Nikon 1 announcement rumored for next week: V3 camera, two lenses, new external light

The latest rumors are that the Nikon 1 V3 with a new 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD VR lens and the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR zoom will all be announced next week, probably on March 12th or 13th. There will also be a new Nikon 1 light (LED?) accessory - maybe one of those prototypes:

nikon-1-led-macro-light nikon-1-video-rig-concept
FYI: last year Nikon announced the LD-1000 LED movie light that is still available today and I doubt that it will be replaced next week.

I expect this to be a Nikon 1 announcement only and I don't think we will see anything else (the rumored Nikon Coolpix P8000 camera is expected in April-May).

Here is an updated list of the rumored Nikon 1 V3 camera specifications:

  • No optical viewfinder
  • Optional, external 2.4MP electronic viewfinder (EVF) that will attach to the hot shoe
  • Built-in flash
  • Standard hot shoe - you will be able to use regular Nikon Speedlights and the built-in flash could act as a wireless commander(I reported that back in November last year)
  • Several new interesting video features (sorry)
  • New external grip will not take any batteries, but it will have a shutter button and front dial
  • Expeed 4a imaging processor
  • Completely new camera design similar to the drawings of this recently filed patent and it will be all black (not sure if they will offer different colors)
  • Very fast everything
  • 18MP sensor
  • Eye sensor and a button to switch between LCD and EVF
  • 180° swivel LCD screen
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  • AM

    Shut up and DON’T take my money.

    • Remedy

      Hint: 70-300mm VR + functioning, very fast and accurate AF + 2.7x crop factor. Really, still no?

      • Captain Megaton

        I know it’s VR, but 190-810mm eff? Is that really going to be a usable lens handheld!? The tele end of my 30-110 is already reaching my limit…

        • RMJ

          You obviously have very shake hands if you cannot even hold 110mm stable.

          But don’t worry, just get a tripod and even this 300mm won’t be a problem.

          • MJr

            110mm is 300mm equiv on the 1 and i’m telling you not even a surgeon is going to hold that perfectly still. Easily fixed with decent shutter speed or VR, sure, but no need to be an ass. 810mm is truly going to be a challenge.

            ps. You act like the equivalent FoV doesn’t count, if that’s what you think then the one who really has no clue is you, in addition to being an ass.

            • d7k2v2

              My experience is that vr is much more effective on a smaller sensor like the 1. My 70-200 with the ft1 on my v2 is ridiculously stabilized, to the point that I have to check and make sure I am not in image review mode- its that still. I don’t get that level of stabilization on dx.

      • nwcs

        I’ve used the 70-300 VR on my Nikon 1. It’s nice but there’s still physics involved. It’s still a 300mm focal length. So your background separation and all will still suffer from using a slower and shorter lens. It’s great being able to apply more pixels to a smaller area but sometimes you need a faster lens. If Nikon updated their 400 f5.6 THAT would be killer. I have that lens now and it’s really quite good but could stand some updating.

  • FrenchGuy

    So I will wait for the V4 with Built in EVF… One day Nikon you’ll do it right at the first trial.

    • Spy Black

      You can’t help but feel it’s a deliberate action on their part to keep this system down.

      • Interesting you say that. In a recent interview with one of Fuji’s executives (I think it was posted on DPreview, or just search for the interview on fujirumors), the Fuji exec said that the biggest hurdle mirrorless is facing is that Nikon and Canon do not produce pro level mirrorless. Being the two biggest known camera brands to consumers, the average consumer thinks that mirrorless will never be up to par because Nikon and Canon’s offerings are a major compromise to DSLR’s.

        The Fuji exec went on to say that if Nikon and Canon did decide to make a pro level mirrorless, this would in turn change the perception that mirrorless is an incapable camera system. But as you can see, this would cannibalize their DSLR’s, hence why they intentionally make their mirrorless systems sub par so that the average consumer has the image that mirrorless will never be able to compare to a DSLR.

  • Jonas from Sweden

    One underwater LED-light/flash-combo for the AW one would be nice.

  • Jonas from Sweden

    “Standard hot shoe – you will be able to use regular Nikon Speedlights and the built-in flash could act as a wireless commander.”

    This is good news – if true.

    • preston

      Yes, but without integrated EVF, now you have to use the back LCD to compose when shooting with an SB flash.

      • To be fair if they have the swivel screen it might be a moot point.

        I use to own the P7700 and it was an awesome little camera. Yes it’s a Coolpix but it was well built and I didn’t miss the tiny view finder coming from the P7000 because the swivel screen was far batter and I didn’t get a scrunched up nose or smudges on the LCD.

        If the Nikon 1 and P7xxx line could merge on handling/features it’d be a match made in heaven so I am hoping that the V3 finally gets it right.

      • Why not attach and use the EVF? Won’t your speedlight will be off camera?

  • Larry Holt

    No optical viewfinder, NOSALE!

    • preston

      It is mirrorless so it will never have a TTL optical viewfinder. I agree that no EVF equals no sale for me though.

      • nwcs

        It could have the old optical viewfinder hole although there would be some parallax issues. I definitely wouldn’t expect the hybrid OVF/EVF that Fuji has (which is undoubtedly patented anyway).

        • SteveHood

          Even Canon has moved to an EVF with the G1Xmkii. The pinhole OVF is dead now.

          • nwcs

            That’s good because they were totally useless. Personally if the EVF is good enough like the upper end Fujis then it’s good enough to replace the OVF for many (not all) situations.

            • MJr

              The X10/X20 OVFs are also quite awesome.

    • Captain Megaton

      Oh, get back to your Canon G10.

      • Larry Holt

        Never owned a Canon, even back in the film days. Always Nikon, so take your crappy attitude and stuff it where the sun don’t shine!

        • Captain Megaton

          “Never owned a Canon, even back in the film days. Always Nikon,”

          The saddest thing is you seem proud of this…

          • Larry Holt

            I usually don’t respond to Trolls, but you like to decide for yourself what other like or think. You must be a real sad case. So I’m not responding to you any more. Why don’t you crawl back in your hole jerk!

    • neonspark

      oh boy are you in the wrong century.

      • Larry Holt

        And you’re a little ahead of times. There will be no happier than me when they get a evf that’s the equal of a ovf. They’re just not quite there yet.

    • xcm

      in this case I keep my V1

  • nwcs

    This thing will not be a hit unless it’s priced low. EVF only is just fine. I’ve had no complaints with my Fuji X-E2. But making it optional is not a good idea. Another 10-30 lens. This makes about 4 variants, right? The original, the slightly different focal length one, the waterproof one, and this one? Why not give the 1 series a diversity of lenses and faster ones? Show people it isn’t coolpix. Or is it coolpix?

    I bet the price will be up there, around $700-800 when it should be around $400-500 if they want to have a real seller. They’ve sold a lot of Nikon 1s, more than the other mirrorless vendors, but I suspect that’s due to name recognition and shelf placement. Those days are slipping away if they don’t get this right.

    • preston

      All the #’s I’ve seen suggest that the Nikon 1 series sells worse than Sony, Oly, and Pana mirrorless cameras, so I wouldn’t say they are selling a lot of them.

      • nwcs

        I’m pretty sure I saw Thom Hogan write differently. Maybe he will chime in real quick?

        • Thom Hogan

          Depends upon region to a large degree. I’ve written that in the US that the Nikon 1 is #2 in mirrorless behind Sony in terms of actual sales to customers.

          Just to be clear, no one is selling a ton of mirrorless cameras. For all of last year, we’re talking about 3.3m units shipped spread amongst Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony. If we take the anecdotal numbers from Nikon that they shipped ~500k, and accept Sony’s marketing presentations as leading the market share worldwide, that’s not leaving a lot of units for the others. Olympus, for example, estimates they’ll sell 630k units total in their current fiscal year, though that’s heavily loaded into the current quarter, which we don’t know the results of yet. I’m betting they’ll lower that number in their final report in April/May.

          The simple problem for Nikon is that they haven’t made a case for the Nikon 1. It tends to be priced higher than their consumer DSLRs but perceived as being less. I said all along that Nikon made a serious mistake by not calling these cameras the Coolpix Pro line. That better describes the intended customer and that it’s an upsell from compacts, not a small DSLR replacement.

          What I see in the Nikon 1 are mistakes in all aspects of execution: design, manufacturing, and marketing. Almost none of these mistakes have been fixed. Would the camera as NR has described fix any of these things? Doubtful.

      • Sandy

        Poor sales for a Nikon probably exceeds sales dreams for Sony Oly or Pana.

      • ronin

        Calling you on this, Preston. Please share numbers and link.

  • Zesty

    Well, the same old same old in camera industry land. I feel like a rat in a cage being fed small morsels of some experimental drug only to discover the drug will not be approved because it’s side effects cause a third arm to grow out of my back.
    In a world where the masses have abandoned the camera industry in favor of cell phones, for the life of me, I can’t understand some of the logic of some of the products being made. I get it that some folks don’t need a viewfinder but the majority of enthusiasts do want one attached to the camera itself without having to pay a fee for the essential item that aids the most important aspect of photography…seeing light.

  • Nikon User

    V1 and V2 have EVF built in.

    I will wait for the V4.

    V3 will be another failure.

    • Rev

      The V1 and V2 managed to be failures, even with an EVF. V3 might be your last chance…

  • DesertCat

    Just seems like we are missing something that the EVF would be optional but then they build a button and sensor into the camera to switch between the EVF and the LCD. That would add additional expense to the camera for an optional item that many would never purchase. Maybe the EVF is optional but the button and sensor are built into that module? I would suggest that or that the EVF isn’t optional after all.

    • simont

      I agree. I also believe it is not possible to attach an EVF to a standard hot-shoe (not enough pin and bandwidth). It would be necessary some sort of accessory port like in the PEN, in addition to the standard hot-shoe, or a modified-high-density standard hot-shoe (like the one in the RX-1). It could be done, but remember that Nikon V1 and V2 already has an accessory port (which is smaller than a standard one). With a new advanced shoe you will probably loose compatibility with existing strobes and GPS unit. I do not believe this would be a clever move. Instead of designing a new one it would be easier to design an adapter from accessory port to standard hotshoe (a member of DPReview forum has a DIY solution). Maybe the source is speaking of an optional OVF, that for sure can be attached to a standard hot-shoe? The infos about viewfinder did not seem to be very clear also in previous rumors.

      • Thom Hogan

        Bingo. There you have Nikon’s problems with the 1 series in a nutshell. They didn’t get it right the first time. Changes they seem to be making won’t get it right the third time. What this says about Nikon understanding the market for, and the user needs, of Nikon 1 users is: they don’t.

        The optional EVF notion seems like this: how can we solve two problems with one camera? I’ve not yet seen an optional EVF camera succeed over one with built-in EVF yet. Why Nikon thinks they’d be the one, I don’t know or understand. I’m worried that the P8000 is the reason for this switch.

        I’m hoping that the rumors and the other things I’ve heard about the upcoming camera are wrong, or that they’re missing a key element that we don’t know yet.

        • simont

          I’m still hoping there is something wrong with the rumors, and that actually V3 will have an EVF. Someone already pointed out that probably you won’t be able to use the supposed optional EVF and an external strobe (imagine, a big strobe at arm length..). I add that it would be also impossible to use the rumored 70-300 without an EVF. So what? The new top-level N1 could not be used with the top-level telephoto lens without an additional accessory? I seems very silly to me.

          • Mato34

            Wondering about that thing too. But I’d like the idea of a detachable EVF that isn’t optional but comes in the bundle (in other words: it is included in the price of the camera), and integrates well in the body not protruding too much (I mean not like the VFs from Olympus).

            Problem is that this sort of clever or “right made” things seems to be out of reach of the Nikon 1 system. So I’d take that these rumors are not correct and we’ll have a conventional body with EVF.

            Otherwise I expect something weird, and very expensive whatever will be. Long life to my V1s!

        • Aeroengineer

          Can you elaborate on the relationship to the P8000? Rumors suggest that will have the older Exspeed and lack a VF. Wouldn’t the 1 V3 be positioned higher in the product family plan? That no longer means a built in VF? Or are you saying that the V3 is both the V2 successor and the P8000 combined?

          • Thom Hogan

            I’d rather not. I’d have to elaborate on rumors and more rumors here. I’ll obviously have a lot to say once the cameras are introduced.

            However, ask yourself this: why would a 1″ sensor and all the accompanying accoutrement be called a Coolpix if it has a fixed lens and a Nikon 1 if it has an interchangeable lens? Can you see the marketing problem that Nikon has created for themselves simply from that? We don’t even need to talk specs.

            Funny thing is, they did the same thing with the Coolpix A. It’s really a mini-DSLR without the R.

            Someone at Nikon has got product line management totally screwed up.

        • ronin

          Taking a step back, I’d venture that no manufacturer of mass produced luxury consumer products gets a product right the first time.

          Right being defined of course in terms of what it is not rather than what it is.

          Of course, since no one has yet defined the standards of what is right, we have an opportunity for endless discussion.

          • Thom Hogan

            True in one sense. A lot of folk don’t remember that the original iPhone didn’t allow third party apps and had a few missing ingredients. But those things were quickly dealt with and it was customer commentary that led those changes.

            So far, Nikon 1 seems to be a random walk, and what I’m hearing about the next gen doesn’t dissuade me of that. There’s a big difference between trying to guess at and dictate to customers and listening to and understanding customers.

            I’m one of the few photographers who use the Nikon 1 in situations that the upcoming 70-300mm would be of interest. I’ve written about using long lenses on the Nikon 1 extensively, and I’ve encouraged others to try it as a highly portable wildlife choice. Has Nikon ever said anything to me about the Nikon 1? No.

            It’s not an ego thing with me (I can point to a few others who use the Nikon 1 similarly but aren’t getting contacted by Nikon). But if you’re the product manager for something and it’s not performing as expected but you can see pockets of use where the product is discussed positively, wouldn’t you be trying to find out the “why” of that and how you could spread that back into a better product? I just don’t see Nikon doing that. THAT’S what worries me.

            There’s simply no connection between Tokyo and its customers. Not just current customers, but potential customers, as well.

            You are correct that this can lead to endless discussion. But at some point the great companies figure out ways to synthesize and target that discussion and create products that resonate more with their user base. A few focus groups in Tokyo aren’t going to tell you what an American or European is going to buy and why.

            • Deep_Lurker

              Request for information: When Nikon came out with the D300 and the D3, did this same not-listening-to-customers disconnect exist? If so, how did Nikon succeed with the D300 and D3 despite this? (And if not, then when (and why) did Nikon stop listening?)

            • Thom Hogan

              Yes, Nikon’s disconnect from customers is a long-term one. They’ve never been particularly close. However, the failure of the D2h and to a lesser degree D2x caused them to spend much more time trying to figure out what customers really wanted. They got it pretty right, and some of that came from talking with pro and agency shooters.

              The thing is, Nikon’s almost never really had a truly consistent full product line. They make seminal cameras from time to time and then seem to think that they need to change things to create lots of other products. The closest they came was in the 2007-2009 period, but we have completely veered off course since then. Why?

    • Phil

      I used to think an EVF was essential. It still is most of the time, but for this type of camera I’d be happy to have a removable one as I have DSLRs. There are times when I want a small camera with a reasonable fast lens (18.5mm/50mm f/1,8) like for an evening out with friends and don’t want to look serious about my photography so want to leave the EVF at home. The moment you put a camera to your eye you attract attention and get a different reaction fro people. This V3 (if true) does give you two cameras in one as it will be small you want to to be. The V1 is nice, but the body is not much smaller than a D3300 which I don’t always want.

      • Spy Black

        You want a Sony RX100 II.

        • Phil

          The RX100II doesn’t have an equivalent f/1.8 at 50mm (it’s f/3.5), nor the flexibility of lenses such as the 6.7-13mm

  • broxibear

    Yeahhhhhh !!!!…It’s what I’ve been waiting for ! Wait, that’s not right ?…Yeahhhhhh !!!!…It’s what someone, somewhere has been waiting for !
    Who that someone, somewhere is I’ve absolutely no idea.The fat lady sang, went home, joined a gym, lost loads of weight and now models for Dior…it’s over nikon, you joined the mirrorless sector far too late and withought any real thought…there are far better options out there than Nikon.

    • ShaoLynx

      You OK, Bear?

      • broxibear

        I’m OK…are you OK ?…is everyone else OK ?

    • Spy Black

      All Nikon had to do was put a damn hot shoe on the V2 where the proprietary flash socket is and they would’ve had a fully functional, albeit overpriced, camera. The V2 with a standard hot shoe is the camera that should have been the V1.

  • Small dreamer

    V3 and 70- 300 Zoom lens. External EVF is a small matter to me. Just let it go. I am interested.

  • MoneyStaysInTheOldBox

    I have a V2 and I really really like it, to quickly steal shots in the street. For everything else, it is a royal pain: I need proper manual controls to quickly change exposure and ISO with *one* flick of *one* finger. I also need proper manual focus assist.
    Both errors could be easily fixed in software; am I getting them fixed? Apparently not, but I am having the EVF taken away instead!

    Here is a hint: if you guys need this camera for the unique thing it can do (speed and stealth with small size), buy a V2 on Ebay. Myself, I am not going to give Nikon more money if this V3 is less than perfect.

    I don’t like the Japanese interaction game “add a feature, take back two, just make sure the product is never perfect” and I am not going to sponsor it.

    • Bollox

      Agree, no freaking games anymore. Make it perfect for once, you want to beat the competition or not?

    • F1.2

      And what is the second lens? Maybe a 35/F1.8 at a reasonable price? This looks like a ripoff, I am not going to pay a fortune for an absurd 1.2/32 lens. I have DSLRs for that.

  • allan

    I hope they will allow FULL MANUAL control. V1 and V2 does not allow Aperture or shutter control when using electronic shutters.. The IR remote only allows one photo at a time, will not initiate multiple shots ..

    • Mato34

      Uh? I’m using electronic shutter on my V1 and have manual control of aperture and speed (though not “direct” control…).

      Perhaps you mean when using fast burst with electr. shutter?

  • Anders

    Looking forward to the V3. Hope the IQ is even better than the J1 and that it has an OVF.

    • preston

      This being the 2nd comment hoping it has an OVF, I’m going to assume that both people meant EVF. Please correct me if I’m wrong and you really want is an 80% coverage or so pinhole OVF or an actual TTL OVF like that of a dslr.

  • neonspark

    ah nikon, just stop trying to force people and give them what they want. DX and FX mirrorless.

    • nwcs

      If they do DX mirrorless they’ll definitely need to up their game at DX lenses.

      • nzswedespeed

        I think if they produce a DX mirrorless they will start a new lens line – one with a much shorter flange distance (like all other mirrorless cameras). Then they just need an adapter for F-mount lenses

  • pwmorg


    • Joop

      Yeah, boring replies from people that never used a Nikon 1 camera.
      I’m using Nikon slr and dslr’s for over 30 years now*,The One system is perfect for daily non proffesional or family use!

      * The Nikonos V isn’t replaced by an AW 1 so I can’t judge that camera yet. I don’s dive anymore so don’t wait for my judgement on the AW either.

      • Spy Black

        “The One system is perfect for daily non proffesional or family use!”

        No, that’s what Coolpix’s are for. Therein lies the problem with the Series 1, it’s an unfocused product line. What non-professional or family is going to buy a 32mm f1.2 lens? What avid non-professional is going to buy a lens like that and stick it on a J1? They can just buy a D3300 or D5300 and get an 85 f/1.8 and call it a day.

        • ronin

          See, Joop, you got it wrong. Now you know you have a problem with your camera because it is not a Coolpix, which it turns out you should have been using all along.

  • thomrockwell

    cool. More overpriced shit that no one wants.

    • broxibear

      “More overpriced shit that no one wants.”..That might be a better and more accurate title for this post, lol.

  • Peter

    I can´t believe they made that either… or… decision – either flash or EVF… CLS compatibility on the other hand is great…

  • Larrry

    For rangefinder style with EVF looks like Sony A6000 and Panasonic GX7 are still the leaders. While will probably pay more for them, might not given Nikon’s pricing history – particularly with the external EVF added. Olympus didn’t have too much success with the EVF add on approach in their PEN series with big discounts currently in their EM-2 with a pending new model. Fuji is great with phenomenal lens and marginally faster, but the lens are bulky in design.

    • nwcs

      I’ve heard many things but I haven’t heard people calling Fuji’s X lenses bulky…

      • Larrry

        Bulky is probably too strong a word. Physically larger compared to it’s counterpart. Pany/Oly benefit by the lens design physics on the smaller sensor, so naturally are physically smaller. Sony and Fuji have the same size sensor but every corresponding Fuji zoom is physically larger and heavier, entering around a 58mm filter, where Sony’s are 49mm or smaller. Granted Fuji does offer a f2.8-4 where everyone elses consumer level zoom is typically 3.5-5.6, that extra little stop increases the size. And of course the offer no pancake zooms for walkaround. They do have a strong prime selection though – almost to the neglect of the zooms as the longer zooms are late coming.
        The only reason I bring it up in this V3 article is that I am shopping for wife, where she demands small and a viewfinder as she moves up from P&S. Had to return a DSLR style mirrorless PAnasonic G5 as “too large”. Nikon 1 could be a contender as I shoot Nikon DSLR, but they just are not meeting the need or competitive within their natural mirrorless market.

        • Aeroengineer

          I first read this as “shopping for a wife,” causing me to wonder what size you were referring to?

        • Spy Black

          If she doesn’t need an external flash or physical controls, a V2 may work for her. However this system just wreaks of bad investment. Look around.

        • Some of Fuji’s lenses are slightly larger than their NEX counterparts, but, vastly better quality lenses in every comparable case.

          The reality, though, is that they are typically not larger in any meaningful way, or they are actually smaller. The filter size is a terrible gauge. Sony often uses a filter ring smaller than the diameter of the lens because they can and the helps cut down parts costs.

          But most importantly, Fuji offers numerous high quality, faster-than-any-other-APS-C-system lenses and the total system is already far more competent than NEX has ever been.

          As someone who has owned most NEX cameras and lenses, and now most Fuji X cameras and lenses, I can say that yes, the NEX body/lens combos are typically slightly smaller, but, they all fit in the same bags so it is irrelevant. The important factor is that the NEX lenses are almost all garbage compared to the Fuji lenses.

          For example, NEX’s 24mm f/1.8 CZ? Practically blurry wide open. It’s probably an f/2 designed “forced” to do f/1.8 for marketing. It’s great at f/2. But Fuji offers us a 23mm f/1.4 that’s excellent wide open. The sizes? NEX 24mm: 225g Fuji 23mm: 300g. Hardly a major difference to gain twice the usable aperture diameter and a more usable lens (with the clutch focus ring providing actual focus distance selection as opposed to infinite spinning arbitrary focus control)

          Another example, NEX 35mm f/1.8. Not terrible and it has stabilization which might matter to some. Fuji has the 35/1.4, 2/3rds stop brighter and truer focal length (the NEX lens is definitely not really 35mm, more like 32 or 30). The Fuji again proving a higher quality lens in optics and build, but, certainly louder in AF and lacking optical stabilization. So it’s a bit of a toss up for which you’d prefer. I’ve used both and both produce good images within their domain. Size: Sony 35: 155g Fuji 35: 187g.

          The kit lenses. 18-55mm. We won’t bother bringing up that horrible pancake zoom from NEX. Is it small? Yes. Is it terrible almost unusable image quality? Also yes. The 18-55 isn’t perfect but it’s a far better lens. 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 compared to Fuji’s 18-55mm f/2.8-4. The fuji is as much as 1 whole stop faster. It’s also far better IQ. They both have stabilization. The Fuji costs a LOT more on its own, though. Size: Sony 18-55: 194g Fuji 18-55: 310g. Of course, that seems like a lot more but keep in mind, they are both small and light. And you get a lot more for the slight increase in size from the Fuji.

          How about longer zooms? Fuji has two 55-200 class lenses. One is 55-200 f/3.5-4.8, again, brighter than standard by a notable amount. Then there is the 50-230mm f4.5-6.7. Slightly darker than usual but not far from Sony’s only lens in this class 55-210mm f4.5-6.3. I assure you, they all have fairly similar image quality with the edge going to the Fuji 55-200. Unless you use them without optical corrections applied in which case the Fuji 55-200 is MUCH better. It does have distortion throughout the range. Nothing horrible, but correcting it reduces sharpness. Anyway, the Sony is a fairly narrow, light lens that feels like it will fall apart (and has an extremely high defect rate for centering), but, if you got a good copy it’s okay. Size: Sony: 345g Fuji 55-200: 580g 50-230: 375g and the longest range of the list.

          As for pancakes, Fuji has the 18/2 and 27/2.8 lenses. The 18/2 has some distortion and CA issues but is sharp. It’s also very small and still retains its aperture ring. Oh yeah, none of the NEX lenses have aperture rings… anyway the 18/2 is still much better than Sony’s 16/2.8. And then there is the 27/2.8 more closely comparable to Sony’s newer 20/2.8. The 27/2.8 is certainly a much better performer optically, sharp across the frame, but with some minor field curvature. It does not have an aperture ring, so that’s controlled on the body. This puts off Fuji shooters but it shouldn’t. It’s a great lens for the smallest possible profile on those cameras.

          Anyway, long story short, Fuji lenses are only slightly larger and usually much better than their NEX counterparts. Not to mention the system as a whole, considering the currently announced lenses releasing imminently (and not even counting those announced but coming later this year) compared to Sony who doesn’t bother announcing lenses officially at all and the roadmap they leak is extremely vague, puts Fuji WAY ahead of what Sony offers for APS-C mirrorless. Sony’s offering is a joke of bad quality and low ambition while Fuji is making pro photographers question whether they even really need full frame. With a 56mm f/1.2 that’s sharp wide open coming any day now (actually, some have shipped but it’s trickling out), really, it’s a valid question. Another star in the set is the 14mm f/2.8 which has almost 0 distortion without any corrections applied. It’s actually extremely amazing and only costing $700 right now. It’s also tiny, one of the smallest XF lenses. I sold mine as I’ll be buying the 10-24/4 for more range, but, I miss it for sure.

          In the same amount of time it took Sony to release 11 lenses, THREE of which were 18-200mm zooms, Fuji will have 20 lenses, all of which are high quality, many VERY high quality. Sony still fails to offer a single stellar lens for APS-C NEX, leaning mostly on the 24/1.8 Zeiss which is nice at f/2 and on, but, that’s hardly impressive.

          Anyway, VERY LONG STORY SHORT:

          TL;DR: Fuji’s kit is only slightly bigger but much better, giving pro quality where E-mount APS-C is low grade momtographer bait that is often so bad that even a well skilled photographer will spend a large amount of time dealing with the shortcomings.

  • Tair

    Abortion it’s the best word to describe the Nikon 1 system

  • Morris

    18mp birders might enjoy ?

  • stoooopid

    I have about a $500 investment in this system right now with the V1 and a few lenses. I am going to wait for reviews of the IQ with the V3. If it isn’t a big improvement over the V1, I am dumping and going for something else. Not a threat, just laying out my strategy. V1 has many nice things about it, but lack of external controls, bad high iso just won’t work for me.

    • Wally Brooks

      I have the same situation with a V1 and 2 lenses an ave been looking at the 4/3 system. Nikon does not seem to have a sense of direction with the Nikon 1 series.

      • stoooopid

        Yup, my thought exactly. I have a D7000, and a V1. Every time I go from using V1 back to D7000, I am always amazed at the raw files I get from d7000. Great color and dynamic range compared to V1. I know there are small system out there that can now get close to D7000 in IQ. V1 isn’t in the same ball park. The knock on those other systems was always AF speed. But now there are small mirrorless systems with good AF speed and high IQ. I will probably also look at m4/3 or maybe some Sony body. I also like the focus peaking features, not sure why Nikon has not done this yes.

  • David Peterson

    Fingers crossed for 4K video!!

  • istreetshooter

    I’m one step closer to selling off my N1 gear. C’mon, Nikon, show me something impressive.

  • markstothard

    I love my Nikon 1 V2, photography is not about gear, it’s about the story within the image and what the photographer is creating, their vision.

    The Nikon 1 V2, is not a DSLR replacement, but it’s very nearly there and I feel in a few years time, some DSLR may be mirrorless.

    I always have my V2 in my pocket, it could nearly be my favourite camera, if it had true wireless commander, instead of su4 mode which is why I will be considering the V3 or two if them, plus increasing my Nikon 1 lenses range.

  • wally in Austin

    Will it use full CLS allowing of Pocket Wizard use?

  • whisky

    i’m going to wait until it’s officially announced, before praising or ridiculing the V3. in the meantime, i’m going to take many more photos with the V1, and the 80-400mm VR … 😀

  • Mr. Mamiya

    Oh guys. It’s a Coolpix with interchangeable lenses. It’s actually fun to use, it’s fast, it takes great images. I got my V1 with 10-30 lens for 200 € and added the 18,5/1,8 and SB-N7 for low light. I love it, there’s nothing wrong with it. You guys should not expect a DSLR replacement, but most people do. That’s the point when all this whining starts. It has not the fanciest specs of all cameras, but does a lot of things right. Get it, use it, love it.

    • stoooopid

      True, it was never meant to be a DSLR replacement – Nikon made sure of that. Problem is, you can get a mirrorless, small camera for not much more money, that nearly IS a DSLR replacement. I know some on here don’t care about small systems – or don’t care that small systems perform all that well. But others do.

      • Mr. Mamiya

        “Problem is, you can get a mirrorless, small camera for not much more money, that nearly IS a DSLR replacement.”

        With the MSRP in mind this is true. But with the current street prices, any EVF module for an Oly or Nex is more expensive than a complete V1 camera with lens.

        • stoooopid

          Yes, although, some, like the the NEX-6, has a built in and isn’t terribly expensive (in line with the initial price of the V1, and probably the initial price of the V3). But honestly, when I bought the V1, I thought I would be using the EVF all the time, but the more I use it, the less I use the EVF. I just use the “live view” on the rear. With a camera this small, and the way I use it, it just makes more sense to me.

          Yes, Nikon had to have a fire sale to move product with the 1 series. There is no way I was going to pay the MSRP of the V1. The V3, I am afraid, will again be priced high for what it is. Sony, Fuji and OlyPani are getting extremely high IQ with good AF speed out of bodies with will probably be priced lower than the new V3. I am not a “NikonKnocker” (love my D7000, and still don’t think there is a better APS-C body out there), but really I only got into the 1 series because of the fire sale. If the V3 isn’t really good and priced appropriately, I am out of the 1 series.

      • winc06

        That is the problem. So many people have never used the V2. So they generalize about the Nikon 1 based on the V1. The V2 is a small dlsr, but everyone bought the closeout V1s and Nikon concluded we don’t want a small dslr. You get what you pay for. In this case an upgrade to an advanced point and shoot.The only glimmer of hope is that this rumored model is really the S4 and the V3 has been delayed.

        • stoooopid

          V2 going for just a shade under $900 on Amazon. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay that kind of money for that a camera like that. I can get a 24MP aps-c mirrorless body and lens for less – that has very good AF system.

  • Built in flash, standard hotshoe, removable EVF for better pocketability, maintaining the (sort-of) S2 rangefinder styling… sounds pretty good to me. Not sure why everyone is so hung-up with the lack of (permanent) EVF. If you use the EVF that much why not just buy it and leave it always attached?

    • KnightPhoto

      I’m likely to get a V3 at some point, but maybe not right away – one must for me is Auto-ISO:
      – I need the proper full-on Auto-ISO where I set minimum SS and where I have more choices than Auto to 800 or Auto to 3200. Give me all the ISO and minimum SS choices just like on my DSLRs and throw in the Auto with focal length multiplier option too.

      And I really do want an EN-EL15 battery but the size of the mockup prob precludes that ;-(

  • stoooopid

    Where is this thing? What day is it supposed to be announced?

  • Rick

    I like much the specs of the new V3, and if it does not cost too much I will buy it soon. I am very happy with my V1, which is a very good camera. And I always choose it to do street photography. I don´t like the lenses and body balance of Samsung NX and Sony mirrorless systems: very light body, but heavy and big lenses.

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