Two weeks till the official Nikon announcement and we are still clueless

The official Nikon announcement will be in two weeks (August 24th) and there is still no convincing information (specs, pictures, model name) of what exactly will be presented. The consensus from several different sources points to a Nikon D3s and D700 replacement, but I am really starting to question this scenario. Maybe there are no leaks because there will be no new DSLRs on August 24th. The only reliable info on new products so far has been the leaked Nikon mirrorless mount, the upcoming Coolpix P7100 and  P1200pj models, plus a new rugged compact camera with built-in GPS capabilities and maybe we will see just that: new Coolpixes plus the mirrorless solution.

It will be interesting to see if Nikon will announce the new Coolpix cameras next week (around August 17th). That will guarantee a major new product introduction on August 24th, since point and shoot cameras are never announced together with pro level equipment. If there are no new Coolpix cameras next week, don't hold your breath for August 24th, unless Nikon makes another announcement in early September.

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  • Anonymous

    Waiting anxiously…

  • Mum’s the word.

    • Global

      If Nikon does release high-end cams, it will be a great feat of secrecy…. But I still prefer routine rumors and leaks — it keeps me interested and talking about Nikon.

  • Giò-Pro

    I think there are no new DSRL announcement.

  • Ryan

    Nikon and canon merger hahaha

  • MK

    commence whining that it isn’t a full frame which will fit into your pocket. why? because the world revolves around you and you are hoping that nikon will get the memo someday soon

    • Anon

      Ever heard of a film camera? 35mm ones are “full frame” and smaller ones will fit in your pocket. Problem solved.

      It amazes me that digital photography still can’t fit a 35mm-sized sensor in a compact camera. The M9 is the first to come close, and its price makes it inaccessible to 95% of us.

      • Sahaja

        Maybe someone can make a digital Rollei 35 SE

        • kyoshinikon

          I would second that but i would even be happy with a digital sp2…

      • It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they won’t. The majority of consumers couldn’t tell you, and don’t really care what sensor is in their camera. The average consumer just wants a teeny tiny camera that they can fit in their pocket, that takes decent pictures, and does movies for a cheap price. Hence the rise in cell-phone cameras. One less item to carry around, and it’s always there. The quality of the image is trumped by the convenience factor. So why bother putting a full size sensor into a compact form-factor, when the large majority of your market doesn’t call for it? Those of us on this site do not fall into the general consumer market. The fact that you’re even aware that there’s such a thing as a full-frame sensor and know and want the benefits of having one put you squarely out of the general consumer demographic.

  • Stag Loghorn

    The announcement: Nikon-Cup-O-Noodles, available in six delicious flavors

    • Jeremy

      If “romanoff” is one of the flavors, then I’ll be pre-ordering immediately after announcement.

    • kyoshinikon

      Maybe they will come in nikon mugs 😀

  • Grant N

    Although we all are excited about new camera bodies, I want new LENSES!

    • PHB

      Like what in particular?

      Three years ago there were plenty of lenses needing a refresh. Now its down to a small number needing an AFS upgrade and a small number that will remain AF forever because f/2.8 primes don’t make much sense these days.

      Lots of people might like a 14-24 f/2.8 upgrade, but is it reasonable to expect one?

  • burak

    this only shows that nr was doing its job so good that nikon took extra measures..

  • Sahaja

    But Nikon have apparently just announced that they expect DSLR sales to be up by 26% in the year to next March – they are certainly not going to achieve that on just the D7000, the D5100 and continuing their old models. Aren’t they going to need some more new DSLR models in the shops well before Christmas if they are going to achieve that target? That pretty well means a late August or September announcement of the same.

    • Can Wishingwell

      The low end DSLR models are the bread & butter that populate most of the DSLR sales, every ma & pa out there are spotting a yellow & black neck straps, I don’t think D4 and D800 will be sold by the boat loads like ther low end ones.

      • Sahaja

        Well someone did say 2 FX cameras – Perhaps a cheaper FX model then? That might sell by the boatloads.

      • Also, your much more likely to make one of the lower end models a Christmas gift. I don’t know very many people who shell out a couple grand on one gift (unless of course it is to themselves).

      • Worminator

        profit = volume X margin

        They don’t sell as many D300s, but they make a lot more on each one.

        Anyhow, for sure D3 and D700 are up for a refresh, the lack of chatter suggests that Nikon might well have something unexpected up it’s sleeve…

        The D700 will be replaced, on that I’m pretty certain, but with what exactly is an open question.

    • Tommy B.

      If they’re wanting to meet those percentages, with the Olympics approaching, I’d say new FX bodies are definitely to come.

    • Jabs
    • KT

      They were on track to release these 2 FX bodies by late September then they saw the what happened to the stock market, unemployment stats and realized, Duhhh, wrong year

  • jesse

    I thought a rep specifically said that 2 new dSLR cameras would be announced in august?

    • we should know more than that by now, specs, pictures, model name and we don’t

      • Sahaja

        Yeah everyone already knows what Sony is going to announce on the same date. There will be no surprises there – and probably quite a few reviews within days of their announcement.

        • bjrichus

          Interesting that it’s not only Nikon coming up with new products on the 24th….

          • Sahaja

            Are the press going to attend the Sony announcement – where they know some significant products will be released – or the Nikon announcement which could turn out just to be some new Coolpix?

      • kyoshinikon

        The obscure Release of the 40mm may have been a test to a new security system? Just a wild guess.

        • alvix


      • twoomy

        Admin–You may have mentioned that after the disaster and the change in supply and production chains, some of the old leaks may not be there any more. Remember that new lens that snuck up on us? I’m certainly hoping this is the case for an Aug announcement although I do wish better info was getting to you.

        • This is definitely a possibility, I am just not used to it yet.The big question mark here is the mirrorless camera which already leaked and should be announced soon. I don’t think Nikon will announce pro gear and the mirrorless camera at the same time.

      • No disrespect to NR, but the last two lens announcements were total surprises were they not? Namely the 50mm f/1.8 and 40mm Micro? I don’t remember NR getting a sniff of those – I’m wondering if Nikon have got their people on a tighter NDAs or something, perhaps in light of the issues in Japan; if the new bodies are being made in Malaysia, perhaps those workers have more to lose etc if information gets out? Could be anything, but the rhetoric appears to all be geared towards the end of this month – I can’t believe we won’t see at least one new body….

        • Correct, my theory is still that the 50mm f/1.8 lens was leaked by mistake and Nikon had to make it official. I still believe this lens was initially scheduled to be announced with the next full frame camera.

          • Paul

            I feel like they wouldn’t be shipping already if they weren’t ready to announce soon.

      • AnoNemo

        Unfortunately I have to agree with NR Admin. We should have heard something by now about the dslrs. I think we will see the same schedule as 2008. Sony came out with the A900 and Nikon followed a month later with the D700 and 4 months later the D3x (which has the same sensor as the A900).

        So best case scenario is to see new dslrs D4 + D400 (same 24MP DX sony sensor as the A77) 1-2 months after sony announcement.

        • AnoNemo

          Sorry, I think the D700 came out in July. But the D3x is correct (Dec 2008)

      • Brian

        As I emailed you months ago, my guy is still saying no new bodies until 2012

  • Anthony

    Don’t be a negative Nathan! They will come out with a replacement to the D700!

  • Bart B

    I just sold my d5000 … Now waiting Mirrorless.
    I visit this site 5 times a day now …
    It better comes or I’m srewed … 🙁

    • camerageek

      You b screwed peasant! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Rob Ellis

    Remember how that new, what was it, 40mm macro lens was released totally out of the blue? My guess is that nikons really upping their privacy with regards to new releases 🙂

    • Yes, nobody saw the 40mm lens prior to announcement – that’s why there were no reviews, hands-on, etc.

      • As far as I know, Nikon hasn’t delivered a 40mm yet ;~). Hard to review or give a hands-on until they actually appear.

        • that’s exactly my point, we usually get hands-on reviews on announcement day

          • El Aura

            Admin, at least on dpreview no lens has ever received a preview meaning the companies do not give out preview samples of lenses to them (and likely also not to others). That is why lens announcements generally come more out of the blue. Of course with rumoured camera announcement one can pin down the more vaguely rumoured lenses to a date sometimes.

        • kyoshinikon

          Im with Rob on this one. (didn’t see this post earlier) It seems that nobody expected it and there was no leak in regard to it…

        • PHB

          I strongly suspect that the group that makes the macro and micro lenses is a totally different business unit and the main market they are meant to be chasing is industrial.

          One of the odd secrets of the flagship cameras is that a significant proportion found their way into highway speed cameras. The ones dotted round the UK had D2Hs in by default.

      • preston

        No, you must have forgotten that Mr. Rockwell put a “review” up the day after the 40mm was announced! (and conveniently forgot to mention that he has never actually seen it in person, let alone actually tested it, which is kind of necessary to quality as a review)

    • Carl

      40mm macro lens was released totally out of the blue?

      this logic seems right on the first glimpse. But what benefit would have Nikon operating this way? Win 2 weeks for adjusting the last screws?

      As I said earlier, I think this dependency on Sony sensors are the reason behind all that secrecy. It takes many weeks of tests in the field before a DSLR of this level (D4, D800, D400) goes into the market. Thus Nikon most likely have all 3 of them in their drawers. So its merely a tug of war between Sony and Nikon or inside the Nikon marketing department which product may appear when.

  • stonka

    I’m going for D4 with more than 32 MP and D800 getting D3x sensor ! 🙂 don’t worry it’ll be on 24th 🙂

  • Bart B

    Yes, we want Shooter to bring us the news 😀 …
    He knows more !!!

  • camerageek

    And ye be a common peasant, nay a curled knave who seems by thy foul stench and poor spelling a user of Micro Four Turds, a system well suited to the deluded common wretch like thee! Avast! Let loose the dogs of war!

    • camerageek

      Odd to see this without the insult to admin here that I was replying to…..Kinda lost the story line…

  • w00f

    If didn’t read the site name it’s called rumors, if you want 100% accurate facts got get them yourself or wait on Nikon Press Official Press releases.

    And what a looser you make yourself posting such stuff? Got shoot pictures instead of being so arrogant!

    • so, what are you doing here ?

  • bjrichus

    So lets see now…

    If all we see is only a couple of new Coolpixes plus the mirrorless thing all aimed at the “Ashtons” of this world, then what might damage this do to Nikon?

    I also wonder how many semi-pro’s and enthusiasts would jump to a brand that is perceived as being more innovative and that they think would end up offering “better” APS-C level products or products with “better” video? Is price the main reason for the next purchase or is it image quality or is it brand image if Nikon fail to update the DX range to be equal to or better than the competition – cos THEY won’t stand still, will they?

    I think most FX and pro users would be less likely to trade in many years of trusted and expensive glass, if they think they have to wait just another year.

    • Tony

      Many times the other guys took an advantage of releasing the product a little late than Nikon then tweaked it to make it look better, so maybe Nikon want to change something here this time.

  • jayson71

    If a replacement for the D700 is not announced on the 24th, I’ll be terribly disappointed… but I will not move to Canon. Instead I’ll pick up a D3s, unless a D4 is announced. If Nikon chooses not to release new pro bodies this year, I predict a revolt.

    • hack

      me as well if theres no upgrade i might get a D3S stay on the dark side

  • Vladi

    2 full frames: F7 and FM4 so even film shooters get opportunity to upgrade!
    BTW: the new Kodak Portra 400 is the best film ever. I shoot it at 3200 ISO and no noise!

    • kyoshinikon

      Id go for both

    • O5iris

      Yeah, Nikon – bring on the F7! Keep the ‘F’ legend alive and show us that you still care about film users 😀

    • wah yeah

      a-MEN! Sing it brutha. I bought a F5 and I aint looking back. I got a barely used pro grade camera with the ergonomics of a D3 for 1/10 the price. The new Portras are incredible as are Ektar, TMAX 100, ACROS, HP5, the list goes on.

      Best wishes to Nikon, I hope they do well and come up with some cool stuff. I aint knock the twinkie out of anybody’s hand. I’m sure the 24th will be an interesting day. But I really don’t care what they announce anymore.

  • alvix

    oh – oh .. I fear a cameraless scenario….with just a bunch of “buèade” as we say in our town..(trifles ?)

  • The Number 1, 2 and 3 Nikon cameras (D3X, D3S, and D700) are great cameras, and are close to the end of their expected lifespan of a DSLR. But, the D300s has lost the #4 position since last year to #5 D7000.

    When the #5 Nikon camera body is better than the #4, it’s time to get a D300s replacement out there. When the #5 is better than the #4 for over 9 months, a new #4 is long overdue, or Nikon should take the D300s out of the lineup.

    The D4 and the D800 can wait. Plus, I’m sure the D300s replacement will sell far better than the D3 replacement, and better than the D700 replacement. Maybe Nikon can come up with a few more bells and whistles for the top two in the ensuing months.

  • Please Peter, don’t give this troll the satisfaction of having you reply to his pathetic comment.

  • Bart B

    Euhm … Are we sure that the “official Nikon announcement” is offical or is that also a rumor ???


    • Nikon announcement on August 24th is 100% guranteed

      • Anna Seed

        Why would Nikon launch he same day as Sony? I assume you know eveyone’s already been invited to that weeks ago?

        • this also means that Nikon will not announce a DX model to compete with the a77

  • broxibear

    rumour US, rumor [ˈruːmə]
    a. information, often a mixture of truth and untruth, passed around verbally
    b. (in combination) a rumour-monger
    2. gossip or hearsay
    3. Archaic din or clamour
    4. Obsolete fame or reputation
    1. (tr; usually passive) to pass around or circulate in the form of a rumour it is rumoured that the Queen is coming
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  • Art Mullis

    I disagree with the assesment that maybe no new DSLR bodies will be announced on Aug 24th. A Nikon Exec was quoted as saying there will be two new FX bodies announced. Now, everyone seems to think this means we will see a D4 and a D800. I am not so sure about that! I keep thinking the new D300/300s replacement (D400?) is going to be an FX/DX capable body.

  • broxibear
  • DarkNikon

    Probably NO NEW DSLR!!! Wait its 2011 so maybe next year. Don’t hope to much!!
    Mirrorless it is!

  • Ken Elliott

    I’d be happy if they’d announce a 35mm f/1.4 with 77mm filter threads. WTF Nikon? Can’t you put 77mm thread on all your pro glass that’s less than 200mm?

  • Pierre

    Maybe they expect a “they expect DSLR sales to be up by 26% ” because all of the disappointed souls waiting for a replacement that does not come will start buying D3s and D700 like mad dogs….

  • Ric

    It will be NX3 on the 24th.

  • Ric

    London Olympics are one year away.

  • But the world is out of D700’s and Canon is moving to replace the Mark II… the D800 has to be announced to fill that void.

  • ren kockwell

    D4 with 18mp & D800 with 24mp

    • D700guy

      that’s what I am hoping for

  • Bart B

    Nobody saw the 40mm lens prior to announcement … Even now, still no hands-on reviews …

    What if Nikon decides, from now on, to announce a product just before it goes into production and not after the new camera is in production … That way there will be a lot less leaks, a lot less people who actually now something about the upcoming product … Therefor almost no rumors …

    But it also means that it may take moths before we can actually buy this new product in our local stores. announcement on August 24, delivery in January …

  • ericnl

    I am going to have a small summer hibernation!
    wake me up when the D800 is here…

    • Ke

      When animals go dormant in the summer it’s called aestivation, no hibernation. 🙂

  • Dante

    I could be wrong but isn’t the D700 discontinued and only scarce remaining stock available at most major retailers? It would be hard to imagine Nikon abandoning this line until sometime next year.

  • Jabs

    Look what happened to Canon!

    Thanks Sahaja for the clue.

  • Period

    If no DSLRs in the August announcement, I wouldn’t mind if Nikon cancels the whole announcement.
    The shop’s shelves are breaking down from all that toy cameras…
    Besides every niche’s winners-rostrum in the thumbnail sensor class is already occupied – not by Nikon. And another thumbnail sensor mirrorless is a dead end road!

  • Ian


  • xjrx

    seems like they recovered form the tsunami faster than most people thought, they have a plant working in malaysia (?). still tsunami was a delay and before that economy was already weak, doller-yen etc.

    nikon watches this site and the other sites., they know what users want.
    they know everybody – pros and enthusiast- are expecting new bodies and people are tired of waiting.

    they would have reacted against the rumor “2 new bodies” to avoid frustration, if it was untrue- but they did not.
    every potential buyer is fully alert right now, right where nikon marketing wants us to be.
    in 2 weeks we will see those new cameras.

    they have them anyway, what else should their r&d have done in the last 2 years?
    a d7000 was nothing new, just implementing know-how and using the latest sensor.

    the company would be finished if no new products came in the near future, they would never ever stop being what they are. a camera and lens manufacturer.

    for me the new D300s will be intresting. i will be fine with my d700 for 2 more years, i want a better d90… ofc im an enthusiast, i dont need these toys for a living. 24th will be my birthday, what a shame i cannot justify to get another body, i wish i could… 😉

    grats to everybody in the market for a cool new body, have fun and good light!

  • keith

    Nikon, please release at least 1 full frame with 1080p 30fps+ camera this month.

  • 10/4

    Based on Nikon’s just released camera division sales projections from April of 2011 through March of 2012, it is clear that they expect big growth. This seems to indicate at least another couple of camera’s that will significantly outsell their replacements. Current sales figures (essentially nil for the D700, as it is out of stock everywhere) bear this out.

    With announcement in two weeks and availability 2-3 months later, I would think this points to the the D4 and D800 at that time. I don’t think their sales of D7000, D5100 and D3100 alone will be enough to meet their projections and if they wait until September or later it will be a real stretch to meet sales projections and have widespread availability of the D800 for Christmas (D4 is unlikely to be a Christmas present for anyone given it’s price).

  • Nikonuser

    Why would Nikon employees be banned from taking vacation those weeks if nothing major was to happen at all??? Makes you wonder.

  • It’s a no brainer for Nikon to replace the D700 and the D3s. Both are out of stock almost everywhere. They figured “We’re not going to produce more of the same, especially after such devastating earthquake” So I bet they started making the new DSLR’s as soon as they got back into production. Whatever the numbers are I can’t wait to get my hands on a replacement. If the price is too high then I’ll be looking “still alive” new D700. Till then, I’ll be biting my nails.

  • D700 out of stock, 5D mk II in stock.
    If there is no Nikon FF announcement, a hole in the FF market will open, and Canon will take serious advantage selling bodys and lenses for that system.
    With the Christmas coming, it´s a very dangerous move from Nikon delay this announcement.


  • adam

    did anyone see the posting about Sony A77 on Engadget? it might be very similar to whatever Nikon’s going to introduce. eg. translucent mirror, full time auto servo, 60p video etc.

  • JonMcG

    I don’t think there is anything to worry about…

    D700 supplies are *extremely* limited around the world – Fact

    D3s & D700 are well within the time frame when most products are revised – Fact

    Nikon’s last two announcements caught NR off-guard – Fact

    Olympics is just around the corner, Nikon would prefer to have higher end new cameras in their pro’s hands 6 +/- months in advance of the event – Take it to the bank.

    Nikon projects sales to be WAY up over the next 6 – 12 months in a global market that has been sagging and is apparently going to continue to sag. – Take it to the bank.

    High profile Nikon users have been known to be working with Nikon either directly or indirectly on special projects recently (i.e., Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally, etc). – Fact

    August launch frame has been a historically likely time for important announcement, probably coincides with product availability for Christmas holiday – Fact

    There are plenty of outside sources who follow this industry close enough who are also expecting body announcements (i.e., Thom Hogan, etc).

    This all points to some kind of new body coming out in the next two weeks, and it aint gonna just be a mirrorless camera. I don’t think there is much to worry about, something good is coming…

  • Mr D

    The London riots will pale in comparison to what’s going to happen if they don’t announce an FX DSLR…there’ll be a lot of angry Nikon fans!

    • Ric


  • Joe Bodego

    Nikon is not going to release any DSLRs, there’s no need to. their professional photographers whom these high end cameras are aimed for are quite happy with their gear. They are smart enough to realize that high pixel count and the FX/DX nonsense does not matter. These folks are into color, framing and light and make a living from their gear. Seriously folks 99% of us don;t make a living from our cameras, we are prosumers with the luxury of time and thought. The real photographers who right now are on assignments in some remote part of the amazon is quite happy with his D3X. He could not care less about all this manufactured crap unlike us here. Do you really think some National Geographic photographer is counting down to this assignment like us? No freaking way. He would be in some shack with a native eating some exotic meal and sleeping with the rats and dogs waiting for that perfect shot that would get him that $25.000 pay day. Get a grip folks, stop this madness I did.

    • JonMcG

      No way Joe… Nikon doesn’t make any additional revenue if they don’t come out with newer/better versions of their hardware; period. You think pros will never buy another camera again? Perfectly happy to go the next 20 years with thier D3x, D3s, etc? That’s obsurd. If a pro can get more card slots, better noise, better handling, they’re going to jump on it. Maybe not all, but a bunch will. Besides, you’re forgetting the fact there is a natural time to replace an item when it’s become worn down anyway and people always want to buy something new..

      Case in point, I have a car that runs perfectly fine, it’s 10 years old and runs great. Does that mean I won’t buy another one because it still works fine? Hell no, I want the newer car just for the sake of having something clean, brand new, etc.

      Your point is moot and I surely hope you return here on the 24th to realize you were WRONG and there *WILL* be at least one new body released! Count on it!!!

      • Joe Bodego

        I hope so JonMcG, I hope I am wrong but believe it or not, the real solid pros are not the ones crying out for replacements. Trust me

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