Another rumored Nikon 1 lens: collapsible Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR zoom


The current Nikon 1 lens lineup

In addition to the V3 mirrorless camera  and 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD VR lens, Nikon is also rumored to announce a new 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR zoom for the Nikon 1 system. The new lens will feature very advanced optics with SuperED glass and Nano coating. The official announcement t is expected this month.

Update #1: this Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR zoom lens is also rumored to be collapsible like the recently announced 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6G DX lens.

Update #2: Nikon has already filed a patent for 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens (FX equivalent: 190-810mm) designed for a camera with 1" sensor:

Nikon 1 70-300mm f:4-5.6 lens patent

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  • Morris

    i saw 300 and i jumped

    • lord eels

      the sony rx folks brag about their sensor size

      • ohnocanon

        Nikon and Canon didn’t get this right. Sony did get it right…First Full Frame Mirrorless Camera. I will take the Sony over that small mess Nikon calls a V1.2.3…around 10 or so..Nikon should be able to catch up to Sony. lol

        • neversink

          I agree. However, there is a niche for this camera. Climbers, Hikers, Backpackers, Kayakers. These cameras are quick and easy to use and lightweight. Is the IQ as good as a full frame. No Way. It never will be. Those shooting with full frame lenses on the 1 series are only fooling themselves.

          • groucher

            But the IQ is easily good enough for A3 prints and even the old v1 has 5 times the resolution of an HD television frame if you view via slide shows.

            I shoot wildlife with the v1 and 300mm f4 FF lens and no, I’m not fooling myself. It gives me 800mm equiv. at f4. 60 fps gives me results that the boys using DX and FF at our local bird sanctuary can only dream of.

            • neversink

              ahhh.. Can you go beyond A3 prints.

              And don’t forget, there is more to image quality than comparing crop factors. You will receive better image quality if you crop a full frame photo than shoot the equivalent on a cx sensor. The difference in sensor size between full frame and cx is quite important. It’s not just about comparing megapixels. However, I know I would enjoy using the Nikon 1 series cameras. I also understand its limitation. And I certainly don’t need to shoot at 60fps. It’s great for video. But some of the greatest wildlife photos are obtained through patience and observation, not through machine gunning it. However, I still may purchase one of these babies. But I digress….
              Concerning sensor size, I wrote this on another page on this site:

              “….the bigger the sensor, the more light will hit each individual photsite or photocell and the more information will be captured via a the larger sensor than a smaller sensor. So, with the bigger sensors you will see less noise, greater performance in darker, or low-light situations, much better dynamic range and of course this ultimately leads to better image quality and better pics. And of course larger sensors need more expensive and bigger lenses.
              It’s not a matter of simple mathematics and comparing megapixels to the area. You have the crop factor, but you are not going to have the same quality image at the end of the day.
              What do you think? Am i missing the mark somewhere? It’s not just about megapixels.”

            • I’ve printed 16×20 no problem.

              Low light / indoor shooting is definitely an advantage of Full Frame over CX.

              But outdoor, and in good light (or indoor with flash) the results are pretty impressive.

              If you’re a landscape photographer you might want to squeeze as much DR as you can but apart from that and high-contrast situations, with proper exposure the 11 stops of dynamic range of the V1 is very adequate (and on-par or close to most micro 4/3 cameras).

              For street, portrait, sport and other images many like myself even opt for *less* DR in post by boosting contrast.

            • neversink

              Hi Mars Observer, what did you think of the quality of the print?
              There is no doubt that when I get back to the states, i am going to have to test out a Nikon 1 camera and some lenses. It is very tempting. Thanks for your reply.

            • Print quality was great. The print was donated to a charity auction and raised the most out of about a dozen different images that various artists had donated. I feel like I could print a little larger even… maybe 20×24… but 16×20 is really as large as I ever print now-a-days. So for that, 10MP is more than enough 🙂

              For me, the issue of MP’s is really one more of ‘cropability’. I generally don’t crop my images much, but the 24MP of my Sony A7 is a ‘nice to have’ for that reason, compared to the 10MP of my V1 or 12MPs of the D700. 🙂

            • artgriffo

              For larger prints have you heard of RESIZE by ‘on one software’ does a superb job… Nothin’ wrong with the V1 or V2 for me even for sports, just a little too small in the hands for my liking IMO… it knocks spots off the Nex cameras… I always felt the files from the Nex weren’t right with turquiosie(y) skies etc. and the back screen of the NEX 3,4 and 5 was awful to frame in bright sunlight…

            • neversink

              Never used On One software. So you like the colors and the contrast and IQ from your 1 series camera, I take it.

            • artgriffo

              Sorry I didn’t reply – I switched – Er yes to Fuji X-E1 a 1.5 crop – Nothing wrong with Nikon v1 it was just too small in my hands thats all….

            • groucher

              Neversink: “But some of the greatest wildlife photos are obtained through patience and observation, not through machine gunning it”.

              Very true. However, 60fps does expand the capabilities of the camera and ‘machine gunning’ is appropriate in some circumstances. For example, the v1 is excellent for capturing small birds in flight and allows me to discover things about their flight techniques that aren’t apparent when using the D800 due to its slow frame rate and buffer limitations.

              Cropping D800 images down to a similar resolution to the V1 almost doubles the equivalent focal length of the lens and gives slightly better IQ than I get with V1. But that magic 60fps is missing.

            • neversink

              Like I’ve said. You are convincing me. i am going to test it for a day when I get a chance. It won’t be for awhile. My only concern is that it feels like a toy in my hands. In other words, I am worried about it being flimsy and breaking down and not holding up to extreme weather conditions, but I guess that is what the AW1 is all about. I am also not a big fan of EVF. But this little camera is definitely a compromise, but one I am willing to take, if my eye approves of my tests.
              Well, it’s the Nikon 1 or a Phase 1….. I think I’ll go for the little guy!!!!! If i want medium format I’ll dust of my old Hassys and Mamiyas and load up some film. It’s a lot cheaper and does a better job, but of course there is no instant gratification.

            • d7k2v2

              Regarding the argument of photons hitting pixels, I performed an experiment based on just that, the results I think are debatable


            • Photdog

              Come on! FF
              has roughly a 7 times larger sensor than the Nikon 1 System and the pixel
              density of a V2 would be the equivalent of a 105 MP in FF. No Nanocoating can
              make up for that.

              If sensor
              size wouldn’t matter all MF Makers would have filed bankruptcy as the sensor of
              e.g. the Pentax 645D is “just” 1.7 times larger than FF.

              The only
              thing that Nikon 1 has going for its system is size and AF speed. Your
              satisfaction with it is a subjective thing, of which I seriously doubt that it
              can held objective true. If you talk about wildlife I’d like to compare
              sharpness and microcontrast of an animal’s fur which you say to pull close
              which a 300 respectively 800mm.

              I’ve used
              the V1. The user interface is horrible. No direct controls no serious flash
              etc. Taking in consideration that you have to dive into the menu for little
              things already the camera is slow!

              astonishing thing is that Nikon insists to stick with this fail, while other
              makers like Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji are now offering the high end of the
              mirrorless system cameras.

              Though they
              themselves said in the recent fair interview that Nikon 1 is only running well
              in Japan. When will Nikon realize that they produce aside from the market?

              I seriously
              doubt that a typical Nikon 1 buyer will invest into a wealth of lenses. This
              would be a dead investment anyway as in soon time the system camera market will
              evolve leaving high end compacts for the sake of size and weight and the simple
              Point & Shoot replacements, while Nikon 1 is still too expensive for the

              At the same
              time Nikon spent development energy in this section which they could better use
              in the DSLR market and accordingly lenses. Sigma, Tamron and Tokina going
              towards high IQ competing with Nikon lenses on the lower price continuum and
              Zeiss -though still not offering
              AF- are getting share from the upper end
              of the continuum.

              But Nikon
              does not react. It is a dangerous gamble businesswise. Especially as everybody
              knows that the next MP generation will wipe 95% of the existing lens line up
              off the map. That Canon is in the same boat may be a comfort, but it doesn’t
              constitute a future strategy! I bet a 54 MP FF sensor (2,25 x 24 MP DX) is
              ready since a while. But neither company dare to launch it, because of their
              lenses. If 54 MP would be desirable for the photographers right now is a
              different story.

            • My primary method for viewing photographs is a 60″ HD TV, and old 6MP photos from the D50 (which was only about a stop better than my V1) look fabulous on it. Generally people don’t look at giant prints with a magnifying glass from a range of 6″, so the whole business of you need X to print at Y is pretty much garbage anyway.

          • KnightPhoto

            The Nikon 1 series IQ is ballpark as good as the trusty ol’ D200, but in a much more friendly to carry package. Nothing particular wrong with that is there? Especially as the Nikon 1 higher ISOs are handled much better on the Nikon 1 than they ever were on the D200.

            • neversink

              Nothing wrong with photos from the old D200 – except that there is now the D800 and the D4….. But I am going to test out this baby when I get a chance. i have been skeptic, and when I first held it in my hand, it felt like a toy. all these little p&s and mirrorless cameras feel like toys to me.

        • lamazn

          mmm and sony is full of lenses yeah!
          ahaha stfu, with the sonuy playstation you can only put a jupiter on it! go and buy a real camera and not a playstation …fuji!

        • I have both. For me, they are very different cameras/tools. One is a hammer, the other is a scalpel.

        • Remains to be seen whether Sony got anything right. Canon and Nikon can easily build DSLRs (or mirrorless FF cameras) that aren’t much bigger than the Sony A7/A7R (after all, the effective size is dictated by the grip depth and attached lens — the Sony A7/r + lens is not appreciably smaller than, say, a D3300 + lens. Meanwhile, Sony needs to convince significant numbers of buyers to jump on a system with 3 lenses, one mediocre and two awesome but really expensive, having a reputation for creating “systems” with pathetic lens support. How to NEX owners feel about having invested in a system that never got a proper range of lenses right now? Feeling lucky? How about A900, A800, or A99 owners? Or A77 owners? Or RX1 owners?

          Nikon D300s shooters feel like they’re in an abusive relationship. How must Sony owners feel?)

    • Yair

      Me as well. Admin – any info on the rumored 300 f/4 VR?

  • Val1s

    300×2.7 = 810 mm equiv.

    • Morris

      but cx sensor -_-

    • Mansgame

      lol with that tiny sensor, you’re lucky to get camera phone results.

      • Adrian Gopal

        Camera phone results? Sure about that?..

        This photo was taken with the AW1 + FT1 + TC201 + 400mm IF-ED f5.6 lens. I think its decent quality.

        • Morris

          whats that ‘TC201’

          • Adrian Gopal

            TC-201 – 2x Tele-Convertor. Predecessor of the TC20..

        • jvossphoto

          Looks way underexposed.

          • Adrian Gopal

            THank you.. thats how I like it.. just as how I see it..

        • Peter N

          Actually the iPhone sensor is as tiny compared to the AW1 like the AW1 is tiny compared to a full frame camera, just saying

        • Mansgame

          The moon doesn’t too fast. Try shooting a bird in flight and see how it goes.

          • Adrian Gopal

            Yes.. a bird in flight is likely to be faster than the moon. But birding isnt what I am into. So fast focus tracking isnt all that necessary for me. As someone pointed out somewhere down in threads, this may interest certain people and not others. The initial point was that the CX sensor is no better than a camera phones sensor, which I disputed. Perhaps for birding the good old DSLR (DX for crop or FX) is their choice. I have been shooting these images on manual focus lenses btw.

      • ShaoLynx

        Yo, buddy, you got some experience with that?
        Here’s a picture i took with my V1 and a few extras.
        People seemed to like it enough, though.

        • Adrian Gopal

          I like it.. did you over sharpen a little too much?

          • AM

            I kind of like shots of the moon when it is not full. At full moon, the sunlight is hitting directly on the moon and details of craters are lost.
            Your shot was a better timing as we can see better detailed craters. However, as someone else pointed out, it is a bit underexposed, at least for my liking.

            • Adrian Gopal

              Yup. It is a underexposed. I am not disputing that fact, my earlier reply wasn’t accurate though. It was how it was the day I shot it, wasn’t that bright, and had thin clouds in front of it. So, for what the point of argument was, that the CX sensor is no better than a camera phone sensor, despite the low light quality, iso setting and shutter speeds, quite a bit of details were still present in the shot. Albeit it was taken with RAW and converted using Nikon’s raw output to jpeg. Coupled with a 1977 400mm lens and optical lost from the TC-201, I think the CX sensor is more than up to task in delivering lovely details..just saying.. Thank you for the comments too..

        • jvossphoto

          Now that’s a nice exposure;6)

          • Aldo

            Though the exposure may be more pleasant to the eye… there is A LOT more detail in the other photograph. Both are awesome shots… but I prefer the other one.

        • Mansgame

          Oh great, another moon picture.

          • ShaoLynx

            Since you’re changing the subject i take that as your confirmation that your initial point was like a broken pencil… Pointless.

      • cppguy16

        The V3 has a good sensor, much better than the V1, especially at base ISO. It can track moving subjects, too. In good light, it should be a reasonable safari setup. It won’t substitute a D800 + 400 f/2.8, but the V3 is incomparably better than a camera phone.

  • PhotoAl

    Sounds great, finally a long native lens so I can use all the V2’s focus points! I hope this turns out to be true.

  • Eric Calabros

    probably Nikon answer for D400 whiners: you shoot birds? Here is v3 and 200-800 equivalent that fits in your backpack 🙂

    • Mansgame

      It’s a nice toy.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Very insightful. I’ll bet you were grinning like the Cheshire cat when you wrote that. Um… That was sarcasm in case you missed it.

  • That would be amazing!

  • Adrian Gopal

    Almost fell of my chair.. did you say 300?.. that’s a dream lens for me. I have been enjoying shooting the moon with my AW1+FT1+400mm lens.. but it looks and feel very off-balance. Effective focal length of 800mm.. Nice.. droooooooolll…. I hope it comes with a tripod mount though.. give it more balance.

    • Think small

      I love to see the V3 plus 70-300 mm lens. Mean time I will enjoy my 32 mm and 6.7 -13 mm lens. System 1 will be a small system camera good for Wildlife and Travel photography. It will be quite a complete system once Nikon will to release the macro lens in the near future. I have 6 Nikkor 1 lens. With two more future lens I can pack them in a smaller camera bag. That will be great.

      • Adrian Gopal

        The 6.7-13mm is a beautiful lens.. I love it very much. Surprisingly for a lens that small, its results are very sharp and lovely. If I can have the V3 with a better grip and 6.7-13, I like the the 10-100 too very nice lens. 70-300 would really complete the system in my opinion.

  • nuck

    all this is just D4s drool interference….

  • Sonikon

    I almost got excited thinking it would be a 70-300 VR updated with VRIII to go match the new high MP full frame cameras

    Though I think It’s quite possible that the V3 could have improved high ISO performance. I mean it is a 1inch sensor after all. If Sony can get excellent performance out of a 1inch sensor I don’t see why Nikon can’t especially with the expeed4 to help out.

    Throw in a big ass buffer to allow for shooting 30FPS for 120 RAW files would be AMAZING.

    • YS

      RAM is cheap; the V2 has 512MB. 2GB would have given it a 160 raw file buffer.

  • lord eels

    all I can say is GOOD LUCK hand holding that tiny camera steady at 300mm w/ high pixel density CX

    • Studor13

      I’ve used my V1 with 70-200mm + 1.4 TC + FT1. There are no issues for me.

      The 70-300 is going to be a breeze.

      And almost 900mm reach to boot!

      • lord eels

        little bit of a size difference there, knucklehead

      • Patrick O’Connor

        900mm angle of view…not reach.

      • Mansgame

        Well aren’t you special. I know a guy who once ate a whole pizza. Can you top that?

        • AM

          I once ate a whole pizza with Tabasco sauce.

          • Mansgame

            That is impressive. An up vote for you!

  • winc06

    Seems like a mistake in the rumor mill was made. Not a reasonable next lens for the Nikon 1 in my opinion and the proposed 35mm equivalent of 89- 810mm is just weird. A macro, a fast truly wide angel, and a single focal length longer lens is missing from the line up and should be higher priority. No doubt in my mind that they are stating the equivalent, not actual focal length and is probably a new 30-110, designed to match the new 10-30.

    A new high quality lens is good news though since it makes the rumored stripped of features V3 unlikely, or more likely it is a J4 and the V3 will be a more capable form. I hope.

    • preston

      I agree 100%. This just seems WEIRD. The one person that would love this (Adrian Gopal) is outweighed by the thousands that would prefer one of the classic focal lengths for the 1 system.

      • could be, unless it was 70-300mm equivalent

        • Morris

          what would it be in nikon 1 terms ?

          • I am not sure if the focal length given to me (70-300mm) was the Nikon 1 equivalent or the FX equivalent.

            • Cyrille Berger

              If it is the FX equivalent, it could be the AW variant for the 30-110.

      • Adrian Gopal

        Yeah.. my needs may not be everyones needs.. and I am cool with that.. Though I suspect, its going to be 70-300 equivalent in 35mm format, since the 30-110mm is missing from stock everywhere.

        • Daniel Holzer

          I’m going to be seriously disappointed if the new CX lens is another 30-110mm (even if it adds PD or AW).

    • _sem_

      To the contrary, I think a native long tele is just what would make good sense for the small-sensored N1 system. Assuming that it can be made lighter than the DX 55-300, and preferrably with better resolution.

  • whisky

    looking forward to comparisons with Fx equivalents.

  • Manfred

    I don’t believe this, more likely seems a new 70-300 for FX sensor.

    • This is a possibility – maybe something got lost in translation.

      • Morris

        still hoping for ‘the’ 300 prime on fx :p

      • Morris

        hope the rumours people (not you, your source) thought it’s nikon1 just because it’s the v3 announcement day

        • I am hoping to get some more info after this post.

  • Guest

    Great news. Some really cool optics in this 1system now. Third time lucky at making a similarly impressive body? We’ll see.

  • Quick update: the lens is also rumored to be collapsible.

    • Fred Flintstone

      I’ve just collapsed!

  • flashdash

    f/4.5-5.6 for CX really doesn’t interest me….

    Nikon, please make a 300mm f/2.8 or 400mm f/2.8 special for CX..

    so it’s not to big and heavy.

    • Cyrille Berger

      The law of physics say that the diameter for a lens is a minimum of (focal length / maximum aperture). Hence a 300mm f/2.8 has a minimum diameter of 107mm and 400mm f/2.8 142mm, and that is part of why those lenses are big and heavy. And making them for N1 will only make them marginally smaller and marginally lighter and marginally cheaper, that is why such lenses are extremely unlikely.

  • roccotam

    How about 300 f/4 VR for FX?…..still waiting for this lens…any news?

    • If there is something new, I would report it on the blog.

  • Mato34

    It looks very appealing to me. Quite often I go to my local airport with one of my V1’s plus the FT-1 and 70-300 VR FX lens, and get stunning results. Same 70-300 focals but in a smaller package sounds great to me!

  • Cesar

    Nothing to see here. Move on, move on…

  • ageha

    I need that lens!

  • Magnus

    Strange. And even more strange is the lack of a macro lens for the 1 system. A 2,7:1 apparent (not true) reproduction scale with good DOF properties should be great for any macro photographer who isn’t too interested in photo stacking etc.

    And… when are they going to add a focus ring to the lenses in the Nikon 1 lineup? I can’t shoot at nighttime with my S1 if the camera can’t find anything to focus on, unless I switch in the menu to MF, which is very cumbersome to use. A macro lens would definitely need a focus ring.

    • PhotoAl

      Well, the 32mm f/1.2 has a focus ring with manual override so I wouldn’t be surprised if they added one to a native macro lens (if one does come out).

  • Quasimodo

    Collapsing company with collapsing customer base makes collapsing lenses!

    • neversink

      I haven’t heard any rumors or evidence that Nikon is collapsing or will eventually go out of business. Please inform us. Thanks.

    • AM

      The world is collapsing anyway.

    • ronin

      Nikon stock up up up since the release of the Df.
      Nikon remains profitable year after year. Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Ricoh, can only wish they had Nikon’s problems.

  • DaveR43

    A patent for 70-300 f/4-5.6 Cx lens was described on Nikon Rumors November 20th 2013 last year:

    The source at the Egami blog link has this info:

    Description and self-interpretation of the patent literature

    Patent Publication No. 2013-210475
    Publication date 2013.10.10
    Filing date 2012.3.30

    Example 1
    Focal length f = 72.10-135.70-291.00mm
    Fno. 4.13-4.5-5.77
    Angle of view 2ω = 13.0-6.9-3.2 °
    Image height Y = 8.19mm
    229.4-235.8-234.5mm in total length
    20 pieces of 13-group lens configuration
    Six ED glass
    Three fluorite

    • I forgot about that patent. Thanks! I updated my post.

  • phosgene

    …just enough to make it look like they care

  • decisivemoment

    Nice. One little worry is that I don’t see the 32 1.2 in that lineup picture. Hope that’s just an oversight by whoever provided it.

    • PhotoAl

      It also doesn’t have the non AW 10mm f/2.8 or the 18.5mm f/1.8, so I wouldn’t worry much.

  • Wally Brooks

    I use a V1 FT1 and Nikon 70-300. Amount other gear. Use a tripod for image quality, stupid! Post to Facebook you throw pixels away. Bigger image size, don’t use it, post online you are throwing away pixels away, need to crop you are not close enough, capture action shoot continuous and throw away what does not work. Nikon CX camera body design is garbage compared to everything else. You work around gear shortcomings to make good images. The good image part is up to you not your gear.

  • Can you tell the difference between shots taken with the full frame Nikon D700, and the 1″ Nikon V1?

    Probably… but in most shooting situations, I think he difference is much more subtle than most people realize.

    I invite you to take this (just for fun) test and remember, as a photo enthusiast, your eye is much more discerning that that of the average person. The test is at the very bottom of the post below:

    • Mansgame

      The test is meaningless because they could intentionally overprocess the 1 pictures and take bad d700 pictures. Also, the D700 is a 6 year old body. Why not be fair and try it with a D610, D800, or D4s and see.

    • DaveR43

      Very amusing court case… 🙂

      I didn’t try to guess which was which though…

  • Brilliant

    Brilliant, can’t wait. Here is some portable wildlife kit!

  • stoooopid

    I wish Nikon would make some nice optics for DX. Seems they have forgotten about DX. Why not a nice 50-150 f/4 with weather sealing in DX?

    • Mansgame

      If someone cares that much about their images, they will be on full frame anyway. Sorry, but that’s just it. DX was a placeholder. DX bought just enough time for the FX sensor prices to come down and bring in revenue for the camera makers but it offered nothing technically.

      • stoooopid

        I agree that DX is a place holder until all Nikon bodies are either FX, or CX. However, NIkon currently sells many more DX than FX. So I am asking for a “place holder” nice lens until I can get my hands on an FX body.

  • Jeremy Allen

    I have used my wife’s J1. It is decent, but has drawbacks, especially in low light (poor high ISO performance). Still to be able to carry such a wide variety of focal lengths in very small packages has an advantage to the mobile photographer. This lens, although slow at some focal lengths, might be good for wildlife photographers who are a) on a budget, and b) not wanting to haul that much weight around.

  • peevee

    Are they coming to their senses? The small sensor is MADE for tele and macro. The fact that they did not have the lenses to exploit their only advantage was very strange.

  • rhlpetrus

    I have decided not to invest anything more in the N1 system unless Nikon releases a fast midrange zoom. It would ideally be 9-28 f/2 but f/2.8 would also be ok. Fast primes are ok, but the slow midrange zooms are horrible, in more than one sense (the distortion of the 10-30 at the lower end is pathetic). I actually am thinking of getting a midlevel m43 body as a travel-light camera, which is what the V1 is useful for. The GX7 looks like a great little camera.

  • Jeff Curtner

    Wow, so it’s actual 70-300mm instead of equivalent. With VR and decent AF this could be the killer toy for the bird shooters.

  • vknikonshooter

    I am looking at the AW1 and the retractable super tele-zoom sounds like exactly what I need. I wonder if Nikon will be able to make a retractable lens weather proof? Sounds difficult. But if they are able to do it, its just what I’ll need.

  • DaveR43

    I hope it is available soon after announcement this month – we’re planning a trip to a safari park at the end of April!

  • Antonio Mario

    Alright!… 70-300mm (~190-810mm FOV) *System 1* lens… Now THAT’s what we birders have been waiting for for the Nikon 1 series!…

    Admin: any $$ guesstimate?…

  • Adrian Gopal

    Waiting with bated breath.. wonder how much it is going to be priced at? and availability?.. 2 more days to go..

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