 6v socket of some sort that would work with a universal adapter with variable voltage and different connects (it’s what I use for testing purposes). Also comes in handy if your camera happens to use a generic accessory power plug rather than proprietary (damn you, Nikon…)
        I’m just a poor student and I couldn’t afford to kill my one-and-only speedlight (also out of warranty), which is why I knocked your idea. I guess if it works for you, doesn’t matter what I say. I just prefer to be less intrusive to my gear in the event I sell it. Cheers.

  • That was for the D3x not the D3s with the score of 88 but the D3s also scored an 82

  • Damn, that convention was in Mississauga? I wish I would’ve known, would’ve attended the damn thing.

    Nikon, I’m still praying for a firmware update for the D7000 to go 720p at 60fps, pleeeease.


      Yeah some more framerate options (30p and 25p at least) for Full HD would be nice too.

    • Quoll

      Just about all the firmware updates Nikon have done for DSLRs are bug fixes, compatibility updates (e.g. for memory cards and batteries) and the odd AF performance tweak. Very little in the way of substantial features or new capabilities. Perhaps the closest thing they’ve done to adding features/capabilities in a firmware update is giving the D2X a “trim” function and some more ISO choices. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for 60fps (or 1080p30).

      Yeah I’m a bit disappointed too.

  • Markus

    Funny to see that the D3X is ‘killing’ all ‘real’ professional cameras’ time after time again.

    • Discontinued

      Yeah funny, and even the D3s KILLS the 50MP HB.


      (Leaving everyone aged above 13 with the one question in mind: how much does DX0 really tell about achievable IQ with this or that camera. Resolution is nothing they take into account, that’s for sure.)

      • deunitnocsiD

        The reason for this is because the Hasselblad H3DII 50 has only one true ISO: ISO 50. All of the rest (100, 200, 400) are extrapolated. The Nikon D3s has a true ISO range of 200-102400.

        Part of the DxOMark score is high-ISO performance. So even though the ‘Blad has a 3.2dB SNR-18% advantage, a 0.73 EV dynamic range advantage, a 0.50 bit tonal range advantage, and a 1.2 bit color sensitivity advantage at each camera’s respective lowest ISO, the lack of a higher ISO range is a big reason that it gets penalized overall.

        DxOMark *does* take into account resolution now. They have been for quite some time, although, yes, this has not alwas been the case.

        • deunitnocsiD

          Sometimes, though, there’s on substitute for extra resolution, like porn^H^H^H^H landscape photography.

          • deunitnocsiD

            on = no

        • dave

          This may explain some things, but not everything. I have a screen capture from June showing the D90 and D3x neck and neck for SNR 18%. Both score higher now, with the D3x now a bit better than the D90. I do wish DXO would distinguish between chroma and luminance noise.

          I also have a screen capture from DXO showing that the D90 beats out the D3x in terms of Dynamic Range at ISO200 and higher. Dxo now shows the D3x with the lead until about ISO 3200, where the D90 regains it’s lead. How does resolution factor into Dynamic Range?

          Something fishy going on at DXO… I don’t think they can be trusted anymore.

          • dave

            The second screen capture (Dynamic Range) is also from June.

          • deunitnocsiD

            Actually, I see the same results you described, if you look at the “screen” tab, which is for the data not taking resolution into account.

            What this should tell you is that, pixel-for-pixel, the D90 has a damn awesome sensor.

            You are correct that the Dynamic Range scores shouldn’t be affected by resolution: they aren’t.

            • dave

              OK, I see what you mean… screen is 100% magnification 1 screen pixel per image pixel. Print is if the images were printed at the same size. However, the D3X Dynamic range does go up a full +1 EV between “screen” and “print”. How does that happen.

            • deunitnocsiD

              The individual data points for screen vs. print are just calibrated on a different scale.

              By “Dynamic Range scores,” I mean the total range of Dynamic Range scores over all ISOs. If you check the actual range on the Dynamic Range, you will see that they are the same for screen and print.

              For the D3X in screen mode, you have 12.84 Ev – 7.43 Ev = 5.41 Ev.

              For the D3X in print mode, you have 13.65 Ev – 8.24 Ev = 5.41 Ev.

            • dave

              Well the range across ISOs is not the issue… How do you get a Dynamic range of 12.84 EV in screen mode, but a dynamic range of 13.65EV in print mode? That’s like saying there is color you can see in the printed image that you can’t see on a screen. That’s not the fault of the sensor. What if they decided to do all their screen measurements using an old PS/2 VGA display. It doesn’t make sense to do that, so why is there s difference in dynamic range SCORES between print and screen?

  • Vortex

    That Nikon D7000 vs. Canon EOS 7D noise comparison review is not in low light.

    This is real low light:


  • So but why do they make 20 minutes of video recording only? Okay, I know, I should use my camcorder for that “infinite” purpose. But wouldn’t it be possible instead of an arbitrary restriction of 20 minutes to rely on card speed or something like that? I heard its about paying more taxes for cameras with video features. So they had to reduce.
    Is that true? Would be nice to have some updates. Especially for EU citizens and other frame rates.
    Anyway, its a great camera. Just can’t wait… 🙂

    • VJ

      Most likely it has to do with heat issues rather than anything else…

      • So at least I can hope to get a 25p mode. This souldn’t make a difference.
        Hey, lets think positiv! 😀

  • Quoll

    Does the mic port on the D7000 have the let you turn on a 5V DC offset? (“plug-in power”). That would be awesome if it did. Would mean you could use electret mics without batteries (Are you listening, Nikon? Maybe next model?)

  • robert

    ~Sigma 85 mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM sample images.~

    Typical Sigma IQ. Give me the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AFD or the f/1.4 AIS instead of this.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Good thing I have my f/1.4 AF-S!

  • Illegal Machine

    Here is a sample of my hot/stuck pixels in high iso situations with my D7000. Watch in 1080p. They’re most apparent when I pass through the middle of the tire. Just pause it and you can count them.


  • Akira

    Just to be clear, the ship dates at Calumet are nonsense. It’s backordered there like everywhere else.

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