Nikon D4s availability update (US) *UPDATED*

→ Nikon D4s at Amazon: "In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process":
→ Nikon D4s in stock at eBay via Kenmore Camera (Update: back in stock again):

→ Nikon D4s is again in stock at OneCall:


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  • Eric Calabros

    Nikon D400 is in stock, but may require an extra countless days to process

    • fred

      Still waiting….

  • broxibear

    Mr Polin’s D4s unboxing, sniffing and blah blah blahing, lol…

    • broxibear

      P.S. A quote from DPreview forums from a UK photographer who just picked up his D4s…
      “I got mine from Gray’s of Westminster in the UK who tell me that Nikon
      UK were confident that they had enough allocation and weren’t operating
      an NPS allocation”

    • The Fro is sure full of himself.

      • He’s young, give him another 20 years and he’ll be much less cocky.

        • broxibear

          I can watch some of his videos and some are pretty funny, but his photographic knowledge is very limited. I don’t mean technical but from a general photography way…he looks at everything through his very narrow point of view.
          I understand his branding, selling etc but people like Steve Huff have a far better understanding of what photography is. Each to their own and all that and good luck with what he does, but I hope people new to photography don’t look at him and think that’s what it’s all about.

          • I agree on all counts.

          • Rameses the 2nd

            Any other photographers you recommend for us noobs? I am not a fan of Fro, but I like Adorama’s Bryan Peterson videos. I also follow several groups on Flickr to see what type of ideas people have.

            • Naval Gunfire

              Get yourself on a couple of workshops, you’ll learn far more than sitting watching videos and thinking about taking photos because you’ll be out there taking them instead.

            • broxibear

              Hi Rameses,
              Are you talking about photographers with videos worth watching ? Mark Wallace, Karl Taylor, Steve Huff, Dom Bower, Kai from DigitalRev are all worth watching and give you a different perspective…you can learn from their experience, but remember there are different ways of looking at the same thing.
              You can learn any technique, but technique won’t make you creative. The creative part comes from you as a person and you can expand upon it by looking at other photographers’ images…but no one can teach you how to be creative.
              My first, second and third bit of advice to anyone new to photography, or even someone who’s been taking images for a while is the same. Forget about the latest cameras and lenses, buy a basic dslr with manual control, and a 50mm lens. Then go out and take photographs of anything that interests you, that way you will start to understand light, composition, exposure etc. You will make lots of mistakes, but you will learn, you will gain a better understanding on how to see when you restrict yourself to one focal length 50mm.
              If you want to take it further then contact a photographer whose work you really like, ask nicely if it’s possible to come to one of their shoots as a second or third assistant. You may have to carry bags and make coffee, but you’ll learn more in one day than years of workshops.
              Use the internet and look at other photographers work, what you like and what you don’t like…that alone will help your own photographic eye and how you see things.
              But don’t copy other photographers, that get’s you nowhere.

            • mikeswitz

              Posts like this are what makes NR so invaluable. Thanks, broxibear!

            • Rameses the 2nd

              I am a nerd, so I have way too much equipment already, but I agree 100% with you on your first, second and third bit of advice :). I am not looking to just plain copy other photographers, but looking at other photographers’ work sometimes gives me new ideas and definitely let me see things from different prespectives. Here are three of my sample shots that I think I captured really well. 🙂

              One of them is taken with a point and shoot camera.




            • broxibear

              Hi Talha,
              Looking at other photographers’ images is a great way to learn, but don’t limit yourself to photography, learn from design magazines, fashion, architecture art etc…you’ll take something from all those creative fields.
              When I went to photographic college all the students came from different backgrounds. I came from an art school background, some from photography , some straight from school and others who were already working photographers…there’s no one way of getting there, and no right or wrong way either.
              In general terms I would find a particular type of photography that really interests you and concentrate on that.

              I hope that helps in some small way, and enjoy it…otherwise there’s no point.

            • Jon Ingram

              @ Rameses the 2nd: The best advice I can give is to find the type of photography that you are interested in, and do some good internet searching for photographers who inspire you in that field. Find the best, follow them. Critically evaluate how their pictures are different from your own, and make adjustments. There are 100 free ways to learn the technical side of photography. For that, just read books and practice. As for composition, an excellent book is “The Photographer’s Eye.” It’s fantastic.

        • Rock Kenwell

          He is doing his sniffing regularly and consistently. I like him more than Ken.

      • Mansgame

        He only has a group of fans from people who are just starting out and don’t know better. Much like that other guy. I for one wouldn’t buy anything from a store that lets this guy lick and sniff gear.

        • The Great Cornholio

          But, he shoots raw… he shoots raw.

    • Neopulse

      So lucky how he can just switch camaras whenever he wants :-/

      • broxibear

        I’m sure he works hard at his website and good luck to him…Peter (admin) could give you an idea about how much he’s making from his blogging, branding etc.
        I am surprised he bought a D4s though, I get the distinct feeling he’ll be another “internet photographer” who’ll be switching to Canon soon…maybe he’ll post a “Why I switched” video too, lol.

        • Neopulse

          He does use Canon gear also. He owns a 1D-X as I recall and another body. But anyways doesn’t hurt to own multiple for fun and different situations.

          • broxibear

            hi Neopulse,
            Yeah I know he has the 1DX, he’s said in the past how much better he thought it was than the D4, which is why I’m surprised he bothered with the D4s. If I were being cynical I’d say he hasn’t reached a sponsorship agreement with Canon yet, lol…maybe I’m being unkind and too cynical and he won’t be announcing a Canon partnership anytime soon ?

            • Neopulse

              I’m sure he just gets to test them before they get released and maybe some early bird perks or even a discounted price on Nikon gear. Then D4s I’m surprised though he did get one I agree. Although it was kind of predictable him getting one since he is an avid fan of Nikon. Would be odd if he didn’t do an unboxing of it for his viewers. Canon isn’t bad in my opinion, just different in it’s own way. But glad it’s around, keeps Nikon on their feet.

        • I cannot give any ideas because I am not in the business of selling t-shirts.

          • broxibear

            Now there’s an idea ? lol

            • Funny that you said that – I just received the first batch of NikonRurmors shirts but I will not be selling them, I will be giving them away 🙂

            • I like your design BTW.

  • rami cohen

    I like the generosity of Amazon – You Save $3

    • Remedy

      What?! I save 3$?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!1

      double facepalm

    • Scott M.

      They also have 2 used D4s for $7,499.00?????

      • People buy stuff they think will be hard to get and immediately try to sell it at a profit. Used to be just eBay, but now Amazon pretty much allows similar stuff.

        I find this a lot buying Lego kits.

    • Mansgame

      That’s on Nikon. Amazon can’t go lower or they lose their dealership status. In the old days (8 years ago), amazon was free to undercut everybody but the local stores started whining about losing sales so now we all lose.

  • Adam

    FYI/For those wondering: Adorama just charged my card, which means they’re at least shipping today. I was probably pretty early on the list, but don’t know if they might have shipped some yesterday or not…we’ll see.

    • Adam

      And I just got confirmation they’re shipping today…

    • The Great Cornholio

      Sure, we were all wondering when your CC was going to be charged. Now the world can spin again.

  • axlrosefan

    Admin, do you maybe know when will be Lightroom updated to D4s files?


  • I did pay for PRIME overnight shipping
    Amazon charged my card yesterday, but has not shipped yet, …. expected date of arrival is Monday, so I expect it to ship today or tomorrow.

    • itcrashed

      Apparently they just pinged all accounts to make sure credit was still available. When I checked this morning, the charge disappeared, and then all of a sudden at 11am PST, they did the real charge and I received shipping confirmation and a tracking number. Monday delivery.

      • I will prob receive shipping confermation later tonight, the charge was not a ping, it was an actual charge

        • SiestaKey1

          Same for me…full charge hit my card and it’s preparing for shipment now for Monday delivery. Should have the tracking number later today.

          • Mine is sitting at the local UPS depot, slated for Monday morning delivery, I might be able to pick it up this evening

            • SiestaKey1

              Let me know if you’re able to get it. They usually require a first delivery attempt. Mine still hasn’t shipped yet but the concierge said it’ll ship today. Still showing a Monday delivery though. Had it sent to work so I can get it earlier. Monday afternoon will not be productive for me. HA!

  • broxibear

    Dear Corey Rich (Nikon Ambassador),
    I have a Nikon D4. Should I upgrade to the new Nikon D4s?…

    • Terry Hansen

      For those, like myself, wondering about the quality of the D4s video (since the D4 is widely considered to have inferior video for many applications), I find this quote from Corey Rich, wherein he summarizes the advantages of the D4s, to be a bit troubling:

      “…sharpness of 2.7 crop mode when shooting video…”

      So, he praises the sharpness of the video, but felt he had to limit his comment to specify only the 2.7 crop mode? Otherwise why not say all the video modes looked sharp? Not a good sign.

      The 2.7 crop mode is all but useless to many, many filmmakers. The extra 2.7x magnification rigidly imposed by such a crop mode may work wonders for reaching out to distant sports figures or wildlife, but is useless in everyday narrative filmmaking situations. Dear gawd, I hope I have not spent yet another $6,500 only to find I STILL don’t have a great photo AND video solution.

      Maybe I should go right now and place a preorder for that Panasonic GH4…


      • broxibear

        Hi Terry,
        I’m not a filmmaker, I don’t shoot video I’m a stills photographer. I do remember Philip Bloom talking about lack of sharpness on the D4 when he tested it against the D800 and 5D Mark III, here’s the link if you haven’t seen it before…

        • Terry Hansen

          Thank you, extremely informative video!

          • broxibear

            It is a good video that, and Philip Bloom is an interesting guy…he did a video with Kai and the DigitalRev team a few months ago which is pretty funny, well worth a watch.


      • It is widely known that the FX and DX video modes on the D4 resulted in soft and unusable footage. Only the DX video mode (the extreme 2.7x crop) gave crisp and usable footage. I was hoping that the D4s had improved upon this, but after watching Corey’s Dedicated video, I can see video clips where it was evident that he had used FX and CX modes, and, unfortunately, equally evident that the D4s video in those modes is still too soft and unusable.

        I’ve posted D4 video tests on Vimeo ( – when I receive my D4s next week, I’ll be doing those same tests, as well as direct comparisons between the D4 and D4s video.

        • Terry Hansen

          I’ve watched the Dedicated video twice now, and I have to say I thought it looked pretty good overall (taking into account what I presume is some pretty serious compression to stream it on YouTube). Can you identify a few clips you believe were shot in FX and/or DX mode? The only one that stood out to me as less than sharp was the wide angle shot of the surfer silhouetted on the rocky shore.

          Oh, and btw, your Vimeo link is broken.

        • Eric Calabros
  • broxibear
    • D700guy

      Holy cow. If that test is accurate then I’m definitely keeping my D4.
      The D4s is NOT the best performer in those graphs. I would have expected a clear and concise winner instead of something that is only marginally better and then only in the sub ISO 400 ranges.

      • broxibear

        Hi D700guy,
        I’ve been saying for years on nikonrumors that the differences (as far as image quality is concerned) between cameras like the D3, D3s, D4 and now D4s are in reality very small.
        Yes there are differences, but they’re nowhere near what some sites, bloggers, youtubers try and convince you they are. Nikon, like others, are in the business of selling cameras, many sites are very chummy with manufacturers, so what you get is a lot back scratching.

        Don’t confuse marketing hype with reality.

        • Marcel Speta

          absolutelly agree … i’ve been shooting indoor sport with D4 and D700… i can guarantee that nobody can recognise used camera just from the picture. Only at 100% zoom and only at very high ISO pics ….

    • Andrew

      Very strange, actually. Accordingly to SNR for RAW, D4s has the same noise at 12,800 ISO, as D4 – at 102,400.
      These results look suspicious to me.

      • broxibear

        Hi Andrew,
        To be honest all these type of charts and sensor tests mean very little to me. As far as I’m concerned if I put a 20 x 16 print side by side, one shot high iso on a D3 the other a D4s and the difference is very little between them, then I don’t care. You’ve got to think about what those graph numbers actually translate to in terms of what you see in a print or on your monitor. Even where the lines seem to be far apart on the graph, it may only be a quarter of a stop…which means nothing in real life.
        There will be more of these charts and more 100% side by side images appearing over the next few days…suspicious a good way to be.

        • Andrew

          Hi Broxibear,
          I completely agree with you, that comparing charts is less meaningful than comparing real life images. However, without real life images – properly measured diagrams should be very helpful in predicting how real life images would compare.

          For instance, if those SNR and DR charts are correct -it means that if you put
          next to each other a D4 print from a raw image shot at iso 102,400, and a
          D4s image shot at iso 25,600 – then D4 image would definitely(!) look
          better, as it has much less noise, and the same dynamic range.

          If the difference feels more like a quarter of a stop on real life images – then the charts must not be correct… which I believe is the case here.

          • Eric Calabros

            there are also some funny scores in their Raw DR chart: D4 at ISO 1600 has half stop more DR than D4s at ISO 160! 1DX DR jumps at ISO 8000! apparently SONY’s base ISO is 400!
            and in the SNR chart, D4 is much higher than Df, exactly opposite of what DxO measured. unless you say difference between 25 and 35 is nothing 🙂

          • broxibear

            Hi Andrew,

            You’re going to be in high iso comparison heaven or hell, depending on your point of view, as far as the D4s is concerned soon…there will be plenty of charts and 100% crops showing up in the next few days.

            It’s already started…
            This is where I leave it though…it’s really not my thing.

            • Andrew

              Thank you, Broxibear, for the link. As always, very helpful.

    • Naval Gunfire

      The pixel peepers must be peeing themselves in delight now that some test charts are up.

      • broxibear

        Hi Naval Gunfire,
        Unfortunately it’s about to get worse as all those who got their D4s bodies are going to starts posting high res comparisons…each to their own and all that.

        • Naval Gunfire

          Indeed, we’ll now be subjected to a load of armchair photography experts who’ve never taken a good photo in their life decrying this camera as terrible because the test charts clearly show it has less resolution than a potato and they zoomed in at 400% to find a slight flaw in the comparison images which 99% of people wouldn’t ever notice.

          Meanwhile, in the real world people just get out and use it to produce great results that puts bread on the table and keeps them in business.

          End rant!

          • Terry Hansen

            Wait. The new D4s has less resolution than a potato? Then why the hell did I just spend $6,500 on one???

            ::cancels B&H order::

            ::heads to grocery store::


  • fjfjjj

    Save $3 at Amazon! That’s like, buy 2165, get 1 free!

  • Noise free images? So unfair, why wasn’t that included in my D5300?

  • SK_HDP

    I have Nikon D4 for sale, anyone interested? I will sell you for $4700. Its in mint condition with everything, just the way it came, low shutter count. Including box, battery & charger, owners manual and more. Its NOT a grey market product. if you purchased this camera then I will also sell you my Mint condition Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens for $150. Let me know if you are interested.

    • d3sord4s

      If it was a d3s id buy for sure. How about 4500 for d4?

  • d4sord3s

    hmm I only do photography…. d3s d4 or d4s? my budget is about 7k
    for 7k I can prob get a d3s (3400+some badass lenses)
    or d4 for 5k + maybe one lens
    or d4s and no lens…..
    anyone have any feelings on this?

    • SK_HDP

      – I do have D4 for sale for $4,700 with 11K Shutter count

      – D3s for $3700 ( Not sure about shutter count – but if interested I will let you know

      – D3 for $2700 with 119K Shutter count but it has new Shutter with approximately 15K Shutters

      – Also have $50mm f/1.4 lens for sale.

      *** All the items are in mint condition, everything comes as they came in new include box, charger and whatever came with it***

      – If interested please e-mail me at:

    • broxibear

      There’s not a lot you can do with a D4s body and no lens unless you already have some lenses ?
      If you decide to go the D3s route then have a really good search at smaller retailers, as I’m sure you’ll find some brand new D3s bodies still out there, and you’ll be able to negotiate a great price on them.
      I’m not going to tell you what you should do, only you know that and I’m all for listening to what your heart says and following it.
      If I had your budget and those were my choices I’d be buying a D3s (new if you can find one) and using what’s left for lenses…a D3s and all the new f/1.8G lenses 28, 35, 50 and 85mm…and you’d still have money left over.

  • Be Patient

    Save your money for now.
    It’s widely available off the shelf… NPS allocation scheme was necessary……..
    The price will soon start sliding down to D4 levels.

  • fred

    Do you know what the best thing about the D4S is?
    It has the ability to………lower the price of the oh so old, last years perfectly good, kicked to the curb D4. 😉

  • Terry Hansen

    It’s here!!!

    After some crazy last-second scrambling (due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with B&H shipping, my unit’s arrival delayed by several days into late next week), I was able to find a single remaining D4s at OneCall, ordered it yesterday morning with expedited Saturday delivery…and it is my hands this very second. Yay!

    I plan to run the D4s through its paces yet today, including doing some controlled high ISO testing of RAW files, making direct comparisons of the D4s against a D4, a D3s and a D800e.

    In the meantime, for those wanting to get protective films on their own newly-arriving D4s as soon as possible, I just carefully measured all three windows (main display and the two secondary displays), and they all appear to be exactly the same dimensions as on a D4. So, if you have found the screen protection you like for a D4, go ahead and get the same set for your D4s, it will be identical. (FWIW, I am ordering my “D4” set right now from Expert Shield. Includes protection for all three displays.)

  • D4s back in stock at eBay

  • broxibear

    Nikon D5300 vs D3300 from Kai and DigitalRev…

  • Robert

    What does Nikon do not realize that there is a huge demand for an equivalent camera the D700?

    Considering the speed of the current photojournalist in charge 2 cameras on the shoulder, much to the D4.

    It is a fact that the D800 does not meet many professionals and those for lack of options may leave for another manufacturer.

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