Nikon announces Coolpix P7800, S02 cameras and LD-1000 LED movie light

Nikon announced two Coolpix cameras and a new LED movie light accessory:
Nikon Coolpix P7800
Nikon Coolpix P7800 frontNikon_Coolpix_P7800 Nikon Coolpix P7800 top
Nikon Coolpix P7800 camera

Nikon-LD-1000-3 Nikon-LD-1000-2 Nikon-LD-1000-1
Nikon LD-1000 LED movie light

Nikon Coolpix S02 frontNikon Coolpix S02 cameraNikon Coolpix S02 back
Nikon Coolpix S02 camera

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  • John C


  • Art

    So NR threatens to post guest posts because of lack of news. A few minutes later, Nikon announces a new Coolpix camera. Perhaps if NR will announce that there will be a week of guest posts, Nikon will announce the D400! (Of course, I stepped up from a D300 to the D800 so I’m not waiting anymore as I can crop things down to a D400 level any time I want. 🙂

    • z

      Not to mention you are able to use your current DX lenses anytime you want. Not like some other brands.

  • I’m just curious. Are these the “higher profit margin” cameras Nikon was talking about? This looks like a nice update, but I was expecting more, somehow.

    • John C

      Like integrated Wi-Fi and GPS? The 7800 isn’t bad, I like the controls/dials. I like that it can use the flash units I have. It would be a decent jacket pocket camera when not wanting to carry the DSLR and lenses, but for me it needs a 1″ or DX sensor to make it tempting. There are other choices right now with the larger sensors, and they are getting updated to have Wi-Fi and GPS!

  • chouster

    I’m wondering how many lumen this light has. Because at that price point I could imagine a lot of better alternatives…

    • chouster

      130 lux at 1m, yeah, as I expected, this thing is anything but bright.

  • The P7800 looks tempting to me, especially since I loved the P7700 except for a few minor problems that the P7800 seems to have rectified.

    However I already sold it off and have no intention to go back to a compact camera sidekick until the Coolpix A and P7800 have a baby.

    Nikon needs to stop catering to the low end, how about some high-end love? Want me to pay $1200, give me an Coolpix A that doesn’t suck, IQ is great but if you’re asking $$$ I better get some pro-features too!

    • Pat Mann

      A Coolpix AZ with a 16-70 f/4 zoom would certainly tempt me. The 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 they’ll probably put on it, maybe not so much.

    • d7k2v2

      For $1250 you can get a Nikon V2, 18.5 f1.8, and a FT1 adapter for the rest of your glass. Better IQ, faster focusing.

  • Jonas from Sweden

    Did they just read your previous post?
    Here are one of the concept things at least – The LED-light …

    • The lack of announcement just did not make any sense. They had to reveal something new.

      • Thom Hogan

        I’m pretty sure there will be another announcement soon. I suspect Nikon is trying to avoid the IFA log jam. What little Nikon has ready to launch isn’t going to make as much of a splash as the Sony onslaught.

        • PeterT

          If it´s not a D400 🙂

        • nobody

          The rumoured D610 (with all the D7100 goodies) and the also rumoured high quality f4 DX standard zoom would be enough to make this Nikon user very happy 🙂
          Bring it on, Nikon!

        • I was told the D610 will be on display at the PDN show in NY at the end of next month. Not sure about the lenses.

        • Really?

          That’s a different tune ………

          • Thom Hogan

            Not sure what you mean. I mean that Nikon doesn’t have a big product blitz like Sony is shoveling out right now. We still seem to be in the launch a month club that Nikon has been using pretty much since the D4 in 2012.

  • Sebastian

    Aren’t these ultra compact, tiny-sensor point-and-shoot exactly what is being eaten alive by smart phones?

    • chouser

      Tought so, too. Maybe they were thinking if people prefer the crappy image image quality of smart phones over the better image qualtiy that point&shoots offer, why not make a point&shoot that offers the same crappy image quality that smart phones do…

      • Aldo

        There is an appeal to overexposed blurry images… To some people the less detail a camera shows the better 😛

    • ” Aren’t these ultra compact, tiny-sensor point-and-shoot exactly what is being eaten alive by smart phones?”

      Yes, but the capital outlay has already been made on the production line. Iterate a little bit, even in a declining market less profit is more palatable than the scary prospect of launching a new product category. See: Canon G16.

    • anon

      the p7800 and g16 and others of this type of compact are made for those who understand photography, keep cameras on them at all times but don’t want always haul a dslr, and want more from their cameras than what a simple P&S or smart phone can give. The differences between all these cameras (P&Ss, SmartPhone cameras, DSLRS) is not as much image quality as speed and ease of use. If you work in any sort of quick environment and like quick adjustments on your camera, ALL smart phone cams and P&Ss are useless to you because the menu systems are all disastrous to use. I tried the Samsung Galaxy cam. Image quality is actually not bad at low ISO, the touch screen manual mode SUCKS, SUCKS, and SUCKS more. These more advanced camera give a convenient pocket sized solution to photographers but offer great control and easy adjustment. Those things will NEVER be handled well in a touch screen menu driven camera/smartphone. I wish the P7800 was a 1.8 to 2.8 instead of 2.0 to 4.0. Then I might buy it in that case since carrying a gripped D800, 24-70, and 70-200 everywhere i go “just in case” is a bit ridiculous.

  • wanna new dslr

    The one thing I always liked about the P7000 series cameras (and I used to own a P7000) is the exposure compensation dial. I wish DSLRs had such a dedicated dial.

    Also, I like that they brought the viewfinder back.

    • Derek

      I don’t understand – do you mean that you just don’t want to hold the exposure compensation button down that turns one of the dials on any DSLR into an “exposure compensation dial”? Or am I missing something?

      • wanna new dslr

        Having used the compensation dial on the P7000 is just so convenient. Plus it provides instant feedback as to what it is set to. You may not think this is a big thing – but after using it on the P7000, it was really a handy thing.

        • istreetshooter

          I hear you. I love the compensation dial on my old Canon G10 because it does the job quickly and it is easy to remember that it has been set. I didn’t appreciate them in the film days, but I find them really handy on the body of digital cameras.

  • marvo pilich

    How long has it been since the release of p7700? Exactly!


    • Spacedog

      The p7700 is not the Successor of the 7100, it´s a standalone range if my memory is right. So the p7800 is the successor of the p7100 or the fusion of both. I like the concept and will have a closer look when it´s released.

      • Pablo Ricasso returned

        No it isn’t. It’s a replacement of a P7700 to which there were very little or no interest shown since its release 12 months ago.
        It’s a move to rescue their P7xxx line, it’s all it is.


    OK,for now, that takes care of the trash that none of us want .
    Now where is the stuff that would sell?

  • Stanley77

    cool flashlight!

  • Piggy Snow

    And that’s not all yet, folks. Just as I wrote before, wait for one more nice mirrorless. Can’t speak too much, because it’s highly confidential, I can only tell you that I’d definitely buy one, paired with a proper lens.

    • TimS

      That would be great. An APC sensor, built-in EVF/(OVF) and HQ lens choice. I’m reeeally trying to wait and give Nikon another chance to get it right before I switch from my Nikon system to Fuji-X series.

      • Jorge

        I now shoot primarily with the Fuji X-E1 and their amazing 18-55 and the uber sharp 35 F1.4. My D800, and D700 stay in the safe at home. I have a feeling, as I’ve mentioned before, that when Fuji finally releases the new 10-24 F4 by the end of the year, my dSLR kit will hit eBay.

    • Roger

      Unless its full frame, they shouldnt even bother

  • Spy Black

    There’s a surprising amount of noise in the P7800 tiger shot, and that’s base ISO. I have to double check the base ISO images from my Canon S110 (which has the same-sized sensor) and see if I get noise like that. I don’t remember seeing noise like that at base ISO.

    • Mato34

      I noticed that too. Looked carefully at that image and could only thought of the shadows being strongly pulled-up. Others ISO 80 pictures look quite clean (by compact standards).

  • Spy Black

    OK, I’ll wait for the SP-inspired FX mirrorless…

  • Oleg_M

    I look at Nikon last years, and I can’t beleive that formerly I was Nikon’s fan. Today Nikon and Canon for me are two boring rotting dinosaurs. Not these companies bring innovations today.

    • I sincerely hope neither of these companies become the next Kodak.

      Innovate, damnit! I want cool new stuff!

  • AM

    There is this rumor that claims that the D610 and the D5300 will be announced as early as next week. It doesn’t make sense, but here it is:

    • The funny thing is that they reference NikonRumors and I never said that, but it’s definitely possible. I was told that the D610 will be on display at the PDN show in NY at the end of next month.

  • Imagine if Nikon announced a V3 1 system camera with this exact body design for this exact price or perhaps slightly more. Seems plausible — more expensive sensor, shutter, and, possibly, electronics, but no lens.

    Heck, it might give us something to play with while we wait for our magic pony… Er D400.

  • sperdynamite

    Wow another 1/1.7″ sensor camera and a rather stupid looking video light for the camera system that is selling terribly. I AM…Behind the curve. Nikon is beginning to look like Pentax. Makes great cameras and lenses, but completely ignores what their users want.

  • sperdynamite

    Also did anybody notice all the sample images say “This image was shot with a sample camera that provides equivalent image quality.”

  • Roberto

    I always come here hoping to see the launch of a new camera equivalent to a replacement of d700. Nikon today cares even photographers keep true to your brand?

  • Rhonbo

    The 7800 is the camera Nikon should have given us years ago but now it’s really too late in the game. At $500+ and that small sensor it’s just not that exciting anymore. As one poster mentioned “behind the curve”

  • Stephen

    Sony reportedly has full-frame mirrorless cameras coming this year

  • PeterO

    I love this quote from dpreview describing the S02: “In possibly the most cringeworthy press release we’ve seen from a major manufacturer this year…” In reading the official press releases by Nikon for these products, it sounds like they are stuck in a time warp of a few years ago when there was only Canon to worry about and no advances have been made since then. In one of the press photos, the S02 sits atop an iPhone!!! What are they saying – that it’s as good as or better? Who is running this ship now and does Chairman Nikon have his family and friends making all the decisions based on what they think “chic” is? Do they not see what is being announced around them? Wow. .

  • Kyle Whitney

    I really hope the D610 has some Magic Lantern type features built in. Focus peaking, RGB zebras, waveform, spotmeter, false colors, raw video et al.

    • Kyle

      Focus peaking would be fantastic! I shoot a lot of video, and my main cam, a Sony NX5U has focus peaking. Love it.

    • chouster

      RAW video offered by nikon in one of their DSLR’s? Don’t want to offend you, but seriously, stop dreaming…

      • Kyle Whitney

        Seriously, hipster, nobody asked you.

        • chouster

          Man, don’t get me wrong. I really didn’t want to offend you. I know you did not ask me, because there was no question at all in post, I just felt free to comment on that. Do not call me a hipster since you know nothing about me. I’m a Nikon shooter and there’s nothing I would love more than shooting RAW video, but I’m quite sure that won’t be possible in near future, because I highly doubt that Nikon will give us that and unfortunately there’s no Magic-Lantern-thingy for us. The only way to shoot RAW video with a Nikon are the short 4K clips you can do with a V1 or V2. But hope dies last…

  • Aldo

    So they expect people to choose these over a 40mp cameraphone because …

    • JakeB

      If you don’t know the answer to that question then you should maybe look at other profession or a hobby…

      • Aldo

        Yeah I’m debating to buy one of these or a phone to shoot my next wedding…

        • callibrator

          Carry on like this and you may not have a wedding to shoot very soon.

          • Aldo

            I’m booked ’til the middle of next year and people keep calling… it will be a while.

            • Jozef Povazan

              I would love to see your last 10 weddings man 🙂 you must be a cool first shooter, but maybe on playstation IMO – wanna share a link with us to your portfolio ..? Thanks. J

            • Aldo

              What you would really love is to believe that I’m lying. If you pay me I’ll gladly upload pictures of my last 10 events mr guest.

      • Aldo
  • Harry

    Sorry this might seem stupid but what does the 7800 bring that the 7700 did not have? Nothing in the spec appeared obvious to me apart from the fact that the 7800 is in fact taller and heavier than the 7700 🙂

    • Ric


  • Ric

    The big change is a viewfinder! Why isn’t that being hyped?

  • Pat Mann

    For someone wanting to upgrade their Coolpix 5000, this would probably be something to look at. The sensor is a bit smaller, but improvements in technology probably make up for that in low-light sensitivity. And it’s half the price to boot!

  • Kyle

    Why a video light?? There are already many good choices on video lights in that price range… with similar or better output.

  • a4

    Cool Nikon, after so many years you have finally learnt to use the EVF in the P line. So just a few more years and you’ll learn to build it around a 1″ sensor. Then I’ll start giving a damn.

    • Aldo

      nikon learnt the job slow… but now… they know it by heart!

  • RvdK

    As a Nikon fan, I start to get worried .. Nikon appeared to be disappointed by the slow sales of the Coolpix cameras in Europe and the US, but they should realise that their new products are more and more lagging. I am hesitating to buy the Sony, hoping Nikon would come out with something special, but no, again ols “news”. Time for a management change, if not Nikon will soon be taken over … I hope, at least they have a chance of survival.

  • Shutterbug

    All of a sudden Nikon 1 is, as far as accessory goes again up to date! (The LED Light wouldn’t make sense only for the Coolpix A) Pretty brave for a system they want to “rethink”, huh? Smashing V3 to come? 😉

  • BroncoBro

    I haven’t seen this camera, but I thought the P7700 was a pretty good little device that made more than decent pictures. It has a fast lens with a decent range. You couldn’t use too big of a sensor without making the lens and the rest of the camera a lot bigger (imagine the size and weight of an 18-135 f/2-4 for a D300s (or D400…..=) ). The addition of a viewfinder compels me to give this thing a look as a camera to toss into the center console and have ready for a quick grab shot.

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