Additional Nikon 1 V3 camera details

Some new information on the upcoming Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera:

  • The new external grip will not take any batteries, but it will have a shutter button and front dial
  • Optical viewfinder - this is where I am a bit confused. I think the camera will have an optical viewfinder and an optional EVF as previously reported.
  • Expeed 4a imaging processor
  • The camera design will be similar to the sketch above, but it will be all black (not sure if they will offer different colors)
  • The official announcement is expected in March (most likely in mid-March)

Previously reported Nikon 1 V3 specifications:

  • Completely new camera design
  • Very fast everything
  • 18MP sensor
  • External (probably optional) 2.4MP electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Eye sensor and a button to switch between LCD and EVF
  • 180° swivel LCD screen
  • New grip (also probably optional, not sure if it will have batteries)
  • New Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD VR zoom lens
  • The official announcement will be in the next 1-2 months
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  • If the sketch is accurate, count me out. The V2 was ALMOST everything I wanted in a mirrorless… If this v3 is the way they are going ergonomically… Then I probably just will never get into mirrorless.

    • SteveHood

      Fortunately you still have mirrorless options beyond Nikon.

      • groucher

        But the other options are nowhere near as good if you’re into action photography.

        • SteveHood

          The Sony A6000 seems to have made a big improvement with Continuous AF. Looks like it performs very similar to the Nikon 1 now.

        • Jon Ingram

          I’ve heard the Fuji Xt-1 is good for action photography, but haven’t used it myself. Great lenses for that system and very light too. You are right that Nikon seems to be the best at mirrorless AF, although others are catching up or have caught up by now.

          • Bob

            None of the mirrorless cameras are ideal for action photography, though the best by far right now would be either Fuji’s new XT-1 or the Olympus OM-D E-M1 (which uses both phase and contrast detect technology).

            • dgr

              If only they had the longer glass. That’s what makes anything coming out of Nikon or Canon more preferable.

            • Jon Ingram

              Fuji has lenses that go beyond 300mm equivalence…, which is longer than the V options. They are also releasing a super-telephoto later this year which will probably go out to a minimum of 600mm equivalence.

            • dgr

              I prefer 300-600 with 800-1200 equivalence. 😉

              I’m not about to run out and get a mirrorless camera for long telephotos anyway.

          • xarafan

            Lenses for the X-system are also quite a bit more expensive than 1 Nikkor-lenses.

  • peppino

    Is the sensor always cx format or apsc format?

    • dannytang

      If they went DX (APS-C), they would need to release a whole new set of lenses, wouldn’t they?

      • PhotoAl

        That is correct

      • Jon Ingram

        Yes… but then again I think the Nikon V camera’s only have about 8 lenses total, give or take…, remarkably small given how long they have been on the market

        • guest

          and most of those lenses are duplications of others in the set…

      • dgm

        Why would they be using the existing lens linup ?

        • dgm

          sorry meant *NOT* be using ….

          • Chris Tucker

            Because the basic specifications for existing F-mount lenses were set in 1959 for 35mm film SLRs with a mirror box. Nikon is trying to make the N1 series smaller.

    • thomas

      Currently all Nikon’s mirrorless use a CX sensor which is a 1 inch sensor.

  • vi1nian

    Perhaps it is simply an “optional” viewfinder and not optical?

    • manhattanboy

      This is most certainly correct as there is no way to feed an optical image without some sort of mirror.

      • V1nian

        Well… they could put a gimmick straight-thru viewfinder like on older compacts 🙂

        However, that would waste a lot of space they could otherwise use inside the camera body, and would be just that: a gimmick.

        • El Aura

          You mean like the Fuji X100 or the X-Pro 1?

          • nwcs

            No, their OVF is quite functional. You should look it up.

            • El Aura

              Mine was a sarcastic remark to V1nian who seemed to imply that optical viewfinders on non-DSLRs are just gimmicks. Already manhattanboy’s post was a write-before-thinking, but V1nian’s post was just a knee-jerk reaction.

            • nwcs

              Gotcha. I just don’t understand the fanboyism complex. Nikon makes great stuff I enjoyed all my Nikons up to and including the D800. I also think Fuji makes great stuff. Same as the other camera makers.

            • Jon Ingram

              Yeah I agree, just because I love Nikon Dslr’s (which I do, a lot), doesn’t mean I have to adore all of their other attempts at cameras. In my opinion, Fuji mirror-less is WAY better than Nikon’s attempts. Some people just have insane brand loyalty and assume that everything produced by other companies are no good.

            • denz

              Then you have the trolls who seem to get paid for their trolling lol.

            • Kim Seng

              It is not a matter of fanboy or not. The Nikon System 1 system is a more flexible if you are a Nikon SLR user. All the old Nikon SLR lens can be use in Nikon 1 system. With that I can shoot right from super micro to super telephoto. Before that I use to carry only 3 SLR lens in my camera bag for the trip. Now I can carry 6 Nikkor 1 lens, 1 micro lens and one long lens in the same camera bag. Nikon SLR user will choose System 1 camera instead of Fuji or Sony or Olympus. If I will to buy other system camera I may have to start buying other new lens again.

            • nwcs

              I’m using a Nikon 400 f5.6 on my Fuji X-E2. Much nicer than trying it on my V1.

            • denz

              But with an adapter? No thanks.

            • nwcs

              Works pretty well, actually.

  • Jorge

    Can we say copy Fuji?

  • DesertCat

    Given the confusion over the viewfinder, it almost makes me wonder if we may see the unveiling of the Nikon patent for a large hybrid viewfinder that was reported back in December of 2012.

  • decisivemoment

    The optical viewfinder doesn’t make any sense, and I can only assume that it’s a reference to the chimping display and the optional EVF (which ought to be built in). The Df front control dial doesn’t make any sense either and I wish Nikon would see the light and turn it 90 degrees and make it like front command dials on other Nikon bodies. Otherwise, looks good. For this type of camera I prefer this form factor for most uses over the V2, and the accessory grip should take care of handling issues that are raised relative to the V2 with larger lenses.

    Once again I can’t help wondering if that protruding lens mount means some significant waterproofing is in the works, because that’s what you have to do with a Nikon 1 lens mount in order for the gaskets on the AW lenses to fit. Perhaps that’s why they’re making the viewfinder an add-on? Something that’s not practical in a waterproof camera?

  • decisivemoment

    While we’re at it, two more lenses would really transform this into a serious format. One would be an additional standard lens, 18.5mm, except in f1.2. The other would be a fast wide-angle, probably 1.4 or 1.8, somewhere in the 10 to 13 range. You’d have a really remarkable package for low light documentary and street photography, D4 speed if they do it right, but smaller than MFT or DX size, and with highly competitive image quality given the secret sauce Nikon seems to have for their sensors.

    • Studor13

      Yes, I have the 18.5mm f1.8 and it is an excellent lens. The 32mm f1.2 is said to be great but the price….

      Something around 350 eur for a 18.5mm f1.2 would be a fair price but I doubt that it’s going to happen.

      • whisky

        stud … when the 58mm f1.2 was first announced, at $795 it was 2x the $ of the 50mm f1.4.

        most photographers balked — especially as the 50mm f1.4 was already more than twice the price of the common 50mm f1.8.

        looking back > 4x the $ of the f1.8 proved to be more than a fair price, as today a minty 58mm f1.2 will sell in the $4~5K range.

        just say’n. 🙂

    • Guest

      The lens they most want to make to tempt people to this system is the 70-300 that was talked about a while back. That would be an insanely useful tele, duplicating primes they already make- like they have done with the zooms- is just dumb.

      • decisivemoment

        Yes, and if the VR is as insanely good as on the 30-110 — a CX 70-300 or even 70-220 (which would be about 600 equivalent) would transform the attitudes of every birder out there towards this system.

  • MattG

    Please oh please, the battery from one of the current DSLRs, as the V1 did. Having one system of batteries is so much easier.

  • Peter

    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
    I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
    And I know, I know, I know, I know
    I know I want you, want you

    • Henry_J_M

      Oooh, boy, I want to love you
      Feel you, wrap myself around you
      I want to squeeze you, please you
      No, I just can’t get enough
      And if you move real slow
      I’ll let it go

  • Aldo

    Any news on the price Admin?

  • rufu

    Not a Frankenstein or Borg like the DF please.
    Wonder why 18MP when great 10 Mp show to be so good on the V1.
    Don’t let me down again Nikon if this is nice I will buy even at hi price.

    • Chris Tucker

      yeah 10mp seems wiser. But too many people equate megapixels with quality … so … Nikon has to play the dumb megapixel game I guess.

      • ohnocanon

        Humm…10mp and a woefully small sensor… is 2014.

        • Chris Tucker

          I don’t have a problem with the small sensor. It allows for a small camera and fast frame rates, small lenses, lower price, etc etc. Not everything has to be 8×10″ or 4×5″ or 36x24mm.

      • decisivemoment

        I’m not so sure about that. With some of the new sensors we’re seeing that more megapixels can — if used right — be an effective strategy for D-range and high ISO. This particularly applies to downsampling; look at the phone cams on the new Nokia phones.

        • Chris Tucker

          I’m content with dynamic range and ISO performance on the V1 already.

    • ShaoLynx

      Well, a guy at the local photoclub got himself a Df, and so I had a little hands-on with the camera. It’s the silver one.
      And I must say: it looks neat, well polished, nice and shiny and retro. And the IQ that came out of it was really good and clean.

      • Jon Ingram

        Sure, I would by one as a D800 back-up if it had a similar price-tag to the D610 or somewhere in between… but it doesn’t.

    • stoooopid

      yes, I thought the same – keep it at 10MP please. Just make it a really sweet 10MP.

      • Chris Tucker

        I agree!

  • ShaoLynx

    OVF?! No Nikon, you can’t do that.
    Go back to acquiring experience with EVF. Perfect it and put it in your top models so you can go full mirorless.
    And I want a fully functional HUD in that EVF, showing me a realtime histogram. And while you’re at it: add wifi and GPS in camera, continue to increase DR,… And I’ll buy it. Your D8 that is.

    • Nikon User

      Nikon is about what Nikon wants, not Nikon users want.

      • mikeswitz

        Nikon is about making money for their shareholders.

        • Guest

          Which they might be able to do again if they listened to what users want. They don’t though which is why the shareholders should bail, or preferably demand new management.

          • mikeswitz

            Really, and on which corporate board do you sit on?

    • lord eels

      use an EVF in low light and get back to me.

  • Gra

    but it is finally possible to buy only the V3 body?

  • Ian Lee

    This could be very good. Hopefully they didn’t mess up the great sensor balance of the V1 with such an increase in MP. If the controls are well laid out we may have at last the V we have been waiting for.

  • catfish252

    Too bad it will be all black — it looks pretty sharp with the silver top and thr red gash

  • Captain Megaton

    Optical viewfinder? How is that even possible…

  • Miguel

    Even tho Im completely invested in Fujifilm and you couldn’t really convince me to leave Fuji for Nikon (when it comes to mirrorless). I really hope Nikon gets their crap together and give consumers a mirrorless worth investing in.

    • lord eels

      wow you are so cool. you want canikon to get serious about mirrorless just like fuji exec’s claimed to want as well. be quiet. you are corny. also every mirrorless fuji is garbage except for the x-t1.

      • nwcs

        Lol, it’s obvious you never tried one.

      • dgm

        if fuji mirrorless give resuts close to what the S5 gives, you could not be more wrong, Mister

  • As a body, the Nikon1 isn’t really smaller than, say, many M4/3 cameras.
    As far as speed, it now looks like the Sony A6000 has matched it.

    To me, the big advantage of the Nikon1 is it’s overall size with a tele lens (such as with the 30-110) attached.

    I hope Nikon goes ahead and releases the rumoured super-telephoto lens for the 1 system – that will really show the advantages of this system over others.

    It will be my ‘pocket paparazzi’

    • Jas

      You have nailed it mr. The size with the 30-110 is the reason i barely use my dslr with a biger telephoto lens now. The size and weight reduction is enormous. And the setup is not so distracting.

    • istreetshooter

      If Sony gets its lens and flash systems together, Nikon is in big trouble. I’ll probably keep my V1s for video and the super-telephotos, but I’ll move to A6000 for most everything else.

  • ACM

    The optical viewfinder could be for a fast prime lens in a bundle

    • I wonder where an optical viewfinder would fit? If the sketch is right, I don’t see it.

  • d7k2v2

    The viewfinder switch would be nice, there’s too much lag when you bring the viewfinder to your eye. I am wondering about the hotshoe- I really hope they ditch the accessory port. As for a removable grip, if its a good beefy grip I’ll take it and leave it home when I need compactness. Finally, if they up the low light performance and keep coming up with faster lenses I’ll stay with the system, especially a fast super Tele.

    oh, and please don’t introduce yet another slow 10-30.

  • Manvin

    Oooh i love that design 🙂

  • Wally Brooks

    Still looking for a hotshoe for my SB 800, CLS and pocket Wizard compatibility on a mirrorless nikon interchangeable lens camera.

  • James Donahue

    Needs an optical viewfinder

  • I’m still trying to figure out who’s buying a Nikon 1…at least any of them besides the aw. It’s a very amateur system, yet they have a $900 super fast portrait lens for it. Very weird.

    • mikeswitz

      Karate moms?

    • istreetshooter

      The promise (or hope of) higher end gear hasn’t really materialized outside of a few pieces. it feels like Nikon threw a few bones but otherwise gave up.

  • わからない

    If this is real (and is to be announced soon), it’s clear Nikon has no vision or plan for such a camera, even within its own camera lineup. It’s grasping at straws trying to make sales.

    This would be the third V camera in nearly as many years, and each generation has seen a fairly different body, for a fairly high price compared to other competing products, to include Nikon’s DSLRs and high end compacts (to say nothing of the firesale that would be necessary, again, on the previous model, if it’s released soon).

  • Morris

    last call for 300f4 announcement

  • Anothermiss

    Another variable aperture 10-30, really filling out that lens lineup. A grip without a battery, useful. More megapixels, finally! because its so crucial to image quality. Hope they don’t mistakenly include any features that would temp people to buy into this thing like 4k video

  • Lawrence

    The only thing it really needs is a standard hotshoe with CLS control. Even two channels of CLS controlled off the pop-up would be extremely useful. With 18MP this camera would be extremely useful for macro photography. On could get all he working distance they need out of a simple 60 or 105 micro. The telephoto effect would even boost many standard primes into quite useful territory between both the crop factor and greater depth of field.

  • broxibear

    “Optical viewfinder – this is where I am a bit confused. I think the camera will have an optical viewfinder and an optional EVF”…
    I wonder if that just means you can attach an optical viewfinder or an electronic viewfinder, one or the other ? Like the Coolpix A one…

  • The frustrating thing about the Nikon 1 series, aside from their small sensors and mediocre lenses, is that they look so small … until you put a lens on them. As soon as you do, even the 10mm pancake (which isn’t so flat with it’s lens cap on), they become too large to pocket or carry in a belt holster. I have a V1 and use it for travel and family videos but it is too awkward to carry all the time. The Coolpix A and Ricoh GR are better, “always there”, solutions.

    • PhotoAl

      While both those cameras are great options, they have fixed lenses so they aren’t comparable (to me). The V2 with the 10mm is still pretty small (I carry it all the time). And, it’s nice to have longer focal lengths as an option (30-110mm for example) when a little portability can be sacrificed.

  • Chris Tucker

    My thoughts:

    1) I think Nikon got the body mostly right with the V1.
    2) Command dials are welcome.
    3) The little “grip bulge” would be better left flat like the V1. An accessory grip is a good idea, though.
    4) I dislike circular mode dials. I’d prefer a “Mode” button to be used in conjunction with the rear command dial (As used on the D300, D200, D3, D4, etc.) or a mode selection lever like on the Nikon F4 ( Phto below: )
    5) Optical viewfinder … I hope not. I think EVF/rear LCD is the way to go.
    6) Very fast everything is a key feature of the N1 … very nice.
    7) I’d prefer a fixed non-swiveling screen. K.I.S.S.
    8) 18 megapixels sounds like a stretch. I think 10 mp looks great on the V1 though.
    9) Red stripe looks a bit dumb.
    10) I love the lenses for the N1: Especially the 18.5mm and 10mm. Excellent choices.

    • whisky

      my guess is you’ll probably get a much better 10MP when down-sampling this new sensor.

  • khaosuser

    Can a Nikon mirrorless use the DSLR FX lenses?

  • Quite similar to the V1’s shape. I thought the V3’s design will be based on V2. ???

  • Humming

    Nikon 1 series have been adequate in terms of speed. I believe a better ISO performance, if comparable with M43s, that will be more attractive for many users to dive in the system.

  • Kim

    I’m more intrigued by the ‘New Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD VR zoom lens’ ! Why on earth another new kit-lens? They have a 10-30mm VR and a 11.5-27mm VR already! Anyone know what the ‘PD’ means?

    • Nikon has been refreshing this lens every year, not sure what the improvements are.

  • Thomas Stirr

    I have shot well over 10,000 frames with the Nikon 1 V2 since I bought it in August last year. It is a fantastic little camera. The image quality with the Nikon 1 lenses is quite surprising and its AF performance and overall speed is amazing. What else can you buy that will shoot 15 fps with auto-focus? And, with the Nikon 1 V2 you can capture 30 fps and 60 fps with the electronic shutter.

    When used with the FT-1 adapter this camera has a 2.7X crop factor….so mounting a 70-300 FX lens on it gives you an equivalent field of view of 189 to 810mm with no loss of light!

    If the V3 is introduced with a 70-300 Nikon 1 lens it will be simply amazing for birding and nature photography.

    I’ve written a couple of reviews of this camera that point out is challenges and strengths. All I can tell you is that it should not be dismissed out-of-hand because of the CX sensor… outperforms in its class. If the V3 has improved colour depth and dynamic range, along with some improvement in low light performance it will likely outperform many entry level Canon DSLRs. I am very much looking forward to this launch by Nikon!


    Any news regarding the New 1 series release? Nikon V3?

    I would love to purchase one.. The only design flaw that is holding me back is the lighting/flash limitations.

    I need one with a real hotshoe that I can use with my ringflash. The
    V series own speedlights can’t even be used as commanders for Nikon’s
    own CLS system.

    Once Nikon solves these issues I’m buying one.

    Fingers crossed for a V3 with a hotshoe and CLS integration!!!

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