Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera rumors

I received some more details on the upcoming Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera:

  • Completely new camera design
  • Very fast everything
  • 18MP sensor
  • External (probably optional) 2.4MP electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Eye sensor and a button to switch between LCD and EVF
  • 180° swivel LCD screen
  • New grip (also probably optional, not sure if it will have batteries)
  • New Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD VR zoom lens
  • The official announcement will be in the next 1-2 months
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  • HKer

    With the external grip and external viewfinder, to me looks like a modular mirrorless camera which can have a feel of a small DSLR. I don’t have any Nikon 1 series, but would be useful when shutter noise from DSLR is too distracting. It’s good to see Nikon with EVF technology as well.

  • Jason Odell

    I like my Nikon 1 system, but mostly as a family camera. The image quality is pretty close to what I used to get out of my D2x, for the most part.

    There are a few things that Nikon got really right with this system:
    Autofocus speed
    Frame rate (15fps NEF)
    Face-priority focus mode
    Electronic shutter option (allows super-fast shutter speeds when using fast glass outdoors).

    On the other hand, Nikon continues to cripple this camera by designing it more like a point and shoot camera, including

    No exposure bracketing mode
    Eliminated the intervalometer with the V2
    EV compensation still requires a software menu

    And while Nikon *finally* offered some decent lenses (the 18mm and 32mm primes are very nice), it’s still mostly a collection of consumer zooms.

    So I’m still considering a larger-sensor mirrorless camera for times when I want a smaller kit, but with pro quality. It’s hard to view the Nikon 1 system as anything other than a very good point and shoot system.

    • julian correa

      modular approach is welcome since we can use the evf on the v4 later , save money ;p . maybe nikon also gonna aim this at users using live view for video via WiFi on their phone etc ; may be they also wanna eat up some of the gopro market with water proof case (pd zoom) their small form factor can be mounted and remote used (choice of wide angle i hope)… high fps , good burst = sports … for me i can make an excellent gif with 60 fps 50 nef of any player on the soccer pitch with a nice fast 200mm cx

      • julian correa


  • Greg

    Please Nikon add a accessory shoe

  • Eric Bonetti

    Will this take Nikon DX lenses or will we need to buy new glass?

  • Global

    I can’t get over the sensor size. I want to stay with Nikon with Mirrorless, but I just hate this sensor size.

    If Nikon really has abandoned the D400 and wanted to do a comeback in Mirrorless they should make a Df400. If Nikon made a D400 that was pretty much a clone of the Fuji X-T1 (calling it a Df-400 perhaps), but with much better flash synch and a very low profile adapter for all F-mount lenses, then I would be with Nikon on Mirrorless.

    Nikon — I want to give you my money, where are you?? Screwing around?

  • Robert Balala

    what about the hot shoe… they should put a regular hot shoe on it

  • Grant Russell

    I would love for Nikon to make a Pro-ish CX body, with an F-mount. I would love to have a camera with a CX-sized sensor, F-mount, and a decent sized grip. I would love to take 60fps photos, and be able to use fast long lenses.

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