Nikon D4s camera now shipping, limited in stock availability

Nikon D4s box
The Nikon D4s started shipping worldwide today. B&H confirmed that they got their first shipment and are currently fulfilling their existing pre-orders on first come first served basis. In the US, OneCall currently has D4s cameras in stock (update: all sold out now):

Additional Nikon D4s in-stock updates:



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  • broxibear

    You can order from Jessops UK but the stock doesn’t get instore until Monday 10th.
    Landscape photographer Jeremy Walker, he was the guy who took many of the Df marketing images for Nikon, talks Df…

  • Just received an email from Amazon:
    Your Amazon Order (#{order number})
    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed
    Estimates arrival date: March 10

    On my Order Page on it says:
    Monday, March 10, 2014 by 8:00pm

    Camera Concierge on phone says:
    Yes, it will ship on Saturday, and you should receive it on Monday
    Anyone else get a delivery estimate?

    • itcrashed

      I got the same message. I ordered the second NR posted the Amazon link. Est delivery Monday, March 10 !!!

      • From past experience, Amazon’s estimated delivery is not always accurate.

        • Ya, me too, although I have been lucky in this area, and that means, …. crap, nothing, …LOL

        • UPDATE:
          Amazon status has changed to: Preparing for shipment
          my CC has been charged

        • SiestaKey1

          Hmmm…if mine could ship on Friday, I’d have it on Monday with next day shipping. I hope they’re early! My card hasn’t been charged yet but there’s still time for tomorrow.

      • SiestaKey1

        I’m set for March 11th but I’ll take it sooner!

    • Tomato

      My delivery estimate from Amazon is March 11th 2014. The concierge said that all the preorders should be fulfilled when I asked.

    • koenshaku

      I don’t think anyone else directed batman and get afford to preorder it out the gate 😛

  • Got my notification from Jessops that it’s due for delivery (to me) tomorrow 😀

  • Ray Justice

    I just checked my status online at B&H and my order now states “In stock, order sent to warehouse”. Hopefully I will receive a tracking number soon…

    • Adrifter

      Same here. I’m expecting they send out the tracking info by the end of the day.

    • yes, B&H confirmed that they are shipping them today

    • Terry Hansen

      I just got my tracking number from B&H. Yay!

      • Adrifter

        I still haven’t received a tracking number. I’ve been stuck at “in stock, order sent to warehouse” all day and I ordered within 20 minutes of the link going up…plus I used NPS priority purchase. Seems odd.

        • Terry Hansen

          And now I am screwed. My package IS in transit…but a misunderstanding means that, despite paying a hefty fee for “UPS 2nd Day Air” delivery, the package will not arrive on Saturday as I’d planned, but is scheduled for delivery on Monday, at which point I am already out of town for a week.

          Apparently, UPS will deliver on a Saturday—as I knew from having seen them do so in my neighborhood a hundred times—but ONLY if the shipper (in this case, B&H) instructs them in advance to do so. As no such instruction was given, nor offered to me when I placed my order, the D4s will effectively take even longer to get to me than if I had simply let it ship via free UPS ground across the country. And, once a package is in transit, no way to retroactively have the package “upgraded” to a Saturday delivery option.

          So very, very frustrating.

    • Ray Justice

      Just received my email from B&H with tracking number and scheduled delivery date of 03-10-2014, as I opted for the standard free shipping…

    • TechJunkie

      Still says on order… Ordered the day after the announcement.

  • Jacob

    Got the March 10 Amazon email, but just checked and my order status says it is shipping soon. They have already charged my card for it. Seems they are shipping today.

  • nikonhu

    Here in Hungary the D4s is already in stock at 2 ProDealer shops. They are available to test from yesterday and on sale from today. So I could buy one at the moment… but I don’t think I make the switch from the D4.
    Also, stocked new D4 has got a 14% price drop, demo (new) D4 is available at a 23% discounted price (they are still $6652 and $6056 though). The new D4s sells for $8154 here…

    • D700guy

      wow. expensive

    • zorwick

      Sale tax 27%… wonder

    • Neopulse

      I know what you mean man. Down here in Argentina it’s between $9,767 and $11,924 USD

  • Pk Bullock

    Can this camera accept AA batteries. I just looked at “in the box” and on the accessories list at B&H and do not see such an item.

    • n11

      9v will work just as fine.

      • D700guy

        You think that a 9 volt battery will work with a D4/D4s?
        How so?

        • Oma Ha

          it comes with a dual ballcap/solar charger for 9v with a little propeller for dual wind/solar charging.

    • D700guy


    • Mansgame

      A John Deer lawnmower battery will work, but it has to be John Deer and none of those off brands they try to sell you at the lawnmower shop.

  • D700guy

    Jeez, I remember being caught up in this morass when I pre-ordered my D4. I was one of the first non NPS customers to order one in January 2012 and I didnt receive my camera until May.

    I’m sitting this one out. If I even do get a D4s it wont be until I see them in stock and there have been several comprehensive reviews and comparisons to base my decision on.

    Until then, I’m pleased as heck with my D4 and am content to just keep it unless otherwise convinced.

  • Jas

    I got my D4s delivered today by Nikon in Sweden. I am NPS and placed an early order.

    • Jay Pike

      Received my two in Kalamazoo, MI via NPS, but am understanding that many more D4s are arriving early part of next week for non-NPS orders.

      • D700guy

        I still want to see some reviews.

  • Steven Solidarios

    Patiently waiting for mine…

  • Nikon D4s now in stock at Amazon:

  • broxibear

    I don’t really know why, but this Japanese D4S video is funny…

    • fred

      HaHa, it involves shooting a cat with the D4S,, any cat is a must have.

    • clifflwms

      It’s also funny that they want her to be delicate with it and wear gloves, but they let her beat the hell out of the shutter 🙂

      • broxibear

        What I didn’t understand, apart from the Japanese, was why only one glove ?…shamone !

        • D700guy

          Its MJ’s missing glove.

  • Will Prentice

    Henry’s in Canada now has stock. I just spent a good hour shooting and playing with it – sensitivity is off the scale. WoW!

  • Nikon

    I put my deposit on the D4s the day after it was announced at Broadway
    Camera in Vancouver, BC, Canada and was told I was first on the list.
    Haven’t heard anything yet…hopefully they get something in in a
    reasonable amount of time. I live a 10min drive away so I won’t have to
    wait for shipping…other than Nikon shipping to the store… Can’t
    wait, as I will be complementing my D800 with the D4s for mainly bird
    & wildlife photography…but also do landscape and cityscape shots
    and some astro-photography. Stoked!!!

    • Nikon

      Sweet!!! I just got the phone call earlier that my D4s arrived today…and being first on the list…I got the priority. So here I am now with D4s in hand…and waiting for some nicer weather to happen. Saturday here is Vancouver is suppose to be a downpour of rain with 50mm+ in the forecast…errr!!!

  • g16

    who said it is too expensive..XD

    DigitalRev sucks They jack up the price to $7809.93 now.

    • Kynikos

      If you think that price is bad, look at their 200/2.

  • Andrew

    I know you guys are buying it for stills, and probably do not care much about the video. But I was hoping to get a good video in FX as well, as one of the improvements over the D4… Just found a recent short review:
    If true, it is pretty sad 🙁

    • Bruce

      I shoot video extensively on the D4, and get my D4s on Monday. Will be reviewing the D4s video, and comparing the quality between the D4 and D4s.

      • Manvin

        That would be great buddy

    • SK

      Looks like Canon boy website to me. Of course he will have nothing good to say about Nikon

    • Rudi

      Sorry to say that, but what a dump ass to go into a Saturn Supermarket and taking the D4s in his hands and then being able to form an opinion. I guess it’s better to wait for more profound reviews.

      • D700guy

        We need a scientifically controlled comparison. Not these youtube amateur analysis vids.

    • D700guy


  • jb

    mine come tomorrow…

  • Joshua

    got mine today =)
    shot a bridal with it today, so far so good

  • G0nzo
    • Rudi

      Got a message from my dealer on Thursday that my D4s is waiting. Will pick it up tomorrow 😉

      • G0nzo


        • Rudi


          • G0nzo

            alright, have fun with it 😉

  • broxibear

    The Camera Centre in Wales, UK have stock if any of you Welsh photographers are looking for a D4s…

  • Chad

    Was the first to pick mine up yesterday (non NPS) at Midwest Photo Exchange in Columbus, Ohio. Sadly, there’s a problem with it. The focus lock beep doesn’t sound nor does it beep when counting down in timer mode. Yes, all of my settings are correct and the music symbol is displayed. I don’t need or use the beep, but I’m concerned there may be other issues as well. Called Nikon support yesterday and they were unable to resolve it. So I’ll just have to wait until the shop gets more stock in so I can exchange it (which is a 4 hour round trip for me). Anyone else seeing this issue with theirs?

    • Mike

      I don’t think there is a countdown beep. And AF lock is in AF-S mode I think.

  • Putti
    • FritzImages

      Kenmore is a very good legit store in Washington State. In the past I have purchased a D3s body and a few lenses when no on else had gear.

    • Thanks, I will mention this online.

  • FritzImages

    I found a comparison spec sheet of D4s vs D4 by Nikon Canada, if interested I put link on my site. I am looking forward to delivery of my D4s today from B&H.

    • broxibear

      Love the comparison under the “Camera Handling” heading. Under D4 it says “Improved over D3 series”, under D4s “Shape of a grip and details at backside (body form and controls) have been re-designed”…no mention of the fact that they’ve actually gone back to the D3 design of body and grip shape.

      • FritzImages

        I did not know that, I have the D3 and never really noticed a big handling difference in body and grip. Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out when my D4s arrives…

      • FritzImages

        @Nikon Rumors, you are the best ! ..It seems I overlooked your post..apologies….I came across it yesterday during a Nikon search…

  • Brian

    Got mine yesterday Allen’s Camera Pennsylvania, the power of the mom and pop store.

    • FritzImages

      I used to live in Allentown, your lucky that you have Allen’s, not that many really good mom and pops around anymore.

    • peterortphoto

      Did you do a sniff test?

      • Brian

        Nope but had I known doing that could turn into a 1/2 million dollar a year business I would have!!!

        • peterortphoto

          I should start doing a lick test. Maybe i’ll make 750k a year! lol

  • Redpix Photography

    Hi, taken delivery of my D4s this morning. If anyone is interested, I’ll be using it daily and blogging about the results.

  • Rudi

    Got mine on Saturday so I now have D4 and D4s. Had a gig on Saturday night and had some difficulties steering the focus point as it sometimes wasn’t moving or jumping over 2 points.
    When I analyzed the problem at home I saw the the subdials have changed – and not positive. They now have used this shitty dials that you can found in the keyboard of some non-Apple keyboards to steer the mouse. They are a bit smaller and more stiff than the D4 ones. The steering of the D4 focus point is much smoother. I found a certain capture in the manual saying that it has to be operated in a certain manner else it won’t work properly. I don’t like the new subdials!!!
    I could only use jpg because LR can’t handle D4s yet. Right now only Capture NX2 can (didn’t try NX-D yet).
    Menus have some new functions which don’t bring any improvement (removing unwanted focus modes from the dials for instance).

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