Nikon at The Photography Show in Birmingham

The Photography Show
Few images from the Nikon booth at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK:

The Photography Show
My guess is that this Nikon D4s attached to a robotic arm was used in the Olympics:

The Photography Show

The Photography Show The Photography Show The Photography Show The Photography Show The Photography Show The Photography Show The Photography Show
The Photography Show
The Photography Show

Credit: Mark Payne

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  • broxibear

    AP magazine talk to Nikon UK’s Professional Services and Business Solutions Manager, James Banfield, to go over everything that’s new about the Nikon D4s…

    • broxibear

      I remember posting in the build up to the D4s release that the D3,D3s and D4 were primarly designed as for sports and some of you wedding guys started crying about this and that. Here you go, straight from the horses mouth…
      “The target markets, which are press, sports and wildlife”
      Thought I’d get that off my chest, lol…nothing against wedding photographers, I’m sure you’re all very talented…I just can’t stand wedding photography. Each to their own and all that, lol.

      • broxibear

        Nikon 35 F1.8G FX VS Nikon 35 1.8G DX from Mr Polin…

        • mamana
        • loppa

          why jared polin post such crap files?? the 35 isnt vignetting so much! is a tedious review from him and instead of smelling the boxes it would be better to say that the Nikon costs less and weighs half of the sigma!

          • Zoot

            Never trust a man who makes a living out of smelling boxes

            • Mike

              There is a whole industry, bigger than Hollywood, that employs men to smell boxes. 🙂

          • Mansgame

            He’s the bro version of his buddy, the one who can’t be mentioned.

            • AM

              His RAW vs JPEG match-up is funny, especially when the unmentionable’s head blows up.

        • Guy With-camera

          Mr. polin is a Fcuking idiot.

      • G0nzo

        a D4(s) would never come as an option for me in terms of wedding
        photography coz its imho a different way of portrait…(for me) I always
        asked why would someone buy such a camera (D4(s)) for wedding and
        portraits, instead of a D800, which has been design to fill that gap.

        • broxibear

          I’m a portrait and music photographer, I use D3. You can use any camera for whatever type of photography, that wasn’t really my point…I was just have a light hearted dig at those who moaned when I said it was primarily designed as a camera for sports.
          Find what works for you, after using a D3 type body smaller ones like the D800 feel uncomfortable to me…my hands aren’t massive but the D3 fits , for others it will be the opposite.
          Someone else posted before about the camera doing what it’s supposed to so you can think about what you see through the viewfinder, that’s what the D3 gives to me…confidence that I can it let it do it’s thing and leave me to do my thing.

          • jvossphoto
          • G0nzo

            yeah but true. the D800, as far as i remember is specially for portraits and landscape. of course you can use your cam on what ever you want. but isn’t that what portrait shooter prefer?- resolution? but i think we are getting OT ^^

            • broxibear

              It really just depends on the photographer, the conditions and type of portraits they take.
              My D3 gives me all the resolution I need for the portraits I take. If you’re in a studio, and take beauty shots which are then heavily retouched, then yes, the 36mp of something like a D800 would be better.
              My point was that the D3 – D4s have been designed (buttons, af speed, frames per sec, battery life, build quality etc) for a sports photographers first. The D800 is basically the same design wise (buttons, af , frames per sec, battery life, build quality etc) as the D300, D700…what makes it different in stills is the 36mp sensor. It’s not been designed for a particular market in the same way as the D3-D4s bodies…but the sensor is what gives it the ability to be used for a wide range of photography, from landscape to beauty and whatever.
              All cameras are full of compromises for the photographer, you use what’s applicable to you and the way you take images…the rest you don’t go near. Never in my life have I used Shutter Priority, but it’s in my cameras…I just ignore it and use the settings I do need.
              I think the ability to read EXIF data has a lot to answer for, I don’t think many of the discussions that happen here or elsewhere on photographic forums would exist if we just saw the image, and were not able to find out if it were shot using a D4s or a D40.

        • anon

          maybe it’s my d800 only.. but it does not focus SOOOO often in mediocre to OK light it’s ridiculous where the D4 nails nearly every time. It won’t even try to lock.. just gives up. To me that’s why you’d want a D4 over a D800 for weddings. Light is poor always…. On lesser levels, I LOVE the 36Mpx of the D800, however I think it’s overkill for weddings. 24 is really all you need, and i’d rather couple that with more speed (yes doesn’t exist right now, i know) than having massive pixels in a slow inaccurate camera. The 4FPS is slow.. Not that i want to motor drive everything, but there are moments in weddings where having a more responsive camera is beneficial. Bouquet toss, dance moves, etc. Those things can happen at sports-like speed, so there is definitely benefit to a fast camera. Nikon has had it’s share of issues in it’s recent cameras and, like i said, maybe my copy of the D800 is one of those, but the D4 just goes so much above and beyond the 800 in things OTHER than image quality, it’s crazy.

          For those who want to stay away from weddings.. Hate to say it, but wedding photography is where the money.. Shooting for fun, yeah weddings are a pain, but shooting for money, they’re your bread and butter. That and maybe fashion… Wildlife… That’s so tough to make money… Sports… gotta know someone highup or work for a magazine…

          • broxibear

            “For those who want to stay away from weddings.. Hate to say it, but wedding photography is where the money”
            Yeah you’re right, you’ll make much more money being a wedding photographer than being a photojournalist. But many of us didn’t start taking images because we wanted to make money. Yes we need enough to pay the bills, but we made sacrifices so we could pursue the type of photography that means something more to us.
            Everyone has to follow their own path, if your inner voice tells you it’s a path of weddings and more money then so be it…it’s not what every photographer aspires to be or to want.
            “Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving
            through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get
            to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house
            you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.” Ellen Goodman

        • G0nzo, I also agree with @anon, the autofocus, handling, reaction time, mirror blackout time, file size, is so much better for wedding photography than the D800, I have ditched my D800 for a D4 last winter, and haven’t looked back since.
          I you shoot old school style, flashing your way from getting ready to reception with everything posed, you won’t have a problem shooting with a D800. However, if you are covering the event with an eye for the moment and shoot documentary style using available light as much as possible, D4 is the way to go. Most top wedding photographers that shoot Nikon use D4’s. Check out Susan Stripling, Ben & Erin Chrisman, Ryan Brenizer, Jerry Ghionis, Marcus Bell! Also, my D800 copy might have had autofocus problems as I never knew when a shot would be back or front focused or not until I saw the shots on my screen (and that is a little too late). Also, I shoot mainly south-asian weddings, and try covering a tree day indian wedding (about 8-10K raw files from the D800, between me and my assistant) and I tell you, it’s not fun!

          • umeshrw

            ” Also, my D800 copy might have had autofocus problems as I never knew when a shot would be back or front focused or not until I saw the shots on my screen ”
            Even I had thought so when I had bought my 800 and did some work on it then. But then I found out that I was having wrong technique and had to relearn. Even now when I sometimes shoot in sloppy way or in a hurry camera is unforgiving and it has been 1 1/2 years now since I bought my 800.

            • anon

              I disagree. The only reason i say that is this. It’s not that it’s back or front focusing and i notice when i put the pics on screen.. it’s NOT focusing. racks back and forth and quits trying, says camera is not in focus and doesn’t let you shoot. My D300 never did that. That’s not an error in technique. The scene renders the D800 inoperable where the d300 and D4 have no issue. Like i said, maybe my copy…

            • umeshrw

              Then you may be right. Not focussing is a serious problem. You didn’t clarify this in OP so I said the thing about technique.

      • AM

        After being at so many weddings, I can tell you that they qualify as wildlife.

        • broxibear

          Lol…I try desperately to stay away from weddings.

        • Haha AM you are right!

  • Chris

    Wow that d4s is heavy. Just look at the size of the robotic arm that is required to hold it.

    • Mansgame

      Do you even automate bro?

  • Allan

    It would be nice to get some more information about the demise of Capture NX2 and the release of Capture NX-D: the reaction to this has not been, uh, positive (I’m trying to be diplomatic).

    • TeaBreak

      Yes, if there isn’t any information VERY soon many will leave the sinking ship.
      Nikon, this is RED ALERT state !!!
      I won’t buy a D4s if there’s no substantially equivalent to NX2.
      NX-D is a ridiculous offer to your Pro clients.

      • umeshrw

        Most probably seeing the UI and reading the manual I think that they have cleaned up the interface in better way and most importantly they have changed the programming to accomodate the nik 4 plugin. It would be a bonus if they have succeeded in reducing the load on the system.

    • jim h

      They won’t say anything because there’s nothing more to say. All that’s left is NX-Dumb, and a smoking crater where NX2 used to be.

  • manhattanboy


  • Mansgame

    Birmingham is really moving up to be a world class city. Dr. Martin Luther King would be so proud to see black and white lenses getting along so well in Alabama.

    • AM

      This is Birmingham, UK.

    • Hahah it’s Birmingham, UK!

      • Mansgame

        Oh 🙁

  • Phot-Jack

    Hallo Admin
    The next Photography Show…
    Still nothing from Nikon about the 300 f4.0 and the 1.4x TC?

    But following up the Nikon lens design it probably will end up in 135mm at MFD anyway?

    • no, nothing – there will be new Nikon 1 lenses, but I haven’t heard anything else

    • Mansgame

      Shoulda got the 80-400 while there was a rebate 😉

  • Does anyone know if they are going to have the D4s at WPPI in Vegas?

  • disqus_3rCK3qwm9F

    The best thing I like about Birmingham is Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

  • broxibear

    I think this is the first D4s manual/catalogue to be made available, it’s in Japanese (4.62MB)…

  • Manvin

    I went there yesterday, good time – omg I love that Nikkor 200mm vrii – they are sooo fast autofocus and tack sharp!

  • David

    How funny…. there I am with Jane looking at the robot

    • Mansgame

      You’ve done well my friend.

  • Manvin

    Did anybody see “3D printer” (Adobe at P55) – they are sooo awesome – I could design my own Nikon camera 😉

  • broxibear
  • broxibear

    Nikon Australia just got some boxes delivered, there might be cameras inside, lol…

  • Manvin

    Here is a quote i found from regarding Nikon D4s’s full HD video:

    In addition, providing a clear image with high sharpness, especially in the “1920 × 1080 crop.”

    the big question is – what if they are so much better then D4? what they gonna do with soft issue at FX?

  • allcon

    such a pitty that nikon did not show their 800 f5.6. was hoping to get some raw with the lens.

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