Nikon D4s pre-order options *UPDATED*

Nikon D4s camera pre-order options
Nikon D4s pre-order options (shipping starts on March 6th):

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  • itcrashed

    I am officially $7100 poorer.

    • Aldo

      you only live once…

      • loppa

        Without proper raw software (adieu Cnx2) shame on nikon, wellcome canon 1dx

        • decisivemoment

          What’s so good about Canon DPP? Seems to me like most people will just use some combination of Bridge, Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, Photo Ninja, Capture One, etc — and a lot of the journos use JPEG anyway and will appreciate a simplified Capture that’s actually workable as a file browser and manager. Not everyone uses the Dfine points and for those that do, the sidecar files will work just fine with NIK, correct?

        • decisivemoment

          What’s so good about Canon DPP? Seems to me like most people will just use some combination of Bridge, Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, Photo Ninja, Capture One, etc — and a lot of the journos use JPEG anyway and will appreciate a simplified Capture that’s actually workable as a file browser and manager. Not everyone uses the Dfine points and for those that do, the sidecar files will work just fine with NIK, correct?

          • Landa

            then get VNx and leave capture one to us!

      • orpickaname

        … and that is forever.

    • Northerntrumpeter

      Or a D4s richer!

  • SiestaKey1

    $6900…POOF!! Gone. I’ve never been so happy to drop 7 grand. HA! Got my preorder in at Amazon. WAHOO!!!!!!

    • eric

      Why not order it on BH? They don’t charge tax like amazon.

      • itcrashed

        NPS first with BH. And when you ask them where you are in line, they won’t tell you. You won’t know if it will be days, weeks or months before you get your camera. That was my past experience with them so I ordered from Amazon as well.

  • JPR

    No WiFi!!!!
    No dual CF!!!!
    No 4K video
    Only small improvements over D4
    What’s all the fuss?

    • SiestaKey1

      No WiFi? Don’t care. No dual CF? Don’t care. No 4k video? Don’t care. If you already have a D4, then yeah, not the upgrade for you. But for people like me who do NOT have a D4 already, there’s a lot of fuss…better low light performance, full 11fps with AF and AE, better sensor, better grip, better battery life, 1080p/60 video, faster processing speed. That’s all of the fuss. Nikon took a great camera and made it better. And historically, their ‘S’ models haven’t deviated much from the previous model similar to Apple’s iPhone 5 to 5S upgrade. Wait for the D4x or D5 for a massive upgrade.

      • LogicIsTheAnswer

        I disagree, coming from a D800 and having previously shot D3/D3s and D700 w/grip, I am not impressed nor will I spend the money for the D4s. Had they done a 24mp sensor and dual CF I would have been on it in a heartbeat, but there is just nothing worth it here.

        • broxibear

          Hi LogicIsTheAnswer,
          For some people and they way they work it’ll be worth it, for others it definitely won’t.
          The more reviewers, owners, forums point out the differences, whether big or small, the better choice people can make.

        • SiestaKey1

          I appreciate your opinion, but I think the D800 and D4s serve two different purposes for the most part. I already own a D800e and use it for landscape and portrait photography. The 36mp works well as I can crop in tight and maintain a large photo. The D4s will come in handy for my sports and wedding photography with its 11fps (sports action shots, kissing of the bride, cake cutting, etc.). Being able to grab dozens of photos of these unique moments makes the D4s a very valuable tool. Paired with a 70-200mm lens, I can push in tight with the shots for little to no cropping in post. With that said, I don’t need a 24mp or 36mp camera.

          • right on the money!

          • guest

            So you’re one of those that needs 11fps to shoot a wedding.

            • SiestaKey1

              To make sure I absolutely positively get the shots for my clients? Hell yes. I’m not here to make money for one day and leave…I’m here for the long haul which means producing a great product and using referrals and word of mouth. I market these shots as ones you CANNOT miss and my clients agree with that.

            • MrJimmy

              So 10 FPS of the D4 was to slow but 11 FPS is worth $500.00 Well ok

            • SiestaKey1

              MrJimmy…are you trolling or are you just being a d**k? Read my earlier responses. I DON’T HAVE A D4 RIGHT NOW. If I had a D4 today, I would not upgrade to the D4s. For how much the camera is, there aren’t enough changes to warrant the upgrade. But I do NOT have a D4 today. To answer your question on whether the D4s is worth the extra $500 on top of the D4, the answer is Yes…because it has MANY other improvements over the D4 (read just about any article on the web about the D4s), not just 1 extra fps…which, by the way, can now run at 11fps with AF and AE and the D4 cannot do that at 11fps. Please troll elsewhere. We’re trying to have a discussion about the pros and cons of the D4, not to criticize others and how they plan on using the D4s.

        • KnightPhoto

          Dual CF is never going to happen again. And to me it now looks like XQD may win over CFast with the recent Canon endorsement of XQD version 2.

          “Mr. Tsutomu Ando of Canon and the CFA co-chairman of the board said; “As the co-chairman of the CompactFlash Association I am pleased to introduce XQD Ver.2.0 continuing our tradition of performance leadership. The higher performance provided by XQD Ver.2.0 will further increase the capabilities and value for photographers, videographers, and cinematographers. I am very pleased and proud to see the CFA creating standards that address new professional market segments for CFA.” full story at:

    • G0nzo

      you can’t expect 4k below (EUR) 10k, even the canon can’t 4k (EOS 1D-X), and the one which can (EOS 1D-C), costs above (EURO) 10k. you have invest more than (EUR/USD) 7k for 4k video. 4k Video for just (USD) 6500 would be a deal, indeed!

    • Mike

      People bitch about D800 RAW files. I figure I shoot 1 frame every 5-15 seconds whether it’s studio or part of a wedding day. But 4k is widely lusted after by almost everyone. So D800 files = bad and more than anyone will every want or need, apparently. But 4k (8.3mp) at 24 or 30 or 60 frames per second is ok. (Which I’m fine with)? Ok then. So you’re bitching the other way now? Just so we’re clear.

  • ScottW

    Just got the UK price £5149, so approx $6900 USD when you take off the VAT. Not as bad as some other euro releases at least.

    • Mike

      With the recent down trend of the Canadian dollar (we were basically at par with the U.S. for the last few years), we’re getting hosed this time. $7149 before taxes. Ya.

  • Went with Amazon this time, . . . hope i am in the first block

    • itcrashed

      Me too. I went with Amazon as well since I didn’t want to deal with the NPS mess at Adorama and BH. Making regular customers wait months for a D4 or D800 back in 2012 without letting them know where they were on the waitlist was ridiculous.

  • jon

    done (outch)…

  • broxibear

    One thing that is a surprise is the UK price, it’s £5199 compared to the D4 which was £5249 at launch… Apart from that it’s what was pretty much known.
    Doesn’t explain why they didn’t just tell everyone the specifications at CES or CP+ ?

    • so this time the UK got a lower price and the US got a pice increase (comparing to the D4)

      • broxibear

        Yeah…very odd ?
        Maybe they realised that increasing the price over the D4 ,considering the small changes in the D4s, wouldn’t go down too well.
        As I said weeks ago it’s a tiny bit better here and there over the D4. The only reason a D4 owner should switch to D4s is if they need that extra video capability or their D4 is worn out and they need a new body.
        Do we know if the new battery works in the D4 and increases its frame numbers ?

        • broxibear

          Apparently the new D4s battery does work with the D4, but I don’t know if it increases the frames available.

        • Naval Gunfire

          We generally get a better warranty (2 years instead of 1) and can get things repaired around the world a lot more easily than our American cousins.

  • little joey

    lets complain about the DF again

  • Tobarus

    Anyone have any luck ordering from Adorama? Keeps saying unavailable

  • G0nzo

    @Admin are there any rumors about firmware update for the D4? , thanks!

    // it would be awesome/interesting to try the d4s firmware on the d4 ^^ , what could happen 😀 (of course after portation 😉 )

  • broxibear

    Nikon France have some D4s videos up, in French…

    • broxibear

      6th March 2014 is the date they go on sale in the UK.

      • broxibear

        * A note to anyone in the UK hoping to get a D4 at a reduced price. There are very few D4 bodies available in the UK and the prices are creeping up not down…if you look hard enough you’ll still get one for £1000 less than the D4s. They’ll be all gone soon.

    • broxibear

      Here’s the back comparison from ©
      New nipples and card door in their glory, lol.

  • I’m curious to see how the ISO comparisons stack up vs. the D4.

  • Lubos

    Judging by specs, there was definitely no need to keep them so secret.


    Admin…sorry this is way off and not about the upcoming D4s…but was wondering if you have thoughts about Nikon “extending” their “rebates” on into March?? Or making different/or the same available.?? I think they did last year because in Feb and March is when I got my 70-200 and 85 1.4g on rebate (2013)

    • I do no think they will make them better but they may extend them. Not sure yet.

  • broxibear

    Hands on review from imaging resource…

    • broxibear
      • broxibear

        “The ergonomic changes are subtle and overall, the D4s gives the same
        impression of density and durability as its predecessors although
        according to Mr Kurahashi, the D4s’s ergonomics should be slightly
        ‘closer to the D3s’ compared to the original D4.”
        Maybe they should have asked people why they loved the feel of the D3, lol ?.

      • Eric Calabros

        Thank you Mr. Link Finder 🙂

        • broxibear

          People are lazy, so puting them in one thread helps…and I’m bored with the D4s, we knew weeks ago what it was going to be.
          I hope people aren’t puting themselves in financial difficulty by buying a D4s, working photographer or not £5200 is alot of money…there were D3 and D3s bodies being used and producing amazing images at Sochi and F1 testing too.
          Dom Bower’s thoughts on the D4s are worth listening to

          • whisky

            for a short time after Adorama stirred the pot, i was less bored. now that the facts are out, it’s just the same old froth.

          • Spy Black

            He has a point for the average shooter, but anyone who’s been shooting with a D3 or D4 would certainly be in the market for a camera like this. It’s certainly not anything I need, and considering it’s size, nothing I would want, but someone probably has a use for it. I would’ve thought journalist maybe, but they’ve all been fired and replaced with citizen journalists with phone cameras, so I’m not sure who’d use it, but someone will.

            • broxibear

              Most of the working photographers I know take better care of their equipment than they used to, digital cameras are expensive and freelance fees have been going down not up. I shoot with D3, I know plenty of Canon users who use the 5D Mark II and like me are happy to stick with them.
              It comes down to a few things…
              If you’ve got the extra money it doesn’t matter you can buy what you want.
              If your equipment has taken a beating and could do with being replaced, then yes.
              If you need the video functions or extreme performance then yes.
              As I said I use D3, I don’t shoot video and it does everything I ask from it amazingly well. Is there anything in the D4s that I really need, no…would it be nice to have a stop and a half better after 6400, yes…but I can live without it. I’d rather spend £5200 on other equipment.
              You shoot with whatever’s comfortable for you. I’ve seen astounding image quality from D200 files, they underline that people should think far less about what their camera can do and concentrate on what they can do with a camera.
              My D3 has plenty of images to take yet.

            • Spy Black

              Yeah, as I said, anyone who regularly uses cameras like the D3 and D4 will be in the market for it, especially as you said if it’s replacement time. Considering it’s price and dwindling user base thanks to the end of journalism, I can’t imagine how many of these they will sell, which is partly the reason for it’s price I suppose.

              Unless you need FF video and have an investment in Nikon optics, I suppose the video maybe a draw, but personally I would invest in a Black Magic camera over this if I was going to get serious with video.

          • Mike

            He sounds like Craig Ferguson to my Canadian ears. I think it would have been more entertaining if Craig Ferguson delivered a review on the D4s. 🙂

            • broxibear

              Hey Mike,
              I was watching an episode of Timber Kings the other day, the Canadian log home builders, and they’ve got some weird accents going on, lol.

            • Mike

              Agreed. I can’t even place it. Newfoundlanders have their own. Northern Ontario has their own, Northern B.C., has their own. These loggers have their own. My dad is from Shetland Isles, so I can pretty much understand any English that’s not the Queen’s. 🙂

  • craig john

    I can see sports photographers getting all giddy – this is a camera made JUST for you.

    As for the rest of us? $6,500 USD? Meh. I can think of a LOT of things I’d rather do with that money. Get a used D3s (little IQ fall off), a new DF (still great D4 IQ), D610 or D800 (possibly the best IQ I’ve ever seen) and a lot of nice primes. 😀


    • broxibear

      Hi craig john,
      If you’re in the UK and quick you can still get a D4 for over £1000 less than the D4s. Leaving you money to buy the 28mm, 50mm and 85mm f/1.8G lenses for the price of the D4s body.
      But some people just like to have the newest shiny gadget.

  • Nikon64

    Roberts Camera, also is taking orders for the Nikon D4s…

  • Ammon Welfair

    Does anybody know of any place where the D4s is WIC-approved and I can use my EBT card?

  • decisivemoment

    It’s a solid update except for two things, the AF sensor absolutely should have gained cross type points on the left and right side and the US price is too high (though priced right in the UK, which I can’t remember happening that way before). 60p video, no more high ISO purple shift, even less noise, a CPU that can actually keep up with the physical capabilities of the camera, it adds up. But is all the new processing power enough to deal with the physical limitations of the AF module?

  • broxibear

    Grays in the UK still have some D4 bodies at £4199 and special deal with extras for those looking for a bargain…

  • clifflwms

    I ordered one, now to see how long the wait is. I hope they made a decent number of them… I’ll let you know how long it takes to arrive! (After the 6th of course)

    • D700guy

      It took me 5 months to get my D4.
      Never again will I be part of the first wave of buyers.

      • clifflwms

        Yeah, I waited a few months to order my D4, and it STILL took two months, it’s amazing that they don’t plan better, it was the same way with the D800, meanwhile 5D Mark III’s were everywhere!

  • Ray Justice

    Peter, Corey Rich has a great video trailer on the new D4s on his blog. Shot entirely with the new D4s. He has some great thing to say about this camera and also Robert Beck, Dave Black and George Karbus tested the D4s. To quote Corey Rich “The D4s is, hands down, the best still and HD-SLR camera any of us had ever used.”

  • nikon dude

    Any idea if bestbuy is participating for d4s preorder soon ?

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