Refurbished Nikon D610 cameras now available for $1,749.95

If the new $6,500 D4s dos not fit your budget, B&H is currently selling refurbished Nikon D610 full frame cameras for $1,749.95 (vs. $1,996.95 for a new body). Here are few other refurbished products worth mentioning:

The full list of refurbished Nikon products can be found here.

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  • Why would anyone want to buy a D610 at this point when Nikon just released an even better D4s?

    • n11

      They may be $4000 short.

    • Julian

      “If the new $6,500 D4s does not fit your budget…”

    • broxibear

      Hi Alan,
      Maybe a more pertinent question would be why would you ask such a question ?. Read what you posted…it really doesn’t make any sense.

    • Naval Gunfire

      Because not everybody wants or needs to lug a big heavy professional camera around with them everywhere.

    • Mansgame

      I like this guy

    • Larrry

      The D4 (or D4s) just doesn’t excite me. As I move up from a D7000, the choice is D610 or D800. I don’t need or want that bulky substructure battery pack with the separate release button. Wife got me a battery pack for the D7000 and I returned it. Since my first SLR in 1969, I have done quite well in portrait orientation with a single release button and right index finger. I would have to re-learn holding a camera switching from landscape to portrait as it requires physically repositioning the hand to take advantage of the second release button as it moves to the top. That is a deal killer.

      • Omar Salgado

        I think the D610 is just a D7000 with FF. They are very alike. I have both.

        • Aldo

          Just a chevy malibu with a corvette engine… same thing

    • mikeswitz

      that may be the funniest comment of the year. So far.

    • Aldo

      maybe they wan’t to photograph a black hole…

    • Andrew

      Think, think really hard. The answer is staring you in the face. Here is a clue: “$”

    • Some people say there is no such thing as a stupid question. I guess I don’t see things that way.

  • broxibear

    Parks in the UK have a refurbished D800E for £1999 (normal price £2350) for those interested.

  • Scott

    I can think of 4,000 reasons perhaps

  • kevin

    Let’s hope they will put a 4ds sensor in a D620 body……

  • Ntm

    I wasn’t aware the 610 was having the same problems as the D600. Nikon canada just refunded my D600 purchase and I spent it on a 610

    • Skipmed

      Hi Ntm, please can you give more detail on your D600 refund, so we can ask refund in other countries too? thanks

      • Ntm

        hey skipmed, I sent it in twice back to back for repair, when it returned the third time and still had issues, i was asked to sent it in again for inspection. I requested they tell me what would be done differently the third time, as their repairs were not working, then asked to have the issue escalated. They refunded the full purchase price including tax. Just play ball with them, and let them know you’re not some internet hooligan trying to make a fuss about nothing. You will definitely have to send in in a few times with image proof of the oil spots. be prepared to be with out your body for 2-3weeks each repair. Oh, and both repairs stated parts other than sensor, I even called them out on it and they claimed it was a typo… I think they don’t want the number of sensor repairs on file.

        • Skipmed

          thanks Ntm… I did the same in Italy but the best proposal was to fix again (lie) or to upgrade to D610 paying a difference, no refund possible… I think your law for consumer rights is better than in Italy 🙁

        • Aldo

          I got a d610 and never mentioned the word internet to the nikon rep. My best advice, play as though you are oblivious about the issue. Do say why the spots are an issue to you. I remember saying I did product photography… and was having to remove the spots before turning in my work to my clients. You can also say you do macro photography or landscaping…. anything works as long as you don’t say: I READ IN NIKONRUMORS YOU ARE GIVING OUT FREE D610’S BECAUSE OF SOME OIL ISSUE.. I WANT MINE BECAUSE I’M VERY ANGRY THAT MY CAT PICTURES MAY BE RUINED, EVEN THOUGH I DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THEM…. BUT JUST IN CASE GIVE ME MY D610 NOW!!!

  • Tim

    $1,750? yup, still don’t care.

  • Mansgame

    Very nice…what’s the warranty on refurbs?

    • Aldo

      90 days in the US

  • nikky

    “I am Spot Free” Thats not funny…

    • mikeswitz

      yes, it is

  • Alfredo

    What a shame about the Nikon 610, now announce that this model is spot free, should fall out the face of shame, shame that you can not trust Nikon and launching products without quality control such as the D600.

    • Mansgame

      I don’t think that’s an official slogan.

  • decisivemoment

    The refurbs are too expensive given the warranty coverage, especially the lenses. Nikon should do what Apple does — have the same warranty coverage on refurbs as for new. Or else drop the prices significantly. I think the Apple approach makes more commercial sense.

  • Spy Black

    It has begun…

  • Aldo

    D610 is an amazing tool… I highly recommend it.

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