Nikon D4s additional coverage

→ Nikon D4s product tour video:

→ Corey Rich released a trailer for his upcoming film called "Dedicated". The entire trailer was shot with the new D4s camera:

→ Nikon D4s presentation and side by side shootout between the Nikon D4S and Canon 1DX cameras (full results and settings are available here):

→ WEX Photographic posted a preview of the Nikon D4s:


Nikon also says that, in terms of visible noise, the new model should show an improvement of around 1EV between ISO 6400-25,600 over the D4. So, results at ISO 6400 on the D4S, for example, should resemble those achievable at ISO 3200 on the D4. This is, at least in part, thanks to the Expeed 4 processing engine which processes noise from different parts of the image in different ways, depending on whether those parts are in focus.

→ Engadget hands-on with the Nikon D4s:

Nikon's new DSLR also delivers changes to to the auto-focus system for both photos and video. Behind the lens, there's improvements to both the tracking system and the algorithms that govern how the D4S focuses. A new Group AF mode tracks five separate points, meaning that a moving subject (and even a moving photographer) should pose less of a threat to crisp imaging. On video, (where you can now capture uncompressed 1080p resolution at 60 frames) tracking has been bumped up to 11 frames per second on full auto-focus and exposure.

Hopefully fixing one of our major issues with the D4, the new model also comes with a more substantial battery pack, up from 2,000mAh to 2,500mAh. The new unit actually weighs more, but reductions on the D4S' body means it adds just seven ounces, total, over 2012's D4.

→ Some D4s insights from Dpreview after their interview with Nikon at CP+:

The D4s has a newly-developed imaging sensor, although it’s still 16MP the noise characteristics are better and the imaging processing engine is now Expeed 4, so with the sensor and the new engine together the standard ISO range has increased to 100-25,600. This is higher than the D4 by one stop.

Photo quality has improved in three ways - detail resolution, 'three-dimensionalness’ and skin tone, not only for stills but also video - the image quality is better overall.

→ More Nikon D4s sample images:

→ Few Nikon D4s RAW files were posted on Clubsnap (direct download links: -1- | -2- | -3-).

→ Nikon NPS Australia offers a free battery to members who pre-order the new Nikon D4s.

→ Nikon D4s video Q&A answered by Nikon product manager:

Q: How does the video quality compare to the 5300?

A: The video quality of the Nikon D4S compares favourably to the Nikon D5300.  Combined with the outstanding ISO capability and EXPEED 4 image processor, professional photographers are able to harness these camera features to produce higher quality images and video. The Nikon D4S features a number of crop modes, including ‘Native Crop’ which gives the best video quality and allows you to record clean HDMI to an external device. The D4S also features fine controls for superior sound quality and frequency settings are customisable (wide/vocal range, wind reduction function available even with internal microphone). In addition, the Nikon D4S features 3D intelligent image rendering that helps to distinguish between pin sharp area and out of focus areas. In 1920 x 1080 the movie is recorded dot-by-dot for class leading detail and accuracy

→ Update - a new interview on the Nikon D4s from AP:

→ Few sample Nikon D4s JPG and NEF files cane be downloaded here:



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  • Max Barros

    4MP SRAW?? dafuq?!

    • If you think about it, it actually is perfect, almost 1:1 pixel ratio of a 30″ monitors resolution.

    • Mike

      4k baby!!! 😉

      • stephane

        4K is 8MP ^^

        • Mike

          2k baby!!! ;-). Got a little excited. Hahahmmm…

          • stephane

            2k is 2mp not 4mp ^^

        • silmasan

          4K could be from 7MP (Cinemascope) to 9.4MP (at 4096×2304). Closest to 4MP would be 2.5K … or, more relevantly, a D2H… :p

          NB: looking at the D2H/D2Hs spec, the numbers are almost identical, maybe Nikon is paying homage to the elder models?

      • Nacho

        4k is like 8mp

    • We

      People actually say dafuq? Dafuq!

    • Kate Moss

      4k Wow…

    • Eric Duminil

      Still more than your monitor resolution.

      • Draco

        2464×1640 (4 MP) is more than 2560×1600 (4.1 MP)? Nope. But close enough 😛

      • I run an imac with dual IBM T221 3860 x 2400. 8MP each. I could run them full frame with working palettes.

    • Rock Kenwell

      High Speed Sport car shooting comparison with 1Dx is so funny!!!

  • Bruce

    In looking at the new Dedicated video trailer, it seems the D4s FX and DX video capture modes suffer from the same soft/low-quality problems that the D4 had. Such a shame that this was not improved, because it means that video producers are still stuck using only the 2.7x crop mode for video.

    • Can you really judge the video quality from a heavily compressed YouTube version?

      • Follow the link to the forum post for the sample images taken with both cameras.

        • Bruce

          These comments are aimed towards the sample video, not the sample images.

        • D700guy

          I’m concerned about how the D4s images look soft compared to the D4 images at normal ISO levels. I realize this wasnt a controlled test so I will be looking forward to a more scientific approach to testing the differences between the two.

      • Bruce

        As someone who works heavily in video production using a D4 and is experienced with the different video modes on the D4, yes, I can tell the difference. And, frankly, anyone who watches the 720/1080p versions without Nikon Fanboy Bias could tell as well.

      • De

        No, please come to a special viewing room that no one will ever have a chance to be in.

    • Manvin

      Here is a much better HD video

      • Bruce

        Yup, Vimeo is much better than YouTube for video presentation, however, the differences in video mode captures is still evident. I think the biggest quality degradation example is at the 0:11 mark – that extremely soft and low quality footage was most definitely shot using either FX or DX mode (most likely DX). It’s the same problem that the D4 has, and unfortunately, Nikon didn’t improve this on the D4s.

        • silmasan

          I know what you’re talking about. Lots of other options for affordable great video, esp. now with BMD, Panasonic, Canon+ML.

        • Global

          Why does 2.7x Crop mode fair better than FX or DX, Bruce? Just curious is why I am asking. Is there a technical reason? 0:11 was a bit soft indeed (unless that was a crappy lens/haze from the morning ocean).

          Are there any theories why its would be soft in only certain crops?

          • ShaoLynx

            Must be the down sampling algorithm.
            Firmware upgrade, anyone?

            • AM


            • AM


          • Manvin

            I don’t know that’s for sure – I could be wrong I think Nikon want us to buy both D4 and D800

  • lorenzo

    Definitely a great toy!

    • i

      so deep

  • marek
    • Global

      Why do you blame Nikon for the editor’s summary of his conversation? Its not even clear the conditions that this interview was conducted. Obviously someone walking down a hall will say less than someone sitting down on a couch for an hour or two. Although, clearly, compared to the Df, this isn’t much. But then again, the D4S is intentionally designed to be a half-step up from the D4. Its not meant to be a super exciting a replacement for the D4 (as a yet unknown D5).

      We have to be thankful that we live in an age where we get to upgrade as often as we want. Welll…. as for how hard Nikon is trying for video… lol… the Df answers that question, sadly. Shame on them. But still, each camera has its merits.

  • D700guy

    There is going to have to be a lot more compelling evidence that the D4s is a better camera than the D4 for me to trade up. From what I see thus far, this is not the case.

    • itcrashed

      As a fellow D4 owner, value was an additional factor for me. I just sold my D4 for $5000. Throw another $1500 and I have a D4s. If I wait until the new D5 comes out, I’m guessing the value of the D4 will be in the $2500 range (like the D3s is today) and I will be forced to throw in another $4500-$5000 go from a D4 to a D5. All speculation, but I can afford the $1500 to speculate…not so sure about being able to afford the $5000 in 2 years.

      • Manvin

        I wish Nikon would offer trade up D4 for D4s to all NPS users at reasonable price.

        • Me

          You do realize we live in a capitalist economy? Why on Earth would they do that apart from your belief that Nikon’s shareholder should subsidize you because you’re such nice guy?

          • Manvin

            I think “trade up” will generate more sales from D4 to D4s while Nikon can recycle old camera into new camera.

        • neversink

          I agree, but not just for us NPS users, but for everyone who owns a D4

          • Manvin

            Lol I didn’t even think of that, actually I was thinking of advantage of having a membership with Nikon as NPU or NPS to keep loyal clients for as long possible.

            Hopefully it wouldn’t be too much trouble with other resellers.

          • Zinchuk

            How many D4 owners are NOT NPS members?

            • neversink

              That would be an interesting poll. I am sure there are quite a few, but I have no idea.

            • D700guy

              I’m not

        • AM

          Nikon doesn’t do that, but some retailers do.
          Just like car manufacturers don’t do trade-ups, but car dealers do.

          • Manvin

            I wouldn’t deal with retailers – they will not give you good value for old camera – they will check your shutter counts.

            • AM

              What makes you think Nikon wouldn’t check your shutter count and would give you more than a retailer for your camera?

            • Manvin

              In real world – none of the companies would offer good price for used products!

              In next 100 yrs time from now on – I’m sure they will have hard-time to find raw materials 😉

        • Mr. Mamiya

          New sensor, new Expeed 4. I don’t think that can be very ‘reasonable’.

      • Sergio Ortiz

        I’m not sure your math works out. First of all, you’re out of a camera until you can get the D4S, which may not be for a couple of months. Second, the D4 retails for $6000, whereas the D3S sold for $5200, so it stands to reason that when the D5 comes out, you’ll be able to sell your D4 for more than the D3S now. You say a used D3S goes for $2500, but looking at eBay that looks low by at least $500, so call it $3000. That means you should be able to sell the D4 for more than that in two years, say at least $3500. So assuming the D5 costs $7000, that’ll be a $3500 difference. If the D4s, which costs $6500, loses 20% of its value in two years, you’ll get $5200 for it, meaning you’ll need to pony up $1800 for the D5, plus the $1500 you’re spending now for the D4S. Bottom line: $3500 versus $3300, give or take a lot of assumptions.

        • itcrashed

          Oh cmon brother. Of course there are a lot of assumptions. My numbers are not solid…nor are yours. Neither of us can predict the future. Thats why I used the term, “speculation”.

        • itcrashed

          Oh and for 200-300 more, according to your numbers, Id still do it because Id be using a D4s the next 2 years as opposed to a D4….all speculation however :). Cheers

          • Sergio Ortiz

            I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. Actually it’s very similar to leasing a new car every two years. You sell the “old” flagship and put that toward the new body and you get to always use the latest and greatest. I’ll have to give it some thought…

            • KnightPhoto

              I like the math also, starting with him selling his D4 for 5 grand, that is pretty good. By selling so high he is actually, based on the expected D5 price, able to continuously own the top model: D4, then D4S, then D5. Not bad.

      • Chris Weller

        I would love to sell my used d4 for $5k. I wouldn’t buy a used d4 for any more than $4k perhaps 4.5k if it had super low shutter count. Was yours almost new?

        • itcrashed

          24k actuations so it was still a baby!

        • D700guy

          Mine has 25270 actuations, If I can get 5K for it and the tests are favorable I’m likely to bite. But I wont play the pre-order game like I did last time. I’ll wait till they’re in stock.

          • itcrashed

            Might be a good move. Nikon may have some body+lens promos coming up these next few weeks anyway. Preorder game is terrible.

            • D700guy

              I’m hoping that will be true. I cold sell my 300mm f2.8 and pick up that 70-200 I’ve been lacking. Love my 300mm but I never use it now that I’ve become a full time portrait tog. It was great for birds though

            • itcrashed

              I find the 300 2.8 to be fantastic for portraits. The narrow field allows you to place that soft box right up against their face! Just need a big room 🙂

      • wonderinpi

        Lol 2500 for a d3s let me buy ten then!!!
        I would quick sell them on kijiji or craiglist where they sell for 3-3.6k. I could make some serious profit!
        Imo d3s low clicks mint easy 3500
        D4 can find easily for 4500 or so, 5g would be mint and low low actuations.
        D4s where I LIVE is not 6500 it’s 7100 with taxes.
        As far as photography is concerned it’s barely any better maybe one real stop of actual use.
        1.5k 2k after 2 years is alot.of money to loose
        D3s purchased in 2009 for 5k you lost 1500-2k over 5 years you lost 1.5 after 2!!!

        Best bang for your dollar :d3s

    • Global

      Its not meant to be a trade up, people. Where do people get the idea that the S and X versions are meant as tradeups? If you have a D4, you already own the line. Wait for a D5.

      For a $6,000 piece of gear, people don’t need to trade it up like a cheap iPhone. Most people with a D700 are still well enough off not to trade up. 😉

  • matt

    The Raw S concept is a good one, although I’d also like to see a Raw Medium, or be able to tune the definition of what that alternate version is. And it would be nice for this feature to come to other cameras with a firmware update, too. (I’m looking at you, D800.)

    • Ralph

      Yep, if they made the D800 process to 9MP – so halve each dimension, then maybe all those D700 users would stop whining about too many pixels for weddings. Maybe they could also make it faster then and stop all those sports photographers whining about not being able to generate a movie with single shots.

      • Matt

        I can’t speak to weddings, but I’d like to have tools that let me dictate the details of how they’re used. For me, something like this would be a good option. Seems simple enough, but I don’t know the coding/UI work needed for implementation. But I want to carry one device that should have this kind of customization, rather than more than one body. Dear Nikon: it’s about options. Let me pick them.

      • Eric Duminil


  • Joseph Li

    damn..all these coverage is making me want to upgrade from D4…group AF, 1EV high ISO…
    And that video about 1dx vs d4s..isnt much of a comparison isnt it..absolutely useless

    • Sergio Ortiz

      I don’t think it would be much of an upgrade. I can wait for the D5.

      • Manvin

        I’m seriously doubt if we are going to see revolutionary Nikon D5

  • Manvin

    I really want to know the different between Nikon D4 & D4s especially HD video at FX mode (1080P), I’m hoping they would be tack sharp as D800 apart from aliasing issue.

    • Bruce

      If you look at the “Dedicated” example video shot on the D4s, it’s very evident that no improvements have been made to the FX and DX modes. Meaning, you will still have to shoot everything in CX mode (2.7x crop) for high quality video.

      • Manvin

        I think it is too early to tell, since that “Dedicated” video didn’t offer any option to download original HD video. I guess you could be right after all.

        First of all I’ve no idea what Nikon is thinking about HD video, I’m sure it can be done by patching video codec or update firmware. If D800 can do so why not D4?

        This will look silly If I grab “Carl Zeiss CP2 50mm” (specialise for cinematic lens), I’m unable to get a tack sharp in FX mode but eventually I will end up CX mode. This will ruin the whole cinematic looks because of this Lens will automatically become 135mm (2.7x).

        • Terry Hansen

          Not to mention the impossibility of having a true wide angle shot. Even the ultra wide Nikon 14-24 becomes, at best, a near normal at 38-65 (2.7x).

          • Manvin

            That’s the problem isn’t

  • Mike

    This, from Engadget;

    “On video, (where you can now capture uncompressed 1080p resolution at 60 frames) tracking has been bumped up to 11 frames per second on full auto-focus and exposure.”

    …. makes no sense. They start on video resolution and end up on stills AF in one sentence inferring one has to do with the other.

    • Global

      Maybe you can just insert some part…. and problem solved.

      “…at 60 frames); for stills, tracking has been…”

  • Marko Drazic

    I think there is no need for comparison with 1dx , there are similar but in a way different . Nikon should do their own thing – as always .

    • HF
    • broxibear

      Hi Marko,
      I don’t really care if Nikon do their own thing as you say, or copy someone else…as long as their products are of a high quality and give users what they want. As far as I’m concerned they did that amazingly well with the D300, D3 and D700 combination (although the D3 was so late many left for Canon and never came back). Since then Nikon have lost their way, I don’t know why and I can’t see which direction they’re going in with certain products.
      Even this D4s launch, such a strange thing to do to announce it, keep it under glass at CES and CP+ and then a few days later a press release. And in the intereviews Nikon hierarchy have given it all seems very subdued…it’s been an odd flagship launch.

      • Marko Drazic

        Hi , you said it your self , and i don’t wont to offend nobody , but there is always something odd at japanese manufactures of cameras and cars . It’s their way .

        • broxibear

          Maybe we all got a bit spoilt by the Df launch and all the teaser ads, I just thought there would be more to the D4s launch than a press release…as I said, subdued ? They were all probably still sad that Mr Kelby turned to the darkside, lol.

          • Marko Drazic

            Do not underestimate the power of the dark side

            😀 ( i thought that nikon was a dark side )

            • Re

              Or how about we drop the whole dark side thing all together…it never was funny or witty.

            • silmasan

              Vader, time to upgrade your camera yo.

            • jojo

              5 x 4 sheet film users have always understood
              the power of the dark slide

            • broxibear

              Especially when you’re loading them up in the darkroom and drop the box of film on the floor, lol…done that before.

  • Rafa R

    I wonder if the new battery will work in older D4 cameras? any info on this?

    • neversink

      I doubt, but I could be wrong. They would definitely need to issue new firmware, and I haven’t heard anything about that rumor coming to light.
      Peter, did Nikon issue any new D4 firmware? Thanks

      • neversink

        I guess Broxibear knows. My doubts have been quashed. Still curious about the firmware…..

        • broxibear

          Hi neversink,
          The link is below, I don’t know if and how any firmware affects the type of battery…according to Nikon USA it works on D4 and D4s.

    • broxibear

      Yeah it does work in the D4, but I don’t know if it gives any extra frames.

  • neversink

    Why shoot 4mp raw when you can shoot hight quality jpegs. This I don’t get. Nikon would have been better if the offered a step down to 12 and 8. 4mp RAW is ridiculous. Honestly, who is going to use it? And how often?

    • Terry Hansen

      The 4mp size makes sense to me IF Nikon is doing in-camera pixel binning, that is, each sensor is actually a group of four being treated as a single pixel (thus the math of a 16mp sensor yielding a 4mp file). IF this is the case, then the 4mp image should be DRAMATICALLY cleaner, with FAR less noise as each 4-pixel group is gathering light over four times the surface area of a true single pixel.

      Anyone care to guess or comment on the possibility that the 4mp format is a result of an in-camera pixel binning process designed to reduce noise (and not just the speed/space gain of a smaller file)?

      • Alex

        Going from 16 to 4mp JPG is called downsizing and compresses the noise. Going from 16 to 4mp raw is pixel binning, it will not keep the information of 1 cell out of 4 but record the average info of 4 cell into a virtual 1. Otherwise you would have the performance of a 1/4 fx size sensor … it would not make any sense on a D4s!

        Now thats a feature I would love on the D800…

        • Aaron Shepard

          It’s not averaging or downsizing. The sensor is constructed in sets of four sites in three colors. The real value of each site has to be interpolated from the surrounding ones — in other words, guessed. If you treat four sites as one, there’s no interpolation needed, meaning higher color accuracy. So, it’s the elimination of a calculation, not the addition of one.

    • AM

      Sports photographers who need to transmit practically in real time. They are most of time limited on the file size of the images they send.

      • Naval Gunfire

        They will continue to shoot jpegs no doubt, they don’t have time to mess about editing RAW files and the photo editor won’t want a file they can’t use straight away.

        • AM

          Knowing a couple of sports photographers, I’ve been told that the restriction has always been the file size not the workflow.
          The photos will be edited anyway no matter the format; that’s why there are photo editors on the receiving end.
          If they put together a simple and efficient workflow, the SRAW can be very usable.

    • silmasan

      I’ve already guessed it. I was thinking that P1 80mp and 60mp backs have “low mp” mode at 20mp and 15mp (also 40mp –> 10mp). It’s the easiest way to use the whole imaging area without compromising pixel quality. Expect 9mp if it were available on a D800/E.

  • clem

    the reddotphoto site has alot of its information wrong. for example 11fps without ae/af lock and iso only up till 12800?

    • Sergio Ortiz

      what’s wrong with the 11 fps number?

      • clem

        sorry, i meant that on the chart they stated ’11fps WITH ae/af lock’

  • Mardock

    It’s awesome to watch the D4s annihilate the Canon 1DX in that video!

    • Sergio Ortiz

      how exactly did it annihilate the 1DX? It’s hard to tell anything from those two pictures, and I actually like the color rendition of the 1DX better (and I’m a D4 owner)

      • JKP

        I am a D4 owner too and while Canon is known to saturate red/orange a bit, overall color in 1DX images shown here appear to me better than D4s. While D4s will be a fantastic camera, increased price may not be a good idea – you can get a used D3s plus a brand new D800 or D800E for the price of D4s. To me, the latter is a better deal.

    • Not really sure it’s that meaningful a test. The go-karts seemed to be moving round at quite a leisurely pace if you ask me… not really pushing the AF very hard.

  • Chris Weller

    Am I correct in assuming that any noise performance improvement due to expeed 4 would only translate to jpg’s. It would seem to me that the only enhancements that cannot also be implemented in expeed 3 firmware upgrade would be speed related (hardware), making nef’s unaffected

    • Manvin

      The improved image sensor powered by the Expeed 4 processor reduces image noise at high ISOs by one f-stop.

  • jmb2560

    Peter: Does it make sense to expect a D4X with 24MP sometimes early next year with a D5 shipping in 2016?

    • No, I do not expect a D4x – most likely a refresh of the D800.

      • broxibear

        “a refresh of the D800″…and call it a D900 ?
        I’ve still got this feeling that they’ll put a D4s sensor inside a D800 body and call it a D800s or something…the real D700 replacement many have been asking for.
        What I can’t figure out is why Nikon haven’t done it already…technically speaking switching the sensor isn’t difficult as it’s the same size and uses all the same focusing mechanisms.
        There’s got to be a reason…Nikon can’t be that stupid or blind…can they ?

        • Michiel953

          Maybe they have their own plan, not your plan, not my plan, their own plan.

          They’re not stupid just because they’re not doing what you want.

          • silmasan

            He’s not alone though. I’d like that as well.

      • david distefano

        you don’t think that nikon will produce in the near future a high 40mp or low 50mp camera. i would think with the zeiss otus lenses, nikon would want to take advantage of them with a larger mp sensor.

        • not in the near future

        • Neopulse

          To tell you the truth regarding the Zeiss Otus, a lens that I have come
          to admire and unfortunately could not have owned due to the fact that waiting in line took too damn long, is the fact that the Nikon D800 doesn’t have an original focusing screen MADE by Nikon for it. There are limitations when using 3rd party and also read that at wide apertures it presented problems (anything wider than around f/2). Also the viewfinder is quite small around 70x. I think using the DK-17M helps a bit in that aspect for visual focusing. But Canon on the 1DX on the other hand made several focusing screens for it that are MADE for the camera and not from a 3rd party. But again I think it also couldn’t do any precise focusing at wide apertures. I honestly lost kinda the desire to own the Otus since it feels like I’d be slowing down too much to use it, and I’ve used manual focus in the past and I like being able to have a focusing screen to help me nail it faster rather than the green arrow. For video the lens is flawless since it inherits character from the cine glass Zeiss makes which is amazing. But for portraiture I’m really talking about here rather than still-life or architecture or landscape.

  • Julius

    I’m switch to Canon.

    • AM

      Bye, bye.
      Please, come back when you can’t stay as long.

    • wf

      who cares?

    • Manvin

      Good for you buddy!

  • Rudi

    “The D4s has a newly-developed imaging sensor, although it’s still 16MP
    the noise characteristics are better and the imaging processing engine
    is now Expeed 4, so with the sensor and the new engine together the
    standard ISO range has increased to 100-25,600. This is higher than the
    D4 by one stop.”

    For RAW the Expeed4 isn’t used…right?!

    • AM

      Why is that important?
      All you need to know is how to have the proper settings on your camera (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, WB), good composition, and press the freaking shutter button.

      • Rudi

        Why is that important? Because if you shoot raw you don’t have the Expeed4 and so you depend a bit on software, i.e. the raw converter you use.

        So it wasn’t necessary to write that you know how to operate a camera.

        • AM

          I’m not sure what you tried to say.
          Anyway, I shoot raw (and this is not any reference to the guy with the afro), and I’m sure I don’t have Expeed4, and yes, I need SW to process my files, just like somebody who shoots raw with a camera with Expeed4 would need SW to process their files. So, what’s your point?

      • Terry Hansen

        JKP, why such an intolerant and rude comment (especially when some of your “facts” are unsupportable)? For JPEG shooters, you are right that such settings are critical. RAW is a completely different technological animal, and Rudi’s question is perfectly on target.

        • AM

          Are you saying that aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and WB are not critical if you shoot RAW?
          WB not so important, but the other three, c’mon man!!!!!!!! Not for nothing they are called the exposure triangle. No matter the format, even for RAW, you need to get those three things right in the camera, period.
          I prescribe Photography 101 for you.

          • Terry Hansen

            What I am saying is that your post was unnecessarily inflammatory to what is a very, very reasonable question, properly presented. The original poster neither asked nor limited the question in the manner in which you completely redirected it.

            Nikon is making a HUGE deal of its shiny new Expeed4 engine, presenting it as a major reason to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade. So to ask IF and WHY that new engine matters at all for RAW shooters is right on target.

            If you are going to change the nature of the original poster’s inquiry as you did, belittling his inquiry while seizing the opportunity to expound from your soap box, at least have the courtesy of not cherry picking your settings examples to only include those which might support your antagonistic, know-it-all position. Which, of course, as you admit retroactively, was in error (WB).

            • AM

              I wasn’t any inflammatory. It’s just that it puzzles me that people get so hung up on technical stuff, where is this processed?, what happens here and there?, and so on, that forget what photography is all about, right moment, proper exposure, that’s it. So, I just asked, why is that technical stuff important?
              I read while ago on a Q&A blog of a well known photographer where he wrote something like this: “if you worry more about the gear that is used rather than the end result, then you completely missed the boat.” Not the same words but that’s the idea, and he was talking about brands by the way, but I believe it extrapolates to so many other aspects.
              Sure Nikon is making a big deal of the new processor because that only confuses the masses that bite the bait with the hope that Expeed4 will improve their photography. Do you want access to Expeed4? Buy a D3300 for 10 times less, YES 10 times less and you get a kit lens by the way. So where is that HUGE deal with Expeed4 you’re talking about?
              Now the WB, read my posts and you will see that the first time I mentioned WB I wasn’t talking about any specific format. If you shoot JPEG, WB is very important. If you shoot RAW, WB is not so important, but somewhat important, because if you get it right in camera, or if at least you take a shot of a gray reference, your post processing workflow will be simplified by a lot. Even though I shoot raw (again, this is not any advertising), I always try to get the WB right in camera; I rarely use auto WB.

  • PD

    I want RAW S on my D800…

  • Zen-Tao

    It seem that people who bought a D4 one year ago are a bunch of nerds because having purchased such a piece of crap compared to this wonder…

  • jmj3

    “This is, at least in part, thanks to the Expeed 4 processing engine which processes noise from different parts of the image in different ways, depending on whether those parts are in focus”
    Hmm sounds like improvements to jpeg processing. Well I guess it’s good for people shooting for media and other jpeg. But hopefully the censor and RAW are improved too.

    • Manvin

      I think Nikon added the following features for the Expeed 4:

      – Full HD (1080p) video capture at 50p/60p
      – Improved contrast detection autofocus
      – Live preview autofocus
      – Reduced power consumption
      – All features from Expeed 3 (FR)

  • axlrosefan

    Admin, is there any chance that Nikon puts a free XQD in the first orders as with D4?
    You got any rumors about that? Thanks

    • I seriously doubt that

    • neversink

      Nikon only put out XQD cards with some of the early batches of D4 cameras they sold. They stopped that policy rather quickly, if I remember correctly.

      • axlrosefan

        True. But it would be some nice gesture for those who preorder their D4s 🙂

  • KnightPhoto

    So how does 5-point group setting differ from 9-point dynamic AF that we are all familiar with?

    • Manvin

      AF area mode of five to respond flexibly to a variety of focusing

      Has gained a reputation for “D4” “single-point AF”, “Dynamic AF (9 points, 21 points, 51 points)”, in addition to “3D-tracking” and “auto-area AF”, a new “group area AF It is equipped with “and strong support for high-performance AF. The “group area AF”, and adjust the focus by forming groups (surface) with five points, including a one-point focus point selected by the user, four points up, down, left, and right around it, and animals athletes, the subject even in situations where the prediction of movement is hard and fast, small, by capturing the subject in the 5-point group area, it is possible to prevent the missing background of AF, to shoot more reliably scene that I aimed.
      By setting to work with high-speed continuous shooting, which achieved about 11 frames / second in ※ AF · AE follow-up, pull out the maximum AF performance.

      found this from website

  • John S

    Anyone thinking you could shoot S RAW to one card and RAW to the other, transmit the S RAW via wifi to lightroom, have it show up very quickly and the ability to use custom import settings? After the shoot replace the S Raw folder with the full size RAW from the the card. Of course this would be come even more valuable if integrated on a D800.

  • Lumenatic

    I would love an SRAW mode on my D800. I rarely need 36 MP… no wait. I actually never needed it. A 16 MP SRAW mode would be nice for my taste.

    • AM

      So why did you buy it anyway?

      • outkasted

        is that you Alex M. 😛

      • Lumenatic

        Because a camera has more to offer than just the MP count. There are obviously many other things that come into account when you buy a camera.

  • mike

    In the Nikon D4s Interview, ” we are constantly listening to our customers… ” Oh, duh, that’s why the D610/Df has 1/4000 limited shutter speed and small focus point area. The customers asked for that artificial limitation. Makes perfect sense now. NOT!

  • Ray Justice

    Corey Rich just answered everyone’s question about “I have a Nikon D4. Should I upgrade to the new Nikon D4s?” on his blog. Remember Corey Rich was hired by Nikon to not only test the video capabilities of the Nikon D4s, but also capture three other photographers testing the stills capabilities. See his answer on his blog at:

    • KnightPhoto

      Thanks for posting Ray,

      I am also intrigued about the new noise reduction scheme that looks at whether an area is in focus or out of focus. And am not sure if assuming this only works in jpg is correct.

  • Richard Hart

    when is the raw s coming out on the d800?

  • Yannick

    The sRAW feature would be pretty handy on a D800 and not on a D4s …

  • Andrei C

    hmmm so is this “pure photography” ???:D!

  • CK

    Thanks for linking to my Flickr gallery for the D4s Launch in Singapore. If anyone is interested, the full write-up is here:

    And some sample images we’ve shot from the D4s on display:

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